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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Kalimdor's Legion US-Hydraxis Horde 0 543
Lyte's Meta Guild None Horde 0 307
Order of the Raven US-Terenas Alliance 0 251
not applicable US-Terenas Alliance 0 208
Escape US-Terenas Alliance 0 151
GDD US-Terenas Alliance 0 141
Pixel Addicts None Alliance 0 98
OpusX None Alliance 0 79
Offtime US-Terenas Alliance 0 60
V's logs None Alliance 0 53
Tempest None Alliance 0 47
Make Me A Sammich US-Hydraxis Horde 0 38
The Slappy Gryffins US-Terenas Horde 0 27
Retribution US-Hydraxis Alliance 0 26
Pixel Perfect US-Hydraxis Horde 0 19
Anonymous US-Terenas Horde 0 15
Victoria Non Praeda US-Terenas Alliance 0 14
Vendetta US-Terenas Alliance 0 11
Giddy up and Go US-Terenas Horde 0 10
Valhalla Awaits US-Terenas Alliance 0 10
Vortex US-Terenas Horde 0 10
Heaven Sent Hell Bent US-Hydraxis Horde 0 9
Disturbed US-Terenas Horde 0 8
Peon Culture US-Hydraxis Alliance 0 8
Legion of superheroes US-Terenas Alliance 0 7
Dragons of Tiamat US-Hydraxis Alliance 0 6
Lurkers US-Terenas Horde 0 6
Out of Exile US-Hydraxis Horde 0 6
Rickshaw US-Terenas Horde 0 6
Sons of Derek US-Terenas Alliance 0 6
Stryke Force US-Hydraxis Horde 0 6
Opera non verba US-Terenas Alliance 0 5
Recount US-Hydraxis Alliance 0 5
Reflection US-Hydraxis Horde 0 5
Ten Ton Hammer US-Hydraxis Horde 0 5
The Enlightened US-Hydraxis Horde 0 5
Valynei US-Hydraxis Horde 0 5
Dissolution US-Hydraxis Alliance 0 4
opera US-Terenas Alliance 0 4
Soulfire Tribe US-Hydraxis Alliance 0 4
Unemployed Felons US-Hydraxis Horde 0 4
BARGE PILOT US-Hydraxis Horde 0 3
diablos US-Terenas Alliance 0 3
DireLegion US-Terenas Horde 0 3
Kielbasa Squadron US-Terenas Horde 0 3
Regicide US-Terenas Horde 0 3
Socially Inept US-Hydraxis Horde 0 3
Syndicate of Light US-Terenas Alliance 0 3
Blood of Night US-Terenas Horde 0 2
Days End US-Hydraxis Horde 0 2
Five O'Clock Somewhere None Horde 0 2
Gnome Ravagers US-Terenas Horde 0 2
Ignorance US-Hydraxis Alliance 0 2
Kerbs US-Terenas Alliance 0 2
Mojo US-Hydraxis Alliance 0 2
Nocturnal Affairs US-Terenas Alliance 0 2
Offtime US-Terenas Alliance 0 2
Opera Non Verba US-Terenas Alliance 0 2
Order of the Goat US-Terenas Alliance 0 2
After Midnight US-Hydraxis Horde 0 1
Catlesguild US-Terenas Horde 0 1
conviction US-Hydraxis Alliance 0 1
CXN US-Hydraxis Alliance 0 1
Dark Legion II US-Terenas Horde 0 1
Doom and Rainbows US-Terenas Alliance 0 1
Dragons of Tiamat US-Hydraxis Horde 0 1
Dual Core US-Terenas Alliance 0 1
F E T I S H US-Terenas Alliance 0 1
Fast and Furious US-Hydraxis Alliance 0 1
G Raiders US-Hydraxis Alliance 0 1
I J A G US-Terenas Alliance 0 1
Kaizen US-Hydraxis Alliance 0 1
Keepers of the Dusk None Horde 0 1
Korenta's Personal Log US-Terenas Alliance 0 1
Maverick US-Terenas Alliance 0 1
mobely US-Terenas Alliance 0 1
sethec US-Terenas Alliance 0 1
SFT US-Hydraxis Alliance 0 1
SGW US-Terenas Alliance 0 1
That Takes Effort US-Terenas Alliance 0 1
The Stonecutters US-Hydraxis Alliance 0 1
Thuzada's Personal Logs US-Hydraxis Horde 0 1
Turks US-Hydraxis Horde 0 1
Twilight's Void US-Terenas Horde 0 1
UNSHACKLED US-Hydraxis Horde 0 1
