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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Kamikaze Penguins EU-Nordrassil Alliance 11 11
League of Shadows EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 922
Mystic EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 719
Mental EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 650
Antebellum EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 462
Virtuous EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 343
Last Legion EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 290
Lucid Dream EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 262
Prepared EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 196
Temple of Bachus EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 77
Sanctus EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 73
Made in Poland EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 60
Musketeers EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 47
Blackboard None Horde 0 43
Consequence EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 41
Skies of Doom EU-Bronze Dragonflight Horde 0 36
Porci con le Mount EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 28
Sloth EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 27
The Gauntlet EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 27
Warriors of the Moon None Alliance 0 27
Protectors of Funk EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 26
Napakymppi EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 25
Daylight EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 22
DBT EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 22
Chandria EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 20
Paradigm EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 20
Fallen Legion EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 19
The Gauntlet Alt Runs EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 19
Damnatio EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 15
DW's logs EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 15
Redemption of Phobos EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 15
Heaven Reborn EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 13
Team Myth EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 12
Honourbound EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 10
Damnatio EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 9
Epoch EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 9
FL Alt EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 9
The Gauntlet 2 EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 9
Consequence EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 8
Order of the Banshees EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 8
Anzen HPS EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 7
Valerius EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 7
Corrupted EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 6
Useless EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 6
Forever Young EU-Bronze Dragonflight Horde 0 5
ShowMeYourCrits EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 5
Solaris EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 5
The Fallen Angels EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 5
Theorem EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 5
Antica Fratellanza EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 4
Casualties EU-Bronze Dragonflight Horde 0 4
pugsy EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 4
Snaggy Ratings EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 4
testnz EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 4
The Knights Who Say Ni EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 4
The ThunderCats EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 4
VoidZone EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 4
XBackup EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 4
