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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Exsanguinity US-Cenarius Horde 0 376
Muryans US-Cenarius Horde 0 309
Late Crew US-Cenarius Alliance 0 230
Windspear Clan US-Cenarius Horde 0 217
Dawn Eternal US-Cenarius Alliance 0 147
Blackfire Sanctorum US-Cenarius Alliance 0 98
Juggernaut US-Cenarius Alliance 0 70
Remaining Few US-Cenarius Alliance 0 57
Imperium US-Cenarius Horde 0 51
RISB US-Cenarius Alliance 0 50
Sanguine Morte US-Cenarius Alliance 0 44
Pwny Express Go Postal US-Cenarius Horde 0 42
Dawn Eternal US-Cenarius Alliance 0 40
Annihilus US-Cenarius Alliance 0 35
Whiplash US-Cenarius Alliance 0 25
Otter US-Cenarius Alliance 0 23
Agnessia's Logs US-Cenarius Alliance 0 22
Arathian Knights US-Cenarius Alliance 0 19
Deities and Demigods US-Cenarius Alliance 0 17
Revolt US-Cenarius Alliance 0 15
Last Pull US-Cenarius Alliance 0 14
marky US-Cenarius Alliance 0 14
Raining Chaos US-Cenarius Alliance 0 14
Remaining Few US-Cenarius Alliance 0 14
The Chosen US-Cenarius Alliance 0 14
A Lucid Nightmare US-Cenarius Alliance 0 13
Just Us League US-Cenarius Alliance 0 13
The Queens Knights US-Cenarius Alliance 0 13
Serious-Alt US-Cenarius Alliance 0 12
Ancients of Azeroth US-Cenarius Alliance 0 11
Death Panel US-Cenarius Alliance 0 10
NecessaryEvil US-Cenarius Alliance 0 10
Newbies US-Cenarius Alliance 0 10
President of Cenarius US-Cenarius Alliance 0 10
Tiger's Fury None Alliance 0 10
Band of the Hawk US-Cenarius Alliance 0 9
Spark US-Cenarius Alliance 0 9
The Sundering US-Cenarius Alliance 0 9
The Usual Suspects US-Cenarius Alliance 0 9
Exodus Victoriae US-Cenarius Alliance 0 8
Pirate US-Cenarius Alliance 0 8
Scrap Bot US-Cenarius Alliance 0 8
Sembonzakura US-Cenarius Alliance 0 8
Praetorian Guard US-Cenarius Alliance 0 7
Reality Check US-Cenarius Alliance 0 7
rianii's logs US-Cenarius Alliance 0 7
VoqksGuild US-Cenarius Horde 0 7
Bikers Tesing US-Cenarius Alliance 0 6
Climax US-Cenarius Alliance 0 6
Open After Hours US-Cenarius Alliance 0 6
Arcis US-Cenarius Alliance 0 5
Avowry US-Cenarius Alliance 0 5
Driven US-Cenarius Alliance 0 5
Dãmage US-Cenarius Alliance 0 5
EagerBeaverGetsTheWorm US-Cenarius Alliance 0 5
Fyl's logs US-Cenarius Alliance 0 5
The Chosen US-Cenarius Alliance 0 5
Wrassibaen US-Cenarius Alliance 0 5
Guildthiana US-Cenarius Alliance 0 4
Hellbrecht US-Cenarius Alliance 0 4
Kit's Logs US-Cenarius Alliance 0 4
Lost Time US-Cenarius Alliance 0 4
PalennPalenn US-Cenarius Alliance 0 4
Vigor US-Cenarius Alliance 0 4
widowmakerrs US-Cenarius Alliance 0 4
Chrome Elites G1 US-Cenarius Alliance 0 3
Diligence US-Cenarius Alliance 0 3
Driven US-Cenarius Alliance 0 3
Emoji US-Cenarius Alliance 0 3
ICBW US-Cenarius Alliance 0 3
Malawoo US-Cenarius Alliance 0 3
Monstrosity US-Cenarius Alliance 0 3
NecessaryEvil US-Cenarius Alliance 0 3
No Sleep til Stormwind US-Cenarius Alliance 0 3
NubPug US-Cenarius Alliance 0 3
Pwny Express Wyld Style US-Cenarius Horde 0 3
Sedition US-Cenarius Alliance 0 3
Something Shiny US-Cenarius Alliance 0 3
The Filthy Bums US-Cenarius Alliance 0 3
Yenkas parse US-Cenarius Alliance 0 3