Venus Fire US-Terenas Alliance 0 1
Waddle US-Terenas Horde 0 1
Acenit None Alliance 0 0
Addicted None Alliance 0 0
All You Can Eat None Horde 0 0
AntiMatter None Horde 0 0
Ascendants None Horde 0 0
Ashes of Empires None Horde 0 0
Ashes to Ashes None Horde 0 0
Aversion None Alliance 0 0
Aviendha#1682 None Alliance 0 0
B O H I C A None Alliance 0 0
Baby town frolics None Horde 0 0
Bored Gamers Network None Alliance 0 0
bossology None Alliance 0 0
Bossology None Alliance 0 0
Caesura None Horde 0 0
Camel Hoarder None Horde 0 0
Celestial Uprising None Alliance 0 0
Crim Ret None Horde 0 0
Cthululogs None Alliance 0 0
Current Main None Horde 0 0
Daemon Brigade None Horde 0 0
Death Gate Alliance None Alliance 0 0
Destructive Influence None Alliance 0 0
Diestofire None Alliance 0 0
Dystopia None Alliance 0 0
Emeritus None Alliance 0 0
Enlighten None Alliance 0 0
Escape From Reality None Alliance 0 0
Eviction Notice None Alliance 0 0
Eyes of Justice US-Terenas Alliance 0 0
Faith Of the Fallen None Horde 0 0
Fate None Alliance 0 0
Fhait - Personal Logs None Alliance 0 0
GR W/T None Horde 0 0
GTFO None Horde 0 0
Heaven Sent Hell Bent None Horde 0 0
Honey Badgers (From Khairn) None Horde 0 0
Honey Badgers 5.4 None Horde 0 0
Horadrim None Alliance 0 0
Hotfix None Alliance 0 0
Hydraxis Maladriots US-Hydraxis Horde 0 0
Hydraxis Maladriots None Horde 0 0
Hypnotic None Alliance 0 0
IJAG None Alliance 0 0
Ill Repute None Alliance 0 0
JackpackWoL None Alliance 0 0
jexxr analyze None Alliance 0 0
Justified None Alliance 0 0
Knights of Zulu None Alliance 0 0
Last Salvation None Alliance 0 0
Lights Raiders None Alliance 0 0
lonvalera None Horde 0 0
Lotus None Alliance 0 0
Morgeasy None Alliance 0 0
My data None Horde 0 0
Natera's Adventures None Alliance 0 0
Nex Exercitus None Alliance 0 0
Nightshade None Alliance 0 0
no gold for you None Horde 0 0
Notizanagi None Horde 0 0
offtime None Alliance 0 0
Offtime None Alliance 0 0
Onehope None Alliance 0 0
ONV None Alliance 0 0
Personal None Horde 0 0
Play to Learn None Alliance 0 0
Praymate None Alliance 0 0
PUG runs None Alliance 0 0
RBP - Kalarr's Logs None Horde 0 0
Reconstructed None Alliance 0 0
Red Shirts None Alliance 0 0
Rel Por None Alliance 0 0
Resurgence None Horde 0 0
Resurgence None Horde 0 0
Retribution None Horde 0 0
Sadistic Sanity None Alliance 0 0
Savage None Alliance 0 0
SkyShatter None Alliance 0 0
Softmoon None Alliance 0 0
Splitpaw None Alliance 0 0
Stehlen Life None Alliance 0 0
Stright Outta Hillsbrad None Horde 0 0
Stub None Alliance 0 0
TAB 1 None Alliance 0 0
Test Guild None Horde 0 0
TF None Alliance 0 0
The Conquerors None Alliance 0 0
The reborn None Alliance 0 0
The Round Table None Alliance 0 0
The Touch Of Chaos None Horde 0 0
theforgiven None Alliance 0 0
THWR None Alliance 0 0
Tobiasluck None Alliance 0 0
Twiig is still bad None Horde 0 0
Unholy Twilight None Alliance 0 0
Vandalized None Alliance 0 0
Very Respectful None Horde 0 0
wages of sin None Horde 0 0
WarMachine None Horde 0 0
WarriorsElite US-Hydraxis Alliance 0 0
WittyGuildName None Horde 0 0
Zombie Ant Uprising None Alliance 0 0