Zaru EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 4
Althelogs EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 3
for the lulz EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 3
Foundation EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 3
Ground Zero EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 3
I Legio Italica EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 3
Infusion EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 3
Miralogs EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 3
Phylumists EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 3
Protector of the Light EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 3
Team Aimu EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 3
The guardians of Faith EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 3
Umf EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 3
Useless EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 3
Akala EU-Bronze Dragonflight Horde 0 2
Bada Bing Club EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 2
Binding EU-Bronze Dragonflight Horde 0 2
Casual Craft EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 2
Chengshe EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 2
Dusk3 EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 2
Funny Guild Name EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 2
hysteria EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 2
HáVóK EU-Bronze Dragonflight Horde 0 2
idontexist EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 2
Ludens EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 2
Randomness EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 2
Resurrection EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 2
Sojin is life EU-Bronze Dragonflight Horde 0 2
The DutchFriends EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 2
The Forgotten Empire EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 2
The Magic Guild EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 2
unleashed EU-Bronze Dragonflight Horde 0 2
Action Figure TM EU-Bronze Dragonflight Horde 0 1
Aegis Requiem EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 1
Axis EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 1
Caina's Logs EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 1
conflagration EU-Bronze Dragonflight Horde 0 1
CONSEQUENCE EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 1
Deities of Infinity EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 1
Dirty Deeds EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 1
Dream EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 1
EvilElite EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 1
Eximius EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 1
For The Horde EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 1
Foundation EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 1
Freedom Knights EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 1
guild of vilage ideots None Alliance 0 1
Infernal EU-Bronze Dragonflight Horde 0 1
Italian empire EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 1
Kink EU-Bronze Dragonflight Horde 0 1
KonKi EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 1
Made in Poland EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 1
Martyrs EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 1
mewitzyy EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 1
midevil EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 1
Mighty Logs EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 1
Myst EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 1
Phalanx EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 1
Phylumists EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 1
PR Disaster EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 1
Pride of Greyskull EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 1
