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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Legacy of Khan US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 74
Takusan no Kozuchi US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 46
Dark Origin US-Mannoroth 0 44
Get Da Wata US-Mannoroth Horde 0 33
We Are Legend US-Mannoroth Horde 0 18
Africa US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 14
Proof US-Mannoroth Horde 0 13
Lovebunni US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 12
Warforged US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 12
The OranThul US-Nazjatar Horde 0 10
Chaos Legion US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 9
Shed Heads US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 9
Will Work For Gear US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 9
Malevolence US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 8
Gabe and the Newells US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 7
Chaos Maleficarum US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 6
Immortal Kings US-Mannoroth 0 6
Wildly Inappropriate US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 6
Banditos US-Mannoroth 0 5
Citizens of Dalaran US-Mannoroth 0 5
I am a Volcano US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 5
OGC US-Mannoroth 0 5
Purgatøry US-Mannoroth 0 5
One Percent Drop US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 4
Sophisticated Grace US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 4
Stacked Like Pancakes US-Mannoroth 0 4
The Blue Zoo US-Mannoroth 0 4
Theory US-Blood Furnace Horde 0 3
Achievement US-Mannoroth 0 3
Flouranium Carbotassium US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 3
GG US-Mannoroth 0 3
Independent Contractors US-Mannoroth 0 3
Plausible Deniability US-Mannoroth Horde 0 3
SwordOfAThôusandTruce US-Blood Furnace Horde 0 2
Areg US-Mannoroth 0 2
Material Energy US-Mannoroth 0 2
Swords and Staves US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
We Gucci US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
IVV All Stars US-Nazjatar Alliance 0 2
Acme Raiding Company US-Blood Furnace Horde 0 1
Phase Two US-Blood Furnace Horde 0 1
Varangian Guard US-Blood Furnace 0 1
Chaotic Tendency US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Conundrum US-Mannoroth 0 1
Death to the Horde US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Eastvale Logging Champs US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Edge of Extinction US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Macabre US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
PWNZONE US-Mannoroth 0 1
Reckoning US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
The Blacklisted US-Mannoroth 0 1
The Cackling Jackal US-Mannoroth 0 1
We Rank on Trash US-Mannoroth 0 1
Immortal Ghost US-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Eternal Crusaders US-Blood Furnace Alliance 4 4
terrible terrible damage US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 809
Brotherhood of the North US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 442
Infinity US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 369
Moogle Shop None Alliance 0 220
/Hug US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 148
Gaia US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 127
Reckoning US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 111
I am a Volcano US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 84
Victuri te Salutant None Alliance 0 82
GG None Alliance 0 51
Conquest None Alliance 0 46
Random Logs None Alliance 0 39
Reckoning US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 38
Muk US-Mannoroth Horde 0 28
Party Girls US-Blood Furnace Horde 0 28
Onegative US-Nazjatar Horde 0 26
Independent Contractors US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 25
Shades of War US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 25
Assorted Excitement US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 24
Eternal Life US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 24
Sacrifice US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 24
Noc's logs US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 23
teon US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 22
