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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Wreck List US-Garrosh Horde 0 246
Invictus US-Garrosh Horde 0 149
Audacity US-Garrosh Horde 0 136
Foundation US-Garrosh Horde 0 93
Wåntèd US-Garrosh Alliance 0 92
Nitelife US-Garrosh Alliance 0 72
Contempt US-Garrosh Alliance 0 68
All Together Now None Alliance 0 52
Attrition None Horde 0 47
All Together Now US-Garrosh Alliance 0 37
Exoria US-Garrosh Horde 0 36
Archetype None Horde 0 21
Night Phoenix US-Garrosh Alliance 0 21
Fairy US-Garrosh Horde 0 15
Meter Whores US-Garrosh Alliance 0 13
Lyon US-Garrosh Horde 0 10
Last Attempt US-Garrosh Horde 0 9
Power Word Awesome US-Garrosh Horde 0 9
Zero US-Garrosh Horde 0 9
Apathy US-Garrosh Horde 0 8
Deity US-Garrosh Alliance 0 8
Aphistis US-Garrosh Alliance 0 7
Celtic Brotherhood US-Garrosh Alliance 0 6
Dark Horse US-Garrosh Alliance 0 6
Rebellion US-Garrosh Horde 0 5
Wreck List -- Team Z US-Garrosh Horde 0 5
Alliance Hellions US-Garrosh Alliance 0 4
Knights of the Citadel US-Garrosh Alliance 0 3
mealtime US-Garrosh Horde 0 3
Pagans Refuge US-Garrosh Horde 0 3
Unforeseen US-Garrosh Alliance 0 3
Brewa's Bossfights US-Garrosh Alliance 0 2
DaCrew US-Garrosh Alliance 0 2
Garrosh US-Garrosh Horde 0 2
Les Incorruptibles US-Garrosh Alliance 0 2
Reckless Intentions US-Garrosh Alliance 0 2
Silence US-Garrosh Horde 0 2
Adrinh US-Garrosh Alliance 0 1
Aegis US-Garrosh Horde 0 1
All Together Now US-Garrosh Alliance 0 1
Analysis US-Garrosh Alliance 0 1
Cobey lolz US-Garrosh Horde 0 1
Crescendo US-Garrosh Alliance 0 1
Dark Horse US-Garrosh Alliance 0 1
Dygrav's Stash US-Garrosh Alliance 0 1
Edge of Insanity US-Garrosh Alliance 0 1
House Forsaken US-Garrosh Alliance 0 1
Lidrena US-Garrosh Horde 0 1
Mayhem US-Garrosh Horde 0 1
Misclogs US-Garrosh Horde 0 1
Pica US-Garrosh Alliance 0 1
Silence US-Garrosh Alliance 0 1
Slowbrah US-Garrosh Horde 0 1
Smoke Monster US-Garrosh Horde 0 1
Tao/Morbo US-Garrosh Horde 0 1
The Gray Death US-Garrosh Alliance 0 1
Torn Asunder US-Garrosh Horde 0 1
unforeseen US-Garrosh Alliance 0 1
We Has a Taberd US-Garrosh Horde 0 1
Dage_Logs None Alliance 0 0
#face None Horde 0 0
12 None Alliance 0 0
Absolution None Alliance 0 0
Apathy None Alliance 0 0
beef logs None Horde 0 0
Blackwind Honor Guard None Horde 0 0
Blackwind Honor Guard None Horde 0 0
Brave Companions None Alliance 0 0
cAPSLOCK None Horde 0 0
Casually Addicted None Horde 0 0
Censura None Alliance 0 0
Champions Legion None Alliance 0 0
Change None Alliance 0 0
Criterion None Alliance 0 0
DaBomb None Horde 0 0
Dark Horse None Alliance 0 0
DLoK None Horde 0 0
Drop Shock None Horde 0 0
Dukio Parse None Horde 0 0
Edict None Horde 0 0
Encore None Horde 0 0
Eventide None Alliance 0 0
Evil Dead None Alliance 0 0
Ex Nihilo None Horde 0 0
Fire and Fury None Horde 0 0
First Attempt None Horde 0 0
Gambling Red Swords None Alliance 0 0
GO1 None Horde 0 0
hunters tier None Alliance 0 0
I Faked Every Cataclysm None Horde 0 0
Justin's Logs None Horde 0 0
KIR None Horde 0 0
KRðNOS None Horde 0 0
LFR None Alliance 0 0
Lock_test None Alliance 0 0
Mayhem None Horde 0 0
Mayhem G2 None Horde 0 0
Midnight Mayhem None Horde 0 0
Mula's logs None Horde 0 0
NIGHTBROOD group 2 None Horde 0 0
Nix None Alliance 0 0
Omnipotent None Alliance 0 0
PWA None Horde 0 0
Rabid Pandas None Alliance 0 0
Rage Schrip None Horde 0 0
Regulatorz None Horde 0 0
Risky Business None Horde 0 0
ShadowKnightBlades None Alliance 0 0
Shadows of the Risen None Alliance 0 0
shaman test None Alliance 0 0
Sir Roseby and the Brohams None Horde 0 0
Tasty Meat Puppets None Horde 0 0
Tempered Verdict None Horde 0 0