Benus Letalis Ericius US-Cenarius Alliance 0 2
CK's Log US-Cenarius Alliance 0 2
Heroes and Martyrs US-Cenarius Alliance 0 2
Hobos Lost in Airport US-Cenarius Alliance 0 2
Iok US-Cenarius Alliance 0 2
Legacy US-Cenarius Alliance 0 2
Myst US-Cenarius Alliance 0 2
Quíncíe US-Cenarius Alliance 0 2
RISB Alt US-Cenarius Alliance 0 2
Seph's ALN Adventures US-Cenarius Alliance 0 2
Siguard Fun times US-Cenarius Alliance 0 2
Slippykins's LFR Adventures US-Cenarius Alliance 0 2
Some Kind of Loot System US-Cenarius Alliance 0 2
Swagg's Log's US-Cenarius Alliance 0 2
Allele's Logs US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Benidor's Log US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Caveexplorer US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Chimera Legion US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Dark Union US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Dawn Eternal US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
desteelio US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Evocati US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Exodus Victoriae US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Guild for Apps US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Insidious US-Cenarius Horde 0 1
Is Being Carried US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Ish's Logs US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Musca logs US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Myst US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Myst US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
No Puggin Way US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Paralysis US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Prosapia US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Prosapia US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Rage Quit US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Revolt US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Sentinels US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
So Many Farkin Epics US-Cenarius Horde 0 1
SproketS US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Sylveriemoon's Logs US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Tears of the Fallen US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Toxic None Alliance 0 1
turbo logz US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Tyrannosaur US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Uok US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Vendetta US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
WoLGuildDos None Alliance 0 1
Wrought from Ruin US-Cenarius Horde 0 1
WTF MOM BUSY WITH DRAGON US-Cenarius Alliance 0 1
Aes None Alliance 0 0
Aeth None Alliance 0 0
Aionios None Alliance 0 0
Aionios None Alliance 0 0
AioniosCenarius None Alliance 0 0
All_of_my_Raids None Alliance 0 0
Alterego None Alliance 0 0
Alts Hymers None Alliance 0 0
Always Faithful None Horde 0 0
AlwaysFaithful None Horde 0 0
Alzar Logs None Alliance 0 0
Angry None Alliance 0 0
Anonymous US-Cenarius Alliance 0 0
Armored Fist US-Cenarius Horde 0 0
