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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
E X A L T E D US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 508
Vincere Aut Mori US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 163
Forty Six and Two US-Aman'Thul Horde 0 157
Shen An Calhar - Raid 1 None Alliance 0 146
The Foundry US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 142
M A C A B R E US-Aman'Thul Horde 0 74
BEERBEER None Alliance 0 52
Epidemic US-Aman'Thul Horde 0 38
Murloc Ate My Mount US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 33
Team Cupcake None Alliance 0 29
Dominance US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 28
Final Form 2 grupa US-Aman'Thul Horde 0 27
TGB VII US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 24
Shot's Logs US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 23
Team Strudel US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 21
Avilogs US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 18
BLITZ US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 17
Shaving Foam US-Aman'Thul Horde 0 16
Les Magnifiques US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 14
Khazuals US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 13
Startled US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 13
Close Call US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 10
Convicted Heroes US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 10
World Famous US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 9
Pug US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 8
Apoco Logs US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 7
Midnight US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 6
Team Spoon US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 6
Debauchery Tea Party US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 5
Desire US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 5
Doon's Log US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 5
Guardians Reborn US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 5
PitchBlack US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 5
Rise of Dragons US-Aman'Thul Horde 0 5
Team Cupcake US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 5
Ten US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 5
The Ettamogah Mob US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 5
The War Council US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 5
KrausMonk US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 4
Omen US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 4
The Defected US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 4
Get Off My Lawn US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 3
Razia US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 3
Aeonaxx's Solo Reports US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 2
Dedication US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 2
Destruction US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 2
Entity US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 2
Fayled's Logs US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 2
Order of the Inquisition US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 2
Alt F Four US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
BOB US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
BONDS US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Divine US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Drop the Poptart US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
