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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Worse than Weebs EU-Outland 5 9
Benediction EU-Outland Alliance 0 49
F a t a l i t y EU-Outland 0 40
Cenarius Legacy EU-Outland 0 32
Epoch EU-Outland Alliance 0 31
Tortam Fatum EU-Outland Alliance 0 29
Seasons Of War EU-Outland Alliance 0 27
Enter The Exiled EU-Outland Alliance 0 22
Low Landers EU-Outland Alliance 0 18
Wipe City EU-Outland 0 17
Assimilation EU-Outland Alliance 0 16
Parahidia EU-Outland Alliance 0 15
Slight Diversion EU-Outland Alliance 0 12
Tonight We Wipe In Hell EU-Outland Alliance 0 11
Scandinavian Mafia EU-Outland Alliance 0 9
Flex Army EU-Outland Alliance 0 8
Kostajat EU-Outland Alliance 0 8
Sick EU-Outland Alliance 0 7
SNYGGA POJKAR EU-Outland Alliance 0 7
Genetics EU-Outland Alliance 0 6
Defqon EU-Outland Alliance 0 5
Fatalis EU-Outland Alliance 0 5
imprint EU-Outland Alliance 0 5
Purified EU-Outland 0 5
Raidgeek EU-Outland Alliance 0 5
Ashes of War EU-Outland 0 4
Got Wrecked By EU-Outland Alliance 0 4
Performance EU-Outland Alliance 0 4
Channel Four News EU-Outland 0 3
FBS Allstars EU-Outland 0 3
Forgotten Legion EU-Outland Alliance 0 3
NOISE EU-Outland 0 3
AoE the Flag EU-Outland 0 2
Delta Squad EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Excitatus EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Felicity EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
For Loot and Glory EU-Outland 0 2
GameHonor EU-Outland 0 2
HK Young EU-Outland 0 2
Hypnose EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Luftens Hjältar EU-Outland 0 2
Reformed Light EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Rejectables EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Rustlers EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Selected EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Signature EU-Outland 0 2
Spirited Away EU-Outland 0 2
Synthesis EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Taikaolennot EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Teh Casuls EU-Outland 0 2
The Whimsicals EU-Outland 0 2
Versus EU-Outland 0 2
Ángry Birds EU-Outland 0 2
Animus EU-Outland 0 1
apocalyptic EU-Outland 0 1
Awakened Gamers EU-Outland 0 1
Basic EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Chematic EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Huwwa EU-Outland Horde 0 1
Innervate EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Loktar Ogar EU-Outland 0 1
Meme City EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
No Pants Required EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Protostar EU-Outland 0 1
PvPing EU-Outland 0 1
Repudiation EU-Outland 0 1
Sewers Swimming Team EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Shando Thera EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Sneak and Show EU-Outland 0 1
Sometimes Lucky EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Taken The Queen EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Team Phoenix EU-Outland 0 1
The Addicted EU-Outland 0 1
The Cursed EU-Outland Horde 0 1
The Inquisition EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
The Vengeful Ones EU-Outland 0 1
Weapon X EU-Outland 0 1
Why must i cry EU-Outland 0 1
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Svea Livgarde old EU-Outland Alliance 0 402
Illustrious EU-Outland Alliance 0 229
Apostasy EU-Outland Alliance 0 179
Head Hunters EU-Outland Horde 0 121
Genetics EU-Outland Alliance 0 62
Infamous EU-Outland Alliance 0 45
Flex Army EU-Outland Alliance 0 42
Carpe Noctem EU-Outland Alliance 0 38
B O S S EU-Outland Alliance 0 37
Fatalis EU-Outland Alliance 0 37
afkot EU-Outland Horde 0 36
Logic EU-Outland Horde 0 34
Elycium EU-Outland Alliance 0 29
Nightwatchers EU-Outland Alliance 0 28
Abyss EU-Outland Alliance 0 27
wpsg EU-Outland Alliance 0 27
dpstest EU-Outland Alliance 0 25
MADNESS EU-Outland Horde 0 22
Union EU-Outland Alliance 0 20
EU-Outland Alliance 0 19
Divine EU-Outland Horde 0 19
Falska EU-Outland Alliance 0 18
Mirabile EU-Outland Alliance 0 18
PEPEGAOMEGA EU-Outland Horde 0 18
Fenimo EU-Outland Horde 0 14
Four O Four EU-Outland Alliance 0 14
Hüljatud EU-Outland Alliance 0 14
Big D Club EU-Outland Alliance 0 11
Biskvi private EU-Outland Alliance 0 10
Grimreaper EU-Outland Alliance 0 10
IMAGOATYOLO EU-Outland Alliance 0 10
Slight Diversion EU-Outland Alliance 0 10
GG Well Played EU-Outland Alliance 0 9
Insane EU-Outland Alliance 0 9
gods of the arena EU-Outland Alliance 0 8
Sparkyman logs EU-Outland Alliance 0 8
Still Infected EU-Outland Alliance 0 8
xoxoQT EU-Outland Horde 0 8
Zul EU-Outland Alliance 0 8
A wild log appears EU-Outland Horde 0 7
Enter The Exiled EU-Outland Alliance 0 7
Stardust EU-Outland Horde 0 7
Ancient Storm EU-Outland Alliance 0 6
Blade of Horde EU-Outland Horde 0 6
Cursed EU-Outland Alliance 0 6
Dirty Danes EU-Outland Alliance 0 6
Délirium EU-Outland Alliance 0 6
Infallible EU-Outland Horde 0 6
mEIGHT EU-Outland Alliance 0 6
MeowzZz EU-Outland Horde 0 6
Not for Hire EU-Outland Horde 0 6
VIIVACLAN EU-Outland Alliance 0 6
Whadup EU-Outland Alliance 0 6
Coherence EU-Outland Horde 0 5
Gapiro EU-Outland Alliance 0 5
HAZEL EU-Outland Alliance 0 5
Innervate EU-Outland Alliance 0 5
Low Landers EU-Outland Alliance 0 5
Manifest Destiny EU-Outland Alliance 0 5
Murloc inc EU-Outland Alliance 0 5
Randy EU-Outland Alliance 0 5
The Seven Amigos EU-Outland Alliance 0 5
Axiom EU-Outland Alliance 0 4
AYA Fight Club EU-Outland Alliance 0 4
Champions of the Hall EU-Outland Alliance 0 4
Endurance EU-Outland Alliance 0 4
h3h3 EU-Outland Alliance 0 4
Never mind EU-Outland Alliance 0 4
Nox EU-Outland Alliance 0 4
Patience EU-Outland Alliance 0 4
The Tea Party EU-Outland Alliance 0 4
Titanforged EU-Outland Horde 0 4
trololol EU-Outland Alliance 0 4
Union EU-Outland Alliance 0 4
Carpe Noctem EU-Outland Alliance 0 3
Colony EU-Outland Alliance 0 3
Emacipator EU-Outland Alliance 0 3
Felicity EU-Outland Alliance 0 3
I stab your face EU-Outland Alliance 0 3
junjunjun EU-Outland Alliance 0 3
National Bank of Azeroth EU-Outland Alliance 0 3
Raidgeek EU-Outland Alliance 0 3
Snus EU-Outland Alliance 0 3
Synthesis EU-Outland Alliance 0 3
The Devils Rejects EU-Outland Horde 0 3
trolologs EU-Outland Alliance 0 3
Artificial Fun EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Awakening EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Big d club EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
dkarchaus EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Drenahs pugs EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
eminem EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Fatalis EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Flare EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Malice in Wonderland EU-Outland Horde 0 2
Marbles EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Monolíthícs house of meh EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Riddlebox EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Rustlers EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Scandinavian Mafia EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Self Improvement EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Sherea Logs EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
T4K3N EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
test EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
The Green Moo EU-Outland Horde 0 2
Toska EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Varjo kato tää EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Wipe City EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
Zorix EU-Outland Alliance 0 2
20 lat Wotlka EU-Outland Horde 0 1
Aeshalogs EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Aronians Random EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Betrayal Time EU-Outland Horde 0 1
Botd-Logs EU-Outland Horde 0 1
Brassknuckle log EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Brutality EU-Outland Horde 0 1
