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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Post Mortem US-Kilrogg Horde 0 701
Dark Aftermath US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 419
Resurgence US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 407
Wicked Ways US-Winterhoof Horde 0 268
QQ US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 224
Infectedd Sucks None Alliance 0 207
The Insane Asylum None Horde 0 151
The Phoenix US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 102
Knights of Light US-Winterhoof Alliance 0 99
shiftypaws None Alliance 0 81
Resurrection None Horde 0 73
Foundation US-Winterhoof Alliance 0 71
Ancient US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 69
Screaming For Vengeance US-Kilrogg Horde 0 69
Ministry of Truth US-Winterhoof Horde 0 62
Death Legion US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 58
Dharma Initiative None Horde 0 44
Foundation None Alliance 0 32
Circle of Truth! US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 29
Recursion US-Kilrogg Horde 0 29
FBIJ US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 28
Mustachioed Mayhem US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 25
Ninjas drink wahtah US-Kilrogg Horde 0 25
Hostile Tranquility US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 22
Leverage US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 21
Silvermoon Crusaders US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 21
Back Off I Bite US-Kilrogg Horde 0 20
Ouroboros US-Kilrogg Horde 0 20
Renaissance US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 18
Whisper's logs US-Winterhoof Horde 0 18
Raid Dads US-Kilrogg Horde 0 15
Nastrand US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 13
ExHawk US-Kilrogg Horde 0 11
Kame house US-Kilrogg Horde 0 11
Resurrection US-Kilrogg Horde 0 11
Surprise Cuttlefish US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 10
deus invictus US-Winterhoof Alliance 0 9
Syber Logs US-Kilrogg Horde 0 9
RATED M US-Winterhoof Alliance 0 8
Carried US-Kilrogg Horde 0 7
Melkia US-Kilrogg Horde 0 7
PvPGuild US-Kilrogg Horde 0 7
Senkei Jin US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 7
Trial and Error US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 7
Bachman Turner Overdrive US-Kilrogg Horde 0 6
Carried LFR US-Kilrogg Horde 0 6
Modest US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 6
Once Bitten US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 6
Paper US-Winterhoof Horde 0 6
Resto's Logs US-Kilrogg Horde 0 6
Take Notes US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 6
Butterbizcut US-Winterhoof Horde 0 5
Cruciata US-Kilrogg Horde 0 5
Exmortem US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 5
Fuzz Tanks US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 5
Bushido US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 4
Cursed US-Kilrogg Horde 0 4
Destine Stoica US-Winterhoof Horde 0 4
Dreadful US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 4
Flapjacks rock US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 4
Homegrown US-Winterhoof Alliance 0 4
Insidious US-Kilrogg Horde 0 4
Kame house US-Kilrogg Horde 0 4
Modus Veritas US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 4
NGFR US-Kilrogg Horde 0 4
The Divine Conspiracy US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 4
the serpents abyss US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 4
AFK Burrito US-Kilrogg Horde 0 3
Catalyst US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 3
Makveli US-Winterhoof Alliance 0 3
Monachus Orbis US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 3
Naws Logs US-Kilrogg Horde 0 3
shifty US-Winterhoof Alliance 0 3
