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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Kamigami US-Maelstrom Horde 0 143
Gnomish Trenchermen US-The Venture Co Alliance 0 134
The Grim Covenant US-The Venture Co Alliance 0 119
FoT US-Maelstrom Alliance 0 115
Reckoning US-Lightninghoof Alliance 0 78
FdY: Team Fatkids 2.0: Red Headed Stepchildren US-Maelstrom Horde 0 76
Krell US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 59
Ruliet's Logs US-Maelstrom Alliance 0 45
To The Pain US-Maelstrom Alliance 0 39
The Cartel US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 37
Archaic None Horde 0 28
Ancient Knowledge US-Maelstrom Horde 0 27
Keliyana Logs US-Lightninghoof Alliance 0 24
Ethereal Curse US-Maelstrom Horde 0 22
Right on Red US-Maelstrom Horde 0 22
Vehement US-Maelstrom Alliance 0 18
Enveloping Shadows US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 17
Underworld Connections US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 17
Xrills Army US-Maelstrom Horde 0 17
Blood Sworn US-The Venture Co Alliance 0 16
Divine Vengeance None Alliance 0 16
Completely Smashed US-The Venture Co Horde 0 14
Silvermoon Social Club US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 13
Tranquility US-The Venture Co Alliance 0 13
KKW-Sol US-Maelstrom Horde 0 12
Space People US-Maelstrom Horde 0 12
Sublime US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 12
Glader/Widow US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 11
HeroStatus US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 11
Demonic Siege US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 10
Ozymandias US-The Venture Co Horde 0 10
SSC US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 10
Dragon Fang US-Lightninghoof Alliance 0 9
Something Wicked US-The Venture Co Horde 0 9
Ex Cinis Cineris US-Maelstrom Horde 0 8
Terk derkin US-Maelstrom Horde 0 8
Dark Sun Cabal US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 7
Faith of the Fallen US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 7
Potato Mashing US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 6
Roll Initiative US-Maelstrom Horde 0 6
Shattered Peace US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 6
LFRs US-Maelstrom Horde 0 5
Ancient Allies US-Maelstrom Alliance 0 4
Cadia US-Lightninghoof Alliance 0 4
DPL US-Lightninghoof Alliance 0 4
Exitium US-The Venture Co Horde 0 4
For The Children US-Maelstrom Horde 0 4
Frost US-Maelstrom Horde 0 4
Gladius Animus US-The Venture Co Horde 0 4
Knights of Anarchy US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 4
RoastedQuail US-Lightninghoof Alliance 0 4
Trained Professions US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 4
Underworld Connections US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 4
Whateverlol US-The Venture Co Alliance 0 4
US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 3
Fail Squad US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 3
Korkron Warband US-Maelstrom Horde 0 3
Malicious US-The Venture Co Alliance 0 3
Part Time Pro US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 3
PB and J US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 3
Scientific Method US-Maelstrom Horde 0 3
Smight US-The Venture Co Horde 0 3
Synergy US-Maelstrom Horde 0 3
Veressa US-Maelstrom Horde 0 3
Wrecked US-Lightninghoof Alliance 0 3
Acid US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 2
Conflict US-The Venture Co Horde 0 2
Inc US-Maelstrom Horde 0 2
Lucid US-Maelstrom Horde 0 2
Methodus' fun time US-Maelstrom Horde 0 2
NGC US-Lightninghoof Alliance 0 2
Notorious US-Lightninghoof Alliance 0 2
Nox Aeterna US-The Venture Co Horde 0 2
Paradigm US-Maelstrom Alliance 0 2
Portal Patrol US-Lightninghoof Alliance 0 2
Praetorian US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 2
Right On Red US-Maelstrom Horde 0 2
The Pwn Starz US-Maelstrom Horde 0 2
Woe US-Maelstrom Horde 0 2
Adambomber US-Maelstrom Horde 0 1
Angels Fury US-Maelstrom Horde 0 1