Crimson EU-Outland Horde 0 1
Daemonic EU-Outland Horde 0 1
Delta EU-Outland Horde 0 1
Enchalol EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Epicfabriken EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Familiar with Drama EU-Outland Horde 0 1
Frem EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Glory EU-Outland Horde 0 1
heyheyheyheyh EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Hoarders EU-Outland Horde 0 1
Incinerate EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Innervate EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Irish EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Junelogs EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Kashiz' big numbaz EU-Outland Horde 0 1
m00 EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Nightmares Asylum - Myndtrick EU-Outland Horde 0 1
No Offence EU-Outland Horde 0 1
Not Wearing Pantiez EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Offspring EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Ominous EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
On The Mountain EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Parahidia None Alliance 0 1
Patience EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Phi Xi Nu EU-Outland Horde 0 1
Quwika None Alliance 0 1
Reckoning EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Se Ipsum Explicare EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Shock and Awe EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Sick Sense EU-Outland Horde 0 1
Sinisters EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Sookie has a tip EU-Outland Horde 0 1
Taken EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
The Légion EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Tæskeholdet EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Warbringer EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Whoopzass EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Xanatos Gambit EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Yoythcattt EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Zeus EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Zeus EU-Outland Alliance 0 1
Defiant None Alliance 0 0
None Alliance 0 0
Absolution None Alliance 0 0
Abyss None Alliance 0 0
Ace Of Spades None Horde 0 0
Admit Defeat None Alliance 0 0
ascended None Alliance 0 0
asd None Alliance 0 0
asd None Horde 0 0
asdfhwrthxcgvhj EU-Outland Alliance 0 0
baggins None Alliance 0 0
Biskvi Logs None Alliance 0 0
BOB HE TOPT None Alliance 0 0
BOBLOGS2k None Alliance 0 0
Brewmasters None Horde 0 0
Canus Maximus None Alliance 0 0
Cenarius Legacy None Alliance 0 0
CleverUseofGameMechanics None Alliance 0 0
Conciliatrix None Alliance 0 0
Consequence EU-Outland Horde 0 0
Crimson Sun None Horde 0 0
Cursed None Alliance 0 0
Da VooDoo Shuffle EU-Outland Horde 0 0
Dannyboy None Alliance 0 0
Dark Water None Horde 0 0
Defqon None Alliance 0 0
Demo Outland EU None Alliance 0 0
Det behövs ny patch IRL None Alliance 0 0
Diablamento None Horde 0 0
Diro None Alliance 0 0
DNB None Alliance 0 0
Do you even cast bro? None Alliance 0 0
Dont drop that thun thun None Alliance 0 0
DVS None Horde 0 0
Ekta None Horde 0 0
Ele Shammy None Alliance 0 0
Emeis kai Emeis None Alliance 0 0
Empire Of Gods None Alliance 0 0
endaguild None Alliance 0 0
envyus None Alliance 0 0
Epica None Alliance 0 0
Epicfabriken None Alliance 0 0
Equinox None Horde 0 0
Equinox None Horde 0 0
Evil Monkeys None Horde 0 0
Exalted None Alliance 0 0
Exalted With Your GF None Alliance 0 0
Faith in loot EU-Outland Alliance 0 0
Fire!!! None Horde 0 0
Flex Army None Alliance 0 0
Freaky Friday None Horde 0 0
Frost None Alliance 0 0
FS None Horde 0 0
fuckhorde EU-Outland Alliance 0 0
Guild App EU-Outland Alliance 0 0
Hardest None Alliance 0 0
Hardest None Alliance 0 0
Hazel None Alliance 0 0
HAZEL None Alliance 0 0
Hej Guild None Alliance 0 0
Horkeye Alone None Alliance 0 0
i dont care None Alliance 0 0
I korpens skugga None Alliance 0 0
IDK... None Alliance 0 0
illuminaughty None Alliance 0 0
Im a whale None Alliance 0 0
In N Out None Alliance 0 0
Indemnis None Alliance 0 0
Innervate None Alliance 0 0
Insurrection None Alliance 0 0
Invade Their Blue None Alliance 0 0
iTz Time None Alliance 0 0
JfA None Horde 0 0
JUKS None Alliance 0 0
Just Casual 2 EU-Outland Alliance 0 0
Justice for All None Horde 0 0
Justice For All None Horde 0 0
Järnskogen None Alliance 0 0
Kamael None Alliance 0 0
karaloo None Alliance 0 0
KEAZ KAKMONSTRET None Alliance 0 0
Kostajat EU-Outland Alliance 0 0
Krez None Alliance 0 0
Lantaarnpaal None Alliance 0 0
Lazzens guild None Alliance 0 0
leazor None Alliance 0 0
Lebaneezcheez None Alliance 0 0
Legacy Of Alterac None Alliance 0 0
LickaLicious None Horde 0 0
logs None Alliance 0 0
los pollos hermanos None Alliance 0 0
Lost Entities None Alliance 0 0
LowlandsU2 None Alliance 0 0
Loyal to Garrosh None Alliance 0 0
Loyal to Garrosh None Alliance 0 0
Lyssy's logs None Alliance 0 0
Malgard None Alliance 0 0
Mary Moo Cows None Alliance 0 0
mdf None Alliance 0 0
Memories of those days None Alliance 0 0
Metaphor X None Alliance 0 0
Metaphor X None Alliance 0 0
mirindôr EU-Outland Horde 0 0
Mortalx None Alliance 0 0
Muffputter's PUG guild None Horde 0 0
Murloc inc None Alliance 0 0
Nephilim None Alliance 0 0
New Dawn Rising None Horde 0 0
NFH None Horde 0 0
Nfhgrouptwo None Horde 0 0
Nicsilver Test None Alliance 0 0
Nightmares Asylum None Horde 0 0
NigtWishove None Alliance 0 0
Nimérya Healing None Alliance 0 0
Ninth Circle None Horde 0 0
No NO no None Alliance 0 0
Noodlees None Alliance 0 0
Norge er best None Horde 0 0
Nota Bene None Alliance 0 0
Nuggetlogs None Alliance 0 0
Op hunter None Horde 0 0
Operation Tyrotoxism None Alliance 0 0
Origin None Alliance 0 0
Origin's squad of MVP's None Alliance 0 0
Pater Componat None Alliance 0 0
Patience None Alliance 0 0
PhD None Alliance 0 0
Plaquè None Alliance 0 0
Popcorn None Alliance 0 0
Porject Genesis None Alliance 0 0
Project Horde None Horde 0 0
Qaii None Alliance 0 0
Quartie None Horde 0 0
quoteylogs None Alliance 0 0
random guild 34 None Alliance 0 0
Regain None Horde 0 0
Relic None Alliance 0 0
Relic None Alliance 0 0
Rico's Roughnecks None Horde 0 0
Riddlebox None Alliance 0 0
Riksdagen None Alliance 0 0
rubs pugs None Alliance 0 0
Ruin None Horde 0 0
Safe None Horde 0 0
Salty Profitts EU-Outland Alliance 0 0
sanciaguild None Alliance 0 0
SetoLogs None Horde 0 0
ShackleMyBalls None Alliance 0 0
Sick Sense None Horde 0 0
Sin EU-Outland Horde 0 0
SK SHADOW None Alliance 0 0
Skyyjze None Alliance 0 0
Sneak and Show EU-Outland Alliance 0 0
Social None Alliance 0 0
Stay at Home Nerds None Alliance 0 0
Stoned Sloths None Alliance 0 0
Super Happy Funtime Posse None Alliance 0 0
suup son None Horde 0 0
swag company None Alliance 0 0
Swag Company None Alliance 0 0
Swag Company None Alliance 0 0
Swagforkneto None Alliance 0 0
Swepic None Alliance 0 0
Synergi None Alliance 0 0
szigma EU-Outland Alliance 0 0
Take A Seat None Alliance 0 0
Taken None Alliance 0 0
Taken None Alliance 0 0
TDC None Alliance 0 0
Team Vaillire None Horde 0 0
Teh Squirrel Mafia None Horde 0 0
Tempest of Fire None Alliance 0 0
Terminator Chronicles None Alliance 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
Test12345 None Alliance 0 0
TEstflex None Alliance 0 0
Testguildz None Alliance 0 0
Thaxins testguild None Horde 0 0
The Defiant None Alliance 0 0
TheDaoOfTanking EU-Outland Alliance 0 0
tr None Alliance 0 0
Vir Mortalis None Alliance 0 0
vnbvchg EU-Outland Alliance 0 0
Voltage None Horde 0 0
VoxxiS None Alliance 0 0
Watsonsguild EU-Outland Alliance 0 0
Whitewookie feral EU-Outland Alliance 0 0
Wiids None Alliance 0 0
Wingin It None Horde 0 0
Wiping is Wisdom None Alliance 0 0
Wrath None Alliance 0 0
Yuketzu None Alliance 0 0
Zakelbane None Alliance 0 0
Zupe None Alliance 0 0
ÄLG None Horde 0 0
Älgsamfundet None Alliance 0 0
Älska Jaras None Alliance 0 0
Каддафер None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