/Hug - Dwoggurd US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 19
An empty void of Nothingness US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 18
Ascent US-Nazjatar Alliance 0 17
Sophisticated Grace US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 16
Too Heavy to Carry US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 16
Alannah's reports US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 15
Argentum US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 15
Intl Bank of Azeroth US-Mannoroth Horde 0 15
Shadow Knights US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 15
Denied US-Blood Furnace Horde 0 14
Qt and Friends US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 13
Dances with Destiny US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 12
Zero Twilight US-Nazjatar Horde 0 12
Zero Twilight US-Nazjatar Alliance 0 12
Decimation US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 11
Reckoning Day US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 11
The Real SPK US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 11
To Be Determined US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 11
Adrenaline US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 10
Auddax's logs US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 10
Lacuna US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 10
mcbaginns US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 10
Enragers fun time US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 9
Mindbomb US-Mannoroth Horde 0 9
Overwatch US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 9
Resurgence US-Blood Furnace Horde 0 9
Wiping as Intended US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 9
-Divergence- US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 8
Order of Thrones US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 8
Will Work For Gear US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 8
Ascent US-Nazjatar Alliance 0 7
Science US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 7
You Can't Join US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 7
Biiron's Runs US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 6
Catharsis US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 6
Elandora US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 6
Soldiers of Apocalypse US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 6
Achievement US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 5
Aggroed US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 5
Dark Army US-Nazjatar Alliance 0 5
Incite US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 5
RandomLogs US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 5
Rapture US-Mannoroth Horde 0 5
Slash Hug US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 5
Vanquished US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 5
Enchanted Dragon Slayers U.S. US-Blood Furnace Horde 0 4
Faralol US-Nazjatar Horde 0 4
Knight's World US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 4
Pikachu Electronics US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 4
Revised US-Blood Furnace Alliance 0 4
Ryechu's Logs US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 4
Strawberry Puppy Kisses 2 US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 4
Swords and Staves None Alliance 0 4
Unrelenting Bane US-Nazjatar Horde 0 4
We Gucci US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 4
Afterlife Team Seantzor US-Nazjatar Horde 0 3
Ascent US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 3
Bubba's Badasses US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 3
No eXcuses US-Mannoroth Horde 0 3
Nydaeli Ownage US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 3
One Winged Angels US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 3
Renindarb US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 3
Sarthe's logs US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 3
Specifically on Blueray US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 3
StephK's Logs US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 3
Sùmanis US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 3