Something Decided US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 3
Tempus Noobis US-Kilrogg Horde 0 3
Adjudicators US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 2
Agents of Doom US-Kilrogg Horde 0 2
Ahrotahntee US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 2
Apathy US-Winterhoof Alliance 0 2
Are We There Yet US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 2
Ascendancy US-Kilrogg Horde 0 2
Carried US-Kilrogg Horde 0 2
CommonBlood US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 2
Endurance US-Winterhoof Alliance 0 2
entropy US-Kilrogg Horde 0 2
Fools Errand None Alliance 0 2
McD's Logs US-Kilrogg Horde 0 2
Monolith-G2 US-Kilrogg Horde 0 2
Naws US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 2
Omicron Persei Eight US-Winterhoof Horde 0 2
Pwnology US-Kilrogg Horde 0 2
QQ US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 2
rheagar US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 2
Society of the Blue Moth US-Winterhoof Horde 0 2
somethingsomethingdicks US-Kilrogg Horde 0 2
Syntactic Sugar US-Kilrogg Horde 0 2
The Whistles US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 2
Wolves US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 2
Agents Of Doom US-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Archaic US-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Backlash US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Badlogs US-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
caveat emptor US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
cheat commandos US-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Circle of Truth US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Clout Mace US-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Confused US-Winterhoof Alliance 0 1
Decisive US-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Dynamic US-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Eleri WoL US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Endeavor US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Exiles US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Extorted US-Winterhoof Alliance 0 1
Halitosis US-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Ifrits US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Internet Dragons US-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
ionne logs None Horde 0 1
Last rites US-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Last Rites US-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
logs guild US-Winterhoof Alliance 0 1
Max's Mom is a Doctor US-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Modest-Sankta US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Moosetly Dead US-Winterhoof Alliance 0 1
Pwntastic US-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Questionable Behavior US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Rask US-Winterhoof Alliance 0 1
Rated M US-Winterhoof Alliance 0 1
Rated M US-Winterhoof Alliance 0 1
Sanity Optional US-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Serenity Now US-Winterhoof Alliance 0 1
Sever US-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Shams Guild Stats US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Superbadrogue US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Surprise Pull US-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Swords and Sorcery US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
SwordsandSorcery US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Tardo's US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
The Art of Warfare US-Winterhoof Alliance 0 1
The Reservoir Dogs US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
TimTam US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