Arth's Logs US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 1
Blood of the Old Gods US-Lightninghoof Alliance 0 1
Blue Cheese US-The Venture Co Horde 0 1
Borealis US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 1
Brisingr US-Maelstrom Horde 0 1
Chvs log US-The Venture Co Horde 0 1
CONVERGE US-Maelstrom Horde 0 1
Dark Sun Cabal US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 1
Death Blades US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 1
Ex Raided US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 1
Execution US-Maelstrom Horde 0 1
Faith of the Fallen US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 1
Fires of Tirisfal US-Maelstrom Alliance 0 1
Flagon ò Mead US-Lightninghoof Alliance 0 1
Flagon ò Mead - pug US-Lightninghoof Alliance 0 1
Forged Anew US-Maelstrom Horde 0 1
Glory US-The Venture Co Horde 0 1
Knights of Varden US-Maelstrom Horde 0 1
Lowered Expectations US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 1
Malicious US-The Venture Co Alliance 0 1
Optional Superboss US-Maelstrom Alliance 0 1
Origin US-Lightninghoof Alliance 0 1
Point Blank US-The Venture Co Horde 0 1
Point Blank US-The Venture Co Horde 0 1
Political US-Maelstrom Horde 0 1
Praetorian US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 1
RavenWolf US-The Venture Co Horde 0 1
Renegades US-The Venture Co Alliance 0 1
Rise Above US-The Venture Co Horde 0 1
Soft Spoken US-The Venture Co Horde 0 1
Stark Industries US-The Venture Co Alliance 0 1
Teddy Bear Cave US-Maelstrom Horde 0 1
The family Business US-The Venture Co Horde 0 1
The Journeymen US-Lightninghoof Alliance 0 1
The Relentless US-The Venture Co Horde 0 1
TheDon US-The Venture Co Horde 0 1
Treachery US-The Venture Co Horde 0 1
Undermine Trade Union US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 1
WoE is bad US-Maelstrom Horde 0 1
None Alliance 0 0
Apex None Horde 0 0
asdgad None Horde 0 0
Bads None Horde 0 0
Bloodfang Raiders None Horde 0 0
blue cheese None Horde 0 0
Bogo's Log None Horde 0 0
Clan of the Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
Constant Threat None Horde 0 0
Converge None Horde 0 0
Converge - GS None Horde 0 0
Corrupted None Alliance 0 0
Crazy 99s None Alliance 0 0
Dark Fallen Reign None Horde 0 0
Dark Sun Cabal None Horde 0 0
Darkarwyn None Horde 0 0
Demonic None Horde 0 0
Demonic2 None Horde 0 0
Dervana None Horde 0 0
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles None Alliance 0 0
Dirty Rotten Imbicles None Horde 0 0
Divine Vengeance None Alliance 0 0
Divine Vengeance None Alliance 0 0
Dosty None Horde 0 0
Dread the Red None Horde 0 0
Drunken Horde None Horde 0 0
Eulögy None Alliance 0 0
Ewoks None Horde 0 0
Famiglia di Ythrl None Horde 0 0
FDY - Minions None Horde 0 0
Fine Young Cannibals None Horde 0 0
Firefly None Horde 0 0
Fleury None Horde 0 0
Fluffy Pandas of Doom US-The Venture Co Horde 0 0
Fordomor None Horde 0 0
Forged Fury None Horde 0 0
Fôur Hôrsemen None Alliance 0 0
GorillaGrips US-The Venture Co Alliance 0 0
Grand Finale None Horde 0 0
Hairydotter's Logs None Horde 0 0
Hallowed Remnants None Alliance 0 0
Hallowed Remnants None Alliance 0 0
Hetchy's Logs None Horde 0 0
Horde Underground None Horde 0 0
House Dragonmoon None Alliance 0 0
House Dragonmoon None Alliance 0 0
IQphi None Alliance 0 0
Jugger's Logs None Horde 0 0
Kordis's Logs None Horde 0 0
Kraxxus's runs None Alliance 0 0
Krios None Horde 0 0
LFR Raids None Horde 0 0
Lmaolmaolmao32145 None Alliance 0 0
Lookingatlogs None Horde 0 0
Meme Selection Committee None Alliance 0 0
MiaoRuns None Horde 0 0
Minkels Chop Shop US-Lightninghoof Alliance 0 0
Nerfed at Birth None Alliance 0 0
Nerv None Horde 0 0
Nevermøre None Horde 0 0
Night Bone None Horde 0 0
Nightmare None Horde 0 0
Note Logs None Horde 0 0
Nìghtmare None Horde 0 0
Oddwind Clan None Horde 0 0
Pantheon None Alliance 0 0
Pantheon None Alliance 0 0
Phantom Eclipse None Alliance 0 0
Pink TuTu Club None Alliance 0 0
PRestige None Alliance 0 0
Pure Sanity None Horde 0 0
Racecar None Alliance 0 0
Readz None Horde 0 0