The Trolls Next Door US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 3
Achievement2 US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
Afterlife US-Nazjatar Horde 0 2
All of It US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
Aspen US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
Augment US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
bloodfurnace elites US-Blood Furnace Alliance 0 2
Chaotic Tendency US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
Cynera US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
Divine Invasion US-Mannoroth Horde 0 2
Flydro Logs US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
Freekee US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
Ghrism's logs! US-Mannoroth Horde 0 2
House O Pain US-Blood Furnace Alliance 0 2
Infinity US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
Maleficient US-Mannoroth Horde 0 2
Misting and Fisting US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
MyRecords US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
Onekii Logs US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
Oxide - Zelic US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
Priestesses of Elune US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
Rapture None Horde 0 2
Rock Gods US-Nazjatar Horde 0 2
SnP US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
Spectie's logs US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
Swords and Staves US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
Team High Horse 2 US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
TripwyrPersonal US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
Unobserved US-Blood Furnace Horde 0 2
WWFG US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 2
Aardvark Africa US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Absølute US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Affinitiy US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
BearsEatBeets US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Beyond Redemption US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
BlindstingLog US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Clan Beard US-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
CouchPullers US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Creatures of Habit US-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
Crimson Guard US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Decimation US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Dejay US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Double Jeopardy US-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
Dynastys End US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Envy Gaming US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Eraera's logs US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Evil's logs US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Farmers Express US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Fatal US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Fluff US-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
Gaia US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Ghoz Logs US-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
Heroes by Necessity US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Hoarding Horde Honor US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Huge Muscles US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
HuGs US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Immoral Victory US-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
Incite-Alts US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Level IO Humanoid US-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
logs None Alliance 0 1
Lys US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Macabre US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Malevolence US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Massa's Logs US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Midnight Train US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
mortemettono US-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
Nintendorks US-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
Not your Business US-Blood Furnace Alliance 0 1