Test Guild None Horde 0 0
TestPugGuild None Horde 0 0
The Alliance Legion None Alliance 0 0
The dramatic Escape None Alliance 0 0
The Great Guild None Horde 0 0
The JinYu Force None Horde 0 0
The Little Rascalz None Alliance 0 0
The Pathfinders None Alliance 0 0
The seeker None Alliance 0 0
The Underground None Horde 0 0
The Wicked Brotherhood None Alliance 0 0
Theidity None Alliance 0 0
Torn Asunder Main Group None Horde 0 0
Totes not Apathy None Horde 0 0
Unleashed Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Ven's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Vonky None Horde 0 0
VOS None Alliance 0 0
Whoot None Horde 0 0
Without Equal None Alliance 0 0
Wreck List - RubiPam None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

...., Aegis, Aeria Gloris, Aeria Gloris, AFKFarmville, Ailarian League, Alaris, All Together Now, All Together Now, All Together Now, All Together Now, alliance hellions, Alliance Hellions, Alliance Hellions, Alliance Legion, aloamora, Alxe, Andalasia, Angels and Demons, Apotheosis, Appletea, Archetype, Asasak, Ascent, Ashzara's Finest, Astral, attica, Attica, Attica, Audacity, Audacity, Audacity, Auto's log, B B B, B B B, B U R N, Bad Bunny Voodoo, Beastd, Better Call Thrall, Bibadoon, Blackblades of Durotar, Blackblades of Durotar, Blackhand, Blackwind Honor guard, Blackwind Honor Guard (G2), Blackwind Honor Guard (Group 2), Bloodlusts, Bolas de Aceros, Booty Butt Cheeks, Born into Darkness, Brave Companions, Brown Chicken Brown Cow, Bruis, Calamitous Intent, Calamitous Intent, Calamitous Intent, Carnage, Casual Crusaders, Cause they won't reply to my guild application =D, Celtic Brotherhood, Celtic Brothers, cengarr, centcent, Chaldan, Change, Change, Change, chaos containment, Chaos Containment, chillness, Choryn, christ, Conspiracy, Constellation, Constellation, Constellation, Constellation-H, Contempt, Contempt, Contempt, Continuum-SomePugRuns, CORE, Core of the Chosen, Cranial_test, Crescendo T11, Critical Mass, Crits In My Face, Crusade of the Templar, Crusaders of Light, Ctrl Alt Elite, DaCrew, Dag, Dark convictions, Dark Guardians, Dark Guardians, Dark Horse, Darkness, daveh, De Oppresso Liber, De Oppresso Liber, De Oppresso Liber, De Oppresso Liber, Deadtigger, Deception, Deception, Deception, Deception, Deception2, Defenders of Stormwind, Deity, Deity, DeleteSoon, Demesentis, Demon Lords of Karand, Den of Dwarves, Departed, Diannara, Dissonance, Dklicious' Private Stash, Easily Amused, Edge, Edge of Insanity, Edge of Insanity, Edge of Madness, Edge of Madness, Edict, Elliora, Elysian, Elysium, Emanon, En Taro Adun, En Taro Adun, Entropy, Equinox, Equivocal, Essence, Eternal Zen, Evil Dead, Ex Inferis, Ex Nihilo, Ex Nihilo, Ex Nihilo, Exit Status One, Exit Strategy, ExNihiloGarrosh, FacePull, Failboat, Failboat, Failure to addapt, Fairy, Fake Guild, Fake Guild 2, Fates Demise, Flagship, Flagship, flashburnn, Foo, Forceful Deflection, Forsaken Knights, Foundlog, Garrosh PUGS, Gelystina's logs, Gerd's records, Gnubby, Gotham, Gotham, Gothic Bunnies, Gothic Bunnies, Gottie, Grom WOW, Gudits Babes, Guildless, GuildMextli, Hardcore Noobs, Hat Trick, Heartless, Heresy, Hopeful, House Darkforge, hulk buster, humters tier, hunters tier, Icc pug, iccpug, IDLH, Illianna's Guild, immortal, Immortal, Immortal, Imperial Legacy, Infusion, Inside The Box, Instability, Instability, Instability, Instability, Instability, Invictus, Invictus, Invictus, Ironclad, Ironclad, Is A Real Boy, Karma, Kerikhan, kewnikk, KIR, Knights of the Citadel, Knights of the Citadel, Kor's Raid Logs, KOTC, Kraosis, Kraosis, Krean, lamashtoon, League of Heroes, Learn