FIRESTORM None Alliance 0 1
Games End US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Infusion US-Aman'Thul Horde 0 1
Les Magnifiques US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
M A C A B R E US-Aman'Thul Horde 0 1
Misdirected US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
MyLogz US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Pitchblack US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Sentient US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Sigil US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Smoke and Mirrors US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Strange Tamers US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Temple of Elemental Evil US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
The Knights of Spamalot US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
The Rose and the Cross US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
uwot US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
woopydoopy US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 1
Altered Reality None Alliance 0 0
Amanfail None Alliance 0 0
Anixos - logs None Alliance 0 0
Asgarde None Alliance 0 0
Asgarde None Alliance 0 0
Aussie Alliance None Alliance 0 0
Axis of Evil None Alliance 0 0
azayzel logs None Horde 0 0
Band of Brothers None Alliance 0 0
BEERBEER None Alliance 0 0
Biflogs None Alliance 0 0
bigwipe None Alliance 0 0
Bloodlust Gaming None Alliance 0 0
Brewfest None Alliance 0 0
Bros Before Hozen None Alliance 0 0
C-LFR None Alliance 0 0
Calamitous Intent None Horde 0 0
Cascade None Alliance 0 0
Chairman of the Horde None Horde 0 0
Chaos None Horde 0 0
co-existence None Alliance 0 0
CoExistence Dugu None Alliance 0 0
Crimson Ark None Alliance 0 0
Crucifix None Horde 0 0
Crucifix None Horde 0 0
Cry Of The Valkyrie None Horde 0 0
Cry of the Valkyrie Team 2 None Horde 0 0
Dandiil None Alliance 0 0
Death Knights From Hell None Alliance 0 0
dedication None Alliance 0 0
Democracy None Alliance 0 0
Descended Guardians None Alliance 0 0
Desire None Alliance 0 0
Destruction None Alliance 0 0
Destruction None Alliance 0 0
Destruction None Alliance 0 0
Deva logs None Alliance 0 0
Dime Streetball None Alliance 0 0
eMotion None Alliance 0 0
Endeavour None Alliance 0 0
Entity None Alliance 0 0
Entity None Alliance 0 0
Entity None Alliance 0 0
Entity_AT None Alliance 0 0
Eterníty None Alliance 0 0
EVO None Alliance 0 0
Facerollers None Alliance 0 0
Facta non Verba None Alliance 0 0
Fallen Crusaders None Horde 0 0
Geenar None Alliance 0 0
Get Off My Lawn None Alliance 0 0
GoW None Alliance 0 0
Gunpowder and Magic None Alliance 0 0
heralds None Horde 0 0
hipho None Alliance 0 0
Honlock's Guild None Horde 0 0
Hopethisworks None Alliance 0 0
idkyolo None Alliance 0 0
Incapacitated US-Aman'Thul Horde 0 0
Infinitum US-Aman'Thul Horde 0 0
Infusion G2 None Horde 0 0
Iron Ravens None Alliance 0 0
Jay None Alliance 0 0
Jerboa None Alliance 0 0
Just Another Guild None Alliance 0 0
Kanael's None Alliance 0 0
Katina US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 0
Knights of the Darkage None Alliance 0 0
Knights of the Horde None Horde 0 0
Knights of The Horde None Horde 0 0
Koohii Lovers None Alliance 0 0
Kopi None Alliance 0 0
Last Guild Standing None Alliance 0 0
Legacy None Alliance 0 0
Les Magnifiques None Alliance 0 0
Les Magnifiques None Alliance 0 0