Operation CWAL US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Party Girls US-Blood Furnace Horde 0 1
Phase Two US-Blood Furnace Horde 0 1
Phase Two US-Blood Furnace Horde 0 1
Phoenix Rising US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Pink Cherokee US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
pnutz US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Potenza US-Nazjatar Alliance 0 1
Public US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Pulp Fiction US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
RABID (active) US-Nazjatar Alliance 0 1
Revenants US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Ronin US-Blood Furnace Horde 0 1
Scarlet Dawn US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Shawt Bus Shawty US-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
SlashHug US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Strategists Group 2 US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Templar Kníghts US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
tenaciouzd's lfr fury logs US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Tenfold US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
The Cackling Jackal US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
The Torpedos US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
The Usual Suspects US-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
Totemz's Guild-WoL LFR US-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
Unrelenting Bane US-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
Ushers Of Destruction US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Valkren /hug US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Venisons logs. US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Vynedraa's logs US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
We Are Legend US-Mannoroth Horde 0 1
Welshey US-Nazjatar Horde 0 1
Whatever US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Windseeker US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
Wooglies US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 1
/Hug - Aga None Alliance 0 0
/Hug - Disparity None Alliance 0 0
/Hug - Spectie None Alliance 0 0
absologs US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 0
Absolute None Alliance 0 0
Achievement None Alliance 0 0
achievement2 None Alliance 0 0
Achievement3 None Alliance 0 0
Aes Sedai None Horde 0 0
Afterlife None Horde 0 0
Aggroed None Alliance 0 0
Archon None Alliance 0 0
arson None Alliance 0 0
Arumi None Alliance 0 0
Asbestos Dinosaur None Horde 0 0
Ascendents None Horde 0 0
Ascent None Alliance 0 0
Ascent None Alliance 0 0
Asgarths Vanguard None Horde 0 0
Awake None Alliance 0 0
babboologs None Alliance 0 0
Batcave None Alliance 0 0
Blitzkrieg None Alliance 0 0
BloodCült of Oktopos None Horde 0 0
BRM None Horde 0 0
Broimthepope None Alliance 0 0
C U Next Tuesday None Alliance 0 0
Cabbage Logs None Alliance 0 0
Carbine None Horde 0 0
Casually Obsessed G2 None Alliance 0 0
Chaos None Horde 0 0
Chaos Maleficarum None Alliance 0 0
Cichori's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Confederacy None Alliance 0 0
Conquest - Qiubear logs None Alliance 0 0
Conquest-Kulpa None Alliance 0 0
CWAL Ops v2 None Alliance 0 0
Dances With Destiny None Alliance 0 0
Dark Prophets None Horde 0 0
Darksydes Personal Logs US-Mannoroth Horde 0 0
Dawnfire Clan None Horde 0 0
Daybreak None Alliance 0 0
Decimation None Alliance 0 0
Decimation None Alliance 0 0
Decimation None Alliance 0 0
Deeths Boom Boom Room None Alliance 0 0
Demons Gate None Horde 0 0
Distortion None Horde 0 0
Distortion None Horde 0 0
Distortion G3 None Horde 0 0
Distortion grp2 None Horde 0 0
Django None Alliance 0 0
Dragonbourne None Alliance 0 0
Dubsyk None Alliance 0 0
Dym logs None Alliance 0 0
Egotistical Narcissism None Horde 0 0
egyptianbrotherhood None Alliance 0 0
EL Personal Logs None Alliance 0 0
Encores None Alliance 0 0
Endless Delirium None Horde 0 0
Epsilon Less Than Zero None Horde 0 0
Erdo None Alliance 0 0
Evangelion None Horde 0 0
Evangelion None Horde 0 0
Evangelion1 None Alliance 0 0
Evidence None Horde 0 0
evolved None Alliance 0 0
Exoliah None Alliance 0 0
Final Hour None Alliance 0 0
Fixin None Alliance 0 0
Flames of the Fallen None Alliance 0 0