Pride of St George EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 1
Rude EU-Bronze Dragonflight Horde 0 1
Sanctus Immortalis EU-Bronze Dragonflight Horde 0 1
Shiz EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 1
The Gauntlet EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 1
Tripudio Morbus EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 1
Universal Exports EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 1
Urban Myths EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 1
Vesuvius EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 1
Vilperi EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 1
Wolf Guards EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 1
Xavastrasz's logs EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 1
Zelthius None Horde 0 1
43region None Alliance 0 0
A New Hope None Alliance 0 0
Afterlife None Alliance 0 0
Antebellum Group 2 None Alliance 0 0
Anáriel None Alliance 0 0
Avalanche None Alliance 0 0
BDFBeyond None Horde 0 0
Blackboard MoP None Horde 0 0
Change of Heart None Alliance 0 0
Change of Heart None Alliance 0 0
ciel None Alliance 0 0
Consequence None Alliance 0 0
Cool Runnings None Alliance 0 0
Darth Raiders None Horde 0 0
Darth Raiders None Horde 0 0
Derp None Alliance 0 0
Dignified None Alliance 0 0
Duffa None Alliance 0 0
Dutchlegion None Horde 0 0
DysOrder None Horde 0 0
Easy Company None Alliance 0 0
Elriondil's Logs None Horde 0 0
Equilibrium None Alliance 0 0
Error Thirty Seven None Alliance 0 0
Faithfull None Alliance 0 0
Fakeguild None Alliance 0 0
Fear Factory None Alliance 0 0
Fear Factory None Alliance 0 0
Finally None Horde 0 0
Flare None Alliance 0 0
Flare None Alliance 0 0
Fluffy Cuddle Bunnies None Horde 0 0
Fluffy Cuddle Bunnies None Horde 0 0
Fluffy Cuddle Bunnies None Horde 0 0
Forever Young None Horde 0 0
Forever Young None Horde 0 0
Fortitude None Horde 0 0
Foundation None Alliance 0 0
Fury Logs None Alliance 0 0
Ginnunga None Alliance 0 0
Ginnunga None Alliance 0 0
Gold guild None Alliance 0 0
Grayz Logs None Horde 0 0
Greyskull None Alliance 0 0
Haineko None Alliance 0 0
Horde Empire None Horde 0 0
Horizon EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 0
Hypnotic None Alliance 0 0
Ibslihibovic EU-Nordrassil Alliance 0 0
Incite None Alliance 0 0
Independant EU-Bronze Dragonflight Alliance 0 0
Inflexion None Alliance 0 0
Inspiration None Horde 0 0
Inspiration None Horde 0 0
karnage None Horde 0 0
LaddtorskTM None Alliance 0 0
Laganum None Alliance 0 0
Lethal Industry II None Horde 0 0
Light of Poland None Alliance 0 0
Limitless None Horde 0 0
Lioncourt None Alliance 0 0
Log Horizon None Horde 0 0
Made for logs None Alliance 0 0
Made in Poland None Alliance 0 0
Mizéry None Horde 0 0
Mortalis None Horde 0 0
My logs EU-Nordrassil Horde 0 0
My Logs None Alliance 0 0
myraidlogs None Horde 0 0
Napakymppi - Noraessas logs None Horde 0 0
Napalm in the Morning None Horde 0 0
Napalm In The Morning None Horde 0 0
NebuIa None Alliance 0 0
Nemesis None Horde 0 0
Neothos None Alliance 0 0
nightsshadow None Alliance 0 0
noobs with epics None Alliance 0 0
Noqte Logs None Alliance 0 0
Obsidian None Alliance 0 0
oops wrong button None Alliance 0 0
P0rnstars* None Alliance 0 0
Painkillers None Horde 0 0
Parampampsz None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix None Horde 0 0
Pro Finlandia None Alliance 0 0
ProF R1 None Alliance 0 0
Project Bear None Alliance 0 0
PROTECTOR of the LIGHT None Alliance 0 0
Radysman None Horde 0 0
Raiders Of The Lost Orc None Horde 0 0
Ravenous None Horde 0 0
Regenerated None Alliance 0 0
reko's log None Alliance 0 0
Rooibos None Alliance 0 0
RYAN None Alliance 0 0
Röbö None Alliance 0 0
Selfish None Alliance 0 0
Silicon Heaven None Horde 0 0
silverflare syndicate None Alliance 0 0
Silverflare Syndicate None Alliance 0 0
Slow logs None Alliance 0 0
Snaggy Ratings None Alliance 0 0
Somewhere in Hell None Alliance 0 0
Spiritus Asper None Alliance 0 0