БИЧ US-Terenas Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

A Good Guild, A Good Guild, A Good Guild, A Good Guild, A Good Guild (UberGroup), A Good Guild (UberGroup), A Mundane Guild Name, Acey'sLogs, Achoic , Adventures with Paint, Aediles, Ak, Alexrocks, All Under Heaven, Alliance Crusaders, Aluka/Azurie, amaidus, Amanita Virosa, Amarante, Ambrose, annihilation nation, Anonymous, Aph/Icwut Logs, Archetype X, ArchonGray, Ascendance, Ashes of Empires, Assertive Discipline, Astria Porta, Avez logs, Avoiding Reality, Avoiding Reality, Avälon Outcästs, Awesome Job Great Show, AXE, Axis of Anarchy, Azurie/Aluka, bad taste, Bad Taste, Bad Taste, Baiters Anonymous, baltusrol, baltwar, Barnabass/Paullus/Jounian Pugs, Basugasu, BasuGasuBakuHatsu, bcbw, BCBW, BGN, Big Critz, Black Raven Dragoons, Blacklisted, Blackout, Blades of Law, Boondocks, Bored Gamers Network, Bow Chika Bow WoW, Bus Ridahz, caesura, Carpathian Justice, Carpathian Justice, Cat Not For Sale, Cataclysimic, Cataclysmic, Cataclysmic, CD, CDG2, CE, Celly's Logs, Cenarian, Chafed, Charmin, Cid, Clan of Mjollnir, Cliff's guild, Cobra, College Girls and Handcuffs, Completely Different g2, Confucius Say, Confucius Say, Conquerors, Cosa Nostra, Council of Dragons, Crew, CrimRet Sunday Group, CrimRetGrp2, Crimson Knights, crimson retribution, Crimson Retribution, Crimson Retribution, Cryptic, DA, Daemon Brigade, Daemon Brigade, Danger Inc, Darkened cross, Darkened Cross, Darkmoor, Darkmoor, Darkmoor, Darkmoor, Darkmoor, Darkmoor, Darkness to Dawn, Darkness to Dawn2, Darkritter, Darkwatchers Legion, DarkWatchers Legion, Dasavur, Days End, Dd's log UTI, DDterenas, death gate alliance, Deathgate Alliance, Debonair, Debonair, Decimate, Decimation, Decimation, Declared Dead, Declared Dead, Defiance Inc, destructive influence, Deus ex Machina, Dire Legion, Dire Legion, Disavowed, Disavowed, Disavowed, Divine Knights, Divine Knights, Doja Bros, Doja Bros, Dragons of Tiamat, dreadnaught, DREAM, DSLOGS25, Duggamik, Dutch Alliance, Edge of Hell, EK, EK_G4, EKMoomilk, Elitist Society, Elusivity, Emeritus, Eminence, End Game, Enigma, Enigmå, Enlighten, Enlighten, Epeen, ErduRules, Essanne Beta logs, Eterna, Eternal Creators, Eternal Creators, Eternal Keggers, Eternal Keggers, Eternal Keggers, Eternal Keggers Group 2, Ethereal Darkness, euphoria, Evacuation Plan, Eventus Templum, Eviction Notice, Evilzqt kinda boss, Evolve, Eyes of Justice, F E T I S H, Faction of Blood, Faction of Blood, Fail Pug, Fail Pugz, Fail's Reports, failboat ftw, faith of the fallen, Faith of the Fallen, Falcon's Logs, Fate, Fate, Feel's Logs, firs, First Platoon, Flames of Rebirth, Fliz temp, Fluppy, Flutterbye, FOB, FoI, For Perfection, For Perfection, For Perfection, FOR RUBIUS, Force of Impact, Forged by Fury, Freedom Is Not Free, freya, Frosting, FUBAR, G Rated, Gamblers, Gates of Hell, Gba, GEEARRR, Gentlemen & Scholars, Gladius de Deus, Gladius De Deus, Gnome Ravagers, Gnome Ravagers, Gnome Ravagers, Gnome Ravagers, Gnostic Mass, Gnostic Mass, GR 10 Man US, GR Aussie Raid, GTFO, Guilty By Association, Gutbuster Brigade, halotwo, Hatred, Heaven Sent Hell Bent, Hellions of Halaa 