Les Magnifiques US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 0
Lipstick and Lightsabers None Alliance 0 0
lnertia None Horde 0 0
Luna Eclipse None Alliance 0 0
ly-sh US-Aman'Thul Horde 0 0
Meowths Fake Guild None Alliance 0 0
Minority None Alliance 0 0
Mischief Makers None Alliance 0 0
Molotov None Alliance 0 0
Mortal Wombats None Alliance 0 0
Mortality None Alliance 0 0
Never Have I Ever None Horde 0 0
Noble Blood None Alliance 0 0
NòKturnal-Kärnäge None Alliance 0 0
Obsidian Deliverance None Alliance 0 0
Own Gain US-Aman'Thul Alliance 0 0
Pacific Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
Perhaps Logs None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix Force None Alliance 0 0
Prestigious None Alliance 0 0
pug log None Alliance 0 0
pugs None Alliance 0 0
Rags to Riches None Alliance 0 0
Random Fact None Horde 0 0
RecklessAT None Alliance 0 0
Reliant None Alliance 0 0
Sayumaengkis None Alliance 0 0
Semprini None Alliance 0 0
Server Shutdown None Alliance 0 0
sgolxyrk None Horde 0 0
Shavid None Alliance 0 0
shitsngigs None Alliance 0 0
Silverp None Alliance 0 0
Suitcase None Alliance 0 0
TCA Reviews None Alliance 0 0
The Dark Coven None Alliance 0 0
The Dark Coven Personal None Alliance 0 0
The Dollhouse None Alliance 0 0
The Ettamogah Mob None Alliance 0 0
The Foundry None Alliance 0 0
The Lost Prophecy None Alliance 0 0
The Wine Conspiracy None Alliance 0 0
Unrelenting None Alliance 0 0
Veiled None Horde 0 0
Well Equipped None Horde 0 0
Who Brought Moon Moon None Alliance 0 0
Wyrding Ways None Alliance 0 0
Zaapiez QQ None Alliance 0 0
Zealotry None Alliance 0 0
Zero Gravitas None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

, , A Slim Queens Fig, Abm, Access Denied, Aces High, AceZKuruptGamerZ, AFK BEERTIME, After Life, Aithas, Aken, Akroma, Akroma, Akroma, Alex, All Hail Deathwing, Alliance-Appex, Alt F Four-2, aman'thul, aman'thul coex, Aman'Thul Pugs, Amanthul - Raid2, amanthulmimi, Ambrozre, Amicorum, Analysis, Ancalagon Knights, Anominity, Antiquity, Apocalypse, Apocolips guild, Apple, applog, Argentum, Argentum, Arif the warrior, Ascendo Tuum, asdfadsfafas, Asgarde, Axis of Evil, Axis of Evil, Azurephoenix's WOLS, Azxczc, badlover, Bamboo Mafia, Bandage Professionals, BeerBeer, BEERBEER, BEERBEER, Belly2504, Benchwarmers, Bencid, Betrayers Example, Beyond Redemption, Big Wipe Theory, Biteofnight, Blitz, Blood and Fury, Blood Knight, Blood Moon, Blood Rage, Blood Wolf Clan, Bloody Monday, Breakin Stuffz, Briefcase, Brugaliar, Brute Force, Burning Soul, Calamitous Intent, Calamitous Intent, Carnival of Carnage, Carnival of Carnage, Cascade, Catching Dreams, Celt, Certaindeath, Chain of Fealty, Chairman of the Horde, Chairman of the Horde, Chairman of the Horde, Chairman of the Horde, Chairman of the Horde, Chairmen of the Horde, Champions Of Lordaeron, chaos, Chaos123, Cherubim Guard, Children of Cenarius, CHILI COOKOFF CHAMP, Chronicles, clinical, CoEx, CoEx 7.45 group, Coex G2, CoEx Weekend Team, Coexistence, CoExistence, CoExistence, coexistence aman'thul, Convenant of Fire, Crazy rejected monkeys, Crimson Ark, CrimsonArk, Crucifix, Crucifix, Cruentus, Crusaders of a lost cause, Crush of the Venerable, Crush of the Venerable, Cry Of The Brave, Cry Of The Brave, Cursed, Cursed, Cyssian, D2D, Damage, Damage2, damuho, Dark Creed, Dark Perception, Darke Sky, Dawn, Dead Parrots Society, Death Dealers, Deceptions End, Dedication Aman'Thul, Deikawn's Crusade, Desire, Destiny, Destruction, Destruction, Devastation, Diciples of