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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Drunken Brawlers US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 68
Fat Kids Tank Cake US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 40
Warpath US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 36
Nostalgia US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 33
Impossible US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 28
Wild US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 24
Errant Venture US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 21
No Happiness Allowed US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 19
Benevolence US-Dentarg Horde 0 16
No Regrets US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 16
Reality Check US-Dentarg Alliance 0 15
Tamed US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 15
Wrath Of The Norsemen US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 15
Theory US-Whisperwind Horde 0 14
Ruin US-Whisperwind 0 13
Happy Mask Salesmen US-Whisperwind Horde 0 11
The Rebel Alliance US-Dentarg Alliance 0 10
Aes Sedai US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 10
Da Charmed Onez US-Whisperwind 0 10
Harbinger US-Whisperwind 0 10
JERKS US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 9
Warped Welcome US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 9
Danger Zone US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 8
Enraged US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 8
B Y O B US-Whisperwind 0 7
Savage Squad US-Whisperwind 0 7
Dead but Rising US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 6
In Vino Veritas US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 6
The Iron Wolves US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 5
Victory or Whatever US-Whisperwind 0 5
Legends of Whisperwind US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 4
Unknôwn US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 4
Zenith Core US-Whisperwind 0 4
Bound By Blood US-Dentarg Alliance 0 3
Night Wraiths US-Dentarg Alliance 0 3
Wiccan Warriors US-Dentarg Alliance 0 3
Get Off My Lawn US-Whisperwind 0 3
Lights Hope US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 3
Premade US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 3
The Ashen Order US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 3
Sacred Honor US-Dentarg Alliance 0 2
Exiles of Exodus US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 2
Forgotten Saints US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 2
Seventh Fall US-Whisperwind 0 2
The Ironbound Imperium US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 2
Girlz Gone Wow US-Dentarg 0 1
Kontrolled Khaos US-Dentarg Alliance 0 1
Action Nine News US-Whisperwind 0 1
Almost Midnight US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Back off Heroes US-Whisperwind 0 1
Enigma US-Whisperwind 0 1
Eternal Blade US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Faith in Fools US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Faulty US-Whisperwind 0 1
Guardians of Aesir US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
House of Hellfourge US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Immortal Knights US-Whisperwind 0 1
Legion of OOM US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Mature Content US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Of Hells Design US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Sons of the Alliance US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Stark Raiding Mad US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
The Aftermath US-Whisperwind Horde 0 1
Tuggernuts US-Whisperwind 0 1
Wanderers US-Whisperwind 0 1
X Raided US-Whisperwind 0 1
Unheard Knights US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 0
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Scotch and Soda US-Whisperwind Horde 0 600
Something Wicked US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 582
FortyTwo US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 443
Ascension US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 294
The Hordehound Gang US-Dentarg Horde 0 228
Sol Invictus US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 163
ANDURIL US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 147