ToCGDKP US-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
TyranTest US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Umod US-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Unmitigated Badassery US-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Vanquishers US-Winterhoof Alliance 0 1
Virulence US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Wickedy Woo US-Winterhoof Horde 0 1
WoW Vanquishers US-Winterhoof Alliance 0 1
Zadios US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
10m PuG Eshne None Horde 0 0
45 None Horde 0 0
Aara's Guild None Alliance 0 0
Agents of Doom None Horde 0 0
Anglé None Alliance 0 0
App only None Horde 0 0
artisans of war None Alliance 0 0
Banished None Alliance 0 0
Banished None Alliance 0 0
Bar and Grill None Horde 0 0
Bear's shit forest. None Horde 0 0
Bippa's Guild None Alliance 0 0
Blasphemy None Alliance 0 0
Bring It On Cupcake None Alliance 0 0
Brodim None Alliance 0 0
Broodaxlogs None Horde 0 0
Brutal Combat None Horde 0 0
Brute Horde None Horde 0 0
byako None Alliance 0 0
Came None Alliance 0 0
Came None Alliance 0 0
Capooch Guild None Alliance 0 0
Carpe Praedam None Alliance 0 0
Carried 2nd None Horde 0 0
Carried SF None Horde 0 0
Casually Addicted None Alliance 0 0
chaos chronicles None Alliance 0 0
Chaos of Unity None Horde 0 0
Chaotic Dawn None Horde 0 0
Circle of the Rose None Alliance 0 0
Cirle of the Rose None Alliance 0 0
Claws of Calamity None Horde 0 0
Coldblooded None Horde 0 0
Committed None Alliance 0 0
Common Blood None Alliance 0 0
Copperbad's Logs US-Kilrogg Horde 0 0
da None Alliance 0 0
Dark Raiders None Horde 0 0
Das Rheinguild None Alliance 0 0
DEATHSROAR None Alliance 0 0
Dem's Guild None Alliance 0 0
Desann None Alliance 0 0
Deus Invictus US-Winterhoof Alliance 0 0
Deus Invictus None Alliance 0 0
Dguild None Alliance 0 0
Drak Logs None Horde 0 0
Dreadnought None Horde 0 0
Dulled Shiv None Horde 0 0
Ebony Mask None Horde 0 0
EC None Horde 0 0
Eclipse None Alliance 0 0
EE None Horde 0 0
Elegance None Alliance 0 0
Empire of Lost Souls None Horde 0 0
Endurance None Alliance 0 0
Entropy None Horde 0 0
Esoteric None Horde 0 0
Exiles None Alliance 0 0
Faithless None Alliance 0 0
Final Breath None Horde 0 0
Fireside None Alliance 0 0
Flux None Alliance 0 0
Forestall None Alliance 0 0
Foundation None Alliance 0 0
Freak None Alliance 0 0
FUBAR None Alliance 0 0
Ghostbear None Horde 0 0
Giggidy None Alliance 0 0
Godless Heathens None Horde 0 0
Good With Ketchup None Alliance 0 0
Gosu None Horde 0 0
Gosuk None Horde 0 0
Grandeur None Alliance 0 0
Grym's Log None Horde 0 0
guildofonemonk None Alliance 0 0
Happy Fun Pineapple Guild None Horde 0 0
HardcoreAfkers None Horde 0 0
hmmph None Horde 0 0
Hodgeyhoodoo None Alliance 0 0
Holyhealth's Private Log None Horde 0 0
Hug a Murloc None Alliance 0 0
Hug a Murloc None Alliance 0 0
Hyjal Kids Hyjal Wife None Horde 0 0
I Need An Ådult None Horde 0 0
Impending Order None Horde 0 0
Imperial Mercenaries None Alliance 0 0
IMPROVISE None Horde 0 0
itsace None Alliance 0 0
Jinaiya None Horde 0 0
Johnnieguns09 None Alliance 0 0
Keepers of Light None Alliance 0 0
Key LFR None Horde 0 0
Knights of Deathbridge None Alliance 0 0
Lacy Spacebar None Horde 0 0
Lagnok None Alliance 0 0
Last Call None Alliance 0 0
late night mafia None Horde 0 0
Lawlurbad None Horde 0 0
Legends of the Horde None Alliance 0 0
Leverage None Alliance 0 0
LFRLOL None Horde 0 0
Lotus Eaters None Alliance 0 0
Madcow Mayhem None Horde 0 0
Mandarker None Alliance 0 0
Maple Syrup None Horde 0 0
marzannamodest None Alliance 0 0
MEine None Alliance 0 0
meow None Alliance 0 0
Ministry of Darkness Narcolepsi None Alliance 0 0
Ministry of Darkness-Bats None Alliance 0 0