Jesus, Dirge, Disposed, Divine Retribution, docdots logs, dollhouse, DoubleYouTeaEff, Dragonsden, Drinkymcguild, Drwyz, Dusk till Dawn, Dusk till Dawn, EcIipse, Ellendril, Empire of the Night, End Game, endless, Endless, Enraged, Entity, Epic Death, Epically Challenged, Equinoctis, EREL, Essnov, Eternal Guardians, Eternal Guardians, Eternal Guardians, Eternal Guardians, Eternal Wind, Eureka, Eureka, Eureka, Everyone, Ex Intentio, Exalted, Exoduss, Fallen Crusaders, Fallen Crusaders, Falomyr, Fate Revolution, Ffgsdfs, FI, Fiendish, Filthyhands, Finality, Finality, Forced induction, Forced Induction, FortyFour, Freemasons, Freman's List, Friends U Can Keep, fruitcakes anon, Gecko Mafia, Gigantor, Gods of War, GoW, Guild Apa Nama, Guild Bank Ninjas, GuildTen, Gurry's Guild!, Handle It, Handle It, Handle It, Harbingers of Chaos, Hard Luck, HaunteD, headlesschook, hellraisar, Heroes Light, Heroes Light, Herti's Logs, High Latency, High Latency, High Voltage, hipodoturass, HongKong, House of Boom, Hunggy, Hysteria, Hysteria, icecream crusaders, idgaf, Illusions of Immortality, In Vino Veritas, Incapacitated, Incapacitated, Incapacitated, Indulgence, Infamous Unknown, Infusion, Infusion, Infusion group 2, Innercourse, Insanity, Insanity, Insanity, Insanity, Insignificant, Insurgence, Intent, Interpid, Intrepid, Iro's Logs, Iron Ravens, Iron Ravens, Iron Throne, JAG, JAG, Jandefault, Jerboa, Jerboa, Jerboaaa, Jin, jinx, JINX, Judai Meters, Judai's PUG Raids :D, Just Another Guild, Just Another Guild, Just Another Guild, Just Another Guild (JAG), Justified Defiance, Justified Defiance, Kaldorei, Kaylae, KbPugs, Kights who say nee, Killing With A Smile, KnightLights, Knights of the Alliance, Knights of the Alliance, Knights of the Alliance, knights of the darkage, Knights of the Horde, Knights of the Horde, Knights of the Horde, Knights of the Horde, Knights Of The Horde, Knights Of The Horde, Knights Who Say Nee, Knightsofthedarkage, Konquest, Kopi Kaki, KoTH, La Cosa Nostra, La Cosa Nostra, largeflange's, Le Pooch Screwers, Legion of Elements, Legion Of Elements, Les Magnifiques, Les Magnifiques, LesMAgs, Lifelinks, Light Horse, Limitless, Liquid Shadows, Live to Raid, lM That Group, lnertia, lnertia, lords of light, Lost Inquisition, luciferic, Luna Eclipse, Lunna, M A C A B R E, M A C A B R E, Make Love Not WarCraft, Mass Effect, Me & the Nubs, mick locks, Miles Apart, Minders of the keg, Minders of the Keg, Ministry of Silly Walks, Minority, Mischief Makers, Misfortune, Misve, MJ, Molten Core Swim Team, MooMooMeow, Mori'sPugs, mortality, Mortality, Mortalìty, Murloc ate my Mount, Murloc Ate My Mount, Musket Ears, my dps, My-uniqueev, myPUGs, Naarturansguild, Naksnaman, Nine Lives, Nix, NK, NK Temp, NK_Reloaded, NO SHIT Pug Raids, Noctis Erus, Nocturnal, Nocturnall, Novalis, Novitas, offtap, Offtap, Offtap, ohai, One oh One, Ordo Ab Chao, Ordo Oculus Occultis, Ordo Oculus Occultis, Owlstick, Own reference, Pacific Phoenix, Pacific Phoenix, Pacific Phoenix, PANDABEARS, Pandamonium, Pandamonium, Pandamonium, PandaMonium, Paranoia, Pariah, Partyman, Pax Sepulchrum, Pax Sepulchrum, pblogs, Pews, Pick Up Group, Piratetmp, Pitchblack, Placeholder, Plan B, Platinum, Plotins Records, Portal, Portal Revolution, Priestittute's Pugs, Private, Private, Private Parts, PrivateGuild, priznas for life, Pros Sthenos, pug, PUG66, Puggy, PuGLewl, Puglog, pugs, Pugs, PUGs, Quantum Butterflies, Raiders OTU, Raiderz ofthe lost pantz, Raidjuice, Raidjuice, RaidJuice, RaidJuice, Random