Phoenix Tear US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 146
Prius Visum US-Whisperwind Horde 0 146
Unholy Aura US-Whisperwind Horde 0 144
Atropos US-Whisperwind Horde 0 125
Ritza US-Dentarg Alliance 0 116
One O Eight US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 78
After Life US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 68
Cant Heal Stupid None Alliance 0 64
Action Nine News US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 61
Filthy Casuals US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 56
Millahtime None Alliance 0 55
R.I.P. Nadfan US-Dentarg Alliance 0 55
Rude Awakening US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 52
back off heroes US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 50
Weekends Only US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 49
Order of the Griffon US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 48
Reloaded US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 42
Geldow US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 40
Bankerzz US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 39
Aes Sedai US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 38
Of Hells Design US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 36
Time Lords US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 36
Bloodbathed and Beyond US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 34
Whisperwind Eleven US-Whisperwind Horde 0 33
MusicXD US-Dentarg Alliance 0 31
Impossible US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 30
Ministra US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 30
OOM US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 30
Alpha US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 29
In Vino Veritas US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 27
Goonies US-Whisperwind Horde 0 26
Search's Guild US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 25
Magdalena's Logs US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 23
The Aftermath US-Whisperwind Horde 0 22
Elysian US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 21
House of Hellfourge US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 21
Twisted Sanity US-Dentarg Alliance 0 21
Kilvorian US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 19
Abyss US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 18
Stark Raiding Mad US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 18
Archivum US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 16
HERO US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 14
SLaughter None Alliance 0 14
Nanubren US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 13
Obsolete US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 13
Pandæmonium US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 13
Relaxes With Bears US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 13
Lethargic US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 12
Public US-Whisperwind Horde 0 12
Stara Goveda US-Dentarg Alliance 0 11
Volatile US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 11
Whodamage None Alliance 0 11
Celestial Navigators None Alliance 0 10
Collateral Damage US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 10
Ember US-Whisperwind Horde 0 10
mungus wol US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 10
The Collective - Raid Prolapse US-Whisperwind Horde 0 10
Victory or Whatever US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 10
We tinkle in Moonwells US-Dentarg Alliance 0 10
Fatalis Vis US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 9
gosi US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 9
Zemill US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 9
Infidus US-Whisperwind Horde 0 8
Dinosaur Laser Fight US-Whisperwind Horde 0 7
Rocket Surgery US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 7
Fhloston Paradise US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 6
Floozy's Logs US-Whisperwind Horde 0 6
Hahfail US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 6
Redundancy US-Whisperwind Horde 0 6
Reloaded US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 6
Stygian Fete US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 6
Tamed US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 6
Bork Bork US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 5