Flell Pares None Alliance 0 0
Flex None Alliance 0 0
Flouranium Carbotassium None Alliance 0 0
flouranium carbotassium pipys None Alliance 0 0
Free's logs None Alliance 0 0
Fssdw wWEr US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 0
FuzzyBunnies None Alliance 0 0
Genon None Alliance 0 0
Go Gettas None Alliance 0 0
Grouped with Xgafort None Alliance 0 0
GunFunRunCum None Alliance 0 0
HalseyPersonal None Alliance 0 0
Ilusionxjnr None Alliance 0 0
Incurro Noctis None Alliance 0 0
Independent Contractors None Alliance 0 0
Infinity None Alliance 0 0
Infinity - Shadowz None Alliance 0 0
InfinityTwingg None Alliance 0 0
Ionne logs things now None Alliance 0 0
Iron None Alliance 0 0
Jango None Alliance 0 0
JK /JP None Alliance 0 0
Junk Logs None Alliance 0 0
Kaisen's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Keepers of the Keg None Alliance 0 0
Kinetic None Alliance 0 0
KIRA None Alliance 0 0
Kohlingen None Horde 0 0
Lacuna-Peilke None Alliance 0 0
Lacuna2 None Alliance 0 0
Lament None Alliance 0 0
Larryfineisbad None Horde 0 0
Last Prophecy None Horde 0 0
LATE NIGHT EXPRESS None Alliance 0 0
Le Boom Boom None Alliance 0 0
Legacy of Khan None Alliance 0 0
Letizia's Logs None Alliance 0 0
LFR Villian None Alliance 0 0
LoK None Alliance 0 0
Lolumadtoo None Alliance 0 0
Lucidium None Horde 0 0
MAILBOX None Alliance 0 0
Malevolence None Alliance 0 0
Mathian's reports None Alliance 0 0
Maxterchief's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Midnight Train None Alliance 0 0
Mizukun None Alliance 0 0
Morningstar None Alliance 0 0
Morte Diventa None Alliance 0 0
Myself None Alliance 0 0
Nado's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Needed More Bag Space None Alliance 0 0
Nem's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Niernen's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Noc/Reg None Alliance 0 0
Noc/Reg None Alliance 0 0
Not Lookin Good None Alliance 0 0
Oath None Alliance 0 0
Obliteration None Alliance 0 0
Occult None Alliance 0 0
Omnipresence None Horde 0 0
Once More Unto The Breach None Alliance 0 0
Order of Thrones None Alliance 0 0
Order of Thrones None Alliance 0 0
Order Of Thrones -- Tzipi None Alliance 0 0
Pagani's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Petedinklage None Alliance 0 0
Phase Two None Horde 0 0
Phase Two None Horde 0 0
Poppin Fresh Kids None Alliance 0 0
Praxys None Alliance 0 0
Preheet's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Preheet's Logs None Alliance 0 0
ptn log's None Horde 0 0
PureCarnage None Horde 0 0
qhwaj None Alliance 0 0
QlixPersonal None Alliance 0 0
Rankland USA None Alliance 0 0
Reckoning Day None Alliance 0 0
Reformo None Alliance 0 0
reformo1 None Alliance 0 0
Revelatíon None Alliance 0 0
Risen None Horde 0 0
Risen None Horde 0 0
RONIN None Horde 0 0
Ronjowa None Alliance 0 0
Roof Dogs For Life None Horde 0 0
RTC None Horde 0 0
SacrificeAlt/OpenRaid None Alliance 0 0
Saga None Alliance 0 0
sarg None Horde 0 0
Scarius None Alliance 0 0
Scort's Reckoning Ranking Logs None Alliance 0 0
ScumbagDPS None Alliance 0 0
Section 8 Housing #2 None Alliance 0 0
Section Eight Housing None Alliance 0 0
Section Eight Housing (Bigbear) None Alliance 0 0
Senial Puppy Cats None Alliance 0 0
Shadow Knights None Alliance 0 0
Shadow Knights None Alliance 0 0
SHADOW KNIGHTS None Alliance 0 0
Shlumms Guild None Alliance 0 0
Slash Hug None Alliance 0 0
Smaçkface Taçtics None Horde 0 0
Something Offensive None Alliance 0 0
Spify - WoLReport None Alliance 0 0
Stibs Logs None Alliance 0 0
string theory None Horde 0 0
String Theory None Horde 0 0
SuperBaidinParse None Alliance 0 0
Syn Logs None Alliance 0 0
Tabula Rasa None Alliance 0 0
Tactical Assault None Alliance 0 0
Tactical Assault None Alliance 0 0
Templar Knights None Alliance 0 0
Terrible None Alliance 0 0
test None Horde 0 0
test None Alliance 0 0
Test 123 None Alliance 0 0
Test to get logs None Alliance 0 0
That Just Happend None Horde 0 0
thats right None Alliance 0 0
The Rebound None Horde 0 0
TheGreyCouncil None Horde 0 0
ThoseLogsThough None Horde 0 0
Threw it on the ground None Alliance 0 0
To Be Determined None Alliance 0 0
Todyn None Alliance 0 0
Totemtest None Alliance 0 0
Triskele US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 0
