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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Blacklisted US-Kael'thas Horde 0 963
Grouped with Carnasses US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 781
Beatific US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 551
Sham's Logs US-Kael'thas Horde 0 312
Lootinglevelingsmashing US-Kael'thas Horde 0 252
BrothersofDestruction US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 203
unrelenting US-Ghostlands Horde 0 122
Convergence US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 111
Integrity US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 98
Westfall Fight Club US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 95
The Ebon School US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 92
Nightmare US-Ghostlands Horde 0 90
Legatum Ignavis None Alliance 0 74
Just One More Boss US-Kael'thas Horde 0 69
Legendary US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 64
Integrity US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 57
holdmybeerNwatchthis US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 41
Shadows Edge US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 32
Synergy None Alliance 0 32
Fist of Gamon US-Ghostlands Horde 0 31
Hubris None Alliance 0 30
Mists Runs US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 29
Free Agents US-Ghostlands Horde 0 28
Ember US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 25
Descendants US-Ghostlands Horde 0 24
Karma US-Kael'thas Horde 0 23
Norgannon Disc Jockeys US-Ghostlands Horde 0 22
Apocalypse After Dark US-Ghostlands Horde 0 21
Keepers101 US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 21
Kinsmen US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 21
Psyched US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 21
Meridian US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 18
OOB US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 16
Rapture US-Ghostlands Horde 0 16
Assimilation US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 14
Broleo US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 14
Winterborne None Alliance 0 14
Disbanded US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 13
elysion US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 12
Mine US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 12
Lipgloss & Lollipops US-Ghostlands Horde 0 11
Perfect Storm 25M Logs US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 11
The Horsemen US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 11
Crimson Angels None Horde 0 10
The Herbin Clique US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 10
Mon's Logs US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 9
Sad Cat Guild US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 9
Cult of thilos US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 8
Eagan US-Ghostlands Horde 0 8
Artisans of death US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 7
Cya At The Bottom US-Kael'thas Horde 0 7
Ockhams Razor US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 7
Knight's of New Hope US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 6
Mortal Desire US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 6
Ascensìon US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 5
Best Lil Horde House US-Ghostlands Horde 0 5
Borrowed Time US-Ghostlands Horde 0 5
Call of Cthulhu US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 5
Monstrosity US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 5