Ary's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Ascendancy None Alliance 0 0
Assecins None Alliance 0 0
Azeroth Liberation Front None Horde 0 0
Azka's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Bandit's Deathstar None Alliance 0 0
Bank of Nogal None Alliance 0 0
Bladeslogs None Alliance 0 0
Blanks Logs None Alliance 0 0
Bunch of Bads None Horde 0 0
Casetu None Alliance 0 0
Casetu Personal Uploads None Alliance 0 0
Chaotic None Alliance 0 0
Chewy's SoO Runs None Horde 0 0
Children Of The Damned None Horde 0 0
Chrome Elites None Alliance 0 0
Clan Blood Moon US-Cenarius Horde 0 0
COBRA None Horde 0 0
Cult of the Clam None Horde 0 0
Dark Union None Alliance 0 0
Dark Union None Alliance 0 0
DARK UNION None Alliance 0 0
Death Panel None Alliance 0 0
Dirty Rotten Horde None Horde 0 0
Disavowed US-Cenarius Alliance 0 0
Distraught None Horde 0 0
Distraught None Horde 0 0
Driven -- Casetu's Personal Uploads None Alliance 0 0
Driven-Bladefury None Alliance 0 0
Emerald Dream None Alliance 0 0
Envy None Alliance 0 0
Epitaph None Alliance 0 0
Ermergerd Logs None Alliance 0 0
Execution None Horde 0 0
Ezyy None Alliance 0 0
Fac Ut Vivas None Alliance 0 0
Felidei's stats None Alliance 0 0
First Bank of Passive None Alliance 0 0
Focus None Alliance 0 0
Focus None Alliance 0 0
FoxLogs None Alliance 0 0
Friendly Raiders None Alliance 0 0
Games Hard None Alliance 0 0
Games Hard None Alliance 0 0
Group of goods None Horde 0 0
Hanzò None Alliance 0 0
Happy Cows None Alliance 0 0
Heroes and Martyrs None Alliance 0 0
Impulse None Horde 0 0
Inevitable ending None Alliance 0 0
Insidious None Horde 0 0
kadowe's logs None Alliance 0 0
KelgraLogs None Alliance 0 0
Kinda Dangerous None Alliance 0 0
Kino Logs US-Cenarius Alliance 0 0
Kyo Guild Logs None Alliance 0 0
Kyo Logs None Alliance 0 0
Leap of Faith None Alliance 0 0
Legacy None Alliance 0 0
Legion of Kings US-Cenarius Alliance 0 0
Logging Guild (Zrei) None Alliance 0 0
Logs None Alliance 0 0
Lukronius None Alliance 0 0
marky None Alliance 0 0
Masked None Alliance 0 0
Max None Alliance 0 0
Meat Grinder None Horde 0 0
Melch logs None Alliance 0 0
MelML None Alliance 0 0
Midnight Crusaders 1 None Alliance 0 0
Million MPS None Horde 0 0
Mine US-Cenarius Alliance 0 0
Monkey Business None Alliance 0 0
Monsterlogs None Alliance 0 0
morning sun None Alliance 0 0
mteflon None Alliance 0 0
my freakin logs None Alliance 0 0
Orgin's logs None Alliance 0 0
Overcastt None Alliance 0 0
PaladinThinkTank None Alliance 0 0
ParseLogs None Alliance 0 0
PG None Alliance 0 0
Pocket Rockets None Alliance 0 0
Pocket Rockets None Alliance 0 0
Pocket Rockets None Alliance 0 0
Pocket Rockets None Alliance 0 0
Pokemon Paradise None Alliance 0 0
Post Mortem None Alliance 0 0
Post Mortem None Alliance 0 0
Praetorian Guard None Alliance 0 0
Primal Might None Alliance 0 0
Prosperitas None Alliance 0 0
Pwny Express None Horde 0 0
Pwny Express None Horde 0 0
Randomnonsense None Alliance 0 0
Rebirth None Alliance 0 0
Rising to Power None Alliance 0 0
Sade's Test Guild None Alliance 0 0
SCKlogs None Alliance 0 0
Screwj None Alliance 0 0