Readzhappyfunplace None Horde 0 0
salavon None Alliance 0 0
Sanctified None Alliance 0 0
Sanity Check None Horde 0 0
shuffle None Horde 0 0
Shuffle None Horde 0 0
Smoothjazz None Horde 0 0
SSC None Horde 0 0
Sublime None Horde 0 0
Sunny Dheys None Alliance 0 0
Tantalus None Horde 0 0
Ten Skeletons None Horde 0 0
test None Horde 0 0
The Dark Council None Horde 0 0
The Enclave None Alliance 0 0
The Grim Covenant None Alliance 0 0
The Grim Covenant-Newevil None Alliance 0 0
The Sacred Few None Alliance 0 0
Toocoolschool None Alliance 0 0
Unleashed None Alliance 0 0
Visions Demise None Horde 0 0
Vsyndicate None Horde 0 0
White Lotus None Horde 0 0
Woe None Horde 0 0
WoE None Horde 0 0
xD US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 0
Zero Status US-Lightninghoof Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

(Guild of Dominance), -*-, 2x Shark Attack, abc, aces-n-eights, Acid, Acid, Acid, Acid, Acrol, Acta Sanctorum, Adrenaline, aerion, Aeturnas Trinitas, Aeturnastrinitas, Afterhours, Agni, Ahnc, Aiden, Aiderthil's Private logs, Aiurwyn, Alielyn, Alliance of Legends, Allégeance, Almost Epic, Alt F Four, amnesia, Amped, Amped, Anarchy, Anarchy, Anarchy, Anarchy of Twenty Twelve, Anastus, Ancestral Winds, Ancient Allies, and the Agents of Doom, Anesidora, Anesidora, Angel's Fury, Angels av Tanda, Angra Mainyu, Anonymous Altoholics, Apathyys, Apex, Apex, Apocalyptica, Apparatus Dú Bellum, AppGuild, Ariosa, Armageddons Children, ARR, asdfasfafaf, Ashes, Assassins Brotherhood, Assassins Brotherhood, Athiendil, Atlantis, ATTENTION DUELISTS, Avalon, Avalon, Avatar of War, Avatar of War, Avellene's Raids, Awakening, awd, Axiom, Axiom/pug, Ay, azngreenie, B L T, Backdraft, Baconator, Bad Ju Ju, Bad Ju Ju , Bad News, bagel guild, Baller Fest, Bane, Banned, Banned, Banned, Baro, BattleMàsters, Battleworthy, Beast Mode, Because Loot, Becomes Enraged, Best Little Horde House, Beta Remorseless, Beyond Control, BH, bigtime, Black Talons, Blacktooth Grin, Blah, Blah blah blah, Blair's Logs, Blibber's Guild, Blitted, Blood Back and Beyond, Blood Bath and Beyond, Blood Bath and Beyond, Blood Bath and Beyond, Blood of the Old Gods, Blood of the Old Gods, Blooddriven, Bloodfang Raiders, Bloodfang Raiders, Bloodshed, Bloodspiller Clan, Bloodspiral, Bloodspiral, Bloodspirall, Bloodstorm, Bloodstorm, Bloodstorm, Bloodtalon Mercenaries, Bloodtalon Mercenaries, Bloodtalon Mercenaries, Bloodthirsty, BLT, BLT, BLT, BLT2, BLTmaelstrom, Blue, Bogi's Dps, Bone Brigade, Bone Brigade, Bone Brigade, Bone Brigade, Bonethugs, Bonus absentis Malus, Bonus Absentis Malus, Bonus absentus Malus, Boomdocks, Borealis, Borealis, Borealis, BOYZ IN DA HOOD, Braetol, Brewmasters, brotally, Brothers in Blood, Brothers in Blood, Brothers in Blood, Bruoco's Logs, BTM, Buff Feral Plz, Bunny Slamwich, Burned Hatred, Burned Hatred, Butts, CACA, Cadia, Cake, Calihye, Capital, CapitanPlanner, Cassandra, Casual Hardcore, Cataclysmic, Cataclysmic, Cataclysmic, CFF, CHAMPGNE PLOX, Chan, Channel Five News Team, Chaos Warriors, Citexen, City in Flames, clerix, Coalescence, Coalescence, Colossus, Colossus, Consecration, Contagium, CONVERGE, Core, Corrupted Destiny, corts guild, Court of the Ruby Grail, Cowjacked, Cplmorga, Crazy EightyEight, Crimson rage, Crimson Rage, Cryp's Terrible Logs, Cult of Deez, Cupcake Coalition, Cupcake Factory, D E A T H, D E A T H, Dacno's Logs, Dalvs Guild, Dark Fallen Reign, Dark Fallen Reign, Dark Insomnia, Dark Reflections, Dark Sun Cabal, Dark Tier, Darker Fallen Reign, Dawn, Dawn, Dawn patrol, DE, Deadeye, Deadly Conflict, Deadly Conflict, Death Blades, Death By Any Means, Death Dealers, Death Jesters, Defile, Delicious Cake, Deluxe, Delyd, Demacia, Demo Pug Guild, demonic, Demonic, Demonic, Demonic, Demonic, Demonic WK, DemonicALT, Derathenes, Dergons, Derpderp, Dervana, Dervana, Devastation / Kael's Pugs, DFA, Diplomatic Immunity, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, Discarded Virtues, Disciples, Disco Bandits, Disdain, Diversion, Divine