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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Treehugging Hippies EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 942
Barbarians EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 736
Eternal Dawn EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 310
Pandora EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 287
THE PHOENIX KNIGHTS EU-Nagrand Horde 0 280
Go Rin No Sho EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 261
Thé Tørmént EU-Nagrand Horde 0 117
Gnome Fiction None Alliance 0 105
Spark EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 99
Lightning EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 96
Bravehorde EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 86
Shadows of Eternity EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 86
Dogwatch EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 73
Last Judgement EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 66
Renaissance EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 66
Polanie EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 63
Unrepentant None Alliance 0 59
Circle Of Myths EU-Runetotem Horde 0 58
Heritage EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 58
Am Worgen danach EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 48
After Life EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 32
Ascended EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 32
Craze! the Immortal None Alliance 0 30
Imperium EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 29
Spark EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 27
Unchained EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 27
Quelm EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 26
Villains by Necessity EU-Runetotem Horde 0 26
Fierarii Nemilosi EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 23
Havoc-Lil EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 19
Infusion EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 18
Brotherhood of the Llama EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 17
Storm EU-Nagrand Horde 0 17
Brothers of the Naaru None Alliance 0 16
Anarchy EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 15
Friendship Before Glory EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 15
Revolution EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 15
Ajda None Alliance 0 14
Dyllalogs EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 13
JinredLogs EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 13
Soulriders EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 13
Emerald Eternity EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 12
Equinoctis EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 12
Fatal Union EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 12
Heritage EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 12
Rocknlol EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 12
Spiritus Sancti EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 12
Wands out for Harambe EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 12
Charlie and his wipes None Alliance 0 11
Zalik EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 11
Epic Shadow Raiders EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 10
Guild of Quiding EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 10
Praetoria EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 10
A Little Piece of Heaven EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 9
Accolade EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 9
NO Compromise EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 9
Craze EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 8
PMD EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 8
StardirkGuildBest EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 8
Danish Battle Hawks EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 7
Kappa EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 7
Borderline EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 6
Encore EU-Nagrand Horde 0 6
Mutiny None Alliance 0 6
Quelm EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 6