Sojourn None Alliance 0 0
Special School None Alliance 0 0
Sprokets None Alliance 0 0
SS-Orn None Alliance 0 0
Stay of Execution None Alliance 0 0
Styx None Alliance 0 0
Tactics None Alliance 0 0
Tar None Alliance 0 0
Team Banzai None Alliance 0 0
test None Horde 0 0
testonly None Horde 0 0
THATS SO RAVEN None Alliance 0 0
The Filthy Bums None Alliance 0 0
The Royal Family None Alliance 0 0
The Strange None Alliance 0 0
The Sundering None Alliance 0 0
Theomachy None Alliance 0 0
Thrust Issues None Alliance 0 0
Thuroda's Runs None Alliance 0 0
Tigerswood None Alliance 0 0
Treason None Horde 0 0
Treason None Horde 0 0
Vis None Alliance 0 0
VS None Alliance 0 0
We Haz a Deathstar None Alliance 0 0
Whysoserious None Alliance 0 0
Wrapped In Plastic None Alliance 0 0
Zinge's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Æsir None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

???, A Vivid Nightmare, abort, Absorb, Acta Non Verbum, Adal's logs, Aes, Afterlife, Aionios, Aionios, Aleitha, alexiz, ALL_RAIDS, almost casual, almost casual, Almost Casual, Altoholics Anonymous, AMP, AMP, AMP, AppLogs, Apps and Stuff, Arathian Knights, Arathian Knights, Arathian Knights - Maaras, Arcacia, Archetype, Archon D Inferni, Arcis, Arcis, Arcis, Army of Alts, Art of Warcraft, Ascendancy, Ascendancy, Ascendere, asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdf, Ashelms logs, Astral, Ateam, Avowry, Avowry, Awry, Awry, Awry, Awry, Awry, Awry, Awry, ayeaye, Az's, Azeroth Liberation Front, Azlidon, BaschLogs, Basque and Kaddish, Beefcakes, Beefy, BF, Bigdrood, BillGuild, Blacklisted, BLAH, BoB, BoBGDKP, Bold's Minions, Boldly Going Nowhere, Book of Proverbs, brimstone, Brimstone, Brimstone, BuggyLogs, Bunch of bads, Bymyself, Cake or Death, Cake or Death, Calabi Yau, Canadian Air Farce, CAPTAIN ARMENIA, Carpe Diem, Carpe Diem, Cenarius, Chaos Method, Chaotic, Character Assassins, Chillin, chinnystats, Chosen, Chrome Elites, chryso, CJ's Pugs, Clan Blood Moon, Clan Blood Moon, Clique Inc, Clique Inc, CMB, COBRA, Cocoapuffs' Guild, Coffee and Doughnuts, ColdFusion, Combat to Cadence, CombatLog, Conjurers of Destiny, Consistency, coup d état, Cracked Palace, Creepy Uncle's Lap, Cruven's Family, Cryptogenic, daedslogs, DakotaLogs, Dan's logs, Dark Corruption, Dark Corruption, Dark Paradigm, Dark Redemption, dark union, Dark Union, darklawgs, Daughters of Luminara, Dawn eternal, Dawn Eternal, Daywalkers, DBW is no drama, Dead Parrots, Death By Design, Death By Design, Death Panel, DeathPanel, Debauchery, Decimate, default guild for murkydead, Define, Delta Nu Delta, Delusions of Grandeur, demifeind logs , Demigods, demonicmose, Demons Downunder, Demons Downunder, Demons Downunder, Deos Romanorum, Diligence, Diligence, Disavowed, Disavowed, Disavowed, Disavowed, Distortion, Distraught, Distraught, Divici, Divinitus, Dizz's Logs, DNA, DNA, Dodgerogue, DP BITCHES, Dragons of Cenarius, Drinanstempguild, Driven, Driven, Driven, Drokgar, Drunken Wow, Eagerbeavergetstheworm, Emerald Valor, Emerassi's Logs, Encore, Encore, Endgame, Enlight-Parse, Enlightened, Enshadowed, ent, EnvyUs, EnvyUs, Epic