Vengeance, Divinity, Divinity End, Divinity End, Divinity End, doodoo, Doomhammer's Charge, Downfall, downward spiral, Draconians, draconis luro, Dragon Fang, Dragon Warlords, Dragonmaw Vanguard, Dreaded, DreamTeam of RQ, DrukRos, Dudeman, Earthmother Protectorate, Eat More Chicken, Echo, Eladen logs, Eleventh Hour, Elite Chaos, eNd, End Game, Endbringers, enigma, Enveloping Shadows, Epicus, Eradication, ES / Miri's Logs, Espada, Espada, Espada, Espada, Ethereal Curse, Ethereal Curse, Ethereal Curse, ethereal curse 2 , Eulogy, Eulogy, Even Gods Fall, Ex Raided, Ex Raided II, Ex Uno Veritas, Ex-Raided, Exalted with Repair Bots, Exiled, Exiled, Exitium, Facejob, Fags, Faith of the Fallen, falstar's logs, FamigDY, Famiglia di Minions, Famiglia di Ythrl, Famiglia di Ythrl, Family di Butts, Fancy, Fancy, Fatale, Fatale, FdY, FdY Minions, fdy-2, Fear is Failure, FFF, Final Reckoning, Fine Young Cannibals, Fire Exit, Flargon, Flash's Cage, Flekk, Fleshcage, Flokii's log, For Demacia, For requiem, Forbidden Lore, Forged Anew, Forged Anew, Forged Fury, Forged Fury, Forlorn, FoT, foundation, Frakture, Furious Kittens, Furiously Relentless, Fuzzy Breakfast, FYC, Fôur Hôrsemen , Fôur Hôrsemen , Försaken, Gabreaal Alts, Gadgetzen Waterworks LLC, gdkp, Get Off My Gearscore, gettodashoppa, Ghost Dance, Ghost Dance, Glads and Bads, Glory, Glory, Glory, Gnomish Mafia, Gnomish Trenchermen, Google, Gorah Lgs, Got Skills, Grand Finale, Grand Finale, Green Crow, Grove Elite, Grumpy Priest, Grunts, guardians of the light, Guardians of the Light, Guardians of the Light, Guardians of Tirisfal, Guild, guild of dominance, Guild of Dominance, guildless, Gunship Diplomacy, Hags House of Hankypanky, Haik, Hallowed Remnants, Hammer of the Storm, Harbingers of Apocalypse, Harbingers of Apocalypse, Hardmode, Harvesters of Sorrow, Hate's logs, hatecrime, Hates You, Havoc, Havoc, Havoc, Haz Mace Will Raid, HB, Heart, Heat Upon Heat, Hellbent, Hellbent, Hellscream Initiative, Helmets and Juiceboxes, HoA, Hoax, HoC, Honor Bound, Honor Bound, Honor Bound, Honor Bound, Honor First, horde champion, Horde House, Horde Strike Force, Horde Strike Force (Golad), Horde Strike Force-Skuiizhi, Horizon, Horizon, Horo the Wise, Horror Business, House Dragonmoon, How Not To Play, hoÅx, Hueyness Logs, Hunna, Illicit Awakening, Illicit Awakening , Imba's Army, Imminent Destruction, Imminent Destruction, Immortal Union, Immune, Immuune's App Parses, Imperfection, Imperfection, Imperium rule, Impunitus, Impunitus, Incredible Miracle, indom, Inertia, Infamous, Infectious, Infectious, Infraction, Innervate Me Bud!, Insignificant, Insurgents, Intended Operation, Intensity, Intrepid Rapture, Intrepid Rapture, Intrepid Rapture, Intrigue, Iron Cross, Is Camping You, is pretty cool, is pretty cool, Ist, Ivory Tower, Jabawok Logs, JBOOtian War Tribe, jonney logs, Jumanje, Jumbalaya, Junior Varsity, Junior Varsity, Junodude's guild, Just, Jázlÿn, Kamalia et alia's WoL, Kamigami parse, kamitest, Kato Logs LLC, Kaze, Keekly''s PUGS, Kewlkidsklan, Keysa's Guild, kill, Kingsbane, Knights of Takhisis, Knights of the Light, Knights Templar, Knights Templar, Knights Templar, Knights Who Say Ni Hao, Knights Who Say Ni Hao, Knights Who Say Ni Hao, KnightsTemplar, Knyx, Koly, Kor'Kron Warband, Korkron Warband, Krios, Krios, Krios (Immortality), Kush krew, Kush krew, L00tviathan, La Covata, Late Night Shadow Fall, Lazzarus, League Of Honor, Legion of doom, Legion of the NRU, LHBorG2, Liberation, Lifted, Light and Hoof, Lightning Bandits, Lightsbane Decree, Lightsbane Decree, Like A Boss, Like A Boss, Like A Boss, little, Little pug that could, Live to Win, Live To Win, Llewllyn, Loa, Logical Psychopathy, Logical Psychopathy, LOL, lolderp, lololol, Long Fang Clan, Long Fang Clan Alts, Lotus, Lucid, lucky weesle, Lunar Dragoons, M10, Machine, Magic Gladiator, Magic Gladiator, MAGIC GLADIATOR, MAGIC GLADIATOR, Magical Crawdad, Magically Malicious, magosiperform, Malleis