Priest US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 5
Vishnushaman US-Kael'thas Horde 0 5
Norgannon Disc Jockeys US-Ghostlands Horde 0 4
Profit US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 4
ryeguy US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 4
Cohesion US-Ghostlands Horde 0 3
Corpse Runners US-Ghostlands Horde 0 3
Dark Lords US-Ghostlands Horde 0 3
HEXAGON US-Ghostlands Horde 0 3
Isokaas logs US-Kael'thas Horde 0 3
Last Bastion US-Ghostlands Horde 0 3
Martial Law US-Ghostlands Horde 0 3
Mono's logs US-Kael'thas Horde 0 3
Past Puberty US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 3
Rockm Parses US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 3
Shadows of TheOldKingdom US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 3
Tactical Dysfunction US-Ghostlands Horde 0 3
Vision US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 3
Assimilation Logs US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 2
Berzerk US-Ghostlands Horde 0 2
Best Lil Horde House US-Ghostlands Horde 0 2
Dharokz > you US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 2
dominion US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 2
funtime with DPS US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 2
G-logs US-Kael'thas Horde 0 2
Hubris US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 2
Karma - Apu US-Kael'thas Horde 0 2
Omni US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 2
Overrated US-Kael'thas Horde 0 2
Overrated US-Kael'thas Horde 0 2
Shadows Edge US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 2
Upheaval US-Kael'thas Horde 0 2
Warrior Nation US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 2
Apeiron US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Apocalypse After Dark US-Ghostlands Horde 0 1
Bfruth628 US-Kael'thas Horde 0 1
Bro Incorporated US-Ghostlands Horde 0 1
Cryptic Exiles US-Ghostlands Horde 0 1
Dark Matter US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 1
Dementia US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 1
Electric Boogaloo2 US-Ghostlands Horde 0 1
fnrblackbirc US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Fusion Logs US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 1
Impulse US-Kael'thas Horde 0 1
Infrangible US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Infrangible US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Jaded US-Kael'thas Horde 0 1
James Gang US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Juggernauts US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Laidback US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Latter Deis Sanctus US-Kael'thas Horde 0 1
Libertas US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 1
Mine! US-Kael'thas Horde 0 1
No Quarter US-Ghostlands Horde 0 1
OpenRaidUS US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Penetration US-Ghostlands Horde 0 1
Pyon Personal US-Kael'thas Horde 0 1
Sam Cro US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 1
Supernatural US-Ghostlands Horde 0 1
Team T.I.T.S US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 1
The Four Horsemen US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 1
Untamed Dragons US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Vexed US-Kael'thas Alliance 0 1
Vision US-Ghostlands Alliance 0 1
25 None Horde 0 0
A Divine Few None Alliance 0 0
After Dark None Alliance 0 0
AntiGuild None Horde 0 0
Ascentia None Alliance 0 0
Atrocity None Horde 0 0
Best Lil Horde House None Horde 0 0