Purple Tip, Epicdemic, Eternal Chaos, Eternal Dragons, Eternal Dragons, Eternal Dragons, Eternal Dragons, Eternal Justice, Eterñal Conviction, Eugenics, euphemism, Euphemism, Exsanguinity-Ozrun, Fac ut Vivas, Fagran's Pug Reports, Fallen, Fallen, Fallen, Fallen, Fallen Angels, Fatcharles, Fate, Fated, fattybutt and Tofuu's log, Fecundity, Fero's Power Squad, Fluffy, Focus, Focus, Focus, Focus, Focus, Focus, Frown, FuebsTest, FUROR, FUROR - Daz Feed, Fury, Fury, Future GDKP, Future GDKP's, GDKP, Gedomazo, Gilleye, Gilleye LFRs, Ginger, Gnirednus, Gnome Logs, Go Hard, Gods Wrath, Goomp, GQuit, Guild of Aurora, Guildless Wonder, Haloperidol, Happy Cows, Happy Cows, Hardiams Logs, Hark, Hate To Be U, healios, Heist, hellcatt, Hellcife, Heroes and Martyrs, Herrodere, Homeless Pugger, Honorbound, Honorbound, Horrack-Record Keeping, I Tanked It With My face, Ignite, Ignite, Ignite, il Migliore, Illuminutties, Im using just for logs, Impact, Impulse., Inconceivable, Inglorious Allies, Inglourious, Inglourious Allies, inglourious allies , Injured Reserve, Insidious, Insidious, Insidious, Insidious, Insidious, Insidious, Insidious,Effx, Intriguè, Ironforge Brewing Co., Irrelevant, Irrelevant, Irrelevant, Is Touched by the Gods, Ishtini's House of Pancakes, Ishtini's House of Pancakes, It Smells Like Disaster, its just a game, Jab, Jay`s Bonanza, Jerraya's WoL's, Juggernaut, Juggernaut, Juggernaut, Juggernaut, Juggernaut, Juggernaut, Just Business, Just for Me, Just for personal logging lol, Just us League, kadowe's logs, Kaerieann Logs, Kal_Logs, Kalmek, KasaniPuGs, Kathanden, Kelinos's Logs, Kill or be killed, kindred, Kit's Logs 2, Kivan, Knuckleheads and Nimrods, Kore, Krz9000, Kunkka's Reference Page, Lammasu, latecrewtest, Lawn Pirates, Legends of Lightside, Legion of Honor, legion of lotus, Let them eat cake, Let Them Eat Cake, Liquid, Liquid, Liquid Courage, Liquid Courage - Fecundity, LL, Loggin, Logs, Logs, Logs, logsandlogsandlogs, Lords of ancient sin, Lords of Ancient Sin, Lords of Ancient SIn, Lost Time, loyd, LUL U MAD BRO, Luminary, lygo_test, Lynarii, Mage's, Malayka, Malicious Volition, Malithis, MAN TIME KREW, Maverick, Mavirick, Mbp pugs, MbpRuns, MeasureSmeasure, Mestra, Method, Midnight Crusader, Midnight Crusaders, Midnight Crusaders, Midnight Crusaders, Million MPH, Mindbullets, Ministry of Funny Walks, Misfit Toys, Misfit Toys, Mochi's Bitches, modemx, Morituri te Salutant - Lynnx, Mortal Coil, Murahime's Logs, Muryans, Mutiny, MY HORSE IS AMAZING, My Logs, My very own guild, myGuild, myst, Myst, Mystery Van, Myth, MyToons, N I K I T A, Naggers Stole my Bike, Nahvi testing, Namaste, narvosa, ndoesmoke, Necessary Evil, Necessary Evil, nerfed, Nerfed, Nerfed, Nerfed, Nerfed, Nether, Neuanfang, Ni Hao, NI Hao, Nic Cage As Everyone, Night Owl Raid Group, Nikki, No Remorse, none, None, Not A Real Guild, Not Really, Notgoingnome, Once More With Feeling, One, Open After Hours, Open After Hours, Optimized, Oracle, Oracle, Orchid, Ordo Cruor Militis, Osnap, otter, Outcast Knights, Outcast Knights, Outcast Knights, OutKastZ, OutKastZ, Outlaws, P