Emperium Spirit US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 5
Last Attempt US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 5
Mature Content None Alliance 0 5
Osaes il Shyr US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 5
Phoenix US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 5
Reavers US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 5
Retributive Justice US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 5
The Drunk Monks US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 5
The Fury of Stormrage US-Dentarg Alliance 0 5
Turmoil US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 5
Benevolence US-Dentarg Horde 0 4
Big Daddy J US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 4
cam None Alliance 0 4
Disco's Logs US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 4
Eulogy US-Dentarg Alliance 0 4
Hunters Elite US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 4
Regalia US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 4
The Wanderers US-Whisperwind Horde 0 4
toronjil US-Whisperwind Horde 0 4
Tristanslogs US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 4
Why So Srs US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 4
Ashen US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 3
carador US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 3
Champions of Light US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 3
Dark Prodigy US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 3
Descendants of Lordaeron US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 3
Dragons March US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 3
Execution Order US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 3
Fat Kids Tank Cake US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 3
Genesis US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 3
HooD LifE US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 3
Immortalis Rex US-Dentarg Alliance 0 3
KalonkTest US-Dentarg Horde 0 3
Momentum US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 3
Mulitipass US-Dentarg Horde 0 3
Nery's Logs US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 3
Sepsis US-Dentarg Alliance 0 3
TTU US-Whisperwind Horde 0 3
Vexarat US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 3
ABC Baking US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 2
Cerc US-Whisperwind Horde 0 2
Charlie US-Dentarg Alliance 0 2
Envy US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 2
EV US-Dentarg Horde 0 2
Fanatik US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 2
Freelance US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 2
Ghost Riders US-Dentarg Alliance 0 2
Goonies Never Say Wipe US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 2
Immersion US-Dentarg Alliance 0 2
ISIS US-Dentarg Alliance 0 2
minty fresh US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 2
Momentum US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 2
pixxlog US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 2
Plan B US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 2
Rhawna's Raids US-Whisperwind Horde 0 2
Rocket Surgery PuGs US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 2
Seraphim of the Fallen US-Whisperwind Horde 0 2
Stark US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 2
Tasty Treats US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 2
Tequilya US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 2
thoniel US-Dentarg Alliance 0 2
Unknown US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 2
Whatever US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 2
Who US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 2
Who Is Mattjones? US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 2
Wiping as Intendèd US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 2
Zaphilol US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 2
Zero Coordination US-Whisperwind Horde 0 2
Çrimson Order US-Whisperwind Horde 0 2
Aegii US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
African Black People US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Alejoo None Alliance 0 1
Alex US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Alienation US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Alpha Rogues US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