Best Lil Horde House None Horde 0 0
Biocore None Alliance 0 0
Birthright None Alliance 0 0
bloodgrail_or None Alliance 0 0
Carpe Noctum None Alliance 0 0
Cereal Killers None Alliance 0 0
Chevelleer None Horde 0 0
Citadel None Alliance 0 0
Citius Altius Fortius None Alliance 0 0
Controlled Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Controlled Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Controlled Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Cya At The Bottom None Horde 0 0
dark lords None Horde 0 0
Dark Phoenix Guild None Horde 0 0
Daywalkers None Horde 0 0
Dirty Few None Horde 0 0
dominion None Alliance 0 0
echs None Horde 0 0
Ehpik None Horde 0 0
Epoch Tribunal None Horde 0 0
Etherpunk None Alliance 0 0
Fallen Knights None Alliance 0 0
Fear Personal None Alliance 0 0
Fearmachine personal None Alliance 0 0
Fluck Logs None Alliance 0 0
FoGLog None Horde 0 0
Forbidden Ones None Alliance 0 0
Forpersonal None Alliance 0 0
Free Agents - Group 2 None Horde 0 0
Free Agents Flex None Horde 0 0
Free Agentss None Alliance 0 0
Frozen Hope None Horde 0 0
Fusion None Alliance 0 0
Fuzziwuzzy None Horde 0 0
Geryon None Alliance 0 0
Girls Gone WoW None Alliance 0 0
Glory of the Panda Raider None Alliance 0 0
Gnomecidal Tendencies None Alliance 0 0
Hard Rain None Horde 0 0
HRU None Horde 0 0
hubler None Alliance 0 0
Hubris None Alliance 0 0
Hubris None Alliance 0 0
Hubris None Alliance 0 0
Impulse None Horde 0 0
Inferno None Horde 0 0
Inferno None Horde 0 0
Inferno None Horde 0 0
Inferno (group 1) None Horde 0 0
Jaded G1 None Horde 0 0
Jaded G3 None Horde 0 0
Jaded Grp 2 & 3 None Horde 0 0
jaded2 None Horde 0 0
jazn None Horde 0 0
Johnnyßravo None Horde 0 0
Juggernaught None Horde 0 0
Karma G2 None Horde 0 0
KinXonKaelthas None Alliance 0 0
Kiss My Aegis None Alliance 0 0
Last Ones Standing None Alliance 0 0
Legendary None Alliance 0 0
Log Shinanigans Two None Alliance 0 0
Logs for alt shaman None Horde 0 0
Lucrish None Horde 0 0
M I A None Horde 0 0
Marauders None Horde 0 0
Meridian with Catik None Alliance 0 0
Meridian with Painstriker None Alliance 0 0
Monstrosity None Alliance 0 0
Moyasu None Horde 0 0
Nagato's Logs None Horde 0 0
Nando logs None Alliance 0 0
NandologOOB None Alliance 0 0
NDJ None Horde 0 0
Neltharions Fury None Horde 0 0
nothing None Alliance 0 0
Nurrmal None Alliance 0 0
Owthpela None Alliance 0 0
Parallel None Alliance 0 0
Peebsius' Logs None Alliance 0 0
perfect storm None Alliance 0 0
Perfect Storm None Alliance 0 0
Perfect Storm None Alliance 0 0
Perfect Storm Core None Alliance 0 0
Perfect Storm G2 None Alliance 0 0
Personal Logs None Horde 0 0
Phasyr None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix Heals None Horde 0 0
Platinum Sanctum None Alliance 0 0
profit shotty None Alliance 0 0
Prototype None Horde 0 0
Punchandpie None Horde 0 0
Raid Maids None Alliance 0 0
Raiders of da lost hord None Horde 0 0
Rocketsauce None Horde 0 0
RottenRoots None Alliance 0 0
Serenity None Alliance 0 0
Sexy With Peanut Butter None Horde 0 0
Sickfeetdeep Logs None Horde 0 0
Sinsear and Friends None Alliance 0 0
Skixlogs None Horde 0 0
Skorpyon None Alliance 0 0
slaughterhouse None Horde 0 0
SlInGShoT EnGaGeD None Alliance 0 0
Spleen Knights None Horde 0 0
Spunky's Logs None Horde 0 0
Sublimity2 None Horde 0 0
Team Cobra Kai None Alliance 0 0
Tenacious None Horde 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
The Band None Alliance 0 0
The Chosen Few None Alliance 0 0
The Coven None Horde 0 0
The Four Horsemen None Alliance 0 0
The Fuzzy Secret Service None Horde 0 0