Rebel Knights EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 6
T H I N D E R EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 6
Torizari Logs EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 6
Fatfeet the handsome EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 5
Favourite Nightmare EU-Nagrand Horde 0 5
Insidia EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 5
Liam Logs EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 5
Midlife Crisis EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 5
Ne quid nimis EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 5
Pulse EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 5
saxobank EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 5
Aspiration EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 4
borderline EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 4
Brave Reloaded EU-Runetotem Horde 0 4
dalass EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 4
DragonLance EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 4
Drunken Monkeys EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 4
Frost Gods Revenge EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 4
Genesys EU-Runetotem Horde 0 4
Jinreddadrood EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 4
Kiritoh EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 4
Lisowczycy EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 4
New Horizon EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 4
Paradigm Shift EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 4
THoF EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 4
Vanilla EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 4
Ambition EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 3
Definitely Maybe EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 3
Genesis EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 3
Jemiin's guild EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 3
Kung Foo Monkey Badgers EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 3
Punished EU-Nagrand Horde 0 3
Rage Quit EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 3
Ramatama Big Top O' Fun EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 3
Revolution EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 3
Taik Logs EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 3
Thunder EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 3
Undead Presence EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 3
alyxxia EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 2
Bad blood EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 2
bph192 EU-Nagrand Horde 0 2
Crayon 2 Couleur EU-Nagrand Horde 0 2
Crux Mortys EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 2
Delusion EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 2
Exqlusive PUG EU-Nagrand Horde 0 2
Extinct EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 2
Firemaw's Logs None Alliance 0 2
Gorged reports EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 2
Intervention None Alliance 0 2
Lohi EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 2
Novi Got EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 2
Oracoli EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 2
Pari Pelikaljaa None Alliance 0 2
Phalanx EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 2
Spark EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 2
StormForged None Alliance 0 2
Stormwind Brothels Inc. EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 2
T H U N D E R EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 2
Take Cover Child EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 2
The Circle Of Valhal EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 2
Unchained EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 2
Untamed EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 2
VitAe EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 2
wordians EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 2
WoW Heroes EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 2
Alpha Alliance EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
