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EU-Kul Tiras
Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Bruunhero EU-Anachronos Horde 9 102
The Unworthy EU-Anachronos Horde 6 123
Frequency EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 923
Quintessence EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 577
Ruined EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 416
Hymn EU-Kul Tiras Horde 0 224
All Nuke Skull EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 164
Inner Faith EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 158
The National Elf Service None Alliance 0 137
Ripe Gangsters None Alliance 0 102
The Killer Carebears EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 93
Ancient Legacy EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 81
bump EU-Kul Tiras Horde 0 78
Oligarchy EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 67
Vengeance EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 46
Origin EU-Kul Tiras Horde 0 45
Jim logs EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 40
Stuff EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 39
Ascendance 10-man EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 38
Eclipse EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 35
Eclipse EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 33
Gourts EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 33
Forceful Elements EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 32
To The Ends Of Earth EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 30
Sympathy EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 28
bvip EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 22
Last Hope EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 22
Minions of Mirthil (Maedros Logs) EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 19
Félmyst EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 18
Quintrophenia EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 18
Warriorsarri EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 18
Vengeance EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 17
Kronos EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 15
Fudge EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 13
Rebirth EU-Anachronos Horde 0 13
KYS EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 12
Reckoning EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 12
Silent Wørld EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 10
Therapy EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 10
Things EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 10
Lunacy EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 9
Pandemic EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 9
Right In The Feels EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 9
Auxilium EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 8
Avalance EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 8
Cult Of Personality gr3 EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 8
dipsie bears EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 8
Mass Ress Inc EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 8
The Others EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 8
Vengeance EU-Kul Tiras Horde 0 8
AnarchyNinetyNine EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 7
Keepers of Peace EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 7
logs EU-Kul Tiras Horde 0 7
The Elysian Templars EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 7
Firebuglogs EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 6
Vengeance EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 6
Veritas EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 6
Cult of Personality EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 5
Ignorance EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 5
LiveThreeSixtyFive EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 5
Unique EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 5
Famous EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 4
October Nine EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 4
Phoenix EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 4
Snake Venom EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 4
Trip's Dumpsite EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 4
Tusklogs EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 4
dontmindthisjusttogetontop200 stuffsifievergetthere EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 3