The Kurze Logs None Alliance 0 0
The Raided Storm None Horde 0 0
The Raided Storm None Horde 0 0
The Raided Storm None Horde 0 0
The Stormborn None Horde 0 0
The Zug Initiative None Horde 0 0
Titans of Death None Horde 0 0
Tomorrows Wrath None Horde 0 0
Torch None Alliance 0 0
Trial by Error None Horde 0 0
Twisted Fate None Horde 0 0
We Do Not Sow None Horde 0 0
WFC None Alliance 0 0
Wiggle Woggle None Horde 0 0
Wrath of the Alliance None Alliance 0 0
yasd None Alliance 0 0
YMAH None Alliance 0 0
Your Mommas A Horde None Alliance 0 0
zulandi221 None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

A Divine Few, aaaaa, Abstract, Accident Prone, Act of Reason, Act Of Reason, addiction, Adequate Snobs, Adrenaline, Aegiss, Aeonis, After Dark, Aimless, All day every day, Altruism, Alts ftw, anathema, Anathema, Ancient Valheru, Ancient Valheru, Ancient Valheru, And Friends, Ankston, Anonymous Players United, Antagonist, Apathetic, Apeiron, Apeiron, Apeiron, Apo's Parses, Apocalyspe After Dark, Arcanas Sanctum, Arcanas Sanctum, ARCANAS SANCTUM, Archangels, ArK AnGeLs, Artisans of Death, Artisans of Death, Ascendants, Ascendants, Assimilation Blue, Assimilation2, Ataxia, Awesome, Ayohniss, AzC, Azeroth Crusaders, Azeroths redemption, BABIES, Baddie Report, Berzerk, Best lil horde house, Best Lil Horde House, Best Lil Horde House, Best Lil Horde House, Best Lil Horde House , Birthright, Birthright, Birthright, Blackguard, Blacklabel, BlackLabel, blissyn, Blood for blood, Blood for Blood, Blood Pact, Blue Sun, Bluewaffle House, BOO, Boom Chicka WoW WoW, Boom Chicka WoW WoW, Born Without Luck, Borrowed Time, Brazilian Knights, Bridgeburners, Burning Heroes, Burning Heroes, BUYUADRANK, Buzzard's Bay, Cain, Call of Cthulhu, Canada Forever, Captnice, Carebears, Carpe Noctum, Carpe Noctum, Carpe Noctum P, Cataclysm Crusaders, cel-fus-gl, Cereal Killers, Cereal Killers, Cereal Killers (Early Raid), Cerebral Assassins, Chaotic Angels, Chaotic Exiles, Chaotic Exiles, Chaotic Neutral, citadel , citius altius fortius, Citius Altius Fortius, Citius Altius Fortius, Citius Altius Fortius, CKillers, Clarity, Climax, Climax, cloak, Closed for Maintenance, Clourosen, Clueless, Cohesionisop, Coltonguild, Conclave, Controlled Chaos, Controlled Chaos, Convergence, Conviction, Conviction, Conviction, Corrupted, Coven, Crit It N Quit It, Crit It N QuitIt, Crucio, Crucio, Crystal Dragons, Cursed Crusade, Cya At The Bottom, D&Lis Logs, Damage Control, Dark Council, Dark Council, Dark Council, Dark Influence, Dark Lords, Dark Matter, Dark oblivion, Dark Oblivion, Dark Phoenix, Dark Portal Syndicate, Dark Solace, Dark Tranquility, darkest illusions, Darkness Rising, DAteam2, Deamhan Knights, Deanima, Death Company, Death Whisper, Death's End, deaths End, Defender's of the Crown, Defenders of the Crown, Defense of Azeroth, Defense of Azeroth, Defense of Azeroth, Dementia, Descendants, Descendants, Deus Factum, Deus Factum, Devious Society, Dies Irae, dies screaming, Digital Corruption, Digital Corruption, Disbanded, Disorderly Misconduct, Disorderly Misconduct, Disorderly Misconduct, Divine Assault, Doesnt Know the Fight, Doomforgelog, Dorktown, Down in Flames, dps check, DRAAS, Dragons Fyre, driven, Drow, Dungeon Legacy, Echelon, Echelon, Electric Boogaloo, Elves Gone Wild, Elysion, Elysion, Elysion, EndOfSerenity, Enigma, Enigma, Enigma, Enmity, Entity, Entity, Epic Fail, Essence of Grandeur, Essence of War, Eternal Chaos, Eternal Damnation, Ethereal Descendants, Ewja, Exclusion, Explicit, Explicit, EZ, failproof