Tempus, Massacre, Mastidon, Mayhem, Mayhem, Mayhem, Meliora, Meliora, Meliora, Meliora, Meme Selection Committee, Memory of Tomorrow, Menagerie, Meroko, Metalhead, Method, Midnight Reveries, Midnight Reveries, Mikser, mine, Mischief, Mischief, Mists Of Avalon, Moirayns Pet, Mojache Vice, Mom Dad Im Rattlesnake, Money in the Bank, Money In The Bank, Moo Stash Assassins, Moonwell Desecrators, Moose logs, Moosey, MoR, Moralyne, Mortal Danger, Most Hated, Mostly Harmless, Much Too Much, Muerto, Muffin, Muffin Makers, Muffin Makers, Muffins, Mukk's PUGs, Mutiny, Mutual of Omaha, My own guild, My Reports, MyDaedo, Myrmidons, Mythrae, Nerfed at Birth, Nerv, Netherguard Consortium, New parse, nightservants, Nine Thunders, Nine Thunders, Nine Thunders, Ninja Turtles, Ninja Turtles, No Bull, No Comment, nobodyputsbabyindacorner, Nocturnal, Nocturnal, None, None, Not Really, Not Recruiting, Nothing Ventured , Notorious, Nox Natus Iterim, Noçturnal, ntrigue, Nubkuh, nul, Nwah Hegemony, obedience, Obsidian Fists, Odyssey, Odyssey, Odyssey, Odyssey, Odyssey, Of the Star Shadow, offline survivors, OGWD, Oh Oh Oderius's Guild of Logs, om nom moo, Omega, Omen, Omen, Once Lost Souls, One Man Show, Operibus Anteire, Orcland Raiders, Order of St Gullik, Order of the Dragon, Order of the Ice, Order of the North, Order of the North, Organized Chaos, Original Zealots, origins, Origins, Origins, Origins, Osiris, Osiris, Osiris, Ouroboros, Ouroboros, Overkill, overrated, Overrated, Oxymorons, P A L E, P A L E, Pa, Paladin Petting Zoo, Paladin Petting Zoo, Paladin Petting Zoo, pandalol, Pandamonium, Pandemonium, Pantheon, Pantheon, Paragon, Paragon, Paragon Down, parental advisory, Parental Advisory, Part time pro, Part Time pro, Part Time Pro, Part Time Pro, Party Central, Peenut's Logs, Pegpin Smells bad, Perdition, Perdition, Pernicious, Pernicious, Pernicious, Pernicious, Pernicious, Peronal, Petes Delicatessen, PGmanPugs, Phalanx, Phantom Eclipse, Phantom Eclipse, Phantom Eclipse, Phantom Eclipse, Phantom Fury, Phased, phoenix, Phoenix Brotherhood, Phyxius, Pie, Pie, Pie, PIE, Pigpen, Pillage, plan b, Point Blank, Point Blank, poopmonsters, Praetorian, praetoriann, Pregnant Mermaid Squad, Preo, Prestige, Prestige, Prime, primevil, Primevil, Private Test Guild, Probably A Mexican, Progressed, Project Oblivion - Omega, Proto's Pugs, Pug Army, Pug Logs, PUG Runs, pugguild, Pure Sanity, Pure Sanity, Pure Sanity, QQmoar, QQMOAR, Quantum, Quarantined, Quarantined2, Quillstoons, Quite Quintessential, Rage, Ragewarrior, Raid Time, RaNdOm, Random Logs and Stuff, Randomm, RandomPug, Randoms, Raptus Æternus, Rare Candy, Raven, Ravenwolf, Real Progression, Reawakening, Reawakening, Reawakening, Reawakening, Reckless, refugio, Refugio, Reign of the Horde, Reigning Maelstrom, Reigning Maelstrom, Relentless Outcasts, Relentless Outcasts, Remnants, Remnants, Remnants, Remnants, Remorseless, Remorseless, Remorseless, Renegades, Reprisal, Resonance, Resonance, Resurgance, Resurrection, Resurrectiøn, Retardy, Revelation, Revelations, Revived, Rhaaz, Right on Red, Right on Red, Right On Red, Right On Red, Risen, Rising, Roasted Quail, RoastedQuail, RoastedQuail, roby, Roby an the Cat Ticklers, RoG, Roll For Blame, Rune, Saavuorii, saghy, Samurai Warriors, Samurai_Warrior , Samurai_Warriors, Samurai_WArriors, Sanctum, Sanity Check, saotomebox, Sassy, Sassy, Scarlet Scourge, Scarlet Scourge, Schism, Schizima, Scientific Method, Scourge Steam Cooker, Sedated, Sedition, Sedition, Sedition, Select Few, Select Few, Senjin Village People, Serious Raiders, Serius Bizness, Serius Bizness, SF, Shadow Fall, Shadow Fall, Shadowkinights, shadowknights, ShadowKnights, Shadows of the Nameless, Shatterd peace, Shattered, Shattered Peace, Shattered Peace, Shattered Peace 2, shdwdancer, Shnugtest, Shuffle, Sick of it all, Silly Tanks Tricks are for Matt, Silvermoon Social Club, Silverpaw, Silènt Requiem, Simplicity, Sin dorei, Sin'dorei, Sinatra vs Sinestra, SinDorei, SirPhatsoBrown, Skill of Llama, Skill of