AnarchyLFR EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
BugsLogs EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 1
chukser EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Cold Fury EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Concordia EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Creatures of Honour None Horde 0 1
Crusty Blades EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
DBG EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 1
Dreadnaught EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
DS EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Dystopia EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Epix Moadz EU-Nagrand Horde 0 1
Exile EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 1
Fatal Union EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Fiction EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Flames of Fury EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 1
Friendship before Glory EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 1
Ghostbloom's pug EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Ignotos EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Kavatza EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 1
Lato Oscuro EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 1
lmperium EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 1
Los Burros EU-Runetotem Horde 0 1
Modus Vivendi EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 1
Møtiøn EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Order of the Rose Croix EU-Runetotem Horde 0 1
Pains EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 1
Paranoial Activity EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 1
Personal Logs EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 1
phoenix EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Polanie EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 1
Prima EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Puzzles EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 1
Raven EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Re EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 1
Reborned EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Requìem EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 1
Rising From Ashes EU-Runetotem Horde 0 1
Rossyboy EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 1
Sampopankki EU-Runetotem Horde 0 1
See Deeper EU-Runetotem Horde 0 1
Shadow Sides EU-Runetotem Horde 0 1
silmarilensguild EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
stiv EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 1
Synapse EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 1
Tactical Magic EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 1
TAMOS EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Thaelarion EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
The Bloodhound Company EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
The Covenant EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 1
The HeartLess EU-Runetotem Horde 0 1
THH EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 1
Thunderbirds EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 1
Underz EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Unrepentant EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 1
Vault Thirteen EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Vedo la Gente Morta EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 1
Veleyna's Logs EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
Vide Infra EU-Runetotem Horde 0 1
Vindicta EU-Nagrand Alliance 0 1
We Rule EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 1
XI EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 1
A Little Piece of Heaven None Alliance 0 0
A T H E N A EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 0
Adrenaline Rush None Alliance 0 0
aguild None Alliance 0 0
Ambition None Alliance 0 0
Ashlogs None Alliance 0 0
Backup Logs None Alliance 0 0
bingobongo None Alliance 0 0
Bob's Guild None Alliance 0 0
Bobre None Alliance 0 0
Brave None Horde 0 0
Brohuld None Horde 0 0
Båldemar None Horde 0 0
Casualties happen None Horde 0 0