Fact, Random Fact, Random Recorded Reports, randoms, Raphaél, Ravenclaw, Recidivist, Reckless, Reckless, Refuge, Reign in Blood, Reminisce, Rendition, Rise of Dragons, Rock Hard, Rock Hard, Roju, Roka Rangers, Rolling Stones, Room, Sanity Not Included, Sazuret, Second II None, Semprini, Sepulchral Epitaph, Server Shutdown, Sesame Street, Shadow Swords, Shadow Swords, Shen an Calhar, Shen An Calhar, Significant Talent, SilverCrowZ, Sin Cera, Sin Cera, Singapore, Sinksleetguild, Skathee's Raid Group, Skeithe, Slayers of Oz, Slk Logs, Smoke and Mirrors, SnowFlakesLogs, Socially Unaccepetable, Socially Unacceptable, Socially Unacceptable, Socially Unacceptable, Sockless, Sod Off, Spam N Eggs, SPOOON, Starstruck, storm bringers, Storm Bringers, Storm Bringers, Straight to the Vein, Straight To The Vein, Streakèrs, Streakèrs, Strength and Honor, Strength and Honor , su, super cute irl, Supreme Conquest, Swag Master Death Machine 2000, Syndicate, Tarista WoL Logs, Team Exodus - Dedication, Team Fortress Maid, Team Kiwi, Team Shammers, Team Spectacular, Team Strudel, Team Two, Test, Test, test , test 2, test guild, Testing123, Thaibeast , The Ancient Covenant, The Burning Region, The Burning Region, The burning region , The Dark Coven, The Dark Riders, The Dark Riders, the dollhouse, The Dollhouse, The Dreamers, The European Treaty, The Foundry, the Pirate, The Pumpkin Knights, The Sanctuary, The Sleeping Knights, The Tribe, The War Front, The War Front, The War Front, THECRAZYSPLINTS, Thelogs, Tode's Logs, Tri Force, TripleSeven, Troling, tualumpah, Unrelenting, Unrelenting, Unrelenting, Uptasious Cromulence, ABK, Adeptus Arcanum, AFK BEERTIME, All Fired Up, Alpha Males, Alt F Four, Angel of Alliance, AngelsoftheNight, Appaloosa Management, Army of the Unspoken, Assassins blade, Aurea Imperium, aussie crue, AUSSIES OWN, B L A D E, Back To Basics, Bank of Bubble, Bank of Mikei, BankersDelight, BankPlankers, bbaannkkttoonnss, because, Blackjack and Hookers, BlackWolf, Blades of Glory, BloodBath, Bloody Oath, Bloody Vengeance, Booze Fiends, Bros Before Hozen, Brutally Honest, Burial, CAMEL TOE, candy, Carnage From Within, Carnival of Carnage, Cascade, Casual Legacy, Casually Great, Champiôns, chaos, Charter, Children of Elune, Chronicles, Clan ZenDoh, CoExistence, Cold Justice, Conspiracy, Convicted Heroes, Crate of Gnomes, Crow, Crucible, Crucifix, Crusade of a lost cause, CSI Stormwind, DaBank, Dark Eclipse, Dark Legâcy, Dark Reapers, Darksiders, Dawn of War, Death by Threesum, Death Stars Go Pew Pew, Debauchery Tea Party, Decadent, Defy, Desire, Desperado, Destructive Ideology, Dispøsed, Divide and Conquer, Dominance, Double Tap, DREAM Infinitum, Drop the Poptart, Dude wheres my guild, DuskTillDawn, E X A L T E D, Eel Filled Hovercraft, Elemental Bane, Emerald Knights, eMotion, Empire of the Night, Emptybank, Engaged, Enigma, Eternal Glory, Eterníty, EVO, Exceeder, Excite, Explorers Of Draenor, Fallen Legion, Fate Zero, Field of Corpses, Figjam was taken, Flames of Chaos, Flinders Rangers, Fluffy Bunny Clan, Forbearance, Forgotten Ones, Forsaken Guardians, Forty Six and Two, FTW Forever, Fusion, GALLENCAIS, Gamer Malaya, Gamers United, Get Off My Lawn, Ghost Factory, Ghosts of the Unforgiven, Ghostwalkers, GREAM, Guardians Reborn, Gucci Gang, Guerrilla Tactics, Gun Locker, Gunpowder and Magic, Halls of Valhalla, Ham, Handle With Care, Harbingers of Chaos, Hard Luck, Hardly Noobish, HaunteD, Hell Inc, Heroes Of Heaven N Earth, Heroes of