logger, Faith of the Fallen, Faith of the Fallen, Falita, faradien, Fist of Gamon, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Foam Helmet Crew, Foetopia, For Aiur, For critz and giggles, Forsooth logs, FOXHOUND, Free Agents, From Chaos, Frozen Hope, FUBAR, Fun Bus, Fusion, Fusion, FUSION, Fusion Logz, Futete, FuzzyLlamas, Genesis, GhostlandPwnagePug, Ghostwalkers, Girls Gone WoW, Gloria Victis, gnipp, Golden Silence, Gonzo, Graveyard, Graveyard, Group One, Guild, Guild of Pewpews, Habitual, Habitual, Habitual 2, Hated, Haute Club, Healers R Us, hell raisers, Heroes Ledger, heroes of ghostlands, Heroes of the Ghostlands, Heroes of the Ghostlands, Heroes of the Ghostlands, HEROES of the Ghostlands, Highest Accolade, holyewja, hubler logs, Hubris, Hubris, Hubris, Hubris, Hyo's Logs, Iamheretotest, Id Crit That, Igneous Procella, iHorde, Immortalfaith, Immortals, Immortals, Imnodwarf, Impending Doom, Indignant Assault, Infamous, Inferno, Infámous, Infámous, Infámous, Infámous, Inglorious Horde, Inlcusion, Innuendo, Inquisiton, Insidious, Insomnia, Insomniaddict, Intrepidus, Invictus, Invictus, Ironclad, Is Legendary, Itzpie, Jache, jaded, Jaded, Jaded, Jaded, Jaded, Jaded group 2, James Gang, JaredsLogs, jerks, Jokers, judgment, Judgment, Juggernaut, Juicy's Logs, Just Another Log Guild, Justice, JustMe, Kalimdor's Legion, Kanlar, Karma, Karma - Cesilia's Logs, KarmaG2, Karnage, Kawaiilogs, Kawaiipersonallogs, Keepers, Keepers, Keepers, Kek, kermit, Kermit, Ketya's Logs, killing with kindness, Kilrothian, Kinsmen 25 Pug, KintheraisAwesome, KK, kmfl, Knights of Unholy Souls, Knights With Your Mum, Labelblack, Laggy, Lairan's Logs, LateNightPug, LBC, League of Valor, Legacy of Azeroth, Legends Never Die, Lex Talionis, Lex Talionis, Lex Talionis, Lex Talionis, Libertas, Libertas, Libertas, Libertas, Lichbane Clan, Lights End, LLS-Absfast, Logs, LogTests, LoL I Has A Guild, Los chachipirulis, Loser Pugs, Lost ones, Maintankadin Testing, Malevolence, Malkarii, Mass Hypnosis, Mass Hypnosis, Mass Hypnosis, Max The Sexy, MechReports, Memento Mori, Meridian, Method, MF Test, Miallamera, Midnight Massacre, Misplaced, Moist, Monkeyopolus, Months Behind, Moonlit Maelstrom, Moonlit Maelstrom, Mortal Desire, Mortal Desire, Mortal Desire, Mortal Desire, Mortal Desire, Mortal Desire, My Character, My Eyes Are On You, My guild, Myguildlolz, Myrmidon, Myself, mytest, Mütíny , Narcoleptic, Necromongers, Necromongers, Neltharion's Fury, Nemo, Nerfed, Nerfed at Birth, Nerfed at Birth, Nerfed At Birth, Nighttime Heroes, Nocturnal Knights, NoQuart, Norgannon Disc Jockeys, Norgannon Disc Jockeys, Northwind, NotForgotten, Obai is good, Ockham's Razor, Ominoso Latim Nome, Omni, Only on tuesdays, oob, OOB, Organized Chaos League, Organized Chaos League , Organized Killing Unit, OUSTED, Outcastz, outlaws, Outlaws, OutlawsGhostlandsLoraunt, Outsiders, Pandaemonium, Pane, Parallel, Parallel, Parallel, Pauulisted, Pawslogs, Pendulum, Penetration, Perfect Storm, Perfect Storm, Perpetual, Personal, Personal log, Pett's PuGs, phrophets of the night, Phöenix Döwn, Phöenix Ðöwn, Phöenix Ðöwn, PK, Plan B, Plan B, Plan B, PlanB, Planewalkers, Platinum Sanctum, Polarity, Ported Big Diq Party, Post Proelia Praemia, Princes Of The Universe, profit, Profit, Profit, Profit, Profit, Progress Report, Prototype, PsybieWoL, Pulse, Purgatory Knights, Purple Elephants, Pwnstars, Pwnstars, Pwnstars, Rancor, Rapture, Rapture, rastas logs, real time ballers, Reborn