Check My Brain None Alliance 0 0
Conviction None Alliance 0 0
Conviction None Alliance 0 0
Conviction None Alliance 0 0
Corleone None Alliance 0 0
Craze! None Alliance 0 0
crimson misfits None Horde 0 0
Critters Ate My Pudding None Horde 0 0
Crux Mortys None Horde 0 0
CzarGuild None Alliance 0 0
Dark Rain None Alliance 0 0
Dawn of the Dragons None Horde 0 0
Defias None Alliance 0 0
DEM DEEPS None Alliance 0 0
dengaar None Alliance 0 0
Devils Adversary None Horde 0 0
Direwolves EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 0
Dontskinme None Horde 0 0
Dreamweavers None Alliance 0 0
Eclipse None Alliance 0 0
Eef's personal logs None Alliance 0 0
Elwira's log None Alliance 0 0
Empire-RG None Horde 0 0
Endless None Alliance 0 0
Enigma None Alliance 0 0
Epix-Moadz None Horde 0 0
ES None Alliance 0 0
escorters EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 0
essence None Alliance 0 0
Essence None Alliance 0 0
Eternal Dawn None Alliance 0 0
Eternal Dawn None Alliance 0 0
Ev None Alliance 0 0
Exception None Alliance 0 0
Exile None Alliance 0 0
Exile2 None Alliance 0 0
Eye of Nerzhul None Horde 0 0
Fabulous None Horde 0 0
faxs1 EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 0
Fear None Alliance 0 0
Fighterstat None Alliance 0 0
Flames TGD None Horde 0 0
Flaskaholics None Alliance 0 0
Foodyguild None Alliance 0 0
frenikk None Alliance 0 0
Galvanised-2 None Alliance 0 0
Gen's Logs EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 0
glory heros None Alliance 0 0
Gone Fishin' None Horde 0 0
Groznythunder None Horde 0 0
Havoc None Alliance 0 0
Havoc None Alliance 0 0
Heretic None Alliance 0 0
Holy ButtRockets None Alliance 0 0
Honey None Horde 0 0
House of Pain None Alliance 0 0
Hugabull None Horde 0 0
I heard there were logs here None Alliance 0 0
Ignite None Alliance 0 0
Ihrme's Data None Alliance 0 0
Illuminati EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 0
Illusiôn None Alliance 0 0
Infamous None Alliance 0 0
Inner Sanctum None Alliance 0 0
Intrepid EU-Runetotem Alliance 0 0
Jinredlogs None Horde 0 0
joelbiten None Alliance 0 0
kings crusade None Alliance 0 0
Kings of Blood None Alliance 0 0
Kings Of Blood None Alliance 0 0
Knights and Nomads None Alliance 0 0
Knights of Honor None Alliance 0 0
Kombat Resurrected None Alliance 0 0
Kuba None Horde 0 0
Last Judgement None Alliance 0 0
Last Judgement None Alliance 0 0
Limitless None Alliance 0 0
LliansDarkLight None Alliance 0 0
lmperium None Alliance 0 0
logs None Alliance 0 0
Lords Of Souls None Alliance 0 0
Lore is logging, boys None Horde 0 0
Lorellay None Horde 0 0
Lori's logs! None Alliance 0 0
Lunacy None Horde 0 0
Lunar Haven None Alliance 0 0
Lupi Neri None Alliance 0 0
Mages None Alliance 0 0
MEESHKA None Alliance 0 0
Mewgslogs None Alliance 0 0
Midlife Crisis None Alliance 0 0
Minerva None Alliance 0 0
Minerva None Alliance 0 0
mkay EU-Kilrogg Horde 0 0
Mmore's Raids None Alliance 0 0
Morrigan None Horde 0 0
mästerkatterna None Alliance 0 0
Nales Logs None Alliance 0 0
Nameless None Alliance 0 0
Nameless None Alliance 0 0
National Guard None Alliance 0 0
National Guard None Alliance 0 0
New horizon None Alliance 0 0
Ninjalogs None Horde 0 0
NopeNope EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 0
OMFG Kittens None Alliance 0 0
Order of the Silverflame None Alliance 0 0
Ozma None Alliance 0 0
pawtest None Horde 0 0
Per aspera ad astra None Alliance 0 0
Plump Friction None Alliance 0 0
Plumpy None Alliance 0 0
Prepared None Alliance 0 0
Prima Lux Aeternorum None Alliance 0 0
Promodo2 None Alliance 0 0
Protectors of Chaos None Horde 0 0
provocation None Alliance 0 0
Put The Kettle On None Horde 0 0
Qualm None Alliance 0 0
QuelmG2 None Alliance 0 0
Quietly Confident None Horde 0 0
qwertytytyty None Horde 0 0
Randomic Synapse None Horde 0 0
Raven None Alliance 0 0
Raven None Alliance 0 0
Rebel Knights None Alliance 0 0
Rilea None Alliance 0 0
Rød Stue None Alliance 0 0
Safe Haven EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 0
Safe Haven None Alliance 0 0
Same Old Bull None Horde 0 0
Scraptastic None Horde 0 0
Second Wind None Horde 0 0
seven None Alliance 0 0
Shaders Logs None Horde 0 0
Shadowings None Horde 0 0