StarLogs None Alliance 0 0
Stormrage None Horde 0 0
Suis logs None Horde 0 0
Svea Rike None Alliance 0 0
T2 None Alliance 0 0
TC None Alliance 0 0
Teddy Bears Are Cute None Alliance 0 0
The Old Guard None Horde 0 0
The Old Guard None Horde 0 0
The Royal Order None Alliance 0 0
Thermal Shock None Alliance 0 0
They Shall Not Pass None Alliance 0 0
Thunderbums None Alliance 0 0
Toxic None Horde 0 0
Traumattomat None Alliance 0 0
Treant Logs Ltd None Alliance 0 0
Trinity None Alliance 0 0
Trinity None Alliance 0 0
Valerius None Alliance 0 0
Valerous None Alliance 0 0
Verendum None Horde 0 0
Veto None Alliance 0 0
Whoring 101 None Alliance 0 0
Wonderland None Alliance 0 0
Xhanti None Horde 0 0
Zed's sneaky logs None Alliance 0 0
Zorgz-testy-logs None Alliance 0 0
Сеарм None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

[MiP] Made in Poland, A Guild, A New hope, A New Hope, A New Hope, Aallyshaman, Absolution, Action Figure TM, Addiction, Addiction, Addiction (rl), Aegis, Aegis, Aequa lanx, Aeternum Vale, akitsa, Alapítvány, All stars, Alpha, Amadeo Raiding Escapades, Ameríssis, Amicitia, Ancientz, Anoms, Antebellum Group 2, Apatheia, Apatheia, Apatheia, Apocalyptic, Apocalyptic, Apocalyptic, Apollyon, Arathi Asylum, Ascendent, Ascendent, Ascendent, Ascension, Ascension, asdf, askabar, ATDF, Atonement, audacia, Authorised Persons Only, Axis, Axis, Axis, Bachus, Bad Horse, Bad Horse, Bada Bing Club, Bada Bing Club, Banoffee Pie, Bate, Bavlet, beyond and above, Binding, Binding, Blackadder, BlackAdder, BlackAdder, BlackAdder, BlackAdder-Hit, Blackboard, Blackboard, Blackboard, Blackboard, Blackboard, Blackboard, Blackboard, Blackboard, Bladerunners, Blaze of Glory, Blezzi, Blood and Tears, Bloodcreed, Bloodhawks, Born to Survive, Born To Survive, Bozie, Brave vesperia, Breakfast & Cookies, Brigada, Brofessional, Brutality, Bunnikins, burger, Burning Dawn, Buyout, Casual Craft, Casuals, Cataclysm, Cataclysm, Cataclysm, cataclysm knights, CC, Change of Heart, Chronicle, Clan, Clan of the MacDhatty, Cliche, Cliché, Colazione da Tiffany, Compendium, Conquisition, Contra Mundum, Conversion, Cookie Brigade, Cookie Brigade, Cookie FtW, cool runnings, Cool Runnings, Corrbolt, Craig's List, Crappy Logs Incorporated., Crime Time, Crime Time, Crime Time, Cruncheh, Crymore, Crypt, Crypt, csg, Ctrl Alt Destroy, Dark Agenda, Dark Agenda, Dark Agenda, Dark Heroes, Dark Motives, DarkHeroes, Darkside of The Dragon, Darktedlogs, Darth Raiders, DD, De Oranje Leeuw, Dead end, Death by Turtle, Death By Turtle, Death Row Raiding, Death Row Raiding, Death Row Raiding, Death Row Raiding, Death Wish, deathless, Deathless, Deathless, Deathwhisper, Decakill, Decakill, Decepticons, Deep Purple, Deep Purple, Defenders of the Realm, Defiancé, defile, Defile, Defy, Deities of Infinity, Delight, Den danske liga, Destiny Keepers, Dethroned, Devils Advocates, Diablo, Diabolic Edict, Dignified, discobabydps, Dissidence, Dissidence, Dissidence, Dissidence1, Distortion, Distortion, Diversus, Divided We Fall, Divided We Fall, divine intervention, Divine Intervention, Doeballs, dojo, Dojo, Dojo, Doom Troopers, Dream, Dremora, Dummy, Dummy, Dusk, Dusk2, Dutchhealer LFG, Echo, Echo, EGD, EKOD, Electra, Elysion, elämä, Elämä, Emerald Dawn, enslave, Epoch, epsilon, Epsilon, Equilibrium, Equilibrium, Equilibrium, Equilibrium, Ergo, Eternal Darkness, Ethos, Ethos, A New Hope, Aces, Action Figure TM, Aegis Requiem, Alt of Browar, Apatheia, Art of Fighters, Audacia, Authority, Azeroth Warlords, Balance, Bank of Idravyos, Banking guild, Banksy, Binding, Blackened, Bladerunners, Blood and Vengeance, Blood Bound, Bláck Knights of Gilneas, Branch of Sin, Built For Sin, Burning Blade, Burst, Cahoots, Call My Thunder Bluff, Can i have a cookie, Casualties, Change of Heart, Chaos Breed, CHILDREN OF WAR, Christianity, Coholts, Compendium, Council of Light, Creepy Angels, Crimson Chaos, Ctrl Ált Destroy, Dark legion, Dark Souls, Dawn Of The