Elysium EU-Kul Tiras Horde 0 3
Imaginary Club EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 3
Impulsive EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 3
Iterum EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 3
Kylotas Logs EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 3
NotARealGuild EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 3
Origin EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 3
Pantheon EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 3
Proper Pohnage EU-Kul Tiras Horde 0 3
Sanctuary EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 3
Superseall EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 3
The Zerg EU-Anachronos Horde 0 3
Angelz of the Darkside (AOTD) EU-Anachronos Horde 0 2
asc EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 2
Basterds EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 2
Bloodpack EU-Anachronos Horde 0 2
Destinys Wrath EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 2
Elysium EU-Kul Tiras Horde 0 2
Hostile EU-Anachronos Horde 0 2
Insane Intentions EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 2
Ironic EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 2
Knights of Ni EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 2
Minions of Mithril EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 2
Nocturnal EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 2
nonexistant EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 2
Reckoning EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 2
Semper Paratus EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 2
ShackOfPhail EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 2
Shadows of Doom EU-Kul Tiras Horde 0 2
Spike-Flail EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 2
The Eternal Flames EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 2
Zenith EU-Alonsus Horde 0 2
Akhkharu EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 1
Angels and Titans EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 1
Apocalypto EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 1
Confession EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 1
Dutchclan raid EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 1
Epic EU-Kul Tiras Horde 0 1
Fragnance > U EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 1
Hedenholm EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 1
I inch unbuffed EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 1
Impulsive EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 1
Karma EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 1
kb3 EU-Anachronos Horde 0 1
Legio Nona EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 1
Littlebert EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 1
lol logs EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 1
M O J O EU-Anachronos Horde 0 1
Magnum Opus EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 1
Maya EU-Kul Tiras Horde 0 1
Memento EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 1
Mysticfog's failures EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 1
Neya's Pug-runs EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 1
Nox Aeternum EU-Kul Tiras Horde 0 1
Noxx alts EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 1
Nub Squad EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 1
Odpadlici EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 1
Operation Lightwell EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 1
Parental Control EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 1
PL EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 1
Proper Pohnage EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 1
Prophecy EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 1
Regulators EU-Kul Tiras Horde 0 1
Reunion EU-Anachronos Horde 0 1
Ritey's logs EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 1
Stampede EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 1
Synthesis EU-Anachronos Horde 0 1
Synthesis EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 1
Sín EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 1
The Last Stand EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 1
The Watch EU-Anachronos Alliance 0 1
unknown error EU-Anachronos Horde 0 1
vincibility EU-Alonsus Alliance 0 1
Worg Pup clubbing Club EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 1
`Doriaths alt log None Alliance 0 0
A99 None Alliance 0 0
Accidental Heroes None Alliance 0 0
Adaptation None Alliance 0 0