Llama, Skillicutti, Slooie, Smart, Smight, Smile, Socius, SoH, Sojourn, Solo, Solstice, SP, Spectral, Spectrum, SPQR, Squats Pug, Stahe, Still Fly, Stone Hammer, Stone of Jordan, Stone's Personal, Stoya kills the bear, Strategic Intelligence V, Sub Pug, Sublime, Sublime, Sublime, Sublime, Subliminal Rage, Subliminal Rage, Subterfuge, Subterfuge, Subterfuge, Subteruge, suncrown, Super Panda Club, Suplol, Surge, Surge, SURGE, SURGE, SURGE, Surreal, Sy, Sydneez Logs, Symphony of Blades, Synergie, Synergy, Synergy, Synergy BRAVO, Synister, Systematic, Tabard Vendor, Taken, Taken, Task Force Alpha, Team Palimay, Team Stupid Minions, Tempest, Ten Man Lulzies, Test, Test, Test, tester, testing always testing, th eh team, Thanatos Tower, The Burning Blade, The Cartel, The Catalina Wine Mixer, The Chaos Factor, The Chocolate Factory, The Chublubs, The Dark Adept, The Dark Council, The Dark Council, The Dark Front, The Eh Team, The Equilibrium, The Espada, The Evil League of Evil, The Faith and the Fallen, The Fedakyn, The Forgotten Insanity, The Freak Show, The Grim Covenant, The Grim Covenant, The Grim Covenant, The Hillbilly Mafia, The Honorable Few, The Honorable Few, The Horde House, The Journeymen, The Journeymen, The Kalimdor Inquisition, The Kalimdor Inquisition, The Last Breat, The Lightning Bandits, The Maligned Alliance, The Midwatch, The Midwatch, The Misfits, The Nefarious Few, The Nefarious Few, The Relentless, The Relentless, The Smash Co, The Sundering, The Swarm, The Swarm, The Swarm, The Thirteenth, The Unbound, The Unboùnd, The Velvet Fist, The Wandering Prophets, thegoodone, Them, Them, Theorem, This is Cake Town, This Is Cake Town, This Is Cake Town, Those Who Wander, Thunder's Guild, Thursday Night Druids, Titans, to the face, To the FACE, To the FACE, Tokidoki Killers, TokiDoki Killers, Tortured Fate, Tough as a Junkyard Cat, Trained Professionals, Trained Professionals, Transcendence, TRANSCENDENCE, Treachery, Treachery, Tribunal, Trinkett, Triumverate, Trollarm, Trust Company, TSPP, Twilight Imperium, Twilight Imperium, Twilight Syndicate, Twisted Remnants, Ultimatum, Unleashed, Unsoul, Ursal, Acherön, Acid, Alliance of the Arcane, And The Peons Rejoice, Anon Party Hard, Apocalypse Later, Armageddons Children, Ascention, Aspire, Awakening, Awesome, Bank of America, Bankabus, BEEFY BOYS, Blade of the Templar, Blood Divine, Blood of the Old Gods, bloodcript, Bloodstorm, Body Count, Bone Brigade, Bone Temple Pilots, Cant Fix Stupid, Captains of Chaos, Chaos Warriors, Chori, Cloth Vendor, COMMUNISM, Crimson Moon, Damage Incorporated, Darker Fallen Reign, DeadlyLegion, Death on Swift Wings, Deaths Strike Force, Defile, Demonic Siege, Destiny Fulfilled, Dethklok, Dragon Moon Clan, DruidCouncil, Duskwater, Encore, eNd, Enveloping Shadows, Evolve, Executives, Fail Squad, faith no more, Faith of the Fallen, FilthyCasuals, Fine Young Cannibals, Forest of Feelings, Forgotten Souls, Forsaken Chaos, From Warsong with Love, frêêmãsôns, Giant Squid Steaks, Gnuisance, God of War, Gold Vendor, Golden Pheonix, gô hôrde ôr gô hôme, HEAVENS ANGELS, Hexecutioner, High School, Honor Knights, Horde House, Horde Raid Academy, House Dragonmoon, HOÅX, I Hope You Like Crits, I Wish a Naga Would, I Wish A Naga Would, Incinerate, Incineration, Infraction, Insurrection, Irontree, Its Just a Game, Justice from the Grave, Kajaro, Karazhan Chess Club, Karnage, Keepers Of Twilight, KFC, Kingdom of Sorrow, Knights of Anarchy, KnightsTemplar, Kush Krew, Lechery, Legion of Mercenaries, Light and hoof, Lightsbane Decree, Madelinots, Massacre, Melancholy, Men of Discerning Taste, Mindless Hooliganism, Mine, Moose Knuckle, MYSTIC DRAGONS, Naga Stole My Bank, Naga Your Business, Nakimushi, NBJ, Netherguard Consortium, Nìghtmare, Obsequium, Of Fangs and Fire, Onslaught, Order of the Swift Sword, Order of the Vile, Orgrimar Fishing Club, Parental Advisory, Party Crashers, Perfect Purgatory, Pirates of AlteracValley, Portal Patrol, Primal, Raiders From the West, Random Guild