Heroes, Redemption, Reeshan, Reforged, Refuge, Refuge, Refuge, Relapse, Relapse, RENEGAÐES, Repentance, Reported's Big Diq Family, Reports, Requiesto En Pace, Revelations, Revelations, Reverence, Revolution, Rhyanes guild, Ripzlogs, Rishathra, Round The Clock, Runaway Tardis, Sadistic, Sadistic, Sadistic Intent, SadisticD, Sam Cro, Sanctum, Sapientes Sanguis, Satellite Radio, scarlet brotherhood, scarlet brotherhood, Scarlet Brotherhood, Scarlet Brotherhood, Scarlet Brotherhood, Scarlet Brotherhood, SE, Second Wind, Second Wind, Second wind (Team Rocket), Second Wind Alt, Serenity, Shackles and Maidens, Shackles and Maidens, Shadow, Shadow Insurrection, Shadow of God, Shadows Edge, Shadows Edge, shadows edge , Shining, Sidhe Devils, Sillytest, Skixlogs, Skixlogs, SlashQuit, SlInGShOt EnGaGeD, SlInGShOt EnGaGeD, Sloppy Seconds, sluteslog, sneakybeaver, Solace, solacelol, Spanked, Special Snowflakes, SPG, Stockholm Syndrome, Storm Risers, Stormrage Rejects, Strategos, Stuperstrong, Sublimity, SulfourLFR, suls logs, Suo Jure, Surprise Pull, Surprise Pull, swordhaven, Tankcat, Team Friend, Team Jacob, Team Jacob, Tenacious, Tenacious, Terribad, Terror, Test, Test subject, TesteBR, Tested, Testing, Testing, testingguildnamemadeupstuff, testtrial, TEÄM JÄCOB, The Band, The Boston Project, The Chosen Few, The Coven, The Coven, The Covenant, The Ebon School, The Fallen Sons, The Fish and Bread Trick, The Fish and Bread Trick, The Fish and Bread Trick, The Four Horsemen, The Four Horsemen, The Fusion, The Gathering, The Habs, The Habs, The Habs, The Heathen Kings, The Night Crew, The Raided storm, The Raided Storm, The rapture, The Rapture, The Rapture, the Righteous, The Rout, The Singularity, The Troublemakers, The Underground Alliance, The Underground Alliance, The Wretched, theimpishones, TheImpishOnes, Theory, Thermonuclear Cake, Third Kind, Three Legged Dog, Three Legged Dog, To Be Determined, Torrent, Towel, Towel, toxic, Toxic, Toxic, Trapdancing, Treehuggers, Tribute to Insanity, True Blood, True Blood, Truth or Consequences, Truth or Consequences, TUA, Unhinged, Unknown, Unknown Randomness, Unknown Soldiers, unrelenting, unrelenting, Unrelenting, untamed dragons, Untamed Dragons, Untamed Dragons, Untamed Dragons, Untamed Dragons, Untold Darkness, Untold Darkness, UOS, Accelerated, Alliance Crusaders, Alliance in Defiance, Altius, aqua team hunger force, Armed Rodgery, Army Of Savage Kittens, Artisans of Death, AzzCrackin, BABIES, Bad Bromance, Banekz, Bank of Goods, Bankers United, Belligerent, Beneath Gruuls Lair, Best Lil Horde House, Big Natural Crits, Blackmetal Horde, BlackPlanet FTG, Blood of the Forgotten, BloodAlly, Bloodbath and Bacon, Bloodpack, Bretheren of Vengeance, Brink of Insanity, Brofist, BrothersOfDestruction, Call of Cthulhu, Clan of the Red Oak, COBRA KAI, coca cola kids, Coffee Shop, Convergence, Core, Council Of Heads, Crimson Reign, Crimson Veil, Damage Control, Dark Brothern, Dark Council, Dark Enforcers, Dark Justice Guardians, Dark Lords, DARK RAIDERZ, DeamonsAnonomous, Death Professionals, Deaths Embrace, Deathwings Descendants, Decadent Avengers, Defenders of Freedom, Delirium, Delusions of Mediocrity, Descendants, Dirty Few, Distortion, Dominion, Dominus Immortalis, DragonBane, dragons treasures, Dreadfort, Dream Blade, Effortless, Elegy, Elites of the Alliance, Elixirs Emporium, Equinoctis, Eqüatör, era of the ally, Eternal Hope, Eternal Winter, Eternals Vendor, Excaiiburs Edge, Fallen Kings Of Azeroth, Fallen Warlords, Forced to Hide, Forsaken Undead, FOURTWENTY, Free