Adaptation 10M Progression None Alliance 0 0
Adaptation Team 2 None Alliance 0 0
Amici None Alliance 0 0
Analysisi None Alliance 0 0
Apocalypto None Alliance 0 0
AredelsLogs None Alliance 0 0
Army of Idiots None Alliance 0 0
Army of Idiots EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 0
ascendance hardcore casuel None Alliance 0 0
ascteam2 None Alliance 0 0
asds None Horde 0 0
Awesome Sauce None Alliance 0 0
Bank of Me None Horde 0 0
Batavorum None Alliance 0 0
Behind my Camel None Horde 0 0
Blabla None Alliance 0 0
Caiusjane None Alliance 0 0
Care Police None Horde 0 0
Clan Du Claw None Alliance 0 0
Climate None Alliance 0 0
Cold Logic None Horde 0 0
Common Sense None Alliance 0 0
CONSPIRACY None Alliance 0 0
Crossy None Alliance 0 0
CSI Pandaria None Alliance 0 0
Czech Alliance None Alliance 0 0
Dark Ages None Alliance 0 0
Dark Ages None Alliance 0 0
DarkAges None Alliance 0 0
dave None Alliance 0 0
Deluded None Alliance 0 0
Dennis None Alliance 0 0
Departed None Alliance 0 0
Departed None Alliance 0 0
Drasp None Alliance 0 0
Drasp None Alliance 0 0
Draspina None Alliance 0 0
Dutchclan-Raid None Alliance 0 0
E Flammis None Alliance 0 0
E Flammis None Alliance 0 0
Eat My Crit None Horde 0 0
Echo None Horde 0 0
Elder Guardians None Alliance 0 0
Element None Alliance 0 0
Epinephrine None Horde 0 0
estrellas de la ali None Alliance 0 0
EU Reckoning None Alliance 0 0
ExAequo None Alliance 0 0
Famous None Alliance 0 0
Fearless Pugs None Alliance 0 0
Federal Credit Union None Alliance 0 0
Forlin None Alliance 0 0
Forsaken Bloodline - Fire Group None Alliance 0 0
From eBay None Alliance 0 0
Hells Tigers None Alliance 0 0
Here Comes The Girls None Alliance 0 0
Hi I am Paul None Alliance 0 0
Highlanders None Alliance 0 0
HM None Horde 0 0
Horio None Alliance 0 0
Imagine None Alliance 0 0
Insomnia None Alliance 0 0
Invicta None Horde 0 0
Invicta None Horde 0 0
Iterum None Alliance 0 0
Jinxed None Alliance 0 0
jocopops None Alliance 0 0
Just a guild None Alliance 0 0
Karma None Alliance 0 0
kasajunior None Alliance 0 0
kibu's logs None Alliance 0 0
Kompania Braci None Horde 0 0
Kompania Braci gr3 None Horde 0 0
La Fratellanza Oscura None Alliance 0 0
LazyBones None Alliance 0 0
Limbo None Horde 0 0
Loot the Dog None Alliance 0 0
Lovin with the Muffin None Alliance 0 0
Malevolence None Alliance 0 0
Mass Ress Inc None Alliance 0 0
Mass Ress Inc None Alliance 0 0
Memento None Alliance 0 0
Minions of Mithril (Giogrek Logs) None Alliance 0 0
Ministry of Silly Walks None Alliance 0 0
Mojo None Alliance 0 0
Moonlight Council None Alliance 0 0
morloderex None Alliance 0 0
muffins of mayhem None Alliance 0 0
muffins of mayhem None Alliance 0 0
Nightmare None Horde 0 0
Oasis None Alliance 0 0
Olympian Heroes None Alliance 0 0
Origin Team3 None Alliance 0 0
Origin_Sundess None Alliance 0 0
Overrated None Alliance 0 0
Pagans None Alliance 0 0
Pasta None Alliance 0 0
Pretentious None Alliance 0 0
Prisoners of Warcraft None Alliance 0 0
Private EU-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 0
pure positive None Alliance 0 0
pure positive None Alliance 0 0
Pure Positive - POV Qfu None Alliance 0 0
Purina None Alliance 0 0
QTz Only None Alliance 0 0
Radiant Soldiers None Alliance 0 0
Raging Souls None Alliance 0 0
RazeZero None Alliance 0 0
Rebirth None Horde 0 0
Reckoning None Alliance 0 0
Reckoning1 None Alliance 0 0
Renaissance None Horde 0 0
Reunion None Alliance 0 0
Rose guild log None Alliance 0 0
Round Table None Horde 0 0
Round Table None Alliance 0 0
Routa None Alliance 0 0
rtt None Alliance 0 0
Ruined None Alliance 0 0
Sarastus None Alliance 0 0
Sarithus None Alliance 0 0
Scorpions None Alliance 0 0
Sean Connery None Alliance 0 0
Shadows of Doom None Horde 0 0
Shadows of Doom None Horde 0 0
Sparkiee None Alliance 0 0
Spike Flail None Alliance 0 0
Stardust None Alliance 0 0
Stylez Logs None Alliance 0 0
Synapse None Alliance 0 0
Synapse logs by Dennis None Alliance 0 0
Synthesis None Alliance 0 0
Tactical Nuclear Penguin None Alliance 0 0
Teddybears None Alliance 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
testingstuff None Alliance 0 0
testlogs None Alliance 0 0
The Elysian Templars None Alliance 0 0
The End of Days None Alliance 0 0
The Guardians None Alliance 0 0
The Hordemasters None Horde 0 0
The Killer Carebears None Alliance 0 0
The Last Stand None Alliance 0 0
The Legacy None Alliance 0 0
The Lycans None Alliance 0 0
The Others None Alliance 0 0
The Outcasts None Horde 0 0
The Wheel Of Tïme None Alliance 0 0
TheHolyJudgement None Alliance 0 0