Y R O, Pacifist Crush, Pandion Knights, Paralysis, Paralysis, Paralysis, Paralysis1, Perfect Crime, Persephone, Persistence, Persistence, Personal lfr me, Personal Report, PG, PG [Team Alcohol], PGuards, Phoenix Rise, Phy, PIE, Pirate, Pirate, Pirate, Pirate, Pirate Penguins, Pirate10man, PiratePug, PiratePug, PitchBlack, Pocket Rockets, Pocket Rockets, Police, Pony Express, Poop, poppao, Poseidon, Poseidon, Post Mortem, Post Mortem, Prestige, Prestige, Prestige, Promiscuous Intent, Prosapia, Prosapia, Prosapia, Prosapia, ProsapiaR1, ProsperSisters, Psycho, Pug, Pug group, Purgatory, Purgatory, Purgatory, Purgatory, Pwny Express Wyld Stallyns, pyol, PYRO, Pyxis Nautica, Pz, Questionable Tactics, Rage Quit, Raiding is SRS, Raiding is Srs Business, Raiding is Srs Business, Raiding is Srs Business, Raiding is SRS Business, Random Cenarius Pugs/LFR, Random/Tester, Rankforgold, Razor, Razor, Razzy's Logs, redendra, Reforged, Reforged, Reforged, Reforged, Reforged, Reformation, Rehab, Relaxed n Groovy, Relaxed-n-Groovy, Relic, Remaining Few, Remants OF Legends, Remnants of Legends, Remnants of Legends, Repentance, ReptarYo, Resiiraa, Resolute, Revolt, RISB, Rockin Raiders, roguelogs, Rubber Duckies, Ruffylol, RugMunncher, Rugrats, Saints and Sinners, samples, Sanity, Sanity, Savior, Scarlet Abyss, Scars of Lordaeron, Schags, Sedition, seedbank, Self, Sentinels, Sesame street, SFZ, Shadow Division, Shadowborne, Shadowborne, Short Bus All Stars, Silent Vigil, Sisters of Slaughter, Sisters of Slaughter, Sisters of Slaughter, Size Doesnt Matter, Size Doesnt Matter!, Skidmarks, SLO, Slooties Logs, smells, Smells, Smoking Skulls, smokins, smokins logs, Social Skills, SOE, Sojourn, Some Kind of Loot System, Something Shiny, Soulbound, Southern Explorers, Southern Explorers, Soífon, Special School, Spirit of Excellence, Spirit of Excellence, sprokets, Sprokets, Sprokets, Spunks Logs, SRS, Star Onion Brigade, starjammer, Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, Stay of Execution, STOMP, Storm's Fury, Storm's Fury, Stratagem, Strife, Strife, Strike Force Zulu Redux, Styx, Suffrage LOG, sup girl, Super Fail, Svartur Sol, Symbiosis, Syyt's Guild(Test), Taco Flavored Kisses, tacoaholics, TalihtsLogs, Tape, Tasteless, Taupe, Team Mahea, Team Tater, Tears of the Fallen, Telcir's logs, TEMP - The Watch, Temporalis Collegium, test, Test, testa, TESTER, testing, testlogs, testy Tanuki, Tetelestai, the, The Aftermath, The Agency, The Avengers, The Cheese, The Chosen, The Chosen, The Chosen Onez, The Chosen Onez, The Chosen Onez, The Corrupted, The Dark Empire, The Dark Empire, The Endless, the enlightened, The Enlightened, The Enlightened, The Enlightened, The Eternal Darkness, The Eternal Darkness, The exiled ones, the guild, The Hallowed, The IXth Legion, The Rising of Azeroth, The Seven Deadly Sins, The Sundering, The Sundering, The Union, The Usual Suspects, The Watch, TheChosen, threacherous empire, Tiger's Fury, Tigerwoodzz, Tina, toilett lfr, TookDeathwingsLunchMoney, Total Recall, Toxic, Training Dummie, Treacherous Empire, Treacherous