1, hellraisers, Hellraisers, Heroes of Terenas, Hits Like A Girl, Hits Like A Girl, hits like a girl-1, Hits like a Girl., Hmmm, Honey Badgers, Honey Badgers, Honor Among Friends, Honor Among Friends, Hordes R Us, hotfix, Hotfix, Hotfix, Hotfix, Hotfix, How Mad, Hybrid Theory, Hydraxis, Hydraxis Maladriots, Hydraxis Maladriots (group 3), hydraxis maldriots, hydraxis pugs, Hyperion Order, Hypnotic, Hypnotic, I'm an Orc Inside, IJAG, Immortal Crusaders, Imperial Defenders, In the Mouth of Madness, Incited, Incursion, Inglorious Basterds, Inri's Guild, Insanity, Insurrection, Invalid Target, Invalid Target, Invalid Target, iRaid, iRaid, Iron Analysis, Iron's Army, Jade fist, Jesla, JFK is AFK, JFKisAFK, Josh, Kaizen, Kaizen, Kaizen, Kaizen, Keepers, Keepers of the Dusk, Kevin, KL - Team Om Nom Nom, Knights of the Serpent, Kt's Personal Logs, kudrel, Kunillia, La Resistance, Lab Rat, Late Night Mafia, Late Night Mafia, Leaping Lizzards, Leash and Collar, Legend, Legend, Legend, LEGEND, Legion of Doom, Legion of Sitting Ducks, Legion of Sitting Ducks, Legion of Superheroes, Legion of Superheroes, Lethargic, LOD, Lotus, lovo, Lucitte, Lunar Republic, luvlie, Lux Defendit, Macarov, Machiavellian, Magepwr, Malachai, malcontent, Malcontent, Malcontent, Malcontent, Malcontent, Malcontent, Malcontent, Malice, Mayans, memento mori, Method, Method, Midnight, Midnight, Midnight, Midnight, Midnight, Midnight Raider, Midnite, miffed, mikail, mindybindy, Mine, Minute Men, Misc, MSR, Multiple Rawrgasms, Murlocs Stole Our Socks, My personal PUG Logs, Nezumi, Night Owls, Nightmarish Dreams, Nightshade, Nine Lives, Nocturnal Affairs, Nocturnal Affairs, Noll, Noobs in Uber Gear, Noobs in Uber Gear, NoPantsPirates, NorthionApplication, Nortti Perhe, Notreallyguild, Novus Ordo Seclorum, offtime, Offtime, Offtime, Offtime, Offtime, Offtime, Offtime2, OfftimeK, ombious, Ominous, OnV, OnV, ONV Raid 2, oO Synthesis Oo, OoJ, OotG, Ootrb Raid 2, Opera Non Verba, Opera Non Verba, Opera Non Verba, Opera Non Verba tthree, OpusX, OpusX g2, order by chaos, Order of Sarkhon, Order of the Ebon Hand, Order of the Falonn, Order of the Goat, Order of the Reborn, ORION, Other Peoples Money, Other Peoples Money, Other Peoples Money, Out of Exile, Out of Options, Pantheon, Pantheon, Pantheon, Pantheon, Pantheon (B), Pantheon (C-Section), Pantheon 4-play, Pantheon Blue, Pantheon Group 5, Pantheon2, Pantheon3, Paradise Lost, Paranoia, ParsingElawde, Pathos, patricks guild, Peps Logs, personal logs, Phase One, Phase One, Phoenix Fury, Phoenix Rising, Phorfaber, pixxys palace, Powerhouse, Praetorian Guard, Prama-VI, Priesthood of Believers, priesthoodofbelievers, Primal Fury, Prodigy, Prone to Chaos, Prophecy, Protectors of Azeroth, Psquad, PugBtards, pugginitup, Purged, Purponic, queen of blades, Queen of Blades, R O N I N, Rainbow, Random Chaos, Random Chaos, Rapacious Souls, Rapacious Souls, Rapacious Souls, Rapacious Souls, raven's dawn, rawr, Really Bad Players, Really Bad Players, Really Bad Players, Really Bad Players, Really Bad Players, Really Bad Players, Rebirth, ReconRaiding, Red Plastic Cup, Red Plastic Cup, red shirts, red