to Wipe, Legion of Accordance, Legion_of_Accordance, Lenth, LF 25 raiding guild, LF Waldo PST, LFR, LFR Data, LFR logs, Life Without Parole, lions den, Lions Den, Lions Den, Logs, Logsssssss, Lohkan, Lords of Lordaeron, Lumby's Logs, Luxiousdps, Lîght, M Y T H, Ma and Pa save the world, MamaDanger Daily Pegrug, Marcio, Masochistic, mayhem, Mayhem, Mayhem, Mayhem, Mayhem, Mextli, Mextli, Mine, Monarchy of the Dead, Morbid, Morbid, Morbid, Morbid, MORBID-US, MorbidUS, Moring, My guild, Myflen, mypugwaidw, MythhLogs, Narf's test, NeroBedlam, Nether, Night Pheonix, Night Phoenix, NIGHTBROOD, NIGHTBROOD, Ninakatarina test, Nitelife, Nitelife, Nitelife, Nitelife, Nitelife2, Nixonia, No Disassemble, No Disassemble, Nonesuch, notaguild, notaguild, Notorious, nozoom, Odium, Odium, Odium, Of Pen and Sword, Of Pen and Sword, Old People, Old People, Omarr, Omega, One Percenters, OnParWithBBoDandAttica, Onyx Circle, Orcland, Order of the Stick, Orgrimmar Dogs, Ovatos, Pagans Refuge, Pagans Refuge, Pagans Refuge, Pandoras Box, Pesto, Phantomm, Phase Two, Pirate Never Die, Pixie Sticks, Praetorian Guard, Predatorr PUG, Primez Guildless, PUG RAIDS, pugs, Pugs & Shit, PW:Awesome, qtlogs, Que Up, Raad, Racatak Exchange, radical, Rage Schrip, RaidersofTheLostFridge, RaidersOfTheLostFridge, Random Logs, Random WoL account, Randomnessisrandom, Rapture, Reawaken, Reckless Intentions, Red Matter, Red Matter, Redey, Reformation, Reformation, Reject, Reject, Relaxes Tests, Retribution, Revision, Revisions, Revo, Revolution, Rikashae, Ripjack, Rise of the Phoenix, Ronin, Ruin, Safe Deposit, Sane Asylum, Seven, Seven Inches Unbuffed, Shadow Walkers, Shadowgear Army, ShadowGear Army, Shadows of Retribution, ShamansAreJesus, ShortBusCommandos, Siknastee, Silence, Silence, Silence Core, Silver, Sitine, Smoke Monster, Society of Misfits, sol's logs, Sols Personal WWS, Solstice, Sovereign, Space, Spacecow, stalesalt, Star Onion Brigade, Starstrike, Straight up Cleavage, Sunder, supergay, Sweg Sweg Sweg, Sworn To None, Synchronicity, syndicate, Systematic Chaos, Systematic Chaos, Tactical Advantage, Tao, Tao, TAO, Teen Titans, Temp, Tempered Verdict, Tempora, Temporary madness, Test, Test, Test Group, Test Guild, testings, tettekete, The Achieved, The Achieved, The Achieved, The Achieved, The Alliance Legion, The B Team, The Deadly Sins, The Divine Knights, The Divine Knights, The Dramatic Escape, The GILD, The Gray Death, The Mystery Team, The Pathfinders, The Pathfinders, The Saintz, The Steel Empire, The Steel Empire, The Tribe, The Tribe, The Unforgiven, The Unhappy Circus, The Wicked Brotherhood, The Wicked Brotherhood, The Wicked Brotherhood, The Wicked Brotherhood, Timeless Existence, To Be Announced, To Be Announced, Torn Asunder, Torn Asunder, Torn Asunder Logs, Tribute, TWB, Unforeseen, Unforeseen, UNforeseen, Unhappy Circus, Absolution, Achey Breakers, Adopt A Cat Agency, Alliance Hellions, Amat Victoria Curam, Angels of Hellfire, Anvil, Apathy, Aphasia, Armed and Drunk, Army of the Dead, Audacity, Augmentation, Azeroths Most Wanted, Baby Cannon, Babylon, Bacon Fanatics, Baile, Bank it up, Bankerino, BankerSpanker, BankOfME, Bearing the Insane, Beauty and the Bovine, Bedlam, Behind the Curve, BestFriendsForeverClub, Blackwind Honor Guard, Blood Becomes Honor, Blood Forged, Blood Pact, Blue Crew, BRAINZZ, Brave Companions, Brave Companions Storage, Brotherhood Of Wolves, Canis Veritas, Celtic Brotherhood, Cenarion Brotherhood, Challenge Accepted, Chaotic Intent, Checkmate, Christian Knights, Chroma Guard, Clique, CoA The Horde Side, Common Affliction, Consilium, Coruscation, Crox Van Ness