ShakiraWol None Alliance 0 0
Sine Nomine None Alliance 0 0
somalian pirates None Alliance 0 0
Something Cliche None Horde 0 0
Stormforged None Alliance 0 0
Subversion None Alliance 0 0
SvO None Alliance 0 0
Tabu None Alliance 0 0
Tactical Powerless Ameba EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 0
Taik logs None Alliance 0 0
Taunt None Horde 0 0
Taunt EU-Nagrand Horde 0 0
Teias' Personal Logs None Horde 0 0
test None Horde 0 0
Test Logs None Alliance 0 0
TestGuild None Horde 0 0
testt None Alliance 0 0
TGDzabiana None Horde 0 0
The Ancient Dragons None Alliance 0 0
The angry men of sweden None Alliance 0 0
The Circle of Valhal None Alliance 0 0
The Corporation None Alliance 0 0
The Darksiders None Horde 0 0
The fireman clan None Horde 0 0
The game disagrees None Horde 0 0
The Untouchables None Alliance 0 0
Thelirka EU-Kilrogg Alliance 0 0
These logs are better than Last Judgement's or are they? None Horde 0 0
THUNDER None Horde 0 0
Torizari Logs None Alliance 0 0
Treehugging Hippies None Alliance 0 0
Tribal None Alliance 0 0
Ultimate Guardians None Alliance 0 0
Unleashed None Alliance 0 0
Unrep None Alliance 0 0
Unrepentant None Alliance 0 0
Unrepentant None Alliance 0 0
unrepp None Alliance 0 0
ValgoLogs None Horde 0 0
Valkyries of Valhalla None Horde 0 0
Valkyries of Valhalla None Horde 0 0
vibe EU-Runetotem Horde 0 0
VII None Alliance 0 0
Villains by Necessity None Horde 0 0
Virtus Mortalis None Alliance 0 0
Vita Aeterna None Horde 0 0
Vita Aeterna None Horde 0 0
Vivienne Dps None Alliance 0 0
Warriors of insanity None Alliance 0 0
Warriors of Insanity None Alliance 0 0
Warsong Raiders EU-Nagrand Horde 0 0
WillowsLogs None Horde 0 0
WTF are logs None Horde 0 0
ZAD None Horde 0 0
ZeroBeat Logs None Horde 0 0
Zinovia's logs None Alliance 0 0
Ветераны Орды None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

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Grumpy Old Men, guardians of truth, Guild Of Brothers, H A R D C O R E, Halcyon Knights, Hardcore Hooligans, Heavens of chaoss, Hells Gate, Heroes of Lordaeron, Heroes of Stormwind City, Hitokiri, Hof van Commerce, Horde Population Control, Hordes Revenge, House Lunarfall, HSBC, I M P E R I A L, I need more Bagspace, I twinked your mum, Illuminatí, Illusion, Imba, In Gold We Trust, Independent, Infamous, Inferno, Insurgency, Invective, Iron Hunters, Ironforge Raiders, Is A Bank Character, JAVIDAN, Jurassic Park, Kaffeklubben, Karazhan, Key To Awesome, Kilrogg Leveling Guild, Kings Of Blood, Knights of Babylon, Knights of Cydonía, Knights of Eternity, Knights of the Alliance, Knights Of The Moon, Kombat Resurrected, kravinravens, La Bubu familia, La Famiglia, Laughing, Legalize Herbalism, Legends of Stormwind, Legion of Light, LegionOfDeath, Lehmann Brothers, LEMMINGS, Lequipe Gaming, life is gud, Light after Darkness, Light Souls, Limitless, Lobster Warriors, Lords of Light, Lowland 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Sanguine Sleep, Santander, Saoirse, Screwed, Security, Seeds of Destruction, Shards of existence, Sheepless Knights, Sheepsworld, Shop Smart, Sine Nomine, Slash GQuit, Smiling Toilet Seats, Soda pressing, Soldiers, Something Cliche, Steam, Storm Troopers, Straw Man, sudo, sUk, Suo Marte, Swaghetti On Toast, Swaghetti Yolonaise, Swift Blades, sánctuary, Ta Xtina, Tactical Powerless Ameba, Targaryen Brotherhood, Temple Riders, Tenacity, Terokkar is offline, The Ancient Vault, The Art of War, The Big Bad Horde, The Bloodsteel Legion, The Booty Bay Bullies, The Conservative Party, The Critter Company, The Dark Stalkers, The dragon slayers, The Ethereal Soldiers, The Exíles, The Eyes of Kilrogg, The Firemane Clan, The First Ones, the gods of hell, The Greatest Adventurers, The Horde Beasts, The Last Legend, The Laughingskull Tribe, The League of Shadows, The Lifestealer, The Majestic, The Obsidian Crusade, The Office, The pandas, the pinky hogger hunters, The Pride, The Private Bankers, The 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Naaru, Bumblevarmints, CarboNite, Chaos, Click to Mount, Club Penguin, Combat Forged, Conviction, Courage Unending, Cross and Crown, Crux, DANCE OFF BRO, Danish