Invalid Targèt, 112, 123, 123reaction, A FEW OLD MAN, A New Beginning, A New Beginning, ABCDEFG, Absentia Mentis, Absit Envidia, Absit Invidia, Absolute Disaster, Abyss, Ad Nauseam, Adams, Adept, Adept, Adept, Adept, Aeternum, afflatus, Afflatus, Affliction EU, Agonized minds, AH PUTHAY, Ahnenerbe, AINT GOT TIME FOR DAT, akjlf report, ALAGOSENLOL, Alaspar Log, All The Time, Alysseum, Amnesia, Amor Eternis, ancient empire, Ancient Knights, Ancient Knights, Anelle's deeepz, Angry Beavers, Animal Instinct, Animalia, Aparatorii Patriei, Apathy, Apostasy, Apostasy/Raidersreport, Archaus, Arluen, Army of dogs, army of the hypno, Army of the Pharaohs, Army of the toad, Articulo Mortus, Arwal, Ashes, Asmodeus, Assimilation, ATT, ATT, ATT clone, Audactus, Auphanim, Avasion, aVIATIC, Awakening, Awakening, Awakening, Awakening, Axiom, Azeroth Security, Azeroth Security, Azeroth Security, B E S T W O R L D, bajs, bananaface, Bane, Banging, Bank Full of Stuff, Bbcversus's Guild, Bear Island, bearbrothers, Ben fanclub, Benediction, berralol, Best guild eu world, Best pala eu, Betongen, Betongen, Better Luck Next Time, BICEPS, BICEPS, BICEPS, Blackout, Blame The Raidleader, Blind Guardian, Blood Hammer, boo, Bound by Honor, Boyo's logs, Brace, Brace, Brace, Brave New World, Brave New World, brb ramadan, brb ramadan, Brigida, Broken, Brotherhood of Dawn, Brotherhood of Dawn, Brotherhood of Dawn, BSB, bästaguilden, Call for Blood, Canus Maximus, Captain Morgan, Carnage, Carpe Noctem, Carpe Noctem, Carpe Noctem, cauterize, cauterize, Cavalrys Here, Celebrities, Celebrities, Celenaa Logs, Cenarius Legacy, Chain of Memories, Champions of the Hall, Champions of the Hall, Champs of the hall, ChamTest, Changing Perspectives, Channel Four News, Cherubim, CHILDREN OF DOOM, chilimos, Chill Pill, Chillpill, Choke, Chompski, Chorrol owns, Chosens, Ciberus's log report, Ciora, Circle of Light , Circle of Power, Claudia Pia Fidelis, Claudia Pia Fidelis, Claum, Cletus imba team, Cnossos, coffie shop, Coffie shop, Coffie Shop, Colombian Tie Factory, COME HONOR FACE, Come on guys, Conciliatrix, Concilium , Considerably Superior, Considerably Superior, Considerably Superior, Coven, Crescent, Crime Syndicate, Crixxuslogs, Crypsis, CSI Outland, CSI Outland, CSI Pandaria, Cuddly Panda, Cylia, Cyrus, Cyrus, Da Voodoo Shuffle 2, dahllia, Dark Gents, Dea, Dead Cell, Dead Cell, Deadly Sins, Dedicated Few, Defqon, Dei, Dem Pugs, Devick, Devoid, Devoted, Devîant, Diem Perdidi, Dignity, Diligence, Diphim, diro, dirtbags, Discedere ad Inferos, discologs, Discologs, Dissilog, Divine conspiracy, Divine Fury, Dknm, Doctadot WoL, Dominion, Doomins, Doomzie's Log, Drama, Drama, Drama, Drunken Monkeys, Duel´s Pug, Dunder, Dunder, Dungeonware, DuSkie, Duty, E N V Y, Ego, Ego, Eightbyte Stats, Ekta, Ekta, Elite, Elite, Elite Circle, Elitist Perks, Elude, Elunes elite, Elunes Elite, Elycium, elysium, Elysiumwow, Emeis Kai Emeis, Eminence, Empire Of Gods, Empiricism, Endurance, Entourage, EntourageA, Enuqt, Epic Fail, Epica, equinox, EquinoXe, Eternal Brotherhood, Eternal Legacy, Eternal Legacy, Eternal Legacy, Ethos, Ethos, OMG Wife Aggro, A Bunch of Bankalts, A Fistful of Dollars, A gnome ate my fudge, A New Beginning, A Perfect Circle, A R C A N E D R E A M, A R E N A J U N K I E S, A team, A Time To Get Even, Aalborg Kings, Absit Invidia, Absolute, Absolutorium, Abused Misfits, Abyss, Academia, Ace Nation, Achaemenid Empire, Achievement Frenzy, Act of Violence, ACTIMELISATIE, Ad Astra, Addicted II, Adept, Adiktos al mana, Adjectico, Admit Defeat, Adrénáliné, Advance, Advantageous, Aegis of Insanity, Aelivia Bank, Aeron is cool, Aether, Afflictiøn, Africa is a pvp Area, Africa is a PvP server, After Fap We Clap, Afterlifé, Aftermad, Against The Odds, Against The World, Age Quod Agis, Agenda, Aggressive Gaming, Agricultural Alliance, Ahlgrens bilar, Ahtapotlar, Aint No Rest, AKTUELLT, Aldor Blows, Alesta PvP, Aliance Heroes, Alla är Bjudna, Alldea Gaming, Alliance, Alliance Defence League, Alliance Edition, Alliance Elite, Alliance Empire, Alliance Levelers, Alliance of Heroes, Alliance Special Forces, Alliance Task Force, Allied Assassins, allyhunters, Allìance, Alma Nox Vespertilio, Alpha and Omega, AlphaBoost, Aluekeskus, Always Hardcore, Alysseum, Ambassadors Of Tomorrow, Ambitions, Ambre Gris, Ambush Gaming, AMETHYST, Amnesia, AmstelPulse, ANAFARTALAR, Anatidaephobia, Ancient Angels, Ancient Empire, Ancient Legends, Ancient Storm, Ancient Valor, Ancient Warhawk, Ancients, And Sweedish PownStars, And the Stealthed Rogues, And What Guldan, Angeli Mortis, Angies Bresor, Anima, Animals, Animus PvP, Annex, Anonymöus, Anthill, Anti Chav Ninja Squad, Anti PANDA Union, Antihero, Anxiety, Any Given Day, Anønymøus, APALEFTOI, ApeAttack, Apocalypto, Apostasy, Aquilus, aQuire, Arbetsförmedlingen, Arcus, Arena Freaks, ArenaBunnies, ArenaJunkies, Argh I am Getting DDoSed, Arisen Flame, Arkham Asylum, Armageddon, Armageddon Blades, Armies of Middle Earth, Army Of Doom, Army of Heaven, Army of Nature, Army of Stormwind, Army of the Pharaohs, Art of Execution, Artificial Sugar, Arya Stark, Asagudarna, Ascend, Ascendency, Ascension, Ascensíon, Ascent, Ashen, Ashes of Light, Ashes of The Light, Ashore, Ashran Templars, Ask, Asmodeus, ASSAILANT, Assassins of Azeroth, Astral, Asylum Waiting LIst, At Least We Have Stables, Atari Teenage Riot, Ater, Atleast We Had Stables, Atleast we took farm, ATT, Attero Dominatus, Attero Obscurum, Attitude, Auctioneer Profits, Audacity, AutoBots, Avasion, Avengers Assemble, Avengers of Faith, Avengers of Stormwind, Awooga, Axiom of Warzone, azeroth knights, Azerothian Grenadiers, B A G U E T T I N G, B E S T W O R L D, B O S S, Back To The Future, Back To The Nineties, BACKPADDLE, Backroom Casting Couch, Backyard Wrestling, Bacon Appreciation Club, BAD METHOD, Bad Omén, BADZ, Bae Nation, BakedBacon, Bakfylla, Balkan Rated, Banana jugglers, Bananas, bandyflottareslårtonboys, Banished Pride, Bank Camp, Bank of Corruption, Bank of Edited, Bank of Trixx, Bank of Valletta, Bankaii, Bankofmigthymammavarg, Barbarians, BarDaPraia, basement lovers, Batterflai Squad, Battle Bacon, Be Gone Pest, be quiet, be water, Bear Grylls, Bears, BEAST, Beast Mode, Because why not, Bella Delectat Cruor, Beng Beng, Benz, BeQuietPlease, Best in Slot, Best Mates EU, Best of Us, Beta House, Betongen, Betrayers, Better Luck Next Time, Beyond Imagination, Beyond Immortality, BFA LEVELING, BG Kings, BICEPS, Bids and Buyouts, Bifrðst, Big Beej Daddy, Big Booty Bankers, Big D Club, Big Dique Bandits, Big Dogs, BIG PICKLE MASTERRACE, big rooster club, BistroGaming, Bite Me, Bjørnar, blackcobra, BlackFlag, BlackHeart, Blackout, Blacktops, Blackwatch, Blades of the Fallen, Blame Karma, BLAME THE HEALER THEN, Blasphemy, Blauw Bloed, blemish, Blessed, Blind Guardian, BLITZ, Blood Eternal, Blood Pack, Blood Storm, BLOODLUSTi, Bloodsworn, BloodThirsty, Bloody Hands, Bloody Tribe, BOB HE TOPT, BOMB TINGZ, Bomullsplantaget, BOOM Tazik, Boons Heroes, BOONÐOCK SAINTS, BootehLicious, Booty Bay Fishing Club, Booty Bay Security Squad, Bordellen, Bought my rating at IKEA, Bound By Honor, Brace yourself, Braindamaged, Brainwashed, Brave New World, BRAVO, Brawlers, Brazzers Stole My Wife, BRB grandma on FIRE, brb ramadan, Brb wife escaped LOL, BRB WINNING, BreakingBAD, BreakingBads, Brew Inquisition, Bribe For Mercy, Brilliant Minds, Bringing Sixty Back, BringItOn, Bro Patrol, bro relax i got this, BROHOOF, Broken Arrows, Broken Chain, Bromance, Bros in the MMOs, Brotherhood of Dawn, Brotherhood of Might, Brotherhood of SteeI, Brujah, Brutal Sacrifice, Bräckes Fina Grabbar, Bucovina, Bulwark, Bunny Depot, BUNS, Burst Academy, Bushido, Bushmen, But at What Cost, Butters Army, C H A M P I O N S, C R Y P T, CAKELOL, Call Me Maybe, Call to Arms, Calumet, CAMEL GAMING, Canaldigital, Canis Major, Canus Maximus, Carpatica, Carpe Diem, Carrion, Cascade, Casual Camping, Casual Flamers, Casual Harambe, Casually Professional, Cataclysm