Clan, Crusade, Cruxis, Cry Havoc, Dark Guardians, Dark Horse, Dark Side Of Death Two, Dark Side of the Moon, Dead Manz Party, Deaths Hands, Defenders of Azeroth, Deity, Department of Defense, Divergent, Draconic Hoard Keeper, Dragon Vein, Drop Shock, Eat Sleep Worgen Repeat, Edge of Madness, Elf Hunters, Emerald Dawn, Eminence, Encore, Enticement, Epíc, Equilibrium, Equinox, Extortion, F U, Face Roll, Faceless, Faceless Souls, Fairy Tail Team Happy, Fantastic Accident, Fantasy, Filthy Casuals, First Aid Kit, First Attempt, Fishing time, For The Trail, FREAKSHOW, Full Metal Jacket, Fun At The Beach, Gentlemans Club, Give Me Your Gold, Go Horde or go home, Gods of the Arena, Gotham, Grizzly, Guild of Edrian, Gung Ho Guns, Gunnar, Hand of Ragnaros, Haven, HeavyMetalScorpions, HellCarnia, Hexed, Horde SS, Horde Stole My Bike, Horned Cats, House Darkforge, Hunters Tier, I Faked Every Cataclysm, Immortal, Immortal Kingdom, Immortal Symphony, Imperial Legacy, Incursion, Inebriated, IntoTheShadows, IntoTheShadowsTwoo, Isle of Misfit Toons, Its Naga Time, Jade Dragon, Jamaican Me Rich, Just Freakin Started, Just Release Already, Justice in Murder, Justice League, Kalamitous Intent, Kickstart, KIR, Knights of Chipotle, Knights of the Citadel, Lamb Of God, League Of Allies, League of Legendz, Legion of Darkness, Legionaires of Azeroth, Lonely Mountain, Lord of light, Lords of the Ring, Loyalty, Makeshift Warriors, Merchants of Death, Misfits of the Horde, MUD, Murloc Protection Agency, Nemesis, Nepo, No Clue, No Disassemble, Nocturnal Intent, Northern Star, Novus, OG Orgrimmar, ohh hamburgers, Old People, Ominous Moo, Oops I lagged, Ordem dos Templários, Order of the Stick, Power Word Awesome, Rabid Pandas, Ragnaros, Raiders of the Fjord, Random Acts of ViolencE, Reach, Rebellious Act, Red, Reformation, Regulatorz, Reservior, Retail Therapy, Sacred Phoenix Knights, Screaming Eels, Severus, Shalom, Shattered Hand, Shattered World, Shui, Silent Order, SilentGuarde, Simple But Catchy, Sinister Mobsters, Sinister Strike, Snug Life, Society of Misfits, Sovereign Knights, SS Massacration, Stacked, Storage Inc, Stormbringers, Stormwind Ore Supply, Storwind Corp, Sufferance, Sunder, Sunkist, Super Bros, Sworn To None, TaCo, Tao, Taste the Rainbow, Tesla Coils, THE A TEAAM, The A Team, The Cereal Killers, The Chosen Ones, The Condemned, The Crimson Vanguard, The Dark Side of Death, The Dramatic Escape, the geek squad, The Great Guild, The Horde Remembers, The Knights Of Hell, The Little Rascalz, The Locker, The Lost Wanderers, The Minions, The Saintz, The Savage Nation, The Steel Empire, The Stick of Truth, The Terntos, The Terran Empire, The Time Has Come, TheBloodlessKnights, Threat, Thunderbluff Steak House, Thunderdome, To Punish And Enslave, Together Till Death, Torn Asunder, Twink, Undying Demons, Unity, universal revolution, Unsung Heroes, Ups and Downs, Valkyrie, VaVaVoom, VII, Voy Palo, W A R, Wasted Space, we dont raid, We Only Raid Hogger, west coast wanderers, who, Wiping Since Level One, Wolverines, Wrath Of The Titans, Wreck List, You Had Me at Zug Zug, yxhdsb, Ìnvictus, UTR N SPUNKS, Vacca Foeda, Valicia amg, Validus, varietypack, Velox Evito, Vengeance Inc, Vengeance Inc, Vengeance Inc., Veni Vidi Vici, VICE, VII, VII, VII, Visions, Vtemp, wakaface, Waken the Fallen, WCO, WE, We Has a Taberd, When Lemmings Attack, When Lemmings Attack, Without Equal, Without Equal, Without Equal, Without Equal, Without Equal, Wrath of Garrosh, Wreck List 2, Wreck List Team RP, WreckList, Xolo's Logs, Yefferton, Yourguildnamehere, Zeerak's, Zulu

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