Dead, Deadly Potatoes, Death by Turtle, DeathCrusaders, Defending Dutchies, Deities of Infinity, Devils Of Ace, Devotion, Dirt, Disciples of Lunk, Divine Retribution, Dragon Ryders, Dreamcoré, Dwarven Valkyries MC, Echo, Emerged, Envy, Error Guild Not Found, Eternal Guard, Evermore, Evil Army Of Pie, Evolved, Exalted with your Mother, Executioner, Familjen, Fear Factory, Fellowship of Casuals, Five Dollah, Flare, For Fun, Forever Young, FortyTwo, Freaks, Frostmourne, Frosty, Frozen Flames, FTS, Gief me Money, Glory Raiders, Gobble Horsecoque, Gold Addict, Gold Dust, Guild of Fatboyisbest, Guild of Profits, guild of vilage ideots, Hades Rising, Hailstorm, Halifax, Heros Of The Alliance, Holy Crit, Hooked on WoW, Hordes Of The Night, Hypnotic, Héx, Incinite, Indoor Kidz, Infamous, Insignia, Is Pretty Much Awesome, Jade lotus elites, JANTTERIT ONLINE, Jinx, John Five, Just CoS, Kaotic Krew, Kharazan Chess Team, KingSlayerPvP, Kink, Knights Of Elune, Knights of the void, Legend, Legends of BDF, Legends Whisper, Legion of Ares, Legion of the Dumbed, Lets Drink Milk, Lights Guardians, LittleBigGuild, LocalAreaGamers, lolgang, Lords of Warcraft, Los Jalapeños, Loves Secret Domain, Lucid Dream, M e r c y f u l, M O I S T, Martyrs, Mattsucks, MemoryLeak, Mercy Flush, Meroeht, Missing in âction, Mizéry, Molten Core Swim Team, MOTA, My guild, Mythic, Nameless Call, Never Say Never, Noble Ones, Northern Warhost, Noxious, Old Angels, OMG BRB ICE CREAM TRUCK, OMG WHO TALKED TO JAINA, Oops Wrong Button, Ordo Hydra, Other Insanity, Outer Hope, Pandaran Knights, Pendragon, Plants VS Zombies, Pointless Limited, Primal Darkness, Primal Elements, Protectors of Funk, Pure Brutality, Purged, RageQuit, RAGNARÖK, Rags to Riches, Rebels Crusade, Rebels of Chaos, Reborn, Red Armor, Regenerated, Rejection, Relentléss, RememberWe, Revenant, Revenge of the Noobs, Revenged, Revitalize, Risen, Ruby Masquerade, Sapphire, Sauna, Serious Casual, Silicon Heaven, Sinners and Saints, Social leveling Guild, Solomons Choice, Soul Unity, Specialist, Stormrage, Stupidity, SURFING THE MAELSTROM, Swarm, Sword of vengeance, Swords of the Dawn, Sílverwíng Sentínels, Tainted Faith, Tainted Toilets, Templar Knights, The Best Guild For You, The Betrayed, The Blood Dragons, The Brotherhood of War, The Bítchs Bank, The Dark Crusade, The Dark Embrace, The Dark Legends, The Defiant Few, The Elunatics, The English Brotherhood, The Epics, The Explorer, THE FIERY FIGHTERS, The Force of Nature, The forsaken Alliance, The Golden Coin, The Golden Legion, The Great Vikings, The lazy ones, The Legends Dawn, The Magic Guild, The Mighty Bóosh, The Mockers, The Nahrartium, The Pub, The Red Rose, The Reformed Illuminati, The Riders Of The Dead, The Ronin, The Rose Garden, The Steam Legionnaires, The Undecided, The Undeåd Båndits, The Vanilla Gang, The Zavi family, Theorem, Theory, Thralls Elites, Ties of Chaos, Transcendent, TrusT, Twierdza, Twisted Endeavours, Twisted Souls, U Cant Touch This, Unholy Lords of Azeroth, UnPolished, USS Voyager, Valorous, Veni Vidí Vici, Vikings from Hell, Vikings of the North, Við ert Hjörð, Void Zone, Volition, Wall Street, way of the dragon, Wicked Beasts, Wings Of The Valkyrie, Wonderland, Words Under My Name, Wrath of Dark Fate, Wrath of Kermit, Wspaniale Alluchy, X Ratedd, Xstylos Army, Xtreme, Zenith, Zito Ma Diku, Ñoobs with Epics, All Guild Perks, Alliance, Alliance In Disguise, Amnesia, Animosity, Antebellum, Anyone for a pint, Axis, Azeroth Savings and Loan, Azeroths Dark Knights, Bad Horse, Bada Bing Club, Balls Deep, Bane, Bank More, Bank of Bob, Banoffee Pie, Battleground, Beautiful Chaos, Bemba Goes Fishing, Big Bank, Blasted Puppy, Bloodshed Legion, Boosted Animal, Brb my Cat is On Fire, Brewmasters, Bro Squad, Brofessional, Brutal, Cafe do Sr Nelio no WoW, CAR ITALIAN LEGION, cashmoney, Casual Craft, CEKC, Celtic Warriors, Chaos Control, Chaos Corporation, Citadel, city slickers, Collectors, Conquisition, Consequence, Contra