as US-Whisperwind Horde 0 1
Ascension Asylum US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Auchindoun Syndrome US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Bakimono US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Bodies US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
boomersoup US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Celestial Being US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Colossal US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Covenant of Crows US-Whisperwind Horde 0 1
Cry Havoc US-Dentarg Alliance 0 1
Derivus Logs US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Destructive Force US-Dentarg Alliance 0 1
Dies in teh Fire US-Whisperwind Horde 0 1
Dirk in a Box US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Disgruntled US-Whisperwind Horde 0 1
Disgruntled-G10 US-Whisperwind Horde 0 1
Dragonstar US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Eternal Blade US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Exiled US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Exitium Nuniat US-Dentarg Horde 0 1
Eyliria logs US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Fate US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
For The Orphans US-Whisperwind Horde 0 1
Fusion US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Good Omens MB US-Whisperwind Horde 0 1
Hordicidal Tendencies US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
imho US-Dentarg Horde 0 1
Infraction US-Dentarg Horde 0 1
Is Out Of Mana US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Knights of Anarchy US-Dentarg Alliance 0 1
My Thesis is a Raid Boss US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Nemisis None Horde 0 1
Night Wraiths US-Dentarg Alliance 0 1
No One Special US-Whisperwind Horde 0 1
none US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
OMG BRB ICECREAM TRUCK US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
one o eight US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Pandæmonium US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Pertinent US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Post Mortem US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
privatelogz US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
PvE Happened US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Reckless Abandon US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Requiem US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Risen US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Rocket Surgery Ela US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Rocket Surgery* US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Rust US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Selfish Bastards US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Shellblock's Personal Use US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Sorted - Loslappies US-Whisperwind Horde 0 1
subslogs US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
The Order US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
Unforgiven US-Whisperwind Horde 0 1
Viridian Might US-Whisperwind Horde 0 1
Wanderlust US-Whisperwind Horde 0 1
Warped Welcome US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 1
A Guild None Alliance 0 0
A Risen Decree None Alliance 0 0
A Small Army None Alliance 0 0
A Small Army None Alliance 0 0
Absolute end None Horde 0 0
Absölution None Alliance 0 0
abyss None Alliance 0 0
Abyss None Alliance 0 0
Abyss None Alliance 0 0
Acta Sanctorum None Alliance 0 0
Aeolus None Alliance 0 0
Aeon None Alliance 0 0
Aftermath None Horde 0 0
Almost Midnight None Alliance 0 0
Alpha paul None Alliance 0 0
AlphaLogs None Alliance 0 0
AnduriL None Alliance 0 0
Angels Raid Team 2 None Alliance 0 0
angsu None Alliance 0 0
Apotheosis None Alliance 0 0
Argent Legion US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 0
Azeroth Liberation Front None Alliance 0 0
BackstabiAlphaTests None Alliance 0 0
Bandit's Super Happy Fun Time None Alliance 0 0
BasedGodSwag None Alliance 0 0
Beta Testing None Alliance 0 0
bigrodington None Alliance 0 0
Blind Guardians None Alliance 0 0
Blood Guardians None Alliance 0 0
BoxlunchsLog None Alliance 0 0
BragaulTestGuild None Alliance 0 0
Brain Science None Alliance 0 0
Brannigan's Law None Alliance 0 0