Nonames, Dark Age, Darkside of the Moon, De nordiske ulve, Decadence, Defenders of the Crown, Devil Angel, Dirty Little Freaks, Dirty Tactics, Disneyland, Dominion of Light, dragon soul, DragonSoul, Dumbledores Army, E V O L U T I O N, Eat My Crit, Echo, Elite Killers, Elite Of Sweden, Elites of the Alliance, Enigma, Epix Moadz, Ernie the Milkman, Essence, Eternal Dawn, Expertise, Falimy Men, Fallen From Grace, Fallen Knights, Fate Stay Night, First Hierarchy, Fluffy Bunnies Of Doom, Forked, Freaks Adrift, Frozen Sunset, Full Moon Magic, Furiosa, GamersGoingBad, Gaurdians of the Horde, GhostBusters, Gladiators of Warlords, Global Warriors, GreenMile, Guild of Bigdrew, Happy Burstday, Hellenic Horde, Heretic, High Mercenaries, Horde Elites, Horde United, House Of Ibelin, HRTH, Ice Valley, Illusion, Imperium, Int Ladies, iThug, 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The Dark Souls, The Ducklings, The Fallen Knight, THE FIGURHEADS, The Forgotten Server, The Franchise, the frost knights, The Last Samurai, The Proud Ones, The Pwners, The Shadow Legion, The Shadow Wolfs, The Sinister Awakening, The Socials, The Templars, The Three Hundred, The Trinity, The Turtle Moves, the uchiha clan, The Untamed Gnome Race, THE WATCHERS, This guild, THoF, ThrallMart, Threat, Thunderbirds, Thé Tørmént, Titans Of Glory, Too High, Tribe Of Friends, trolololololol, Tähtisumu, Unleashed, Unrighteous, Untamed, Valhalla Rising, Versus, Victory And Honor, VII, Vikingfjord, Vindicta, Warforged Murlocs, Warlord Of Legend, We Are Lost, we have cake, WoW stole my life, Wretched, yhui, Àlliance, Çorrupted, Ab Initio, Adrenaline Rush, Altrimenti ci arrabbiamo, Angeli dell apocalisse, Angeli Sanguinari, Angels and Demons, Armada Lusitana, Armata Brancaleone, Awakening, Azeroths Shadows, Beyond Warfare, Big Crits and Lager, Blacklist, BlackMarket, BlueFireZ, brave paradox, Brutal Visions, Bulls, Calaretii, Captivated, Casino Royale, Chilled Out, Chrono Crusade, Clan Wulf, Clueless Weasels, Combustion, corss knight, Crazy Ginger FcukNuts, Cresent Moon, Daddys Pocket, Dark Distroyers, Darkbrotherhood, Dawn of The Dragons, Deadly Embrace, Death N Dominance, Deathknells finest, Deception, Diag is a guild, Die With Honour, DragonLance, Dragonsbane II, EatSleepRaidRepeat, Elusive, Elysium Age, Epic, Ex Aequo, Exile, Exodus, Farmers Reloaded, Fight Club II, Fist of Judgement, fluffy pink bunnies, Flæk, Fortis, Fortis Et Crudelis, Frost Gods Revenge, Galaxer i mina Braxer, GamingFrog, Genesis, Gentlemans Club, Ghostz, Glevum Warriors, Gli Avvoltoi, gnomes look funny, Goblin, Gods of oblivion, Gryffindor, Guardians of Destiny, Guild Perks, Hallowed Be The Ori, Havoc, Heritage, HORDE POWER, Horus Magic, I Barbunages, I GATTI RANDAGI, I Legionari Di Stormwind, I Vendicatori, IceCubes, Immersion, In Memoria, Insomnìa, IsTeriA, Just the Tip, Kingdom Of Alts, Kings of Urutar, kingslanding, Knights of Honors, Knights of the sun, LaSt TrY, Lega di Spartaco, Like A Melon, Limited Edition, Loading, LOL, Lord of Eastern Kingdoms, Lords Alliance, Los Piratos, Mates of Farage, Mediocre Prodigies, Mist of Pandaria, Momentum, MoreMoney, Motherless Ogres, Nattskiftet, Naughty Within, New World Order, Newborn Legacy, nOOb, Nordic Hustle, Northwind, Níghtraiders, Nøddepatruljen, O W N E D, Obscure, Oldness, One Obsession, Order of the Rose Croix, Order Of The SilverFlame, Order of the Whité Lotus, Out Of Order, OUTCAST, Pandaria R Us, Perky Perks, Phantom Troupe, Phenomenon, Phoenix Rising, pirates of death, PowerPuffGirls, Prideful Gladiators, Prophecy of Blood, PvP For Life, Radioactive MurlocS Club, Rain of Blades, Reckless, RED, Red Apple, Red Lotus, Revolutionary, Rewind, Rhônai, Riptide, Rolling With Shabank, Rovelo Bank, Runetotem Champìons, Sacred Band of Thebes, Sap it and Tap it, Satanz Rejectz, Secularity, Shado Pan Assassins, Shrine of the Insomniacs, Sky Dragons Army, Smudge, Sons of Sweden, Sort Humor, South African Battalions, Spark, Stinki monki fingers, Stoned Raiders, Supreme, SwedishQuality, Tabu, Tax Haven, Team Obvious, Temporal Dawn, Ten, Tenebris Templarii, The Arbiters, THE CLOCKWORK ORANGE, The Dark angel, the dark lords, The Deadly