Triskle None Alliance 0 0
Twintop's Guild None Alliance 0 0
Ugrala's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Under Oath None Alliance 0 0
Under Oath (Zelic) None Alliance 0 0
Unobserved None Horde 0 0
Uppercut None Horde 0 0
Upton Log None Alliance 0 0
Verocity None Horde 0 0
Vjestac's logs None Alliance 0 0
VtS None Alliance 0 0
Vëndetta None Alliance 0 0
Warforged US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 0
We Are Legion None Horde 0 0
We Have Lives None Horde 0 0
Windysoul's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Wolfpack None Alliance 0 0
Woot Progression None Alliance 0 0
worstlockna None Alliance 0 0
Xpariah US-Mannoroth Alliance 0 0
Yakyakyak None Alliance 0 0
YertsRF None Alliance 0 0
Yogg Personal None Alliance 0 0
Zack's Logs None Alliance 0 0
ZaiethasReports None Horde 0 0
Zen None Alliance 0 0
Zen's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Zen's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Zen(25m) None Alliance 0 0
Zen~ None Alliance 0 0
Zero Life None Alliance 0 0
Zero life -blankhaven None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

Silence , --, 10m ushers, 358团, [MWH] Fist Mountain, [MWH] Making Science, A Few Good Men, a tribute to insanity, A Tribute to Insanity, abcdchrisbehr, Absolute, Accipitral, Acendants, Acies, Acme Raiding Company, Addicted, adsfdsfads, Adventure Time, Aeternum, afterlife, Afterlife 2, Afterlife Alt raid, Afterlife Reborn, Afterlife Team Moakler, Afterlife Team Xexino, Afterlife Team Xexion, Afterlife Team Xexion, Afterlife2, AfterlifeTenMan, Aftermath, Agape, aikawarazu, Alexithymia, Aloine, Altaholic Anonymous, Altered Perception, Altered Perception2, Always East, Always East, Always East, Amenhotep, Amenhotep, Ancient Sun, Angelic Horizon, Animosity, Animosity, Animosity2, Anthem, Anusiya, Apathy, Aperture Laboratories, Apix WoL, App log, Ara's PUG Guild, Arcblast-Mannoroth, Archon, Areg, Areg, Arkham, Arkham, arson, arson, Artemis, Artisans of Azeroth, Asbestos Dinosaur, Asbestos Dinosaur, Asbestos Dinosaur, Ascendance Reborn, Ascendants, Ascendants, Ascendants, Ascended Fellowship, Ascent, Ascent (Active), Ascent G², asdf, Asgarths Vanguard, Asgarths Vanguard., Asgaths Vanguard, asphyxiate, asphyXiate, Astronauts Love Me, Atlas logs, AV Raid 2, AV Random, Avarice, Avatars Immortal, AvaTest, Awesometiem, Axiom, Aysen's Guild, Azeril, B n W Gaming, Bad Religion, Bads, BambØØzled, Baradin Bay Executions, Bart's BH Pug, Beardfantasys, Bel's Logs, Belaurora, Best guild name, Beta Test 05, BF GDKP Combar Record, bla bla test, Blablah, blackened demise #2, blashcko, Blitzkreig, Blood and Thunder, Blood Pledge, Blood Pledge, bloodfurnace elite, Bloody Rayne, Blueberry Kitty Hugs, Bob, BoomBoomRoom, Boondock Saynts, Bound to Violence, Brainafk1337, brass, Brazil, Breach, Break, Bro Night, Broken, Bronx, Bryx, bubblena, Buff Common Sense, Bukedjath, bunch of goobers, Bunch of Goobers, buncha goobers, Buncha Goobers, Burbok, Burn the Liars, bust a move, Bääm, Calamitous Intent, calinvite, Carbon, Casually Epic, Casually Epic, Casually Epic (Group 2), Cata clysm, Cataclysm, Cataclysm, Catharsis , Catharsis of Mannoroth, Catharsis-25m, Catharsis-Light, Catharsis2, Cats in Top Hats, CB, Cdmickey, Cerberus in Space, channel nine news team, Chaos, Chaos Maleficarum, Chaoskoz, chaotic tendency, Cheeseburger Apocalypse, chillin like a villain, Chillin Like a Villin, Chocolate Kittens, Cil Parse, Circle of Death, Clamchop, Clan Beard, Clan Beard, Clan Beard, Clan Beard, Coalition, Combat Reflexes, Combo Breakers, Comeback, concussion, Condemned, Condottieri (R), Conquest, Constellations, Crafty, Crayola, CreepingDeath, Cry of the Celtic, Ctrl Alt Elite, Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Curbstomp, Cute Lil Bunnies, CWAL Ops, CWAL UD 10, Daclap Logs, Dagobah, Daidrak, Dark Army, Dark Bane, Dark Devotion, Dark Mysteries, Darkest Hour, Darkhand, DarkJester_Test, Darkmnl, Death N Carnage, Deathknight Trainer, Deaths Instrument, Debbie Does Dalaran, Debbie's Group 2, decimate, Decimation, Decimation, Decimation, Defenders of Honor, Delamos, Dementia, Dementia, Dementia, Dementia, Dementia, Dementia, Dementia, Dementia, Demise, Demon