Modest-Hartlin None Alliance 0 0
Modest-Skyline None Alliance 0 0
ModestAgurno US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 0
Monolith None Horde 0 0
Monolith None Horde 0 0
Monolith None Horde 0 0
Myrmidon None Horde 0 0
NeskAndNatie None Alliance 0 0
Night Raiders None Alliance 0 0
Ninjas Drink WAHTAH None Horde 0 0
Noble Dominance None Alliance 0 0
of Legend None Alliance 0 0
oober None Horde 0 0
Ouroboros None Horde 0 0
Outcasts None Alliance 0 0
Pain Vendor None Alliance 0 0
Pain Vendor None Alliance 0 0
Paper Street Soap Co. None Horde 0 0
Paradigm Shift None Alliance 0 0
Php's Logs None Horde 0 0
Pizzy None Alliance 0 0
Porrgy's Openraids None Horde 0 0
Post Mortem Thursday/Sunday PuG None Horde 0 0
Priority None Alliance 0 0
projali None Horde 0 0
Psychopathic None Horde 0 0
PVP GUILD None Horde 0 0
Rabbit Hole None Alliance 0 0
Raids Without Pants None Horde 0 0
Rampagelogs None Horde 0 0
Rated M None Alliance 0 0
Razorlives US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 0
regression None Horde 0 0
Reluctance None Alliance 0 0
Reluctance None Alliance 0 0
Ressurection None Horde 0 0
Resurrection None Horde 0 0
Revelations None Alliance 0 0
Risako's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Sanity Optional None Horde 0 0
Sanity Optional None Alliance 0 0
Scrubs None Alliance 0 0
Second Nature None Alliance 0 0
Serious Business None Horde 0 0
Shadows of the Horde None Horde 0 0
Shattered None Alliance 0 0
Simba None Alliance 0 0
Simplexional's Logs None Horde 0 0
Skrabble None Alliance 0 0
SnickersLFR None Horde 0 0
SOC None Horde 0 0
Sons of Cronus None Horde 0 0
Sons of Cronus None Horde 0 0
Sons of Khaos None Horde 0 0
Spectacular Demise None Horde 0 0
Still Life None Alliance 0 0
Still Life None Alliance 0 0
Stone Pony None Horde 0 0
Stone Pony None Horde 0 0
Storm None Alliance 0 0
Surprise Robit None Alliance 0 0
Syntactic Sugar None Horde 0 0
Team MacGyver None Horde 0 0
Tempest None Alliance 0 0
Tempus Noobis None Horde 0 0
Tempus Noobis None Horde 0 0
Tempus Noobis 2 None Horde 0 0
The Anti-Life Equation None Alliance 0 0
The Crimson Flame None Alliance 0 0
The Farnsworth Paradox None Horde 0 0
The Farnsworth Paradox None Horde 0 0
The Island None Horde 0 0
The Island None Horde 0 0
The Knights Templar None Alliance 0 0
The Riddle of Steel None Alliance 0 0
The Unexpendables None Alliance 0 0
The Unexpendables None Alliance 0 0
throwaway None Horde 0 0
Thufir's Attempts to Healz & Not Stand in Shit at the Same Time None Horde 0 0
Thunderstorm None Alliance 0 0
Thunderstrom None Alliance 0 0
Timeless None Alliance 0 0
Too Legit To Quit None Alliance 0 0
True Legacy None Alliance 0 0
Unchained Wrath None Horde 0 0
Unknown None Horde 0 0
Unmitigated Badassery None Horde 0 0
Verge of Divorce None Horde 0 0
Vyndar US-Kilrogg Alliance 0 0
Wake None Horde 0 0
Wayward None Horde 0 0
Will Dance for Gold None Alliance 0 0
WINGWING None Horde 0 0
wipe faster None Alliance 0 0
Without Prejudice None Horde 0 0
Without Prejudice None Horde 0 0
Xei None Alliance 0 0
Xeraguild None Horde 0 0
Zeuxx None Alliance 0 0
Ínvictus None Alliance 0 0
傑家大院 None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