Shouts, The Diddly Squats, The Dragon Walkers, the executioners, The Forgotten Souls, The Invincible Heroes, The IT Crowd, The Last Darkness, The Leveling Guild, The Matrix, The Might Of Elune, The Outcasts, The Peacekeepers, The Phoenix of Draenor, The Specialists, The Untouchables, The Wardens, The Wolf Pack, theblackarmy Uk, TheLostGamers, Tickly Bottom, Titan, TITANI, totemlocks, Treachery, Treehugging Hippies, Tremblegarde, Troopers, Two Gnomes One Elekk, Unforgivens, Unified, Vanilla, Vedo La Gente Morta, Vehemence, Wall Street Journal, War Pigs, Warlords Clan, We Have Perks, Welkin, Wildchicks, Wolzorz army, Woot Tang Clan, Zero Gravitas, EUphoria, Eve, Event Horizon, Evil 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Grief Unit, Grimilde's Boy, GRNS, groos go raiding, Guardiani dello Spirito, Guardiani dello Spirito, Guardiani dello Spirito, Guardians of Rigo, Guardians of the Horde, Guardians of the Twig, Guerrieri, Guild of One, gwynbleid, Hana Kappa, Haribo, Haribo, Haribo, Has a Cookie, Heaven Of Chaos, Helios, Hellenic Horde, Hellenic Horde, Hellenic Horde, Hellenic Horde , Hellraisers, Hells Cavalry, Hellsing, Heretic, Heretic, Heretic, Heretic Nagrand, Hitokiri, Holydeath, Honestas, Horde I Magen, Horizon, Hornet , How would you call us, Hsheepypx private, HTGDKP, Hysteria, Hysteria, I Cinghiali Mannari, i coniglini tenerini, I Falchi, I FALCHI, I FALCHI, I Grifoni di Stormwind, I legionari di stormwind, I Legionari Di Stormwind, I Randagi, I senzavolto, I Senzavolto, I Senzavolto, I Senzavolto, Icetèa, ifThenElse, Ignite, Illyndian, ilovebunnyporn, Imdabaws, Immortali, Immortali, Immortalitas, Immortalitas, Imperium, Imperium, Imperium, Imperium, Imperium10, Impetus, In extremis, in extremis raid 2, In-extremis, In-Extremis, Incarnation, Infinity, Infinity, Infusion, inner circle, Inner Circle, Inner Circle, Inner Sanctum, Inner Sanctum, Inner Sanctum, Innocence, Innocence, Innocuous, Innovation, Innovation, inos_logs, Insaylens, inter amicitia, Inter Amicitia, Invective, Invictus, ira di Dio, Ira di Dio, Isenzavolto, IsTeriA, IsTeriA, Jamaica, Jampot, Jinxs, Joelbitar, jolling, JS, Just Plain Nasty, Jægerkorpset, Kaine and the Flying Monkey Circus Extravaganza, Kaizen, Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Keepers of Azeroth, Kernel, Killer Clowns, Kilrogg Pugs, kings of blood, Kings of Blood, Kings of Blood, Knights and nomads, Knights and Nomads, Knights of Cydonía, Knights of Heaven, Knights of Heaven, Knipple, Knowledge, KoH, KoH Socials 10Men, koharn, kombat resurrected, Kombat Resurrected, Komplete Kaos, La Familia, la fenice, la fenice, La fenice, La Fenice, La Fenice, LA FENICE, La setta del Lupo Bianco, La Setta del Lupo Bianco, La Setta Del Lupo Bianco, Lamby, Laserbunny, Last Judgement, Last Judgement, Last Judgement, Last Judgement, last try, Last Try For You, lato oscuro, lato oscuro, Lato Oscuro, Lato Oscuro, Lato Oscuro, LdS, LDS, lead, Lead, Lead, Lead, Lega di Spartaco, Lega di Spartaco, LEGA DI SPARTACO, lega di spartaco (gruppo progress), Lega di Spartaco - GAP, Lega di Spartaco - Gruppo3, Lega di Spartaco GHOST, Lega di Spartaco Gruppo 2, Lega di Spartaco Gruppo NDS, Lega di Spartaco Raid Freeman, Lega di Spartaco Tantra, legacy, Legends of Stormwind, Legends of Stormwind, Legion Unleashed, Legions of Doom, Legions of Doom, Lemonade FTW, Levzlogs, LFO, LFRGuild, LFRStoof, Liberty, Liberty, Licentia, Licentia, Licentia, Lightning, Limited Edition, Limitless, Limpida's ego, Lions of Kalimdor, Liquid, Log Out, Log Out, logos, Logos, Logos, LOL, lolalog, lolalog, Lords of Souls, Lords of Souls, Los Burros, Lux Et Veritas, Ly, ma guilde a moi, Machine, Made Up Guild, maguild, Majestique, Majestique, Maleficium, 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Safe Haven, Salvation, Sami Swoi, Sanguine Sleep, Sanguine Sleep, Sani, Saoirse, Sarynda, Scarlette, Schneiders, scions of proteus, Scions Of Proteus, Screwed, Screwed, Screwed, Scrubs, Seconds from Greatness, Seek N Destroy, Sef's Logs., Selffaw's Logs, Semper Paratus, Shaddows Edge, Shadow Crusaders, Shadow Guardians, Shadow Prisoners, Shadow Prisoners, Shadowmane Tribe, Shadowmane