Leveling Guild, CatastrophyMeow, cc, Celestial Archives, Cematic, Censored, Chain of Memories, Chain of Olympus, Champion of the Alliance, Champions of Elune, Champions of the Hall, Champions of the Legion, Champions of Valhalla, Chaos of BULA, Chauvinistic Front, Chelles, Cherubim, Chicken Run, Chikukurindo, Chill Capped, Chillaxing, Chilled Peps, Chillin With My Gnomies, ChillWeGotThis, China Will Grow Larger, Chocolate Chips, Chocolate Cosmos, Chosens, Chronic Chaos, Chronicles, Chyd, CileyMyrusTwerkTeam, Ciphel Corps Clan, circassians, Circle of Justice, Circus, Cirkus, classic nation, Cleaning crew, Clearly Mad, Clearly Outplayed, Clever Pigs, CleverUseofGameMechanics, Close one, Cloud Nine, Clueless Noobs, Coalition of the Willing, Cohort, Coldcaserino, Collision, Colors, Colthans Cuddlecorner, Come Kitty Kitty, ComeHonorFaces, Completely Broken, Con Chocolate, Conciliatrix, Congress, Coniunctum, Conquer, Conquest, ConquestCapped, Consequence, Consortium, Conspire, Contagious, Context, Cookie Vendor, Cool Apples, CoonAndFriends, Core of Infinity, Corrupted, Corruptede Embrace, Cosche Nostra, Cosmos, Council of Shadows, CQR, Craftwerk, Crave, Crazy Murlocs, Credendo Vides, Crescent, Crimson core, Crimson Fire, Crimson Lotus, Crimson Misfits, Crimson Peak, Crimson Raiders, Crimson Sun, Crossroad Blues, crton, Cruel Alliance, Cruel Intentions, Crusader, Cry for help, Crypt Hunters, Cryptic Council, cryptobank, Crystal Clear, Cräck Dealers Inc, Crìt Happens, Ct Pa Town, Ctrl Alt Elíte, Cuatro Amigos, culture cypher, Cursed, Cyrus, Cématic, Cóón and Friends, D A R K S I D E, D E S T R Ø Y E R, D R A G O N S, Da VooDoo Shuffle, Da Warlords, Dad Get The Camera, Daemonic, Dafuq, Dalarans Prophecy, DaLeNgR, Damaged Goods, Damnêd Knights, DAMPENERS LTD, Danish Asylum, Danish Pomelo, Dankort, DANMARK, Dantes Circle, DAPs, Dark Ages, Dark Carnival, Dark Command, Dark Flame, Dark Gents, Dark Space, Dark Storm, Dark Visions, Dark Winter, DarkLords, Darkmoon Faire, Darknova, darkvines, DATE ME OR GKICK, DAWG SQUAD, Dawns Guard, Dazed and confused, Dead Walker, DeadHordesDontSayNo, Deadly Maniacs, Deadly Sin, Deadly Sins, Death and Glory, Death Before Dishonour, Death Crusaders, Death Gladiators, Death Hogs MC, Death Squad, Debellatio, Decapitated, Decepticons Mobilize, Deceptive, Decimus, Dedicated Few, Dedicated to Thrall, Deep Rising, Deeprun Tram Security, Defeat, Defenders of Pandaria, Defenders of valor, Defile, Defiled Brotherhood, Defying Fantasy, Deja Vu, Dejavu, Delayed Victory, Deliberate Pixelation, Dellirium, Delta Valor, Deluded Rage, dem powers, Demolition, demonic legion, Depraved MvP, Derelict, Desecrated Brotherhood, Desert Storm, Destinctive Protectors, Destruct, Det Norske Trosamfund, Determination, deth to the hord scum, Detox, Devil May REKT, Devilz, Devine Effect, Devious, Devolution, Devoted, Dewellerrer, DICTATOR, Diem Perdidi, Digital Sanity, Diligence, Dinged, Diplomacy, Diro, Dirtbags, DISARMING MAGE, Disarray, Dishonored Family, Disney Madness, Dispute, District Zero, Divine Activity, Divine Retribution, DND, Do You Even Crit, Dogfare Selective, DOLPHINS LOVE WATERMELÓN, Dont Drop That Thun Thun, Dont Let Me Bring MyMain, Dont Release, Dont Touch, DontLetYourMemesBeDreams, Double Penix, DRA EN GRÄNS, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Elite Masters, Dragon Raider, Dragonborn, Dragonskin, Dragonslayer Clan, Dragonslayers, DragonSWEkillers, Dragonvãlters, Drama, Drama QUEEN, Drama Students, Dreadful, Dream Serenity, Dreamcatchers, Dreamhack Girlz, Dribuhl, Drive by Freak Show, DROP DEAD, Drunk Ally Slayers, Drunk and Dangerous, Drunk Dwarves Cant PvP, Drunk Pandas And Gold, Drunk Pandas And Hoes, DSLEXICAN WORIOROF AZROT, Dumb Ways To Die, Dunder, Dungeon for Olsenbanden, DuoOsmo, DUROTAR FAN CLUB, Durotar Tanning Club, Duskfall, Duty, DVK, Dwagons, Dwarf Healing Squad, Dylsectic Gnak Squad, Dysfunctional Family, Dyslexi barnen, Dyxlectis dfndrs, Dårhuset, Déath, Déja Vue, Déjà vu, Dísconnected, DØØM, E L I T E S, E N C L A V E, E n v y, EAGLE EYE, EASY RATING EASY LIFE, EAT MORE CAKE, Eat Randy, Eat Sleep Own Repeat, EatSleepTrapRepeat, Ebon Angels, Echo of Cataclysm, Ecology, Ectosis, Edds Crew, Edds crew, Edge Of Tomorrow, EE, eHEROES, Einstein was a Murloc, Ekta, El Valhalla, Electric Circuits, Element of Surprise, Elements of Death, Elite Circle, Elite Hunting Club, Elite PvP, Elite Squad, Elites, Elithysm, Eluo, Elves of the Cyber Men, Elwynn Cub Scouts, Elwynn Fashion Police, Elyne, Elysium, Emeis kai Emeis, eMotion, Empidex, Empire Of Gods, ENCRYPTED, Endless Night, Endless Saga, Endorphin, Endurance, Endymion, ENLIGHTENED, Entail, Enter Something Clever, Enticement, Entitled, Entropix, entropy, Entêring Combat, Eos, Epic Troll, Epica, Epicfabriken, Epicus Maximus, epo, Equilibrity, Equilibrium, EquilibriumVII, Equinox, EquinoXe, eREKT, Eriks Raidingskola, Erudite, Escape The Fate, españa enfurecida, Essential, Essex Nutters, Estrellaa, Eternal Day, Eternal Dreams, Eternal Eclipse, Eternal Life, Eternal Shadow, Eternal Sunshine, Eternal Wår, Eternìty, Etherial, Ethos, Eurotrash, Evanescent, Evasive, Everithing That Creeps, Evernight, Evil Cow Eating Snowman, Evil Desire, Evil Gamers, Evil Incorporated, EVO GAMING, EVO GAMING II, eX inFeris, Exalted With GG, Exalted with Repair Bots, Exalted With Your GF, Exalted wÍth McDonalds, Excellence, Exclusive Ones, Exeptional, Exergy, Exgenius, Eximius, Exordium, Expedition PvP, Exploding Labrats, Exterminatiön, Extinct, Extinction, Extortionists, extraordinary pwnies, Extreme Anglers, Extrifit, Eye of the Tiger, Eßola, F A B, F E A R E D, F i g h t C l u b, F O R P O S T, F T W, Fabels Juveler, Fabulous, Faceroll To Victory, Fadje bank, Fairy Tail, Fairy Trail, Faitality, FakeCAST, Fall with Grace, Fallen Crusaders, Fallen Flame, Fallen Gods, Fallen Thirteen, Falska, Family Legion, Fanatic, Fantastic Ten, fapNslap, Farmers EU, Farstriders, FAT BOIS, FAT CHICKS USE MORE SOAP, Fat kids Easy to kite, FAT SPIDER EU, FataIity, Fatal Gaming, Fatal Tendencies, Fate, FatKidsCantLoS, FaZe, Fearless PvP, Feet, Feith, Fel, Feliz Navidad, Fellowship of the Hole, Female Dwarf Inspectors, Fenimo, Fenrir, Fervet Opus, Festivus, Fifth Sin, Fifty Dkp Minus, Film Actors Tuesday, Final Boss, Final Resolution, Fingerblasters, Fire and Water, Fireclouds, First Class Soldier, First Legends, First Response, Five Cap Crew, Flame of Glory, Flashbacks, Flashkill, Flawless, Flawless Gaming, Flex, Flippin burgers for glad, Flower Power, Flubbah and friends, Fluffy Bunny Slippers, Fluffy Toxic Pandas, Fluffyguild, fms, Fog Troupe, Followers of Eden, Food Army, For Love Of The Game, Forces of Lunatic Monkey, Fordragon, Forex Trader JK WOW AH, Forsaken Dawn, Fortes in Fide, Four Inches Unbuffed, Fragmented, Freaks and Geeks, Frem, French Connection, French Kiss, French Seventy Five, Fresh, Friendzone, From HBS, Frontliner, Frost, Frostfall, Frostjaw, Frostmourne, Frozen Heart, Fudge bank, Full HOJ, Full Spectrum, Full Throttle, Fullmetal Parts Co, FUNKY SQUAD, Funtourage, Furor Eternus, Fury of PvP, Furysense, Furze, Fysikbasserne, Förbannad, FØRSAKEN, G A N K, G I R L S, G Squad, G UNIT, Game is Over, GAME O V E R, Game of Thralls, GAME ON, GAME ÔVER, GAMEOFTHRONES, Gamers, GAMESENSE, GAMESENSÉ, Gaming Required, Gangster club, Gank, Gank inc, Gank Spit and Repeat, GANKLAND, Gargamels Revenge, GCDTV, Geek Squad, Gelu Angelus, Genesis Gaming, Genesys, Genetically Superior, Gentleman Club, Genuine Chocolate Face, Get gear or wipe tryin, GET HYPED, GET HYPER, GET REKT BRO, GET REKT SON, GET TO MY LVL DAWG, gg ez, Gg Ezz, GG Tøø êâsý før us, GG Well Played, Ghost Legion, GHOSTLY HEROES, Ghosts of fallen heros, Ghósts, Ginyu Force, Girbo, Glada Goa Gubbar, GLADIATOR IRL, Gladiators of Outland, Gladius Dei, Global Gaming, Gloomy Guards, Glorious, GloRy, Glory Boyz, Glory Of The Alliance, Glory of the Raider, Glory Raiders, GM Industry, GM is a Girl, GM Stole my Guild, GNOME STOLE MY BIKE, Gnome Stole