Guild, Demoriel, demunz, Deque, Despise, Despise, Deviant Minds, Devils Ire, Devils Playground , Devoured, diablojbl, didnt, Dire, Dirge, Dirge, Dirge10, Discordia, Disdain, disembowel, Disposition, Distortion_Raid Group 1, disturbing the peace, Divine Invasion, Divine Invasion, Divine Prophecy, Diviniti, DoA, DoA, Dollars, dont, DPG, Dragons Horde, Dragons Horde, Dragons of Viet, Drakonic Order, Drek, Drpepper, Drunks, DTF, dtwf, Duck of Doom, duhkitty, Dynasty's End, DynastysEnd, dzm, EAS, EAS, Easy Mode, Easy Mode, Easy Money, Eclipsed, Eclipsed, EDS, Eisbrecher, Elevate, Elevate, Elvenmarth, Elysium, Emblurs, Emolitists, Emolitists, Empire, Enchanted Dragon Slayers, Enchanted Dragon Slayers, endurance, Endurance1, Engibeering, ENVY, Envy Gaming, Envy Gaming, Epitaph, Epix Guild, Esoteric, Eternal Ones, Eternal Plague, Eternal Plagues, Ethereal, Ethos, Evangelion, Evil Overlord Inc, evolved, Ewrote, Ex-Infractus, EXCEEDS, ExifTestGuild, Extreme Aftermath, Exìlé, ez, Facing Worlds, Fae, Fatal, Fatality, Fear, Feel Good Inc, Fenixrizing, Feyd-Pug, Fffffffffff, FIGHT, FIGHT, Final Verdict, First Blood, First Blood, Flames of the fallen, Flames of The Fallen, Flames of the Fallen FV, Flawless, Flawless Victory, Flesh n Blood, Flesh N Blood, Fliponovic's Logs, Floozies, Focus, Foe's Logs, Foil Personal, Followers of the Dawn, Fonix Dummy, For Scarius, Forbidden Donut, foreverwontcome, Forgotten Crusaders, Freakystyley, Freani Athem, Friends, From the Ashes, Fuckin Nude Bitches, Fuhgeddaboudit, Fully Torqued, Fury Forged, Garbage Plate Vendor, Garbage Plate Vendor, Garbage Plate Vendor, Garbage Plate Vendor, Garbage Plate Vendor, GASN, Gear, Genesis, Genisis, Geso Logs, Get Da Wata, gets carried, Ghost Company, Ghostbusters, Giglogs, Gnommie, Gods of Azeroth, GOGO logs, Gonks' Guild, Google Me, Goombas, Goonies of Nice Guys, Gopher, Grapesoda, Group Two, Group Two, GrX, Guaranteed Satisfaction, Guild, Guild Bank and Tabard, Guild Recruitment, Gut, Götterdämmerung, H A T E, Hammered, Hammered, Hammered, Hardcore Apathy, Hardmode, hardtoguard, Harmonious Society, Harmonious Society, Harvesters of Sorrow, Has Naughty Secrets, Has Naughty Secrets, Haste Logs, Hawkzer, Hello, heytheresailor, hm, HNSgroup2, Home Wreckers, Honey Badger Dont Care, Honor, Horde GDKP, How We Do, HOW WE DO, HOW WE DO, html, Hugs N Stuff, I didnt choose thug life, Icecrown Yacht Club, Icefall, Illuminati, Illuminati, Illuminati, Illuminati, Illuminati, Illuminati, Illuminati, Illuminaughty, iLvl zero, im peacin BRO, Immoral Victory, Immoral Victory, Immorall Victory, Immortal Eve, Impel down, ImperiumGuild, Impulse, imthedoctors guild, In Virtue, In Virtue, Incite's Maythem, Incursion, Infamous, Inner Circle, Innocuous Octopus, Innocuous Octopus, Innocuous Octopus, Innocuous Octopus G2, Insanity Plea, Insatiable, Inspiration, Instinct, Insurance Company Logs, Insurrection, Insurrection, Insurrection, Insurrection, 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Paper Co, Midnight Mafia, Midnight Train, MILFdestoyers, Minerva, Mirage, Misandry Squad, Miskatonic University, MMNMMNMMNMMNMMNMMNMMNMMN, MoP was Horrible, Morbid Angel, Morior Invictus, Morte et Dabo, MULTIPASS, Municipal Waste, Muscletech Gladiators, Nameless Guild, Neighborhood Watch, NEK Twinks, Nerd Herd, Nerve, NeurofLux, New Shoes, Nightmare on Elf Street, Nights Watch, No Idea, Nomadic, Non Sequitur, Nonstoppable, Not Achievement, Not Ranked, Notice me Senpai, Oath, Objection, Obvious Assassin, Odd, Of Dreams and Nightmares, Oh, Oh Yeah, Omicron Persei Eight, Ominous, One Copper Undercutter, One Knight Stand, Only Couches Pull Out, Onslaught, Oraculum, Order Of The Broken Gods, Order of Thrones, ORG Local OneEightyTwo, Organization XlII, Our Horde knights, outcasts, Overwatch, Ownage, Oxide, Pally Sux, Pandemic, Pangea, Paradise Bay, Party of One, Party Posse, Phenomenon, Physics, Pink Cherokee, Pink Floyd, Piratas do Carilha, pK, Po Tay Toes, Point of No Return, Politically 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Gnomarchy, Sons of Grom, SoulDust, Spire, Spread the Pain, Sprinkle When We Tinkle, Stab in the Dark, Star Pudding, Stormwind Citybank, StrangleHold, Subtle, Supapowah, Super Best Friends, Sushi Monster, Tactical Assault, Taxation Is Theft, Tc