Brewhaus None Alliance 0 0
BRX Logs None Alliance 0 0
Caideslogs None Alliance 0 0
Carried None Alliance 0 0
Casually Retro None Alliance 0 0
Casually Retro None Alliance 0 0
Chaos Incarnate None Alliance 0 0
Children of Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Clan of Shadows None Horde 0 0
CobraKai None Horde 0 0
Collateral Damage None Alliance 0 0
College Dropouts None Alliance 0 0
Common Sense None Alliance 0 0
Consequentialism None Horde 0 0
Coterie None Horde 0 0
Custos Morum None Alliance 0 0
Da Charmed Onez None Alliance 0 0
Damnitman None Alliance 0 0
Danoman None Alliance 0 0
Davologs None Alliance 0 0
Dawn Of Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Deflection None Alliance 0 0
Disgruntled None Horde 0 0
disks None Alliance 0 0
Distinct Advantage None Alliance 0 0
Doam None Horde 0 0
Don't Nerf Me Bro None Alliance 0 0
DragonAliance None Alliance 0 0
Dragonmancers None Alliance 0 0
Eily None Horde 0 0
Elysium Twilight None Alliance 0 0
Endless Possibilities None Alliance 0 0
Envy - Ehls Logs None Alliance 0 0
Epic Foundation None Alliance 0 0
Epic Foundation None Alliance 0 0
Epic Intensions None Horde 0 0
Eternal Blade None Alliance 0 0
Etysa's logs None Alliance 0 0
Eulogy None Alliance 0 0
Everclear None Alliance 0 0
Evil Heart None Horde 0 0
Exile None Alliance 0 0
exiliumgplo None Alliance 0 0
Exoliah's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Fallout None Alliance 0 0
Family Crypt None Alliance 0 0
Faulty None Alliance 0 0
fdsfdsafdas None Alliance 0 0
Filosofem None Alliance 0 0
Fire and Blood None Alliance 0 0
fister sisters None Alliance 0 0
For The lol's None Alliance 0 0
Forceful Entry None Alliance 0 0
Full Out None Alliance 0 0
Fury Logs None Alliance 0 0
Gamers Anonymous None Horde 0 0
Gartoka None Alliance 0 0
Gary's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Genesis None Alliance 0 0
gnomelokz test guild None Alliance 0 0
Gonerz None Alliance 0 0
Gonnerz None Alliance 0 0
Goron_Test None Horde 0 0
Grand Theft Kodo None Horde 0 0
Gravity None Alliance 0 0
Greymist None Alliance 0 0
Grindhouse LLC None Alliance 0 0
Grindr None Alliance 0 0
Guardians of Terra None Alliance 0 0
Guardians of Vengence None Alliance 0 0
Harbinger None Alliance 0 0
Hawt n Totz's logs None Alliance 0 0
Healsnheels None Alliance 0 0
Hellish None Alliance 0 0
Hello Kitty Adventures None Alliance 0 0
Hello Kitty Adventures None Alliance 0 0
HERO None Alliance 0 0
Horde of Chaos None Horde 0 0
Hunters Elite None Alliance 0 0
icecreamassassins None Alliance 0 0
Indy None Alliance 0 0
Interstellar None Alliance 0 0
Into The Void None Alliance 0 0
Invidioüs None Alliance 0 0
Ira Quieti None Horde 0 0
Ironborne None Alliance 0 0
Jeryhn None Horde 0 0
Jordanpawz None Alliance 0 0
Kathanden's Personal WoL None Alliance 0 0
Klatchian Foreign Legion None Horde 0 0
Kyn Krummy Kills None Alliance 0 0
La Vitesse None Alliance 0 0
Last Exiles None Alliance 0 0
League1 None Alliance 0 0
Legends of Whisperwind None Alliance 0 0
Leide's Log None Alliance 0 0
LFRHeroes None Alliance 0 0
Life of Pugs None Alliance 0 0
Long Road to Ruin None Alliance 0 0
Looney Toon Raiders None Alliance 0 0
loonies n toonies None Alliance 0 0
Lost Socks None Alliance 0 0
Lost Soldier of Darkness None Alliance 0 0
MadBad None Horde 0 0
Massive Lag Spike None Horde 0 0
Mature Content US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 0
MB's Super Funland 64 None Alliance 0 0
Melogs None Alliance 0 0
Merçenaries None Alliance 0 0
Mikhead None Horde 0 0
Mists Legend None Alliance 0 0
Momentum None Alliance 0 0
Monstaar None Alliance 0 0
Muscle Tribe of Danger None Alliance 0 0
myriad None Horde 0 0
Nacent None Horde 0 0
Nefarious None Alliance 0 0
New Emissaries of the OBC None Alliance 0 0
Oldschoollogs US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 0
ONE O EIGHT None Alliance 0 0
Osh Logs None Alliance 0 0
Outgearing Mechanics None Alliance 0 0
OverWhelming None Alliance 0 0
Pain Train None Alliance 0 0
Paiste Log None Alliance 0 0
Pandas of Gongmein City None Alliance 0 0
Pants Optional None Alliance 0 0
Particle None Alliance 0 0
Pax None Alliance 0 0
PC Pug None Alliance 0 0
People of the Dragon None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix US-Whisperwind Alliance 0 0
Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix Tear None Alliance 0 0