Empire, Treason, Triumph Marauders, Triumphant Marauders, Trollololol, Tulgurth Runs, Twisted Legends, Twisted Legends , unbreakabell, Unguilded, Unknown, Unknownchaos, Unleashed, unme, Unreasonable, Unreasonable, Unreasonable, Unreasonable, Unreasonable, Unruled, Unshadowed, UnusualLogs, A Lucid Nightmare, Adventure, AFKs R Us, AK, Alcatraz, All I Blôw is Loud, Almost perfuct, Altaholic, Always Faithful, Anchor Death, Ancients of Azeroth, Angels of Anarchy, Animality, Annihilus, Antarctica, Aristoi, Armored Fist, Ascendancy, Asguardian legion two, Avowry, Best Student Council, blades of battle, Blood of Elune, BP Cleanup Crew, Brazen Bull, BRB sit down potty, Butts, By Demons Be Driven, Caelitis In Omnis, Cake or Death, Carebear stare, Carpe Nocturne, Carried By Icesurfer, Casually Hardcore, Cenarian, Chaotic Potential, Children of the Damned, Children of the Night, Circus Midget Deathsquad, Clockwork, COBRA, Control Freaks, Cor Darei, Credit Suisse, Crisis II, Crusaders of Christ, Cursed, dad, Dark Angels of Azeroth, Dark Masters, Dark Union, Darwinism, Dawn Eternal, Dawnbringers, Death and Axes, Death Note, Death Panel, Deathwings Approach, Deities and Demigods, Delirium, Delusions of Adequacy, DemiGods, Demons Rebels, Deputy Rainers Militia, Destination Unknown, Disavowed, Dont Tease Me Bro, Doom Bringers, dragons of light, Dubstep Parrots, Ebon Nightingales, ELITE Alliance, Elite Warrior, Elitist, Elunes Down, Elysian, Enemy, Enlightened Dark, EnvyUs, Epic Purple Tip, Epicure, Esta Dead, Euphemism, Execution, Executioners, ExtremeSoldiers, Faded Nation, Fallen, Fallen Souls, Filthy Casuals, First Bank of Pawsed, Fists Of Fury, Fleur De Lis, fluffys minions, Focus, Forbidding Sea Pirates, Friend Ship, Friendly Raiders, FriendshipLegion, Fílthy Casuals, Geist, General Mills, Glory Bound, Go Hard, Gods of Conquest, Gods of Mischief, Guardians of Twilight, Happy Cows, Heart of Stone, Hello My Name Is, Helper, Heroes and Martyrs, Hobos Lost in Airport, HTID, I looted Lincoln, Illusion, Impure Intentions, In Theory, Indubitably, Infallible, Innovation, Insert Name Here, Invalid Target, Is Now Being Ignored, It Could Be Worse, Jaygeecat, Jelly Bean Mafia, Just A Bank Guild, Just Us League, Kabuki Samurai, Karma, Keloric Fan Club, KILLERS, Kindred Legends, Kings redemption, knights of the holygrail, Knights of the Valkyrie, Knights ofthe Holy Order, Knïghts of The Shädow, Ks Crusaders, Kumpania, La Cosa Nostra, Labrys, lamp lovers, Last Pull, Late Crew, Leap of Faith, Learn to Play, Legacy, Legends of Lightside, Legion Of Alts, Lockbox, Los Angeles Police Dept, Lost Time, LUL U MAD BRO, Luminary, Magnificent Lightning, Malfunction, Man Time Krew, ManasBank, Martini, Masked, Massivizm, Meow, Meredin, Midnight Crusaders, Mischief Theory, Misfit Monkeys, Mithril Will, MOL, Monkey Business, My Ex Is A wHorde, My Taunt Missed, N I K I T A, Naked BBQ, NEDM, Nerd Rage Ninjas, New Era, Nimi Bank, not good, Nåessë, Oceanic Exiles, Old World Raiders, Omerta, OPness, Order of the Savages, Order of the Sox, otter, Over Raided, Overflow, Pandaren Legends, PantieRaiders, Part Time