Bank, tdot gooned, Team DomïNation, Team High Horse, Team Nanercat, Team Solo Mobs, Team Two, TeamAwesome, Technique, Tempest, Templar Kníghts, TenkeiBank, testtesttest, Teufel Hunden, Thanatos Rising, Thats a Toughy, Thats What She Said, The Battleground, The Best Guild On Earth, THE BIG RED, The Crimson Council, The Dark Assassins, The Death Rabbits, The Descendant, The Efficiency Police, The Empyrean, The Executioners, The Funguowi Tribe, The Gulay, The Hellfire Club, The Internet is For, The kings of the Horde, The Leaf Village, THE LEGACY, The passing storm, The Pit, The Real SPK, The Sacrilege, The Straw Hats, The Titans, The Tobacco Industry, The Unforgotten, The Van Buren Boys, The Voices Tell me NO, The Void Knights, The Way, ThinkTank, Third Shift, This Aint League, Thrill Kill Kult, Thunderdome, Tighten Up, Tim Hortons Addicts, TinyFires, Titan, Too Heavy to Carry, Took Your Candy, Torrent of Fire, Total Solidarity, Tranquility, Transdimensional, Trauma, trentonhauff bank, triggatreat, Títan, Tørrent, uhh, Under Oath, Undercity is Burning, Underfoot Liberation, Underwater Battle Mode, Unfair Advantage, Unfortúnate Valor, Unorganized Pug, Ushers Of Destruction, Vanguàrd, Vendeta, Vendor Trash, Vengeful Addiction, Victory Lap, Victuri te Salutant, Villain, Vindictive, Vortex, Warcraft Addicts, Way too High, We Are Groot, WE EAT TONIGHT, We Godzilla Your Japan, We Got This, we president now, We Raid Arenas, We stab ppl for fun, We Won Teh Internetz, Weeaboo Warriors, WELCOME TO ERFF, Westeros, Where Are My Dragons, Whip It Good, Why did you say Candleja, Woot Progression, Worth, WoW, Xaikar Tanks All, Xanit KVen, Zen, ZOMBIE PATROL, ßläck Räptor Mäfia, Óblivion, Afterlife, Ascent, Avalon Castle, Azar, Bads, Bank Alts United, Blackened Demise, blades of wrath, Blaze of Glory, Blood of the Fold, BloodAssasins, Bloody Pasta, Blue Sun, Born to SHOP, Bulls Guild, BY GAWD, Causa Mortis, Certificate of Death, Children of Chaos, Chosen, Conform Obey Consume, Creatures of Habit, Cthulu Dawn, Dark Army, dark riders, Den of Losers, Drakonic Order, Einherjar, Epsilon Less Than Zero, Excellence, Extrabankspace, First Bank of Nazjatar, Friends, Ghost Company, Grin and Bear it, Guillotine, Gypsy Tears, Inept, Iwanabflaris Guild, Jetpack Ninja Dinøsaurs, JuggaloRydaz, Kings of Kalimdor, Knights of Nazjatar, Luvly Lads, Manic Disposition, Merlins Order, MLK Freedom Fighters, Mundicide, My Server Is Down, Nefas Eternum, Nightstalkers, Nitestrikers, Old School Mafía, People of the Sun, Pizza Rolls, Potenza, Propheçy, Punked List, rank one, Rebels of Azeroth, Rebírth, Reign of Kings, Reset, Rock Gods, Samalander Sqaud, Sanctus Incendia, Servant of the Bones, Shadow Company, Slaughter House, Spiritus Sancti, Super Fun Friends, Sweet Sour and Salty, Swole Patrol, Taxation Is Theft, TeamLulz, The Anonymous, The Army, The Betrayer, The Eternal Flame, The First Triumvirate, The Golden Chargers, The Praetorian Guard, True Angels, Two Dollar Horde, Unrelenting Bane, Vae Victus, Veridis Quo, Violent Nature, We Jammin, We Raid Naked, Wrecked, Zen Light, Zero Life, Ushers of Destruction, Ushers Of Destruction, V A N Q U I S H, Vae Victus, Valkren /hug, Valliss' Logs, vanquished, vd2, vebeance, Vendetta, Vendetta, Vendettá, Vengeful Addiction, verdres, Vero, Vero, Vero 2, Verocity, Verocity, Vextur, vicariousz, Victuri te Salutant, Victuri Te Salutant, Vies, Violence, Violent Legends, Viri's Logs, Vish Feast, Vital, Vjestac, Volatile, VtS, Vulgar, Vyndal, wanettes, Warcraft Addicts, Wards and Chicken, Wards and Chicken, Washing Dryer, Wasted, We are Legion, We Got Reported, We Have Lives, We Have Lives, We Have Mankriks Wife, we run this server, We Wipe To Trash, wecarrytheraid, Weekend Raiders, welcome to erff, Welcome to Erff, WHL, Wife aggro, Wildly Inappropriate, Will Work For Gear, Winters Edge, Wiping As Intended, WiÇkéÐ, Woke, Wolfpack, Wolfpack, Woot Progression, Worgen United, World of Boobs, World of Boobs 2, wownational, Wrath, WWTT, xelvani, Xenni's Guild, Xeser, Xrae Is Bad, Yolo Test Guild, YourGuildName, Z's logs, zach, Zebby, Zen, Zen, Zen, ZeoRaid, Zodiac, ZueCrew, ZylersGuild, òmnipresence, Âftermath, Åggression, Ænigma, Óblivion, Óblivion

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