Physics None Alliance 0 0
Pinkdinos None Alliance 0 0
Posht Mortem hic! None Alliance 0 0
Post Mortem None Alliance 0 0
Praetorian Guards None Alliance 0 0
Private Guild None Alliance 0 0
Public Storage None Alliance 0 0
Pure None Alliance 0 0
Raiders On The Storm None Alliance 0 0
Raidin None Alliance 0 0
Reality Check None Alliance 0 0
Retributive Justice None Alliance 0 0
Rightous Intentions None Horde 0 0
Rise Above None Alliance 0 0
Rising Dawn None Alliance 0 0
RJay None Alliance 0 0
RS3 None Alliance 0 0
Ruin None Alliance 0 0
Rumble's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Running Wild None Alliance 0 0
S Fete None Alliance 0 0
Sadistic None Alliance 0 0
Sal None Alliance 0 0
Salliria None Horde 0 0
Sampson88 None Alliance 0 0
See Da Bug None Alliance 0 0
Seek and Destroy Inc None Alliance 0 0
Shatnaar None Alliance 0 0
Shoguns of Kalimdor None Horde 0 0
Sillysauce None Alliance 0 0
Sliger None Alliance 0 0
some raid logz None Alliance 0 0
Sonic Death Monkey None Alliance 0 0
Sorted None Horde 0 0
Sorted - MWSM None Horde 0 0
SparkLogs None Alliance 0 0
StrawHat Pirates None Alliance 0 0
Stygian Fete None Alliance 0 0
superfriends None Alliance 0 0
Syn None Alliance 0 0
Syndicate None Horde 0 0
Syndicate None Horde 0 0
Syndicate None Horde 0 0
Séria None Alliance 0 0
Tactical Assassins None Alliance 0 0
tastytreats None Alliance 0 0
Team Right Side None Alliance 0 0
Team RightSide None Alliance 0 0
Team Sorted None Horde 0 0
Team Titan None Alliance 0 0
Terrible Terrible Healing None Alliance 0 0
TestDPS None Alliance 0 0
The Ashen Order None Alliance 0 0
The Darths None Alliance 0 0
The Faceless None Horde 0 0
The Faceless/Searing Totem None Horde 0 0
The Lackeys None Alliance 0 0
The Link to Prosperity None Alliance 0 0
The Mísfíts None Alliance 0 0
The Order of Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
The Rising Shadow None Alliance 0 0
This is dumb None Alliance 0 0
Time Lords None Alliance 0 0
Tinytool None Alliance 0 0
Too Legit to Crit None Alliance 0 0
Tranddddz None Horde 0 0
Twilights Raiders None Alliance 0 0
Ultra Dump Truck None Alliance 0 0
unfolded None Alliance 0 0
Unforgiven None Horde 0 0
Unholy Aura None Horde 0 0
Unknown None Alliance 0 0
User Error None Alliance 0 0
Wanda None Horde 0 0
wanderers None Horde 0 0
War and Peace None Alliance 0 0
We Hit Stuff with Pixels None Alliance 0 0
Whisperwind Eleven None Horde 0 0
Who None Alliance 0 0
Wicked And Haven None Alliance 0 0
Wicked And Twizted None Alliance 0 0
WildTactics None Alliance 0 0
WizardsFirstRule None Horde 0 0
Xezbeth Logs None Alliance 0 0
Yden's WoL None Alliance 0 0
zeroextra None Alliance 0 0
Zipdisk Logs None Alliance 0 0
Zoomzoom None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

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Intervention, Dont Get Close, Dragons March, Dragonstar, Dreadnaught, Drunkies on Mardi Gras, DTF Knights, dweeds who slay dragons, Edge of Insanity, Elysian Knights, Elysium Twilight, Ember, Emissaries Of The OBC, Emperium Spirit, Endless Possibilities, Enyo, Epic Disaster, Epic Foundation, Eternal Command, Eternal Legion, Eternal Resolve, Eternal Sin, Eternal Vengeance, Ethereal, Eulogy, Everclear, Everybody Get Dangerous, Evil Heart, Exalted, Execution Order, Exile, Exodus, Family Crypt, FasterPussycats, Fat Kids Tank Capt, Fatality, Faíth, Fields of Honor, Final Hope, Flaming Cobra, Focusing On School, For Love and Honor, For The Star, Forces of Nature, Forever Darkness Reigns, Forged From Tears, Forged in Fire, FortyTwo, Freeborns, FunHouse, Fusion, Future Endeavor, Fäiry Täil, Fåte, Fìght Club, FÌREFLY, Gamers Anonymous, Games Of Thrones, Geek Knights, Genesís, gini is the boom, Girls Gône Wild, Globaled, Gnome Squad, Gnomeland Security, GnomeLandSecurity, Gonna Need A Bigger 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Last Raiders, Laughing Academy, Lazbank, League of Elite, League of the Elite, Legendary Alliance, Legions Of The World, Lemons and Berries, Lessthanthree, Letum Immortalis, Level This, Light of the Dragon, Likes Turtles, lolmemes, Long Road to Ruin, Lords of Cataclysm, lost heros of the horde, Lost Socks, Lothlorien, Love Bang, Lucid Dreamers, M Bank, Mano Della Muerte, Massive PVPness, Mature Content Too, Mead Goggles, Mean Girls, Measured Chaos, Medieval