Agents, Friq Fraq and Friends, From Chaos, Fur Brothers, Fuzzy Bunnies, Galactic Light Brigade, Gladiators of the Arena, Gloria Victis, Gnomeicidal Tendencies, Grand Epic Exposure, Grand Theft Kodo, Guardians of Erilea, Hack the Planet, Harambe, Heaven and Earth, HEAVY HITTERZ, Hegemony, Heisenberg, Hello Kitty Fight Club, Hewpack Legion, Hollow Ones, HordelandSecurity, Id Bank That, Identity Crisis Reunion, In Memory of Bruce Lee, Incandescent Eagles, Inferno, inifinite, INSATIABLE, Insomniac Identity, Invicta, Is Awesome, Is The Next Best Thing, It Hurts When I Crit, Jane and finch, Just Saying, Kawaii Kappa, Keepers of Knowledge, Khaos Unleashed, Kingdom of Heaven, Knights of Brotherhood, Knights of Redcliff, Labyrinth Redemption, Lancre Misfits, Last Resort, Legion of Insanity, Legion of Sylvanas, Legion of the Eternal, Legion of the Light, Lights Hope, Loading, Lone Star Horde, Lost Souls of Avalon, Made with Real Lightning, Major WoW Addicts, Martial Law, Mass Corruption, Mattlebasters, Mediocre, mehbank, Member Berries, Mid Evil Knights, Monkey Business, Mortal Nemesis, Mortar Team, Mystic Twilight, No Mercy allowed, Norgannon Disc Jockeys, Norse Gaming, Not illegal in Denmark, NotATauren, Oh Just Die Already, Onslaught, Operation Short Bus, Oracles of Insanity, Order of The BIack Rose, Ordo Templi Orientis, Pack O Fools, Penny For Your THOTs, PeopleOfWalmart, Perfect Storm, Perseverance, Phantom Swordsmen, Plan B, Platinum Sanctum, Protectors of the Dragon, Psyched, Raids With No Pants, rank one in ur hearts, Rapture, Requiem æternam, Retalîation, Reverence, Running Screaming, Saints of Azeroth, Saints or Sinners, Satellite Radio, Savant, Sentinels, Seriously Undermedicated, Servants of Twilight, Shadow Mistresses, Shadows Edge, Shura No Toki, Significant Others, Sinsear and Friends, Slight of Hand, Snakes on the Grass, Solacelol, Soldiers Of Misfortune, Sons of death, Spellbound, Spurbury Police, Squirrel Troopers, Stargaming, States Property, Straight Jacket Union, Strumpets, Suddenly Guava, Suffering, Sulfuras, Sultans of Swag, Super Squishy Squadron, SWARM, Swordhaven, Systematic Down, Süicide Squad, Ten Mode Hard Man, The Awesome Sauce, The Byrd House, The Byrd Vault, The Coven, The Essentials, The Fallen Angels, The Fish and Bread Trick, The Four Horsemen, The Friends Guild, The Heathen Kings, The Honor Code, The House of Aries, The Lagoon Company, The Padded Room Society, The Pointy End, The Quick And The Dead, The Rout, The Saviors, The Soul Society, The Squirtle Squad, The Underground Alliance, Thud and Blunder, Tonberry Alliance, Torch, Trap House, Trouble Maker, Truth or Consequences, TWICE, Twisted Minds, Underdogz, Victory For The Horde, We Do Not Sow, WOUNDED WARRIOR, Your Mommas A Horde, ßedlam, ÄGÖÑŸ of the ÐËÄÐ, Åfterlife, Academy, Aces Wild, Advent Waiting, Aegiss, Aeonis, All About Us, Allure, and The Houserockers, Angels Of Destruction, Apeiron, Assassins Grace, Assimilation, Awakened, BaneOfDeathwing, Bank of Faith, Bankoffyre, Bankoflevo, BankoStuff, BBD Power, Blacklisted, Blackrock, Blood Reign, BUYUADRANK, Cataclysmøs, Cerebral Assassin, Champions of Northrend, Chaotic Exiles, Citius Altius Fortius, CitizensBank, Clan of the Crazy People, Cleggens Commandos, Content, Controlled Chaos, Crusades of the Alliance, Crystal Dragons, Ctrl Alt Del, Cult of Forgotten Shadow, Curiously Strong, Cursed Brotherhood, Dark Aeon of the Horde, Dark Elysion, Dark Lotus Empire, darkdemonsiders, DarkHunters, Death and Taxes, Death in the Afternoon, Deaths Advance, Deaths