shirts, Red Shirts, Red Shirts, Red Shirts, Red Sun Rising, Redemption, Redemption, Redemption, Redemption, Redemption, Regicide, Regulators, relentless, Remnant, Remnant, Remnant G3, Repgrind, Repgrind 2, Replacement Killers, Reprisal, ressurected, Riders of the Rebellion, Ring of Fire, Robat, Rockhammer, RoF, Rollak, Rononon's Logs, RPB Hansel, Sadistic Sanity, Safe Haven, Saints, Sanctuary, Savage, Savage, Savage, Seksi, Seksi, Senor Mendingo, Service Members Guild, SFT, Shranea - Logs, Shurgan, Siccmade, Sigh, Simplified, Skullcrackerz, Slayers of Khaos, Smokers Elite, Smoking E's, Snuggles, Socially Inept, Socially Inept, SoH, Something or other, Soulfire Tribe, Soulfire Tribe, Soulfire Tribe, Soulfire Tribe, Soulfire Tribe, Sovereignty, Special Needs, Stehlen Life, Stehlen Life, Stehlen Life, Stehlen Life, Stehlen Life MoP, Stehlen life2, Stone Wall, Stonecutters, Stonewall, Straight Outta Hillsbrad, Straight Outta Hillsbrad, Straight Outta Hillsbrad, straight outta hillsbread, Straight Puggin, SundayNight, Sup, Surgeon Generals Warning, Suspended, Synnergy, Taffy Three, Taffy Three, TAP OUT, TCC, Team Avolition, Team Cupcake, Team Cupcake, Team Cupcake, Team Cupcake, Team Cupcake, Teeniebubble, temp, Tempest Arcanum, Tempestusrulez, Ten Ton Hammer, Tentacle Monters - Team 2, Terenas, terenasSoH, Test, Testing, Thats How We Roll, Thats How We Roll, Thats What She Said, THE BLACK OMEN, The Cavaliers, The Conquerors, The Culture, The Culture, The Culture, The Desecrated, The Desecrated, The Empire, The Fight Club, The Forgiven, The Forgiven, The Forgiven, The Guildless, The Guildless, The High Council, The Initiative, The Inner Sanctuary, The Jenova Project, The Justice League, The Justice League, The New Blood, The Night Warriors, The Night Watch, The Order of Saint George, The Other Team, The Patient, The Phearful Requiem, The Red Arny, The Touch of Chaos, The Touch of Chaos, The Touch of Chaos, The Touch Of Chaos, The Veiled Blade, thebagman, TMZ, TotP, Tryumph, twinbank, Twisted, Twisted, twistedmindz, Twistedmindz, Una Infinitas, Una Infinitas, Under Sea Sock Ravens, Under the influence, UnderRaided, Unemployed, Unholy Twiligh, Unified Fighters, Unified Fighters, Unkown Entity, Unyielding, Unyielding, Uprising, Upside Down, Upside Down, Achozen, Acrid Confection, Alcatraz, All Mine, AncestorsOfChuckNorris, Angels of the Darkness, Army of Shadows, Bank of Ace Two, Bankus Maximus, BFF, Bishoujo Senshi, Black Label Society, Blackguard, Blood Hammer Clan, BLOOD of LEGENDZ, bloodriders, Broken Wings, Caesura, Champions Of Draenor, Children of Chimera, Citrus, Cloud Nine Team, Cosa Nostra, Darkened Cross, Darkmoor, Days End, Demented Asylum, Derp Squad, Disciples of the Crota, Dissolution, Divine Retribution, Do Work, Dragon Heart, Dragons of Tiamat, EDR, Electric Sheep, Empire Of Knights, EnvoyOfTheHorde, Espionage, Euphoria, Eviction Notice, Fast and Furious, Fierce Creatures, Five Finger Death Punch, Flammis Furore, Freedom Fighters, FUS RO DAH, G Raiders, Gates of Hell, Gods and Devils, Gold Addiction, Goldshire Bandits, Guardians of Lost Souls, Guardians Of Valhalla, Guilty