My Wife, Gnomósexual, Go Glad Or Go Home, Go Go Power Rangers, Go Hero or Die Trying, Go Horde Or Go Home, Goa, Goat Crew, Goatz, GobelinRouge, Gods of the Peaks, Gods of Warcraft, GodSaveUs, GOLD DIGGA, Gold Farming, Gold Makers of Tomorrow, Golden Age, Golden Knight, Golden Phalanx, Golden Times, Goldshire Go Kart Club, Goldshire Patrol, GoldStash, GoldStashingCrib, Gooby Gamers, Good News, Goon Platoon, Got a Gnome i min Bank, Gottepojkarna, Government Of The Horde, GPCI, Grand Theft Warhorse, Grape Squad, gRAPEfruit, Great Success, Greed is Good, Greedy Goblins, Gringrotts, Grubs Tavern, Gräv där du står, Guardians, Guardians of Pandaria, Guardians of Persia, Guardians of the Glory, Guardians of the Worlds, Guardians of Virginity, Guardians of Warcraft, Guards of Azeroth, Guards of Valhalla, Guardíans of Líght, Guardíans of Líght II, Guiding Lights, Guild Master, Guild of Bondendotse, Guild of Boorje, Guild of Bøffén, Guild of Hzkxôxo, Guild of Junkmail, Guild of Outlandshero, Guild of Semenikin, Guild Reapers, guildful, Gul Dan stole my bike, GVA, GØÐMØDE, H A M, H A R D C O R E, H e a v i e s, H E R O E S, Habile, HAC PATb, Hadib, Half of Legend, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Hammerfall, Hand of Freedom, Handelsbankên, Happy Face, Happy Hour, Haramaya, Hardcore Casuals, Hardcore Legends, Hardest, Hardhammer, Has A Deathwish, HAS ACHIEVED GOD STATUS, Has your IP, HateMeCusYaAintMe, Haters, Haunted, Haunted Collectors, HAVØC, HaxEliteN, Head Hunters, Heart of the Galaxy, HEARTBREAK, Heathens, Heaven and Hell, Heisenberg Industries, Held Into Darkness, Helion, Hellfire Angels, Hellfires Angels, Hellraiser, HellRun PvP, Hellscreams Angels, Hellwich Redemption, Helter Skelter, Helvetios, Hem Till Midgård, Heralds Of Blood, Heralds of Titan, Herb Vendor, Heroes and Zeros, Heroes of Outland, Heroic Carriers, Heroizm, Herrklubben, Heróes of Azeroth, HES DEAD ON MY SCREEN, Hesten Gaming, hey i love the coco, hey im avg, hey im boosted, hey im proccing, hey im rival, Hey Im TSM, Hidden Assassins, High Infidelity, High on Ash, High Spirits, Highguard, Hoarders, Hodors Servants, Hoggers Filthy Fantasies, Hogwarts, Hollands Glorie, Hollow, HOLLYWOOD LIFE, Holy Avengers, Holy Crit, Holy Guardians, Holy Knights, Home of the Wicked, Honest Knights, Honey Bunnys, Honor Capped, Honor Guard, Honour Capped, Hoodlum, Hooligans, Hoppas det smakar, Horde For Life, Horde Of Outland, Horde slayyers, HordeCorePwnography, Hordes Of Anarchy, Horizons, HornPub, Hostile Eminence, Hotted Stole My Kebab, House of Cards, House of Menethil, House Of Sins, House Targaryen, Hovada, Howl Of Terror, html, Hubble Bubble, Hugo Boss, Hungarian Gladiators, Hustlin to the Stage, Hydroponic Culture, Hyjal Outlander, Hypernova, Høpe, Hüljatud, I am blush, I am Lorde, I CANT PAUSE MOM, I Eat Orcs For Breakfast, I HEARD YOU LIEK MUDKIPZ, I Joined For The Perks, I korpens skugga, I Lag IRL, I like money, I lost my potato, I LOVE BANANAS, I N F U S I O N, I N V I N C I B L E, I Need Money, I quit years ago, Ica Basic, Ice Bank Mice Elf, ICE PEW PEW, Iceclown Citadel, ICELANCEICELANCEICELANCE, Iceni, IF I DIE IT WAS LAG, Ignored, IHOP, II The Empire II, iLevel, Illidari Cartel, Illuminate, illuminati codex, illuminatus, Illustrious, illvilja, IM A DOLPHIN HIRIHIRIHII, Im a nolifer, im the best, ImatmyMax, IMBA Seals, Immitis, Immortal Legacy, Immortal No More, ImmortalityEU, Immortalium, Immortalz, Imperium, Impulsive Acceleration, In It for the Money, In N Out, In The Mix, Incendum, Incinerate, Incinerates, Incubus Socii, Inept, Iners Negotium, Inertia, Inevitable, Inexorable Fate, Infallible, Infamous, Infamous Offence, Inferior, Infernum, Infernus, Infinite Loop, Ingenious Swedes, Inglorious Marshmallows, Ingvar Kamprads Armé, initiative gaming, Innocent Bystanders, Innuendo, Insanity Workout, Inshallah Gaming, Insight, Insignia, Insolence, Instinct, Insurrection, Intense Intents in Tents, Intent, Internet Friends Forever, Internet Protocool, Internet Superheroes, Internet Warriors, Into The Void, Intrepid, InvadersMustDie, Invalid Argument, Invalid Targèt, Investors Bank, Invicta Legio, Invitro, Invíctus, ION, IOO PERCENT SPICE POWER, iPvP, IQ Gaming, Ira Avaratia, IRBG, Iron Raven, Ironfist, IS A BRO, Is a pancake, Is clearly sick, is gege, is gucci, Is no problem, Is Paid To Gank You, Isomummun Suklaakeksit, Ithildin, ITS A TRAP, Jadez, Jaina is my girlfriend, Jehovas vittnen, JKE, Jolly Ruffians, Judgment, Just One More Patch, Just Talk Nerdy to ME, Just us, Just wanna have fun, Just Zip It, Justice of the Alliance, Justicè, jävla skit, Jésus had a Soulstone, K A P P A, K F C, K N A R K, Kairos, Kappa, KariTraa, Kattegat, Katthemmet, Kawaii QT Gamer Grill, Kde Domov Muj, Keepers of Eternity, Keepers of Fate, Keeping it Classy, KEHTbl, keine Pizza, Keith Ape, Kentucky Fried Gnome, Khan, Khuruto Fighters, Ki, Kill Adds, Kill Count, Killed By, Killed Kenny, Kingdom group, Kingdom of Salvation, Kingpin PVP, Kings of Azeroth, Kings of the Alliance, Kingsman EU, Kingsman NL, kiss kiss bang bang, KIWI SANN, KK Company, Knew You Were Trouble, Knight of the Storm, Kolasås, Kongerne af Stormwind, Konvict Gaming EU, Korean Falconpunch, Korpi, Kossorna Från Norrland, KrakenStrike, Krush Kill Destroy, Krypton, kulkurs reborn, kuwait team, Kuzu Thunder, L e g e n d a r y, L E G I T, La Familía, La France, La Vecchia Signora, Lady of War, Lagavulin, Laglöst Land, Lands of Lore, Lannister, LapioSquad, Laser Chicken, Last Attempt, Last Chance, Last Effort, Last Enemy, Last Hand, Last in Line, Last Of Us, Last Page Memories, Late Night Society, LAW, Leaders, League of Gladiators, League of Gods, League of Ordinary Gents, League Of Warcraft, Left Hand Of God, Legacy Infiniti, Legacy of Torell, Legacy Reborn, Legendary, Legendary PvP, Legends of Draenor, Legends of Legion, Legion exterminators, Legion Legends, LeGion of Azeroth, Legion returns, LegionOfAzeroth, Legions Nightmare, Legíon, Leija, LEK INTE HORDE, Lekstugan, LENG SQUAD, LENG SQUÁD, Les Alliance, Les Misérables, Less Friends More PVP, LessThanThree, Let It Be, Let The Angels Guard Us, Lethal Force, Lethal Intentions, Lethal Media, Lets build a WALL, Level dat ting, Levelers United, Leveling Perks, LF GF, Liberty, License To Chill, LIEK U CRI EVERITIEM, Life Ends Here, Life is good, Light Army, like a bauFIVE, Like Hitler Just Nicer, Lilpip, Liluri, Lionel Richie, LIONS, Lions of Draenor, Lions Pride Inn, Literati, Little Big Pony, Live to Tell, Livia, lmagine, LOL BLINK ON CD, LOL SWE, Lolision, Lonely Assassins, LoRa, Lords of Destruction, Lords of the Fallen, Los Narcos Cartel, Los Pollos de hermanos, Lost Element, Lost Entities, Lost Heroes, Lost Heroes of Lordaeron, Low Expectations, LOW MANA NVM DRINK ABUSE, Low Profile, Lowlands United, Loyal to Garrosh, Loyal To The Game, Loyalty, LPSL, lucifer Fallened, Lucky, Lucky Eight, Lucky Stronk, Lucky Thirteen, Lunar Rebel, Luthers Legacy, Lux Aeterna, Lägg Dig Ner, Lähiö rotta, LÉNG SQUAD, M A D D O X, M A N I A C MC, M a r s, M J O C B O Y Z, M O N S T E R, M U S T A C H E, M Ø N S T E R, Mace squad, Mad Crew, Mad Men, MADDNESS, Made in Britain, Made In Norway, MadHouse, Madhouse Inmates, MagicalBlock, MagicTricks, Magna cum Laude, Magnitude, Magnum Opus, Mak Gora, MakeWarcraftGreatAgain, Malformed Brethren, Man Dont Care, Manabomb Squad, manbearpig awareness, Manifest Destiny, Marked Of Death, Marmara, Marshal Gladiators, Mary Moo Cows, Masculine Valkyries, Massivé, Matrester, May Camp, Mayhem, MaZe, McMoratstwo, MD Gaming, Me Love You Long Time, Medes, Meet Your Makers, Meisters, Melk trupp, Melting Vault, meme girls, Meme Squad, Memers, Memories of Those Days, Men of northern times, Mental Insane, Merciless Midgets, Mercy, Mercy Flush, Merk squad, Metaphor X, Method EU, Methysis, mewmew, Midnight Mayhem, Midnight Reveries, Might of the Alliance, Mighty Titans, Mikro, Miley Cyrus Twerk Team, Milk, Min Ponny Heter Konny, Ministry of Kill, Miserable Life, Mist of