-Second Nature-, 10ManMorningRun, 10mans, , __EX CINIS CINERIS__, A Brave New Horde, Aakhri Din, Aakhri Din, abbazabba, abusepugs, Ad Honores, Ad Honores, Ad's PUGS, Ad-honores, Ad-Honores, Adapt, Aeterna, Aether, AetherRaid, AFK 4 LIFE, Agents of Doom, Agony, Agony, Ahrotahntee, Ahrotahntee, Akatsukî, Akatsukî, Akugi, Alterac Valley Trade Co, Amonre, Amren, Ancient, Andette, Animal Farm, Anthony vassallo, AoD Agents of Doom, Apathy, Apathy, Apathy, Apathy, Apathy, APATHY, Apocalypse Unleashed, Apocolypse Unleashed, Applying, Appsforsusa, Araefel, Arcane Science, Archaic, Archaic 2.0, Archaic 2.0, Archons of Luden, Archons of Luden, Arete, Arise, arracj, Ascendance, Ascendancy Alt Run, Ascension2, AshaniKilrogg, aspirinmonster, Athanatoi, Avatar, Avatars Immortal, Aventine Collegium, Awaken, Awsome Sauce, Azaelik's Fun Guild, Bacon Huggers, Bad Blood, Bad Blood, Bad Hair Day, Baddie Bunch, BaddieMcBadsauce, Baelore, Banker, battalion, Battle Chasers, Bayd, Bed Intruders, Bench Warmer, BigMyk, BlackMilk, Blackrock Cartel, Blackrock Cartel, Blatantly Ebayed, Blazed, Blight, Blight, Blight, Blight, Blight, Blight, Blighted, Blizzard Lucky Players, Blood of Eden, Blood Templars, bluebox, Bobliski, Body Count, bondocksaint, Boozefighters, Boozehammer, Bottom Line, Bound by Fate, Bound By Honor, Brainstits, Bravo Zulu, Brine Guild, Bring It On Cupcake, Bring out your dead, Bros, Brotherhood of Grimm, brotip, brutal descent, Brutal Descent, Bubbledor's Beasts, Bubblesnhugs, Bunny Parts Emporium, Bushido, C.A., Calester, Calibre, Came, Came, Canyon, Carried, castaways, Casually addicted, Casually Addicted, Casually Addicted, Casually Addicted, Casually Addicted, Cat, Cataclysmic, Catlogs, CC, Celestial, Chantuk, Chaos Chronicles, Chaos Chronicles, Chaotic Dream, Chaotic Legion, Chaotic Legion, Cheat Commandos, Cheat Commandos, Cheat Commandos, Cheat Commandos 2, Children of Wrath, ChrisRaab, Chucks House, Circle of the Rose, Civilian, Clan Waagh, Climax, Cloth Vendor, Clothing Discouraged, Cold War, Coldblooded, Common Blood, Common Blood, Common Blood, Common Blood, Common Blood, Common Blood, Conquest, Conquest, Contempt, Contrare, Conversation Over, Coprophilia, Coup de Grace, Crimson Eternity, Crimson Legion, Crimsonthorn, Crimsonthorn, Crimsonthorn, Crimsonthorn, Cristar, Critical Error, Crits and Giggles, Crits and Giggles, Crusade, Crush Bunnies, Ctrl Alt Elite, cult, cult, Cult, Curious, Cursed, Cöön and Friends, DaBoozehammer, Dark Empathy, Dark Honor, Dark Honor, dark knight assassins, Dark Knight Assassins, Dark Passengers, Das Rheinguild, Das Rheinguild, De Oppresso Liber, Dead on Arrival, Death Legion, Deathite, Dedrae, Defenders of the Horde, Defenders of the Horde, Defenders of the Horde, Defenders of The Moon, Demise, Demise, Demise, Depugged, DevLoyd, Dharma Initiative, Dharma Initiative, Dharma Initiative, Die In A Fire, Diligence, DingDong, Dinguskhan, Dirgs Army, Distorted Pleasure, Dizz's logs, dizze, Dklicious, DND, Dominance, Dominance, dots logs, dragon punch , Dragon Snacks, Dragon Snacks, Dragons Death, dragonz, Drakesguild, Drew is Bad, Drphil, DRT, Drunken Heroes, Drunken Heroes, DTE, Dude wheres my tardis, Duetto Pug, Durability Zero, dynasty of Destruction, E.K.O.D, eBayed, ebony mask, Ebony Masks, Eclipse, Eclipse, Eclipsed, Edge of Sanity, Edroh Eht, Edroh Eht, Edroh Eht, Edroh Eht, Edroh Eht, EDROH EHT, Eduardo's Logs, ehpic test, Eht Edroh, Elnomo, elo, Elysium, Empire of Ruins, Endeavor, enigma, Enigma, Envy, Envy, Envythe's Logs, Enìgma, Enìgma, EoLS, EoLS, Epic Pursuit, EPR, equinox, equinox, Essence, Essence of Intensity, Essence of Intensity, Eternal Flame, Eternal Flame, Eternity Raiders, Eulo, Evolrider, Ex Cinis Cineris, Ex Umbris, exact change, Exact Change, ExampleGuild, Excentric, Exceptions, Excessive Force, Exiled Legion, Exiles, Exiles2, Exiles2, Experienced, Exrauded, Extorted, Extras, Fail, FAITH, Fakeguild, Falsum Pomum, Fatal Error , Feafi, FeegusRecords, Felicis, Fey's Place, fffff, fidelity, Flash's WoL, Flatlined, Fluffywumpki Private, Fluttershypug, FluttershyPuG, FN, Forced Logs, FORGED, Forgotten Knights, Fozhi, Fringe of Lunacy, Fringe of Lunacy, Fringe of Lunacy, From the Ash, Frozen Keep, Full Circle, Gaaryn's Personal, gDisband, gDisband, GDKP, GDKP, gDKP