Tribe, Shamshe, shark, Shark, Shattered, sheevah personal logs, Sheriffs Guild, Shockwave, shulfanix, Shífting Ages, Side Effect, silmarilens, Simple, Sin, Singularity, Singularity, SinS, Sky Dragons Army, Slash gQuit, Slash GQuit, Slash GQuit , Sleeping forset, Soldiers of Wrath, solitari, Solitari, Solitari, Solitari, solo, SoloTom, some guild name, Something Cliche, Sons of odin, Sons of Odin, Sons of Odin, Sons of Odin, Space Monkeys, sparkgzzLOGS, spineless coconuts, spiritus, stark, Starshine, Steelderpguildlol, Storm, Storm, Storm v.2, stormborn, stormstroopers, Stormwind Knights, sUk, sUk, Sukiya's Logs, sunra, Sunset, SUNSLAYER, SuperNova, Surreal, Survivors of Lordaeron, SwedishElite, Sweet Alliance, Swipe's World Rank list, symatic, Symatic, Symatic, Synapse, Synapse, Synapse, Syntactic Sugar, Systematic Chaos, szabozl, T H U N D E R, Tactical Powerless Ameba, Tactical Powerless Ameba, Tamos, tb, TCO, TCO, Teal, Tempestas, Templari Neri, test, Test Log, Test123, Testguild, Testguild, testguildwoot, TestINC, testing log, testing purpose, Testingtesting123, Thayna, The Angry Men Of Sweden, The Art of Madness, The Asylum, The Bloodhound Company, The Bloodhound Company, The Bloodsteel legion , The Bloodthirsty, The BloodThirsty, The Bookhouse Boys, The Box Said NO, The Chaltrones, The Chaltrones, the circle of valhal, The Circle of Valhal, The Covenant, The Covenant, The Crowe Council, The Deceived, The Deceived, The Dedicated Few, The Devils Rejects, The Diddly Squats, The Diddly Squats, The Doped UP Raiders , The Dragaeran Watch, The First Rule, The Flying Dutchmen, the forsaken, The Forsaken ones, The Game Disagrees, the hideaway, The Justifiers, The killrog gladiators, The Killrog Gladiators, The Lords of Chaos, The Lords of Chaos, The Lost Boys, The Lost Boys, The MisFits, The New Start, The Oblivion, The Oldies, The Pantheon, The Patriarchs, The Pegasus , The Phoenix Knigts, The proclaimers, The Proud Ones, The Proud Ones, The Purgatory, The Purgatory, The Reformed, The Reformed, The Shadows Of Liberty, The Swedish Error, The Torment, The Untouchables, The Untouchables, The Untouchables, The Wolf Guard, The Wolf Guard, The Wolf Guard LFE, thedirks, TheUntouchables, Third Battalion, Third Eye, Threat, Threat, Threat, Thud_Glory, Thunderbirds, TIA, Titani, Titans, tizi balordi, tldr;fu, TLoC, Toks Fury, Tolerance, Tolerance, ToleranceTest, Tordenskjolds Soldater, TOSSINE, Trauma, Trauma, Trauma, Traxi Logs, Tribal, TribalAltRuns, TribalBackup, Trinity, Trolltyg, Trolltyg, True Blood, True Blood, True hearts of friends, True Legacy, True Legacy, True Legacy, tryouts, Tunnel Vision, TurboNedi, TurboNedi, tysthemligtshhhh, U&A, Ultima Legione, Ultima Legione, Ultima Legione, Umbra, Unbound, Unbound, Unbroken, Unchained, Unchained, Unchained, Unchained, Unchained, Unchained, Unchained2, Undead Knight, Undead presence, Undead presence, Undead Presence, Undead Presence, under pressure, Unforgivens, Unification, Unknown, unrepentant, Unrepentant, Unrepentant, Unrepentant, Unrepentant, Unrepentant, unreppp, Untamed, Untamed2, Untouchables, Unwritten Prophecy, UoR, Uprising, Upscale, V E N O M, Vae Victis, Vagrants, Valhalla Rising, valkyries of valhalla, valkyries of valhalla, valkyries of valhalla, Valkyries of Valhalla, Vandango, Vangarde, Vanguard Brigade, Vatos Locos, Vault Thirteen, vedo la gente morta, Vedo la gente morta, Vengaanza, Veni Vidi Wipe, Venit Victum, Victorious, Victorious, Victorious, Victorious, Vikings of Alliance, Vim, Vindicatum, Vindicatum, Vindictus, Vita Aeterna, Vivid, Vivienne DPS, Vlgm, vrohsonly, VV_Nagrand, VVW, vénus, Wahri, Warria, Warriors of Insanity, We Are Not Repaired, We Shoot With Vodka, WeixiaoLogs, Well Fed, Whatever, Whiplash, Wipe Res Rebuff, Wiping as Intended, Wiping as Intended, wolofselene, wozza, Wretched, Wretched, Wretched, Wretched, wtf, xhuli_pug, Xid, XIS, xmas, Xmas, xrated, Xtra Old, yippiekaiyay, YippieKaiYay, YOLO SWAG OVARIES, Your logs in my logs so I'm logging your logs., Zacklol, Zamianowcy, Ze Fluffies, ZEN, Zero, Zero, Zero Gravitas, Zhe Knutsens, zmylogs, Ænima, Æscape, Ðomìnation, ÐooM , Нижний мир, Шума, 幽冥

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