Kung Fu Panda, Mist of Leveling, mists of the alliance, Miu bought me to farm, MJOC, MMR, Moc goldu, Model, Modern Family, Mohjo, MOHOLM, Moi Idrettslag, MOISTY BOYZ, Mold Equals Medication, Molten, Molten Core Italia, MoneyFarmsorz, Moneymakingnerd, Monkey Madness, Monster Cat, MoonSorroW, Morbidly Obese Albert, more dots, Moriens Meretrix, Mors Bordell, Mortalis, MotO, Mountaholics, Muffin Militia, Murder Incorporated, Murlocs Go RwlRwlRwl, Murlocs on Fire, Murlocs stole my wife, MURLØCS, MvP, My Life Is Potato, My Little Kodo, My Main Is Horde, My Milk Is Cold, My nose be flarin, My Stash, My Wife Is Sleeping, Mystic Elite, Mythical, Mythícal, MYZTERY, N o M pumpar järnet, N U C K F E L G, Nafig from the Beach, Nagas please, Name Here Pls, NANANANANANANANA BATMAN, Napex, Narwhal, Naví, Necessary Evil, Necronomicon, Negative, NeiGjengen, NEJMI AND KOGMOU, Nelation, Neon, Nephilim, Netflix And Chill, Nether Crew, Nevari, Never Surrender Gaming, Never you Mind, New Avalon, New Dawn Rising, New Legacy, Next, NiceBeards, Nick Stjal Mine Toffifes, Night Parade DeMoNS, Nightbrawlers, Nightime, Nights Watch, Nightwatchers, Nine Inch Unbuffed, nine plus ten, Ninjadelics, Ninjapartio, Ninjas in Paris, Ninth Circle, no, No Added Sugar, No Brain No Gain, No Fresh Nubs, No more Dance, No NaMeS, No Refugee, No Regrets Bank, No Sleep, No Surrender, Nobility, Noble, Nocebo, noconsentsquad, Noctis Vigilia, Nocturnal, NoLifer, Nomen omen, NOOB SQUAD, Noobs are US, Noobsquad, Nordic, Nordic Brotherhood, Nordpolen, Norse Gaming, North Pole, Northern Light, Northern Strangers, Northern Vikings, Nostalgîa, Nostra Est Indignatio, Not Enough Daenesai, Not For Hire, Not Today, Notorious Ganksters, Noxius Nocturnal, Nubs Gone Wrong, Nuke Society, NutCrackers, Nutpatrol, Nylion, Nájezdníci, Néca Viz, Néo Sekhmet, NØ FEAR, Nø Lîlfe, NØ Scripts NØ Chéats, Núlli Sécundus, O v O, Obedience, Obsidian, Obsidiots, Obsidium, OD Gaming, Of Mice And Men, Offspring, Ogres Gone Wild, Ohh Crit, Ohne Gilde glücklich, Old But Gold, Old Legion, Old Men Gaming, Old Nova, Old school high skill, Old School Twinks, Oldschool Represent, Om Nom Nom, OMG brb icecreamTRUCK, OMG One Man Guild OMG, OMG wife aggro, OMGLAZORZPEWPEW, Omniance, Omnipotent, Omw to Glad, On vient du futur, One Blood, One in Millions, One Piece, One Step Beyond, One to Remember, One Two Peekabo, One two three, onLsd, Only Fotm, Ons, Ophelia, Ophiusa, Order of Gihipoxu, Order of muffin, Order of the Phoenix, Order of the Sacred Cow, order of undeath, Ores and Herbs, Organic, Organised Aggression, Organized Aggression, Orgrimmar Team Racing, Original Enemy, Originals lore, osama, Ostarna, Our Last Breath, Outbreak, Outer Shpongolia, Outland Boost Group, Outland Champions, Outland Chill Club, Outland Emissary, Outland gaming, Outland Outlawz, Outland Players Kingdom, Outland Riders, Outlandish Lies, Outlaw Gentlemen, Outlaw riders, Outlawed Shadows, Outrageous, Over Power, OVO, Owl and Rat, Oxydia, Oxymore, Oùt of Control, P I G L E T, P V P H E R O E S, Palabank, Pandaren Empire, Pandaria Leveling Guild, Pandas Up, Pandurum, Panic at the Disconnect, Pantzar Guild bank, Paradise City, Paradisio, Paradoks, Parallax, Paranoid, Paranormal Gaming, Paras, Parasite, Paroxysm, Paskaryhmä, Pater Componat, Path of Honor, Patience, PAWS, Peanuts, Pear, PeeVeePee, Pegasus GR, Pendragon of Camelot, Penguin fan club, Penguin Milkers, Penguin Squad, Perfection, Perfectíon, Perks are Us, Perpetual Motion Squad, Perplex, Persistence, Persitence Gaming, Person of Interest, Peter Pandas Party Guild, Phi Xi Nu, Phoenix Covenant, Phoenix Rising, Photographing Guys, Photosynthesis, Phronesis, Pink N Fluffy, Pink Rabbits On The Run, PIRATE, Pistol Gang, placenici, PLAY HARD and Love mommy, PlaygrounD, Pleb Kings, Pleb Nation, Plebania, Point of No Return, Poke The Players, POKEMONZ, Polymorphic Behaviour, Pony Fanclub, Ponyville Patrol, PopCultureReference, Poseídon, POSH CLUB, Possessed, Post Mortem, Potato Paradise, Potato Squad, Power Leveling, Power Light, Power of Light, Power of Pandaria, Power Word Fabulous, Praetorian, Pre Crusaders, Precious Ribbon, Predominance, preeminent, Prepared, Prepot, Prepuzio, Primal, Primal Badass, Prismatic, Private Party, PRKL, PROBLEM OFFICER, Professional Slacker, Profound Velocity, Prohemium, project c, Project Horde, Project One, Project Sloth, PROLETARIA, Prometheus, Prophecy, Pros Under Pressure, Prosjækt Søtti, Protecters Of The Legion, Protectors of Thrall, Proven, Proven Encounters, Prästen Satt På Hästen, Psychedelics, Psychoopaths, Psychopath Monster, Public Enemies, Puff Bank CO, Pugs all Night, Pumped PvP, Punch That Clown, Pure DØGG SHÏT, Pure Harm, Pure Legion, Pure Zyndicate, Puregold, Purple Pixels, Purple Warriors, Purrfect, PvE takes Skill, PveRaiderzZ, PvP Academy, PVP BUDDIES, PvP Elite, pvp gods, PvP Hustlers, PvP is my Style, PvP is not gonna die, PvP Lords, PvP trainer, PvP Trainers, PVPorNAH, PvPremade, PvpTeam, PvPTURK, Pyrox, PÈW PÈW PÈW, Q Dodge All Day, Qonquest Capped, Qt, Quadra Kill, Quantum Moe, Quantum Theory, Radiant Dark, RAGE QUITTING FTW, Ragnarók, Raid and get Laid, Raid hunters, Raiders Inc, Raiders of the Lost Keg, Rainbow Unicorns, Rakettíryhmä, Rakia Sunrise, Rampage As One, Randy, Rank I, Rank One Virgins, RapaX, Rare and Fancy, Rare Spawn, Rauk N Roll, Ravage, RBG, RBG ARENA ELITE KNIGHTS, RBG FTW, rckstar, Rebellions of Draenor, Reborn Oración Seis, Reckless II, RecklessX, Reckoning, Reckoning Reborn, Recreate the System, Recruits of the Rejected, Red Bull All Star, Red Dawn, Red Dwarf, Red Eye Council, Red thunder, RedCupOfTea, Redline Crew, Redline Gaming, Redsail Marines, Regain, Regiment of Courage, Reign Of Blood, Rejected Virgins, Relic, Remember Magni, Renegades Unraveled, RepliCa ntwrkz, Requirements, Reroll, Reserved, Reservoir Dogs, Reshirams, Residents of Heaven, Resilience, Resilience Will Fìx It, Resisposse, Resplendence, Restricted, Resurrection, Resurrection Sickness, Revitalize, Revolution, Revolution Army, Rice Field Raiders, ride till i die, Riders of the apocalypse, Rikkad ja ilusad, Riksdagen, Ring of Wraith, RIOT, Rip Attorney, RipTenSilver, Rise, Rise of Power, Risen Fury, Rising Dream, Roaming Catholics, Roastbeef, Robins crew, Rockstar, Roflcss, Rollin With My Gnomies, Romove, Rongefonden, Roots of Azeroth, Rotterne, Routa, Royal Ancients, Royal Syndicate, Royal Venom, RSK, RUPORN, russians, Ruthless Gamers, Ryupresents, Réunited, Révolution, Rëdbull Kings, RÖyal Army, Røyal Apøthecary Søciety, S Crub, S O V A, S Q U A D, Sacred Kingdom, Sacrimony, Sacrèd, SADDLY, Safe House Staff, Safehaven, Salty Murlocs, Salva, Salvation Army, Samcros, Same, Samurai, Sanction, Sanguis Digne, Sap her then Tap her, Sap it N Tap it, SAP TAP CAP, Sapped Cows Cant Moo, Sapped is Back, Sapphire, Satyricon, Sauce Baws, Sausage Party, Saviour, saybao, Scared Hitless, Schatjes Van Patatjes, Scorpio Rising, Screams of the Past, scrøb deluxe, Scum Of Olympus, sdvxcvxc, Se Ipsum Explicare, Secret of outland, Secret Order Of Bacon, Section Imba, Security, Sedition Theory, Seekers of the Truth, Seems Good, SELFIE, SEMPER IDEM, Semper Paratus, Sempiternal, Senatus, Sera Nocte, Serenîty, Ses på LAN, Set Sail For Epic Failz, Set Saìl for Epic Faíl, sevenfold, Seventh Circle, SFR, Shadow Elites, Shadow Hammer, Shady Dealers, ShAjZePrOmAjA, shameless is nameless, Shaolin Si, Sharks With Lazers, Sharp, Shattered Hope, She gave me Harpies, she was eighteen, She was only nineteen, Shield, Shmala, SHUT UP PVE GUY, Shädøw Empirè, Siberian Bears, Sick bunch of Farmers, Sick Sense, Sifterguild, Sigil of Power, Siisko CREW, Silence, Silent blade, Silhouette, Silicone, Silk and Saronite, Silky Smooth, Silver Alliance, Simplicity, Simplistic, SIMPLY THE BEST, Singularity, Sinisters, Sinners of Honor, Sinners Syndicate, Sixteen and Pregnant, Sjov med Emil, SK SHADOW, Skill Capped, SKILL JK ONE SHOT, Skillcap Achieved, Skilled, SKILLED CAPPED, Skills that pay bills, Skyshard, Skyshatters