Raiders, Peeps Who Pug, Phoenix Tears, PICANTE BOYS, Pile of Sky, Pirate, Pocket Rockets, Pockys Guild, Pony Express, Post Mortem, Prayer of the Broken, Primal Urges, Prometheus, Prosapia, Pwny Excess, Pwny Express Alliance, Racked Up, Radical Andromeda, Raiders Of Glory, Raiding is for You, Raiding is Srs Business, Raining Chaos, Reality Check, Redridge Royal, Reformation, Remaining Few, Resolute, Revolt, Riot Time, Rocketship Convoy, Royal Guards Of Cenarius, S P K, S T O N E D, Sarcastic Filly, Scenerius, Secret Bank Toon, Section Fifty One Fifty, Sed Non Satiata, Sedition, Sentinels, shadow warrïors, ShadowKillers, Shadows of Horror, Sheitz n Giggles, Shotally Tober, Shutup and Play, Shàdow Knights, Silent Brothers, Silver Emissary, Sixth Chapter, SMASH, Snakes on a Plainstrider, So Many Farkin Epics, Society of Shadows, Some Kind of Loot System, Something Shiny, Southern Explorers, Sovereign Champions, Spark, Sprokets, Stars Minions, State Farm Agents, Stay of Execution, Storms of Nalak, Stranger Things, Stratagem, Styx, Stárfall, Sunday Brunch, Super Saiyan Swag, Swamp Commandos, sweetsbank, Sødality, Tactics, Tambayan Exclusive, Tantalus, Taste The Rainbow, Team Banzai, Temple of Syrinx, The Avengers, The Bloody, The Bànker, The Chosen, The Chosen of Valhalla, The Crimson Door, The Danger Zone, The Devils Cut, The Experience, The Fearless, The Forsaken Knights, The Frosty Crew, The GM and His two Girls, The Hallowed, The Hammer House, The Hundred, The Legacy of Azeroth, The Lords of the Eclipse, The Pillage, The Queens Knights, The Sacred Dragons, The Shadows, The Sons Of WoW, The Stormbringers, The Sundering, The Thunder Alliance, The Truth, The Veritas Project, The Watch, The Wretched, There Was Talk of Pie, THUNDER WOLVES, Thunderhorse, Time Bandits, Timeless, Tis A Banks Bank, Torchwood Hub Cenarius, Toxic, Trash Mob Death Machine, Treason, Twilight Crusaders, Twinkies, Two, Unified, Unity, Veiled, Ventra, Venî Vîdî Vîcî, Vets of Foreign Wars, Victory Before Death, Vigor, Vindicated, Violet Chains, War Donkeys, Watchers, Watchmen, We Are Family, We Raid the East Coast, What a Time to be Alive, When Nerds Attack, Windspear Clan, Wolves of the Sea, Written in Crayola, Written in Crayon, Yawrr, Zed not Zee, ZOMFGWTFBBQFTW, Usagi Tenno, Valcrae WoL, Valyrian Steel, Vehn, Veir, Veni Vidi Vici, Veni Vidi Vici, Venom of Alice, Venom Of Alice, Venî Vîdî Vîcî, Vigor, Vigor, Villetta's Personal Logs, Vitals, Voracious, Vorpal Bunnies, Wai you no cc bro, War Donkeys, Warlocks Anyonmyous, Warms, Wasted Space, Wasted Space, Watchers, Watchers, We Do Lots DPS Lawl!, we killed bambi, We Killed Et, we lead, West Coast Raiders, WfR, WfR, Whiplash, Whispers Of Mutiny, Window licker, Without honor, Without Honor, Without Honor, Without Honor, WoL Report, wolacct, woofer, World of Confusion, World of Logs, WoW Junkies of the Insane, Wretched, Written in Crayon, Written in Crayon, WSC, WSC (Weekday Group), Yayo's Logs, yeehaw, Z Logs, Zar, Zared has Lawgs, Zarine, Zazzy's Logs, Zen, Zen, Zen, Zinge's Logs, Zulandia

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