Name, Raven Tail, Ravenloft, Ravens Fury, Razer, recipe of hate, Reckoning, Redemption of the Fallen, Repent, Resonance, Resurrection, Resurrectiøn, Roby an the Cat Ticklers, Rock Solid, RP means Really Playful, Sand in my Vashj, Savage Fury, Schizophrenic, Shadow Fall, smokers guild, Souls of the Void, Spec Ops, Spiral Architect, Storm Troopers, Strictly Business, Stuck In Combat, Sublime, Super Best Friends, Surreal, Tactics, Tainted Love, Tea Time, The Battlehammer Genesis, The Blades of Blood, The Blood Covenant, The Council of Absolute, The Dark Host, The Great Depression, The Guild, The Heros of the Horde, The Illidari Cause, The Nefarious Few, The Risen, The Wandering Prophets, Thunderbluff Warehouse, Thé Allíäñcé, To the Face, Toxity, Trained Professionals, Two Dollar Horde, Underworld Connections, Unleash, VikingDestroyers, Vindictive, Vitality, We R FiTe, Wu Tang Clan, X T R E M E, A Lunatic with Tokens, Acherus Deathchargers, Agents of Chaos, Agony, Alliance Assassins, Alternative Theory, Altimatum, amnesia, Ancient Allies, Angel of Torment, Apocalypse Eventually, Apocalyptic Crusade, Apprentice of Cheese, Artum Inritus, Atlantis, Auction House Heroes, Avalon, Azeroths Reckoning, B Team, Bad Company, Bag Vendor, Banana Syndicate, Bank of America, Bank Toon, Bear Force One, Best Little Horde House, Blackened Rose, Blitzkrieg Corps, Blood and Honor Guard, Blood Drunk, Blood Fury, Bloodtalon Mercenaries, BLT, Bonus absentis Malus, BOTB, BOTB Fan Club, BRO Incorporated, Bur, Cancel Your Subscription, Candy Mountain Raiders, Carpe Cerevisi, Casual Hardcore, Champions of the Phoenix, Chaotic, Chaotic Awakening, chosen lords, Clan of the Phoenix, Cola, Court of the Ruby Grail, Covenant of Nordrassil, Crazy NinetyNine, CREEDS GREATEST HITS, Crimson Bloodline, Crimson Brotherhood, Crimson Rage, CSA, Cyclone, Dark Embassy, Darkmoon Commandos, Death Across The Nation, Degenerates, Descendants of Sargeras, Desperado, Destructive Crit, Die Vier Reiter, Diplomatic Immunity, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, Disciples Of Chaos, DISDAIN, Dominus Pugnea, Eightinchesunbuffed, Emotional Terrorists, Evels Bank, Ex Cinis Cineris, Fallen Seraph, Fallen Souls, Famiglia di Ythrl, Fatal, Fearless Aggression, Fires of Tirisfal, Flock of Steven Seagals, For Crits N Giggles, Forged Fury, Fruits Basket, FurrStorage, FåtåL Excêption, Galleon is mad, Get A Taste, Go Forth and Die, Grape Drink, Green Crow, Half Baked, has friends in stealth, Healthy Kids, Hells Fallen Angels, Hellscream Death Unit, HeXeD Games, Honor and Redemption, Honor Firstlings, Horde Militia, Horde Strike Force, Horde World Order, Hotel Sierra Foxtrot, HØRDÊ, Ice, illuminatus, Immersion, Imperial Skyguard, Inmortalis, Intimidation Factor, Irish Pub Killers, Its a Trap, Jewel, Jolly Rogers, Just A Flesh Wound, Kittens of Doom, Knights of Darnassus, Knights of the Sword, Knights of Varden, Knights Who Say Knee, Laughing Coffin, League of Assassins, League of Shadows, Legalize Felweed, Legion of the NRU, Legitimate, Lemuria, Leveling Guild, LFR on Farm, Lockdown Legends, Logical Psychopathy, Mafia of Mayhem, Martingale, Meliora, Midnight players, Militant, MLP, Moonwell Desecrators, Morningtide Ascension, Mortal Danger, Mostly Harmless, Multi Rank One Cleave, Mutiny, N O C, National Bank of Worf, Natural Selection, Never Give Up, New Orleans Swim Team, Night Terrors, Nocturnum, Nova, NWO Wolfpack, Old Asian Women, Ominous, Omniscience, Order of the Blue Wyvern, Original Zealots, Our Server is Ðown, Out for Blood, Paladin Petting Zoo, pandaforhorde, Pandamonium, Phantom Eclipse, Plaguerunners, Please Let Me Win, Pleb City, Probably Drunk, Project Mayhem, Project Oblivion, Pronto, Purgatory, Quad Damage, Quite Quintessential, R E I G N, Raging Warlords, Raptor Jesus, Redux, Reign of Terror, Remnants of Eredar, Remnants Of Fatal Legend, Right On Red, Roll Initiative, Rouged, Saint of Killers, Sanctio Patronus, Satellite, Savage Folly, SAW, Sector VII, Sedition, Serene Fury, Shades