Vanguard, Defense of Azeroth, Del Amor y Sus Demonios, Demolition, dies screaming, DiGiTAL GHOULS, Dirty Deeds, Dirty Nagas, Disorderly Misconduct, Divine, Down In Flames, Dragon Ice, Dro, Drunken Knights of Oz, Edyrem, Elves Gone Wild, Elysion Fields, Ember, Enlightened, Epoch, Essence of War, Eternal Exile, Exo, FGTVE, Firelords of Azeroth, Fixation, Forbidden Ones, Forevermore, Forgotten Few, Fox Company, Fractured Souls, Free Radicals, Fus Ro Dah, Fusion Gaming, Fuzzy Bunnies of Doom, Fæ Víctus, G Bank, Geek Squad, Grind Palace, guildies, Habitual, Hell Hounds, Hollis, Holy Guard, Horsemen Of Apocolypse, HRU, Hunters Only, I am not a bank alt, Id Anthology, IFU Marching Band, Inconceivable, InfiniteWrath, Infrangible, InfÄmous, Iniquitous, Inquisition, Insane Asylum, Insane Warcraft, Insidious, Insomnïa, Integrity, IRS, Isles of Tyriel, Jaded, Jello, Jfk Didnt Los, Jinx, JinxMart, Juggernauts, Just One More Boss, Justice, Karma, Kick Their Darnassus, Knights of Achyllez, Knights of Camelot, Knights of Chaos, Knights of Mayhem, Knights With Your Mum, Known Dissension, KruShd, Last Ëxilë, Level Up, Lex Talionis, LFR Heroes, Lords of Don, lords of shadow, Maelstrom Militia, Martini of Happy, Mats, McLureClan, Mildly Upset Highwaymen, Militia of Doom, Minireason, My Spoon Is Too Big, Nagas Insidous Souls, Naming Stuff is Hard, Neltharions Hoard, Nerd Rage, Nox Lyra, NSA Survailance Team, Old World Exports, OOB, Order Among Chaos, Order of Dark Whelping, Overkill, Parallel, Parådøx, Periphery, Pheonix Rising, Pineapple Express, Platinum Dragons, Porkchawp Express, Pound For Pound, Profit, Profits in Hordes, Proven, Pwnstars, PÔtent, Raid from the Heart, Raiders of da Lost Guild, Raiders of da Lost Horde, Raiders of the Chosen, Raidin Dirty, Rank One, Real Housewives of SW, Reason, Red Clouds, Reforged, Rehab, Renegade, Renegade Minds, Revengeful Darkness, Rez Da Dwarf, Royal Defenders, Rum Runners, SacredSouls, Sacrificed, Safety Not Guaranteed, Sentinels, Serenity, Serenity of The Light, Serpentshrine Swim Team, Shiki Corpse Demon, shumyda, Silence Legends, Silent proffesionals, Simplicity, Skill Pride Glory, Smaugs Hoard, Something Wicked, Soul Crushers Remnats, Spazzing Murlocs, Stabbytime Boys, Star of Life, Steady Mobbin, Straightjacket Sanity, Super Troopers, Synergy, Søulbound, Temeraire, Temple of Rous, Ten Stitches, Tenacious, Tenacity, The Alliance Federation, The Covenant, The Far Side, The Fuzzy Secret Service, The Governor, The Guild, The Habs, The Horde Slayers, The Lords Of Shadow, The Nether Walkers, The Order of the Sammich, The Praetorian Guard, The Remnant, The Renown, The Reçkless, The Spanish Inquisition, The Syndicate, TheImpishOnes, There Is No Cow Level, Thermonuclear Cake, Titans of Death, Tomorrows Wrath, Triad of darkness, Tribal Masters, Turks, Twinks R Us, Tyranny, Under the Influence, Union of Swords, Unorthodox, Untold Darkness, Vigilant, Visceral, Wanderers In The Shadows, Warlords of Sauron, Warrior Nation, Warriors of Azzinoth, we, We PVP IRL, Wárbreed, Wïld, xGrim, XTC, Y U BRAKE GAME, You KNow You Want Some, Øbliviøn, Vampires, Vampires, Vellody, Vendetta, Vicarious, Vicarious, Vindicated Souls, Virtue, Virulence, Virulence, Virulence, Virulence, Vis Honor, Vision, Warrior Nation, Warrior Nation, weavers, West Fall Fight Club, WFC, Winter, Winterborne, Wipefest, WN, world by storm, Wrought from Ashes, Wrought from ashes Team B, Xgafortlogs, You Are So Dead, Zombie Attack, Øutlaws

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