of Azeroth, Slash, SlashFlex, Slaughter Machine, Slayer Horde, Slayer of Life, Sleepy Time, SleepyCast, Sloth Squad, Sluglife, Smøkers Chøice, SNAKESENSE, Sneakattack, Solar Eclipse, Solidarity, Solitary, Solstitium, Some Kinda Wonderful, Son Of Anarchy, Song of Ice and Fire, Sons Of Alliance, Sons of Anârchy, Sons of Elite, Sons of the Anarchy, Sorry, Sorry Babe Im On CD, sorry team, Soul of the Wild, Soul Reapers, Soul Societiy, Soulbound Outlaws, Soulmasters, souls end, Souls of Etérnity, Source, SOUTH PARRK, Space Marines, Spanish Imperium, Spellbringer, SPIDERMAN THREAD, SpiritedAway, Spiritwalkers, Spooky Scary Skeletons, Spooncraft, SquadPain, Square Balls, Sry Babe im on CD, SSC CREW, St Peters, Stampede OP na buff it, Stand in Fire Dps Higher, StandardProcedure, Star Children, StarCraft Ghost Academy, StarGaze, Starks, Starlight, Stasis, Stature of the Gods, Stay Cool, Stayin Fresh, stealthed, Steel Legion, STOLE MY BIKE, Stoned Again, stop following me, STOP INVITING ME, Stop the horde, Storageone, Storm Society, stormshadow, Stormwind Army, Stormwind Defenders, Stormwinds Club, Stormwinds Guard, STRAIGHT FLEXING, Stranger With Candyz, Stroke my Totem, Stuck at Seventy, subaru, Subdolus, Sublime, Subscriber Only Mode EU, Substance Abuse, Subversion, Succession, such gank much wow, Sulfuras, summer INC DØG CØÜNTER, Sunday Tea, SUNLUTE ENTERTAINMENT, SunnyGirlsWithWetShirts, SUPAR STELTH KOMANDO, SuPaRu Liitto, Super Saiyans, superkings, SUPERMIEHET, Supremacy, Survival of the Fittest, Suspended, Svea Livgarde, Sverige, Swag and Honor, Swag Company, Swag On, Swag Panthers, SWAGGERS, Swaggy alt bank, SWAGLASH TOTEM, Sweaty WoW Addicts, Swebliss Crew, Swedish Lifeblood, Swedish Style, Sweet Retribution, Swiftys lost pinky, Swords of Lordaeron, Sworn to Vanquish, SWPD, Symbiose, Sympathy, Syndicate, Syndícate, Synergi, Synergy Gaming, Sythica Immortus, Sythica Inertia, Särskolan, Séreníty, Söndagsöppet, T R I A D, Taco Gone Bad, Tacticians, Take A Seat, Take A Slash, Take To The Skies, Taken, Tap it and Sap it, Taysty, TBC Heroes, TBG, TDC, Team Alpha, Team Avatar, Team Bandit, TEAM BBQ, TEAM DENMARK, TEAM Heartless, TEAM PØRTUGAL, Team Semper Fi, Team Special, Teamplay, Tech Nine, TEKKEN, Ten Kings, TERRA DACICA, Tha Burning Crusade, ThA FoRsAkEn KiNgZ, That One Guild, The Addams Family, The Arena Masters, The Army Of Two, The Avenging Angels, The Average Loser, The Awakening, The Azeroth Inquisition, The Backpeddlers, The Baddest of Them All, the best, The Blade Order, The Blue, The Blue Alliance, The Blue Dojo, The Blue Unicorns, The Booty Bay Druids, The brave hero, the Bromance, The Burning Legion, The Butterfly Effect, The Chronic, The Club Diabetes, The Collection, The Crimson Order, The Crusade, The Crusades, The Crystal Gems, The Cult, The Dark Arts, The Dark Phoenix, The Dark Sentinels, The Dark Vengeance, The Darklord army, The Darkside, The Demi Gods, The Devil Inside, The Dirty Chaos, The Divine Legion, The Dole Patrol, The Dominion, The Ebon Falcons, The Elder Gods, The Elite Angels, The End of Dreams, the end of the horde, THE END OF THE WORLD, The Enlightened, The Exiled, The Exiled Army, The Expendables, The Fallen Lords, The Fallen Raiders, The Fellowship Of Honor, The Final Stand, The Five Of Us, The Fly, The Foo Guard, The Forever Knights, The Forgotten Chapter, The Forgotten Few, The forgotten Twinks, The Fourth Legion, The Frozen Throne, The Fuzz, The Ganksters, The Gathering, The Gits, THE GLADIATOR, The Godfather, The Godfathers, The Godz Of War, The Golden Company, The Golden Eagle, The Golden Legion, The Goon Squad Reborn, The Great Squad, The Grind, The Guild For Everybody, The Hobbit, The Holy Protector, The Horde Exiles, The Horde Lords, The Illidari Dominion, The Illuminaughty, The Inception, The Incredibad, The insanium, The Iron Pirates, The Journey, The Jukebox Love, The Kings of Azeroth, The knight of plague, The Last Cavalry, The Last Disciples, The Last Shinobi, The Legendary Warriors, The Legion Squad, The lich kings, The Limitless, THE LINE, The Lion Hearts, The Lost Dynasty, The LumberJackers, The Légion, The Maltese Knights, The Massacre, The Men of Letters, The Mental Institute, The Midland Monsters, The Mighty Ones, The Nightfall, The Nihilists, The Northern Lights, The Nub Destroyers, The Odd Ones, The Originals, The Pact, The Pants Clan, The Phantoms, The Power of Twinkerton, The Predators, The Promised Land, The Queen, The Red Killers, The Return Of Oden, The Shadowblades, The shattred legion, The Soulless Mercs, The Special Bus, The Stormwind Casino, The Supremacy, The swedish legends, The Syndicate Harbingers, The Tea Party, The Templars, The Torment of Diablo, The Trashmen, The Tribe Of Elders, The Turmoil, The Turnips, The Twentieth Division, The Two Dwarves, The Unbeaten, The Underdogz, The Undertakers, The Undivine, The Unknowns, The Vanguard of Justice, The Vengeful Assassins, The Vikings, The Waffle Warriors, THE WATCHERS, The Wicked Winchester, The ZBN, 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SQUAD, TRYHARDS, Tuffy maker, Tui and his minions, Tung Biff Kriminell, Tunnel Vision, Turducken, Turkish Delight, Turkish Mafia, Turmoil, TurnDownForWhat, Turtle Heads, Tutti Frutti, Tuxedos, Twinx Club, Twist, Twisted, Twisted Ambition, Twisted Faith, twitch tv restoxd, Two Faced Jokers, Two Steps From Hell, TwoShot, Tye Inc, Typical, Tæskeholdet, U Hate Us Cus U Aint Us, U JELLY, U maad bro, U MAD BRAH, U N I T E D, Ubiquity, UFC, Ultimate Betrayal, Ultimate Carnage, Ultimate Fighting, Ultraviolet, Umad Bro, Umbrella Angels, Unbalanced, Unbowed Unbent Unbroken, UnBørn, Uncensored, Under Reprisal, Undercover Horde, UNDERDAWGZ, Underlight, Undesired, undying knights, Unfading, Unfair Advantage, Unguilded Leftovers, Unholy Union, Unicorn Power, Uninstall, Union, United Against God, United Gamers, UnitedKingdom, Unknown Karma, Unleashed Reborn, Unlimited Performance, Unpleasant Knowledge, Unreality, Unseen Brotherhood, UnskilledNoobs, Unstable Assfriction, Uníty, Up a Hoodz, UPLINE, ur routers on vacation, V E V O, V for Vindi, Valar Morghulis, Valkyries Of Ragnarok, Valley of the Wolves, Vandersexx, Vanguard of Outland, Varian Wrynns last Army, Variance, Vashjir Deep Divers, Vashjir Deepsea Divers, VELENO, Venera, Vengeance, Vengeancé, Vengeful ponanis, venruki, VENSA, Vertiges, Vertigo, Verve, Vesperia, Vi har Alt under Ctrl, Vicious, Vicious Vitality, Victim Transfer, Victorious Reborn, Victorious Secret, View Tube, Vigilanties, VIIVACLAN, Vikingfjord, villain, Vincible, Violent New Breed, Violent Noise, Virginity Lost, VIRGINSENSE, Vision, Visionary, Visual Prowess, Vizzards, Voice of Reason, Voodoo, Vox Nihili, Vreal Sneaky, VRX, Válar Morghulis, Vápenation, Vägilased, Våga Vägra Toffla, W a R, W Omegalul W, Walk In The Park, Wall Street Guilding, Want Fries With That, War Machines, Warcraft EU, Warcraft GO, Warcraft Heroes, WarCrafter, Wardens of Azeroth, Warlords of Doom, Warlords Of Drâenor, Warlords of PvP, Warrior, Warrior of Death, Warsong Guardians, Waschiwawa, waste of time, Way Too Late, We Are Heros, We are imbah ofc xD, We Are Legendary, We Are Not Alone, WE CARE, We Cause Chaos, WE DEM BOYZ, We Dirty Dozen, We Go Down Like Titanic, we gucci bois, We kill scum, We like it from behind, we loves nekogirls, We no speak Americano, We Out Heirloom You, We own the night, WEAREHEREFORTHEMONEYKK, Weeks Behind, Well of Wisdom, Well We Dont Like U, West Coast, West Coast Nagas, Wet Dreams, WET GIRLS SCREAM LOUDER, Whact, What Does The Murloc Say, Whats A Guild, Whats Geming on, Wheelchair Hijackers, WhelpGuards, WHERE DA HOOD AT, Where the Gutties at, whitetrash cheekz irl, WhiteWiddow, Why Always Me, Why not, why so toxic, Wife Swap UK, Wild Cards, Wild Force, Windfury, WinRawr, WinterFall, Winteriscoming, Wipe Spirit, Wipe With Style, Wipealot, Wipefest, Wiping is Wisdom, Wiretap, Without Laws, WOD Champions, Wolfram, woop woop, Words Under My Name, Worked Up Penguins, World