Mundum, Cool Runnings, Cosmic Nova, Cost Ten Silver, Crime Time, Cult of RNGesus, Danes With Benefits, Dark Chaos, Dark omen, Darkside of the Dragon, Darkthorne, Darth Raiders, Death By Turtle, Descendants of Azeroth, Despair, Dignified, Division Exploiters, Dominance, Dragon Fire, Dragon Knights of azuri, Dream, DrunkenMonkeys, Easy Company, Eccentricity, EGD, Electra, Elementum, Equilibrium, Erudite Psychopaths, Eternity, EvilElite, Evolution Knights, Eye of Storm, Faith No More, Fallen Legion, Family, Farmer Clan, Fearless Rejects, Fluffy Cuddle Bunnies, For The Horde, Forces Of The Horde, FORTITUDE, fun and kills, Get into da Choopa, Guardians of Faith, Guild Name Here, Guild Perks, Hanerchef, Heaven Reborn, Hollands Glorie, Holy, Horda Balkanaca, Horde Empire, Horde Supremacy, Hordes Most Wanted, How I Met Your Murloc, HSBC, HUNS, Illyria, Im to cool for school, Immortality, Imperium Sanctus, In Hoc Signo Vinces, Indigo Prime, Infuria, Innocent Criminals, Insanity, Just Killin, kamelot, Karnage, kings man, Laganum, Lazy By Nature, Leftovers, Legends Of Sade, Legion Of The Tide, Lights Out, Look at my horse, Lords of the Underworld, Ludens, Mad Hatters Tea Party, ManlyGuild, Maverick Renegades, Mecha Ownage, Midnight Storm, Mini Bane, MMOs Before Hoes, ModusVivendi, MoltenCore Workshop, MortaIis, Mortality, Most Wanted Guild, Mystic, Napakymppi, NebuIa, Nether, No, Nocte Cruenta, Nordic pirates, Nutsy, Obviously a Bank, Old Flames, Ollasio, One sap and a Ninja cap, Order of the Banshees, OSLO POLITI, Pandaland, Perks, Pharcanal, Phobophobia, Porci Con Le Mount, Portugal Style, Praetoriani, Premonition, Primal Light, Pro Finlandia, Problem, Punishers, Rainbow Turtles, Rekt, Resurrection, richardbank, Richest People on Realm, Rootless, Royal, Royal Apothecary Society, Shadows Of Fear, Shield and Friend, Silverflare Syndicate, Simples, Sinister, Slackers Inc, Slash Moon, Slaves of Sin, Sloth, Soppatorsk, Soulbound, Steaks On A Plain, Strougka, Such Wow Many guild, TaurenForge, Team Myth, Temple Of Bachus, The Awakening, The Bank Of IKEA, The Blood Betrayers, The Brothers Grim, The Burning Crew, The claw of the horde, The Coroners, The deathly gang, the dutchhorde, The Energy Guardians, The Enlightened Ones, The Exceptionals, The First Legion, The Forgotten Empire, The Gauntlet, The Jolly Rogers, the legend, The Legends of Horde, The Reaperz, The Seventh Skin Ltd, The Shadow Council, The ThunderCats, The Turtle Sanctuary, Tornado of Souls, Trinity, True Stormwind, U FACE JARAXXUS, UK Legend, UKAliance, Underestimated, Unfiltered Profanity, Veterans, victory or deáth, Wasted Abilities, wepwnu, Who Gave The Order, Woops dropped the soap, Wraiths and Strays, Wreckin Crew, Yayxarnia, Yippee ki Yay, Young Wild and Free, Zero, ZOMG NINJA PIRATE SQUAD, Ásgarðr, Evolutionised, Exception, Executionary, Exiledpala, Exzile, Failed, Faithfull, Fallen, Fallen Legion - Mecha's Annoying Duplicate Logs!, Fear Factory, Fear Factory, Finally, FIRE I BREATH GOD DAMN, Flamers log, Flare, Flawless, Flawless Equilibrium, Fluffy Cuddle Bunnies, fluffycuddles, Flush, For the Horde , Forever Young, Forgotten Legacy, ForTheHorde, Fortitude, Foundation, Foundation, Foundation, Foundation, freddie, Frostmourne, Frostmourne, FURIOUS ASS RAGE, Fusion, FZ, G.A.N.F, Ginnunga, Ginnunga, Ginnunga, Gli Scappati di Casa, GoF, Good News Everyone, Ground Zeroes, Grudge, Grunkhspersonal, Guardians Of Faith, Guild of vilage ideots, HaoLogs, hardashell, Haven, HavoC, Heady, Heart of the phoenix, Heart of The Phoenix, Heaven Reborn, Hello Kitty Island, Hepriel's logs, Herm for President, herpderp, Holier Than Thou, Holy Alliance, Homage, Honourbound, Honourbound, Hoordes Most Wanted, Horde Empire, Horde GDKP runs, Horgh, Horizon, Horizon, Horizon, Horizon, Horizon, Horizon, Hotfixed, Hotfixed, Hurrbinger's Logs, Hypnotic, I BREATHE GOD DÂMN FIRE, I BREATHE GOD DÂMN FIRE, I Legio Italica, IBGDF, ibgdf ---tj, Ice, Ickyz, Icy Touch, Idonthaveaguild, If in doubt AFK out, Illegals, Illyria Souls, Impartial, Imperial protectors, In Hoc Signo Vinces, Incursio, Incursio, Indomitable, Infamy, infernal, Infernal, Infernal, Infernal, Inflexion, Inflexion, Inflexion, Inflexion, Infliction, Infliction, inflictium private, Inibriati, Intense, Intense, Intense, Intoxicated, Intoxicated, intuition, Intuition, Intuition, Italian Elite, Italian Murloc Inc, Italian Pro Fighters, Itchy's logs, Ivory, Jade Island Warriors, Jadefall, jammy dodgers, Jarx logs/ranking, Jehonatan, jikininki, joaquin and friends, JustinFanClub, karnage, Karnage, kink, KiNK, Kissy4ever, knights of death, knights of eld, Known, Konki-Secondary, Kovota, Kung Fu Pandas, Kwaidan, Kwaidan2, Kyl, Kyl, Kyl, Kyl, Kyl, Kyl, Kyl, KylDel, Last Legion, Late Knights, league of shadows, League of Shadows, League of Shadows Team 2, Legend of Elune, Legion Of Heroes, Lethal Industry, LFR Logs, Liberatio, Light of Poland, Light of Poland, Lights Guardians, Limitless, Little Heroes, logs, Lords of Retardia, LoS, M2, Made in Poland, made in poland, Made in Poland, Made in Poland, Made in Poland, Made in Poland, Made In Poland, MADE IN POLAND, Magnificent, MaK, MakMak, Martyrs, Maverick Renegades, Mecha's Cool Kids, meltytest, Mental, Mental, Mental, Meow, Methylene tests, mewitz, Midnight Storm, Midnight Storm, Mike's Log, Mitch, MLIT, MMXII, MombayraLog, Momentum, Momentum, Momentum, Momentum, Momentum, Momentum-10mans, Momentum1, Morituri, Mortalis, Mortalis, Mortalis, Mortality, Murloc Holmes, Mutiny, My guild of falsehood for my logs stupid, myguild23456, napakymppi, Napakymppi, Napalm, NapkinsLOGS, Natural Selection, naVitas, Nemesis, NewPendulum, Nightmare, Nihilo, Nisiar, Nocte Cruenta, Nocturnal, Noguild, Noobs with Epics, Nordrassil, Nordrassilius, Now, nócturnal, Ohnoitspaul, ONITALL, Oops Wrong Button, Oops Wrong Button, Orda Anomala, Orda Anomala, Our Way, Overcard, Painkillers, Painkillers, Paradigm, Pariah, Pendulum, Pendulum, Perpetuus, Personal Raid Info, phaex, Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix Knights, Phoenix Rising, Phoenix Rising, Phoenix Rising, Phylumists, pikachu, Pioneers, Pioneers, Pioneers, Pioneers, Pioneers, Pirates of the Cold Sea, Pirates of the Cold Sea, popniitti, Postmortem, Power of Fire, Premonition, Premonition, Premonition, Premonition, Preschool, Pride, Princes of Azeroth, Priores, Pro Finlandia, Pro Finlandia, Pro Finlandia, Pro Finlandia LFR etc., Prodigal Sun, Prodigal Sun 2, Protectors of Funk, Protectors of Funk, Pug, PuG, Pug Run, pugged, Pulse, Pulse, Pulse, Pulse, Pulse, Punishers, Pure Destiny, Pure Destiny, Pure Mojo, Purged, Purged, Quake, Radical Outlaws, RageQuit, Raiders of the Lost Orc, Raiders of the Lost Orc, Random pugs , randomlogs, Rebel crusade , Reborn of Aegis, Recoome, Red Eyed Tokers, Regenerated, Regression, Regression, renegade, Resurrection2, Retardation is Rewarded, Revitalize, Revive, Risen Glory, Risen Glory, Risen GLory, rising stars, rising stars, Rising Stars, Romanes Eunt Domus, Rookkionly, Rothassia, saima, Sanctus, Sanctus, Scaena Enterprise, scarred, Scattered Clan, Seal of Fate, Seal of Fate, Semprefi, Serenade, Serendipity, Set To Fail, Shadows Of Fear, Siggy, Silicon Heaven, Silicon Heaven, Simia Infinata, simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity raid 2, Skies of Doom, Smallpoch, Smolder, Solidarity, Solidarity, Sorkfeber, Soul Assasins, Sovereign, Sovereign, Stalemate HPS, Stealhammer's Elites, Stormrage, Stormrage, Sug, Suola's logs, Swedisch academy, Swedish Academy, SWEpic, swords of the shadow, Synergia, Synergy, tadders pug, Tainted Faith, Tayune, Team Sprocket, Templar Guardians Elite, Templar Knight, Templar Knights, Templar Knights, Templar Knights, Temple of Bachus, TEN, Tenacity, Tenacity, Tenacity, testing, Testy, TFA, tg2, TGArth, TGArth, Thats a Negative, The azeroth 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