of Dusk, Shattered Nightmares, Shift Disorder, Shun, slash bank alts, slitherin slitherin, Smooth Jazz, Somethings Not Right, Somewhat Serious, SouthFloridaHordeDealers, SS Réd Rüm, Stir Crazy, Stormreaver Legion, Stormwind Police Dept, Stoya Kills the Bear, TACOS TACOS TACOS TACOS, Temp guild of the dog, Ten Skeletons, TERROR IN HUBRIS, The Acadêmy, The Alliance Syndicates, The Avenged Order, The Betrayed, The Crimson Vangard, The Death Guard, The Dog Pound, The Espada, The Exiled Warlord, The Fist of the Alliance, The Gnome Slave Trade, The Government, The Hollowed Matrix, The Mages of Azeroth, The Mystical Order, The Mythic Dawn, The Northern Guard, The Pwn Starz, The Right Stuff, The Sanctuary, The Sixth Legion, The Skeleton Crew, The Templars Of Jaebus, The ßrotherhood, Tissues, TOZ, Up in Flamez, Vampire Kittens, Vegas, Wanted, Warband, Warriors of Holy Might, We Be Grazin, Wing Chun, Woe, Wolves Of The Sea, World of Ruin, Wrath of Outland, Xrills Army, Zellers Cellar, ÐECEPTION, A Certain Few, Advent Assassions, Arcanus Mÿsterium, Auschwinning, Bank of Zach, Big Dìck Bandits, BlazeAlottaKoosh, Blitted, Blood Moon Clan, Blood Smudge, Brewmasters, Brotherhood of the Brew, Brute Force, Can Ka No Rey, Canadian Lumber Jacks, Chaotic Neutrality, Circle of Tyranny, Completely Smashed, Conflict, Consecration, Cornbread Mafia, Cry Havoc, Cryptic Contingent, Dark Clan of Fenris, Dawn Patrol, Death Vendors, Divine Vengeance, Ebbing Green Rose Trades, EnVyus, Escalating Stupidity, Eternal Solace, Evil Monkey, F Gorbs Enterprise Front, Gladius Animus, Goblin Shortbread, Gotei Thirteen, Grunts, Happy Colored Shirt, Hardcore Slackers, Hellfire Scourge, Heresy, Hermits, Horde Allegiance, Hordecore Syndicate, I LIKE TURTLES, IDGAF, Ill Finish In A Sec, ImaBank, Immortality, Infectious, Jug Envy, Kogarasumaru, League of Champions, Legion of the War Muffin, LoafsRaiders, LoS, Malicious Content, Merkins for Murlocs, MIND ur MANAs, Misfits By Nature, Mostly Murderous, Movie Officianado, Need Blood, Nevermøre, Nightshades, No BRez for Osama, Nocturnal, Nox Aeterna, Ominous Latin Noun, Order of St Gullik, Ozymandias, Pandora, Rage, Red Dawn, Redwarf, Reign of Chaos, Reincarnated, Remember The Titans, Remnants, Requiem in Flames, Righteous Nodes, Sanctified, Seal of Blood, Shoguns Assassins, Silent Force, Steel Crusaders, Super Sticky, The Bloodline, The Brute Squad, The Crimson Sword, The Câll Óf Ktûlû, The Devil's Taunt, The Gathering, The Grim Covenant, The Guardians of Azeroth, The masters of Tushui, The Midnight Mercenaries, The Miss Guided, The Others, The Patriarchy, The Relentless, The Scorpids Sting, The Silent Blade, The Spiritblade Clan, Theatre Vancoor, Thunderhoof Clan, Tokidoki Killers, TonguePunchTheFartBox, Tranquility, Treachery, Trollin With My Homies, Twenty Four Seven, Unhallowed Forces, Vacuity, Vagabonds Revenge, Vannella, Warsong Warriors, Watchmen, We kill for less, What Would THRALL Do, Will Do Wetwork, XForce, Valcoy, Valhallas Finest, Valiance, Valoa Talven Minua Lapi, Vampire, Vanquished, Vehemence, Vendication, Vengeance & Wrath, Vengeance Of The Fallen, Vengeant, Venngence, Verdict, Verdict, Vergeltung, Verwina, Veshara, Victory not Vengeance, Victory Not Vengeance, Victory or Valhalla, VigorousLog, Villain, Villains, Vir Immortalis, Virtue Lost, Visions Demise 2, Void, Voodoo Republic, Vorkale's Log Guild, VOV, Vsyndicate, Vsyndicate_, Vudlr's Logs of Doom, VuldrLogs, VX and Bankorr, Wanderlust, Wanderlust, Wants A Cookie, War Torn, War Torn, Weekend Warriors, WGFT, When All Else Fails, When All Else Fails, Where Da Loot?, Why So Serious, Why SoSerious, Why SoSerious, Will Do Wetwork, Will Gronk for Teef, Wizzlepop, Wolf Guard Elite, Wrecked, Wrecked, Wrecked, Wrought of Ruin, X Raided, Xeo Alt, xibalba, Xibalba, Xibalba, Yodas Log, Yokas Reports, YOLOSWAG, Yordan and friends, You do the nokei pokei, Zulu is Kulu, Zulu's logs, Çemetery Gate, Ênigma, ïhopeless, Øutbreak

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