of Gold, World of Madnéss, World Of Wankers, World Wild, 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Drama, Fantastic Ten, farewell, Farstrider, FAT SPIDER PUG, fats guild, Fellowship of the Hole, Fifth SIn, Fifth Sin (2), Fire Nation, Flab, Flashmob, flutter, FORCE, Fourteen Inches Unbuffed, Friggan gaming, FROM DUSK TILL DOWN, FunkkiLogs, Furious Puggers, Furybirds, Furze, Furze, Furze, G R I M, GameOver, GameSense, GameSense, GameSense, GAMESENSE, Gamon PUG, Ganka, Genjutsu, GloRy, Gnällbältet, Golden times, goldenfinger, Goldy's log, Good News, Gorrila Unit, Gothia, Gothia, Grand Theft Warhorse, Grand Theft Warhorse, greenatom, Gres DPS, Gris's Personal Logs, Grumpy kittens, GSE, GSE, Guild, Guild App, Guild of Mesìah, Guild of Sayoko, Guildy, Gött Mos, Hammerfall, Happy Squad, Happyday, Hardcore Casuals, HAS ACHIEVED GOD STATUS, Hateit_Gulid, HaxEliteN, haz, hdasm, Healthscare, HEARTBREAK, Helion, Hellbikers Kill Fight, hellscream angels, Hellscreams Angels, Heretic, Heri_Logs, Herpi derp, Herrkrabba test, Hervanta All Stars, Hesten Gaming, hh, High Infidelity, High Infidelity, High Infidelity, High Infidelity, High Infidelity, High Infidelity(10), Hishiryo, Hjältar som tältar, Hjältar som tältar, Hjältar som Tältar, HJältar som Tältar, Hoarders, Honor Capped, Honourbound, Honourbound, Honourbound, Honourbound, Howl Of Terror, huhwah, HuN, HuN, i need log, i need logs, I stab, I stab, I Stab, I Stab Your Face, I Stab Your Face, Iavo/Perra, If Carlsburg Did Priests, Ikk Lavet Penge, Ilikeeggs, Illusion, Illyrium, Immanence, Immortal Outlaws, Immortalium, In Vogue, Indestructible, induce, Inexorable Fate, Infamous, Infamous, Infamous, Infront, Infusionz, Inglorious Dynasty, inner core, Inner Core, Innervate, Innervate, Innervate, Innervate, Innervate, Insight, Inspiring, Inte Helt Hundra, Intensity, Intent, Invalid Character, Invalid Targèt, iPvP, IS PRO, IStab, Isthas logs, it was JUSTIFIED, Italian Spiderman, Its SO fluffy, Ive, Jackzzs, Jass's logs, JessLogs, Jhinxi's, JIMBIZZLE BEST GUILD WORLD LOL, Justice For All, Justice For All, Justice For All, justice for all , Kabba, Kaesch, kalmaroldtimers, kap, keepin it hest, Keppo, Kersti Logs, Kindred, Kinsquad, Kjem, Koaja Shuffle's , KOHTELEN SUA KU NAISTA, Korpi, Kostajat, Krayzee World of Logs, Krayziee, L E G I T, Lada, Laneraa, las sarmas, Laser Guided Taco, Last Order, Last Order, Legendary Saga, lethallogs, Level and Socialize, lexea, LFR Test, Lights Out, Like We Tried, Lilleke, lillwockeeeeerere, LiteBrite, Live and Let Live, LL, Llkïdo, Loggy logs are loggy, logstore, Loyal to Garrosh, Luisa and various PUGs, Luisa's fictional guild, lulshax, Lynesse, Magnitude, mahdi comon wtf, Majestictwelfe, Malice in Wonderland, Malice in Wonderland, Malice in Wonderland, Malice in Wonderland, Manu propria, Manu Propria, Manu Propria, Marbles, mary moo cows, Mary Moo Cows, Mary Moo Cows, Mary Moo Cows, Masticore, Mathador, Mcpouty's Logs, McZow, me, Me, Megakiler kils universums :D, Mendaw, Mensai logs, Metaphor X, Midian, Mindmelt's logs, Mirabile, Misanthrope, MOISTY BOYZ, MOISTY BOYZ, Multiworld, Muppets of Terror, MvP, myboxxyguild, Mystique, Myth, Mýth, Nainora playing Beta, Nebula, Necromaniak, NekoOpsArmy, Nel, Nephilim, Neryaf, New Dawn Rising, New Era, Next, Nexus logs xd, Nice, Nightmare Asylum, Nightmare Asylum, Nightmares Asylum, Nightmares Asylum, Nightmares Asylum, Nikos DPS , Nimlord, No NaMeS, No NaMeS, No NaMeS, no tears or regrets, Nocte Venatus, NOISE, NoMads, NON , noname, Nostalgia, Not Enough KEBAB, Not for Hire, nothing to prove, Nuc Aut Nunquam, Nuke Society, NW, nyctobesteu, Nyx, Nyx, Nyx, Oborstade Hönor, OD Gaming, Offline, Ominous, Ominous, Omnia, Ophiuchus, orangegirl, Order, Order, Order, Order, OrderOfTheBlackRose, Origin, Origin, Otpisani, Out of Date, Out of Nowhere, Out of Nowhere, Outbreak, outland, outlandpug, Oxus, P h o e n i x, P h o e n i x, P R I M E, P R I M E, Paradox, Parahidia, Pater Componat, Peanuts, pekonimiehet, Perfection, Performance, Perkele, Permanent Solution, Phyrexians, Phyrexians, Pilutta Dig, Precept, Prediction, Prepared, Prima Terra, Private Logs, Progression, Project Overrated, Prosperity, Prostidudes, Protostar, Proven Encounters, Psychedelics, Psychedelics, Psychedelics, Psychedelics, pug, Pug, PuG, PUG, PuGftw, Pugs for pro's, Pugzzzz, Pug´s, Pug´s, Quite..., Ra., Radiant Dark, RaiBoosted, RAJM Outland, RAlogzz, rami bader, rammers, Random, randomPUG, Randoms, Randomstuff, randomupload, Randomz, Rangers of Arnor, rankyo, Raven, Rebuke, Red Light District, Reforged, Reforged, Regain, Regain, Relentless Lulz, Relic, Relic, Remember Magni, Remember Magni, Remember Magni, Report, Reserved, Reserved, Restokin PUGS, Resurrection, resurrection 10, Revoltados, Rise, Rmplol, Ruin, Ryans log, Rénegadés, Réunited, Réunited, Révolution, RÖyal Army, S e v e n t h, Sanctum, Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanity Requiem, Scandinavian Mafia, Scandinavian Maifa, Scarlet Brigade, Schooiermous, scun, SealCubClubbingClub, Second Wave, Semper Fi, Sepul, setonia, Sherea, ShereaWOL, Sherezade run, si señor, Sick, Sick sense, Sick Sense, Sick Sense, Sifters, Sigil, Simple People, Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity, Sinister, Sink Hole, Siu, SkaaX, skazz, skolsyster, Slaybellz, Smash, SNAKES, Snoobbdogi, Snownova Fanbois, Social, Social Democracy, Solidarity, Solidarity, Solidarity, Solidarity, Solidarity, Solidarity, Solitude, Solo, sorry team, Spirit Healers, Spoonfeeders, Spoonfeeders, SpoonfeedersSeto, src, SSC CREW, Staind, Star, stattiic, StorMrtoS, street boys, Strife, Sténsture, subconsciously delirious, Subconsciously Delirious, Subconsciously Delirious, Succession, Sunfury, SunGaming, SunGaming, swag, Swag company, Swag Company, Swedbank AB, Switchback, Sz, Szybkas Logs, Tabula Rasa, Tabula Rasa, TAE, TAE, Taken, Taken, Taken, Taken, Taken, TAKEN, TBG, tempguild, Terminus, test, test , test - guards, Test 1 , Test Guild, Test Logs, TestGG1, Testing, Testing stuff, TestingForApply, The BoT, The Bronzebeard Clan, The Bronzebeard Clan, The cake is a lie, The Cake is a Lie, The cake is not a lie, The Chaos Engine, The Codex, The Conspiracy, The Conspiracy, The Cursed Server, The Dark Sentinels, The Dark Vengeance, The Dark Vengeance, The Demi Gods, The Espada, The Espada, The Espada, The Exiled, The Exiled , The Fallen Aid, The Gits, The Heroic Legion, The Last Disciples, The Madhouse, The Rose and the Raven, The Seekers_001, The Seven, The Squirtle Squad, The Sunday Casual, The Uprising, The Uprising, The Uprising, The Verdict, The Wicked Winchester, Thexterax, THINK, Thuzad's WOL, Tortam Fatum, Totie, TOWN, Trasan, Treat, Treat Fanclub, Treeyo, Trialforapp, trololologs, trololololol, Troph log, Trumman Trumman, TU chemnitz, Tìnies , ulversson, underlight, Underlight, Underlight, Underlight, Underpants Gnomes, Union, Union, Union, Union, United, United Battlegroup, Up a Hoodz, Up a Hoodz, V A N Q U I S H, valiant, Vanquished, Vanquished, Vanquished, Vanquished (Ekta), Var e VargeN, Various Diffrence, Vel's Logs, Verdict, Veritas, Veritas et Aequitas, Vertinrate Fun Club, vesperia, Vesperia, Vesperia, Vesperia, Vi Tar All i Tvåan, Victaeron, vilko brolija, Vilko Brolija, Vilko's Major PewPew, Violent Noise, Voice of Many, Voice of the Many, VoxnaPartiet, WAASFAWD WTF CANT MOVE, wakamole, wamda, Warlock BETA crew!, Ways to die, We Die A Lot, We Made It, We No Speak Americano, wedfwdfw, weekly pug, Wells of Silence, Why must i cry, WidowMaker, Wipefest, wishers, Wolfclaw, Woot, World of Gearscore, World Of Log Apps, wus, X2, xanatos gambit, Xendria-Ättestupan, Xeon, Xeon, Xeon, Xeon, Xeon, Xeon, Y U NO, yield to none, YOU WA SHOCK, Yummer logs , Zaarish, Zealous, Zerps amazing gropie club, Zeus, Zeus, Zeus, Zeus, Zeus, Zeusluts, Zods WOL, Zynced Logs, Zyzolol, ÄLG, Älska Jaras, Ättestupan, Ättestupan, Ättestupan1, ínfernal, Ðêà, Ðëåthztrïké , Örebronx

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