Science, Mediocre, Meepo, Mercenaries For Hire, Methods of War, MidKnight Alliance, Midnight Run, Midnight Tokers, Mistborn, Mithril Paw, Momentum, Morgul Blade, MORIA, Morrows Edge, Motivate me, Muffin Kupo, Murderous, Murloc Noodle Soup, Murlocos Tacos, My Stash, Mystical Knights, Mystique, Mythos Desolatum, Natural Causes, Natural Selection, Neverwinter Knights, Nexûs, Night Owls, Nightmare Sanctum, Nightwalkers, Ninja Death Party, No Pressure, Noble Dragons, NoSummons, Not In Service, Now with Kung fu Grip, Nuhtz, Null, Obscene 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Warriors, Royal Black Watch, Rude Awakening, Running with Scissors, Sadistic, Salary Capped, Sanctified, Sanguinem, Santas Naughty List, Savery Sausages, SCIENCE, Scotch and Soda, Scotch and Soda Alts, See Da Bug, Seek and Destroy Inc, Serenitys Revenge, Seven Day Ban, Shadow Minions, Shadowhunters, Shameless, Shattered Moon, Shenlong, Shippuden, Silent Assassins, silverwind, Simplicity, Simus Invicti, Sinn, Sinners of the Pure, Skeletal Scrying, Sketchy, Skyshatter, Sleepless Knights, Sleepless Sin, Smashmouths Army, snyders guild, Society of The Fallen, Sol Invictus, Something Wicked, Song of Midnight, Sophisticated Savage, Sorted, Soulforged, Southern Farmers Union, Space Goats CoastToCoast, Special Victims Unit, Sphinx, SPR, Starbucks, SteakNeggs, Steel Legion, Storage Inc, Storm Rider, Stormwind Troopers, Strafe, Straight up Canadian Eh, Strike Tactical Division, Stórm, SUPER TEAM ACTION SQUAD, Survive Better, Susan Express, Swift Retribution, Swiss Bank, Tactical, Tactical Assassins, Tactical Terror, Team Clarity, Team Titan, Tempest Sanctorum, TenPercentMoreDelicious, TerribleTerribleHealing, Tha Flying Hellfish, The Alliance Slayers, The B Team, The Betrayer, The Crimson Phoenix, The Curse, The Deadbeat Club, The Deadly Prius, The Defenestrators, The Dispensary, The Elder Covenant, The Eleventh Hour, The Endless Dawn, The Eye, The Fallen Warlords, The Foretold, the forever death guild, The Front Line, The Gathering, The Ghost Riders, The Gnome Revolution, The Golden Crusaders, The Goon Squad, The Icecream Assassin, The Lackeys, The Legendary Heroes, The Nameless Ones, The Nerd Herd, The Night Watch, The Order, The Outer Circle, The Over the Hill Gang, The Potato Smugglers, The Rising Shadow, The Secret Society, The Seleucid Empire, The Smokin Aces, The Soaring Eagles, The Steel Tigers, The United Alliance, The Victorious, The Waffle Brothel, the War Effort, The Warrior, The Wicked Avengers, The Wild, TheCrew, TheRuleOfThree, Thorns, ThreeQ, Thy Kingdom Come, Thé Wólf Pâck, Tiers of War, Time Lords, Tis A Bank Afterall, Total Destruction, Total Mayhem, Tribe Gaming, Trinity Reborn, Twilight Guardians, Uber Town, Unbound, Unforgiven, Unforgiven Gaming, Unknown, Unknown Soldiers, Unrivaled, Unseen, Untorchable, User Error, Vaevictus, Vain, Valòr, Vexarat, Vheissu, Vicious Intentions, Victorious Secrets, Vindex Lucis, Viridian Might, Virtue, Vision of Dawn, VodkaSandal Savings, Void Sphere, Volatile, Vortex, Vox Draconas, Walmart Door Greeters, Wanderlust, War is Our Specialty, Wardens, Watchers, We Are Yemer, We Have Cakes, We Raid In Greys, Weapon of Righteousness, Westminster, Whisperwind Credit Union, Whisperwind Eleven, Who, who be you, Wicked And Haven, Wicked And Twizted, Will Not Bow, Wiping as Intendèd, Wipê It, Wolves of Winter, Wombo Combo, Worgen get off my lawn, WTHguild, Xenon, Zero Coordination, Zerø Tolerance, Ðankers, Ñeta, Vain, Veins, venom21, Verleidelijk, Vicariously, villain, villain, Void, VoW, VOWAPP, Vàlhalla, war and peace, War and Peace, Wardens, Warpath, Warped Welcome, Warped Welcome, Warped Welcome, We Got This, We Ignite at Night, We Ignite At Night, We Raid in greys, We Raid in Greys, We Salute You, We Shard Epics, WeArePug, Weaving Fate, Weekend Only, Weekends Only, WeRfat, Whalrjaljkrljelejkrljerlejrla, Wheatzies, Whisper of the Night, Wicked Faith, WO Junk Logs, Wombo Combo, World of pugs, wow jhons, wreck's logs, Wtb WoLogs, Wwind, wwwwwwww, WütangWW, xan, xerosis prime, Xhelan, Xodus, XXXXX, Xyta, XyZ's pug (test) guild, Yuki parses, zaqua, Zeal, Zenith Core, Zenith Core, Zeopaw, zero, Zero Coordination, Zero Coordination, ZerØ Drama, ZerØ Drama, Zoan, Zombrier's Guild, Àn, ïNTèNSè, Абвгдэйка

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