by Association, h e r o i n l i f e, Hang Fire, hat, Hatchet Marraders, Havok, Heaven Sent Hell Bent, Heirs of Ice, Hells Legion, HonorBound, Horde Avengers, Horde KiLlAZ, Hordestuck, Hydraxian Beardlords, Immortal Hope, Imperium, Imperium Mortalis, in tandem, Insane Asylum, Insane Scrubs, iTwink, Kaizen, Kalimdors Legion, Kings Of Honor, Knee High Knights, Knights of IronForge, Knights of Rose Croix, Knights of the Oblivious, Kryonic Elite, Legion of the Alliance, Legion of the Horde, LevelXXBoss, Lord of the Knights, Lotus, Maine Hammer, Make Me A Sammich, Malice, Mature Gaming, Misanthropy, Nerd Corps, Nine Lives, No Pants Party, Nordic Family, Notorious, Obsidain Wings, Obsidian wings, Off Brand Guild, Omgoptimusprimepewpewpew, One Pt Two One Jigawatts, OpusX, Organized Chaos, Out of Exile, Paradise Lost, Path of the Titans, Peon Culture, Phules Comp, Pink is perf, Poets and Pirates, Raiders of Hyjal, Reload, Retribution, Riders of the Rebellion, Rise up, Royal Highland Guard, Saints, Sanctified Crusaders, Sanguine Infinite, Seduction, Shadows Edge, Silent Assassins, Simplified, Singularity, Sinister Arcadia, Sock Puppets, Soldiers of Fortune, Soulfire Rising, Soulfire Tribe, SPQR, Starfighters Might, StarWars, Stryke Force, Stuff and Stuff, Sylph Labyrinth, Take That To The Bank, Talladega Knights, TAP OUT, taste the blood, Team Bring It, Team Tooalume, Ten Ton Hammer, Terror, The Beserkers, THE CAVALIERS, The Conquerors, The Demon Sway, The Enlightened, The Gate Guardians, The Initiative, The Inner Sanctuary, The Jasmine Dragon, The Pwnshop, The Shadow Guards, The Slive, The Stonecutters, The Straw Hat Pirates, The Tempest, The Union, The Wild Rumpus, Thirsty Thieves, Tis But A Scratch, Tistian Trusaders, Trade Chat, Triat Bank, True Horde Champions, Unemployed Felons, Unified Fighters, Uno Mas, Unplugged Methods, UNSHACKLED, Ur Guild Drama Club, Valhalla Awaits, Vamped, Vanishing Point, Virtues Fallen Gaming, Vitae, Volution, VÄULT, Wake, Warchief, Warriors Untold, watches you sleep, WE ARE LEGION, WE ARE THE PEOPLE, We Go Hard, WTB MOAR QQ, YE OLDE DRUNKEN PIRATES, Absit Invidia, AfterShock, All Under Heaven Reborn, ALLY SIDE, Ancient Knights, Angeli de Divino, Anonymous, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Archetype X, Army of Death, Bad Luck Brian, Banksy Bankerton, Battlemasters, Berserk, Black Sunshine, Blood and Bones, Bloodless Superbat, Captain Morgan, Carcasse and Pals, CATS GO MEOW, Causa Mortis, Celestial Uprising, Chaotic Fury, Chaotic Paradox, Chasing Entropy, Childern Of the Zodiac, Circle of Light, Cirque du so lame, Clan Stormwalker, Completely Different, Crimson Retribution, Crits and Bloods, Crooked X, Daelight, Daemon County, Dark Prophecy, DarkWatchers Legion, DeadOnArrival, Dire Legion, Disconnected From Server, Doc N Marty, Doom and Rainbows, Dragonfly, DreamCatcherz, Enlighten, Eon, Epic Fail LLC, Especially Slow Learners, Eternal Creators, Everyday Heroes, Evil Keggers, Exalted with Taco Bell, Extreme Indiscretions, Faerie Dust Throwers, Fallen Angel, Fallen Legion, Farmin lika asian, Fatal Fury, FireSoul Tribe, FowardDecline, Fremd