Runs, GDKP VIP, Geometer, Gift of Darkness, Giggidy, Giggidy, Gimmeh Teh Numberz, Gimped, Gimped, Gladius Dei, Glair Test, Goblin Clams, godless heathens, Godless Heathens, Gods & Generals, Gods of War, Good Nor Evil, Goodfellas, Goodfellas, gosu, Gosu, Gquitters, Grace's Guild, Grandeur, Grandeur 2, Grandeur 3, Greed and Gratification, Grizzlymint, guerrilla warfare, Guided Light, Gypsies, Hahn's Logs, Hamdemon's Tests, Hamilton, Haroth, Harvesters Of Sorrow, hashslingingslashers, Hazardprocity, Heat, Hell, Hell Fire, Hemorrhage, Heretic, Heroic Mode, Heroic Mode, Hg, Hige, High Threat, Highwill Logs, Hiwatt, Honorable, Honours Math, Horde of Unusual Size, Horde of Unusual Size v2, Horde of Unusual Size v3, HOUS, HowModUare, Hugs and Kisses, Hula, Hunters Elite, Hunters Elite, I Log Stuff Here, Icarriedyou, Idle, Idle, IKANHAZPARSE?, Illuminatus, imahorde GDKP, Imahorde GDKP, Immortalis Night, Impervious, Impervious, Impulse, Impulse, Inevitable Execution, inExile, inExile, inExile, Infinite Chaos, infiniteorbs, Inglorious, Insidious, Insidious, Integral, Internet Dragons!, Intervention, Intervention, Intervention 2, Invictus, is beast, Ishamahal, it can be hugz teim, Jay's Guild, Jeathro, Jellyfish Pals, Jinxed, Jinxed, Jon Test Guild, Jorgeantonio, Joys Logs, Jtmoneyguild, Junnia, just a test, Just For Seiker, justaguild, JustMe, Kaligo, KapaKapaTaco, Karnack, Karnage, Karnage, Kawari, Keepers Of Light, Kek, Keldarah, KGLFR, KildryAppData, kilrogg, Kilrogg, Kilrogg Fighters, Kilrogg GDKP (H), KilroggOutcasts, Kings of the allaince, kinsaltstuff, Kinship of Valor, Klappa, Klatoo Verata Niktoo, Klatoo Verata Niktoo, Klatu Verata Nicto, Knights of Awesomeness, Knights Of Deathbridge, Knights of the Phoenix, Knights or Freedom, Knightsend, Knightsend, Komplete Kaos, Konundrum, Kreuz,, Kvant, Lacy Spacebar, Lacy Spacebar, Lagnok, Laikos PUGS, Land Pirates, Late Night, Late Night, Late Night, Late Night Mafia, Late Night Mafia, Late Night Mafia, Late Night Raiders, Late Night Ravers, Leftovers, Leftovers, Leftovers, Leftovers, Leftoversrun, legends of the horde, Legion Of Lions, Leper Messiah, Lethal Dosage, Leverage, Leverage, Leverage, Leverage, Leverage, Leverage, Levitas, Lightsworn, Liquid Dreams, Little Rascals, Little Rascals, Log for Admission, LogRecords, Loktar Ogar, Lost Rogues, Lothies Test, Loyd's loggs, Ls, Madmoos, Magelike, Mah Bank, makaveli, makaveli, makaveli, makaveli, Makaveli, Makeshift, Malevolence, Malicious Intent, Man Bites Dog, Mastrkreuz, MathonisGuild, McD's Logs, Melancholics Anonymous, Melkiá, MEOW, Merciless, Midnight Glory, Midnìght, mini, Ministry of Darkness, Mio Cattivo Ciao, Misdirected, Misdirected, Mobscene, Mobscene, Mobscene, Mobscene, Modest, modest app, Modest BROS, Mohawks and Cyber Girls, Monachus Orbis, Monolith, Monolith, Monolith, Monolith, Monolith, Monolith, Moobah, Moonkins attacked haiti, More Human than Humans, More Human Than Humans, Moreve, Morf's Pugs, Morta, Multi's Home, Mustachioed Mayhem, Mutiny, Mvpisghetto, My Logs, My Own Logs, My Pixel Is Bigger, MyFakeGuild, MyGuild, myrmidon, Mystique, Narcissistic, Natty Ice, Nephilim, Nephilim, Nephilim, New Order, Night Council, Night Raiders, Night Watch, Night Watch 2, Nikamana, Ninjas from the Sky / Rolling need on that, Nirvaana, No Bads Allowed, No Quarter, No Quarter, Noct's Test, Noctyl, NomNom, none, None, NonGuildies, NorhternCrusade, Norran, Northern Crusade, Northern Crusade, Nova, NQ Pug, Nub's Personal Logs, nyan 11? too soon?.., Obscure, old_cc, Omnia Mors Aequat, Onara, Onara, Onara, Onara, Once Bitten, One Man Wolfpack, oobrt, Open Late, Open Late, Open Late, Open Late, Open Late, Open Late, Open Late, 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