the Dragon, HoaX, Hodor, Horde Hellraisers, House Atréides, HYBRiD, I CRIT MYSELF, ice cream, Immortalem Mortis, Immörtal, Impervious, Incapacitated, Infinitum, Initiates, Inner Council, Intent, into the Flames, Intolerance, Iron Throne, Its a Feature, Jerboa, JGZ ft World, JINX, Jusst For Fun, Kings Of The Underground, Kirin Tor, Knights of Lordaeron, Knights Of The Alliance, knights of the dârkage, Knights of The Horde, Kodo Squished My Murloc, Kohe Lele, Konquest, Kryptonian, LaidBack, Last Line of Defence, Legends, Legions of Destruction, Lego Bank Inc, Light of the Legion, Little Book of Calm, Lords of Light, Luna Eclipse, M A C A B R E, M E R C I L E S S, MAGICIAN FORCE, Makoto, Malevolence, Man The Harpoons, Marauding Maniacs, Masters of Destruction, Merciless, Mid Knight Legends, Midnight, Minority, Mischief Makers, Mischievious, MisFIts Anonymous, Mistborn, Mithras, Moonbrook Bowls Club, Mystery Inc, Mystical Penetration, Mythos, N K, Nephilim Spawn, Nex n Ruina, NightsWatch, Noctis Erus, Noobs Ahoy, Not A Paradox, Notorious, Nubilicious, Nurfed, Oceania, Official bank of China, Offtap, Omen, On The Run, Order of the Inquisition, Order of Twilight, Oz bank, Oz bank two, P A R A G O N, Pacific Phoenix, Perpetual Fury, Phantasmagoria, Phoenix Templars, Pink Fuffly Bunnies, Portal, POSB, Premedicated, Prestige world Wide, Prestigious, Protectors of Dreanor, Pure Resolve, Purgatory, Purification Of Death, Queen Annes Revenge, Reapers Of The Crusade, Reapers of the crusader, Relapse, Reprogrammed to Hate, Resolute, Rime, Rise of Dragons, Roosters become Dragons, Sacredbeardz Army, Salt, saluting the dead, Sanctified, Sanctuary, Sane Cats, Second Nature, semper fatalis, Sentinel, Set Sail, Shadow Swords, Shadow Wolves, Shadowmourne, Shmangsters Paradise, Shts and Giggles, Slayers of Oz, Smoke and Mirrors, Snarlys Angels, Solaris, Souls of the night flame, Squat Squad, Startled, Statistically Average, Stingy Donuts, Stooge, Storybook, Straw Hat Pìrates, Strom Troopers, Subversion, Sunsuper, Taste the Rainbow, Team Barry, Team Spectacular, Teh Bank, Ten, The Binary Missive, The Blood Order, The Bloodie Knights, The Cold Legends, The Corrupted, The Dark Coven, The Dollhouse, The Draconic Winds, The Fallen Angels, The Graveyard Shift, The Horders, THE HORDES BEST SOLDIERS, The Huntered, The Lodge, The Lost Prophecy, The Next Level, the Pirate, The Proven, The Pumpkin Knights, The Redemers, The Rose and Cross, The Smiling Assassins, The Thieves Guild, The Timeless Order, The Viper Legion, The Wolf Lords, Time Destroyers, Tomei, Trollen, Twisted Fate, Twisted Haven, Uber Scrubs, Ultimatum, Uncommon Valor, Undisputed, Utopia, Valar Morghulis, Valkyrie Knights, Vincere Aut Mori, Warcraft Crusaders, Warlord Chasers, Warlords Of Oz, Warlords of the Alliance, We Always Lose Farm, We The People, Well Equipped, West Wind Brigade, WestCoastHorde, Whitesmith, winchester, Wipe Scene Investigation, Wiping as Intended, Wolf Pack, Wrath of the Btch Queen, yeah ok gg, Zero Gravitas, Utam, Vampiros, Vanquisher, Vanquisher, Vànquisher, war, War Bears, Warcraft Crusaders, Warmachine, Warmachine, Wassup, We Luv Pandabears, We Luv Pandabears, Well Equipped, Well Equipped, Well Equipped, Well Equipped, What is guild?, Who Pulled, WideLoad, Winnars, Wizard's Cave, WoLogica, Woodpile, wraithlogs, WulfPUG, X Trial, Xastiel logs, Xu, Xur, Yivitest Guild, Yum Yum Guacamole, Zaether, Zealot Rush, Zompocalypse Now

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