Vikings, Fried Bananas, Fürsorgliche Menschen, General Goods Merchant, Genociide, Giddy Up And Go, Guild Gone Wild, Harbingers of War, HavinFun, Honey Badgers, Honor Among Friends, Honorable Guild of Hobos, Houkago Tea Time, How Mad, I J A G, Id Mana Tap That, IDK, In The FRIDGE, Incision, Ineffable, Infinite, Intent, Interior Guard, Inventory, is probably drunk, Its So FLUFFY, Jabberwalkeez, Jade Fist, Jump on it, Just for Alts, Justified, Keepers of Terenas, Keepers of Truth, killing kings, Knights Of Light, Legend, Legendary Heroes, Legîon, Light of Dawn, Lights Raiders, Lorica E Discipulus, luna crescent, Lurkers, Ma Bank, Midnight Knights, Minion of Gaul, Monkey Patrol, nEkRoMaNtiX, NEMESIS, No Guild Reality, No Remorse, Nocturnal Ninjas, Nocturnium, Nörtti Perhe, Oblivions Grace, Obsidian Butterfly, Off Topic, Old School Lordaeron, Old World Blues, oO Twilight Society Oo, Openbank, Opera non Verba, Order of the Azure Flame, Order of the Ebon Hand, order of the golden crow, Order of the Reborn, Overlords of Justice, OvO, oXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXo, Passive Agressive, Phoenix Rising, Politically Incorrect, PONY, Prone to Chaos, Punishment, R O N I N, Raidjects, Razors Edge, Really Bad Players, Really Good Players, Reconstructed, Red Sun Rising, Regicide, Rend, Reroll, Resurgence, Rise Of the Horde, Rising Knights, Sadistic Sanity, Salvation Army, See you on the Forums, Shadow Heart, Shadow Squirrels, Shattered tooth, SkyShatter, Soliloquy, Space Time Continuum, StarkReality, Stehlen Life, Subway, Sunny Daze, Sunrunners, Super Troopers, Surgeon Generals Warning, Sushi Shop, Taffy Three, Talon of the Phoenix, Tarderus Guild, Tatics WeaponsAnd Talent, Thats How We Roll, The Conjourers of Shadow, The Evil Exiles, The Guildless, The Hellbringers, The Hellfire Syndicate, The Hommies United, The Kings Are Us, The Knights of Enoch, The Last Army, The Marauders of Light, The New Blood, The Night Warriors, The Phearful Requiem, The Private Gaurd, The Red Dragonflight, The Unresolved, The Watchmen, This My Guild, Thralls Champions, Thírd Ðegree, Trade Spammers, Twilight Sun Runners, Twinrova, Twisted, Undead Revelations, Under Sea Sock Ravens, Underground Operations, UnlimitedPainAndSufferin, Upside Down, Velkyn Sol, Vendetta, Very Respectful, Violent Intentions, Vivid, Warlords of Draenor, We Bleed Red n Gold, West Durotar Crips, WhoDrankTheKoolAid, Winter Rose Society, Works the Corner, Wrath And Retribution, X E N O CI D E, Zomg Kittens Mew Mew, ÆxÆxÆxÆxÆxÆxÆxÆxÆxÆxÆxÆx, Ða Bank, Velkyn Sol, Velkyn Sol, Velkyn Sol, Vendetta, Vendetta, veneratioinnex, Venus Fire, Venus Fire, Via ad Implodium, Via ad Implodium, Via ad Odium, Vicious Cycle, Vicious Cyrcle, Victoria non Praeda, Victorious Pantiez, Vishna_Test, VNP PVP, waka flaka flame, Warmachine, Warped, Warped, We Deliver Pwncakes, We Go Hard, Wicked Within, Wicked Within, Wooden Pickle, Wyv, X Rated, xxOz, yons pugs, Zashey meters, Zat, Zeddiccus, Zipperoni, Zombie Ant Uprising, Zombie Ant Uprising, zoomjames, Örigin, Örigin, Örigin, ÿØMaMMa, パンツを脱いで

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