TheNewFuture None Horde 0 0
TheOthers None Alliance 0 0
TheOthers None Alliance 0 0
Thought Experiment None Alliance 0 0
Toxicate Reloaded None Alliance 0 0
Twisted Faith None Alliance 0 0
Unit None Horde 0 0
United By Fate None Alliance 0 0
Univaje None Alliance 0 0
unleashed None Alliance 0 0
Valari None Alliance 0 0
Vannmeloner None Alliance 0 0
Vanquish None Alliance 0 0
Vanquish Logs None Alliance 0 0
Veritas None Alliance 0 0
Vincibility None Alliance 0 0
Vision None Alliance 0 0
Vison EU-Anachronos Horde 0 0
véndetta None Alliance 0 0
Warriorista's Logs None Alliance 0 0
We steal your lunchmoney None Alliance 0 0
Wrath's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Yggdrasil None Alliance 0 0
Ythax alt runs None Alliance 0 0
Z'zone None Alliance 0 0
zalbek None Alliance 0 0
Zalbek None Alliance 0 0
Árnyjárók None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

.F, 0r1g1n, 123, A Little Piece of Heaven, Accidental Heroes, Acumen, Adaptation, Addicts, Adeptus Imperium, Adrenaline, Adrenaline, Adrenaline, Adrenaline , Adrenaline , Adventurers of the Realm, Aesir, AEXEQUO, Afro, Afternoon Raiders, aggro raiderS, Aggro Raiders, Aggro Raiders, Aggro Raiders, Aggro Raiders, Aggro Raiders - Kul Tiras (eu), Aggro Raiders Takei, Aggro-raiders, Akilleus, Akraliak, Aku's Logs, Aku's Logs, Alive, allegra brigata, Almost Easy, Almost Skilled, Alt machine corp., Alternate Reality, Alts Inc., Anarchy 99, anarchyninetynine, Ancients, Angels, Angelz od the Darkside, Angelz of the Darkside, Angelz of the Darkside, Angelz of the Darkside, Angelz of the Darkside, Angelz of the Darkside, Angelz Of The Darkside, Anguish, Antithesis, AOI, Apoc, Apocalyps, apocalypse, Apocalypse, Apocålypse, Aranoch, Argonauts, Ariosta, Armamentarium, Army of Idiots, Ascendance, Ascendance, Ascendance, Ascendance, Ascendance, Ascendance HCC 10, Ascended, Ascensíon, Ascensíon, Ascensíon, asdf, aseroe_test, Asgaard, asmodéus, assassins, Astalia Guild, Atroxi's junk, Auctioneer, Aura, Aurora Borealis, auxilium, Auxilium, Awesomesauce, Awesometown, Azeroth Alliance, Azerothian Pirates, Bad Mojo, Bambu-trash-site, Bane, Banqueiros do Povo, Barrett Stinks , Basterds, Basterds, Batavorum, Battleslain, Bazinga, beerscore, BeerScore, Behind my CameL, Behind my Log, Believe the Lie, beta, Betrayal, Beyond Immortal, Biggie prive, Bitchy, Bjete, Blackjack and Hookers, Blackwater, BlackWater, BlackWater, BlackWater, Blades of Glory, Blades of Glory, Bloodlust Protectors, Bloodpack, Bmc, Bohemian Covenant, Bolo, Bones Collector, Bonus Dolus Magnus, BRB Det Regnar, Breath of Life, Bring Out Your Dead, British Raven Guard, Brotherhood of Steel, BULGARIA, Burek, Burek, Béhind my Camel, Ca$h, Cake or Death, Calidus, Calidus, Calidus, care police, Care Police, Carnage, Cataclysm, Cats, Celtic Crusaders, ChainLogs, Champions Eternal, Champions Eternal, Chill, Chosen, Chunky monkeys, Clash of the titans, Clever Game Mechanics, Cold Logic, Collateral, Collateral, Collateral, compis, Confession, Conspiracy, Conspiracy, Conspiracy, CoP Gr 7, Cornelius, Covenant, CR, Crazie, Crazy Tactics, Crazy Tree Friends, Croatian Heroes, Cruel Intentions, Crusaders Requiem, Crusaders Requiem, cry havoc, Cry Havoc, Cry Havoc, Cry Havoc, Cryptic, Cthulu, Cthulu, Cult, Curse Inc, Curse Inc, curse-inc, Cynic, Cynic, Czech Alliance, D E I, DabestLol, Damnation, Dark Ages, dark assasins, Dark assasins, Dark Dervish, Dark Secrets, Dark Secrets, Dark Tide, Dark Tide, Dark's logs, darkfyre, dasds, Dave, Dawn of Damnation, Day Walkers, Dazed, de gekke belgen, de oranje duivels, De oranje duivels, Deadly Phenom, Death by Cookiez, Death Incarnated, Deathwish, Deep Breath, Define wipe, Delphi, Deluded, Deluded, Deluded, dependence, desecration, Determined, Deus Ex Machina, Deviance, Deviated Sept, diamondZ, Die hard, Disbanded, Dispiritus Sanctus, Dispiritus Sanctus, Dispiritus Sanctus, Divaz, Diversity, Divine Retribution, DK testing, dmg inc, Do a Barrel Roll, Do a Barrel Roll, Do a Barrle Roll, Dogs Of War, Dont Ninja My Pixels, Dont Ninja My Pixels, Draemi logs, Dragons, Dragonsworn, Dragonsworn, Druid Skolan, Drunk Dragons, Drunken Camels, Drunken Camels, dsfdsf, Dwarf Ticklers Anonymous, Dzikie Mamuty, Dzikie Mamuty, Eat My Crit, Echo, Eclipse, Eclipse, Einherjar, Einherjar, Element, Element, Element, Element_2, Elites, Elites of Perkele, Elunes Blessing, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Embryo, Emotionally Unstable, Empire, End of Days, Endless Scream, Enhance, Enigma, Enigma, eon, EpicFabrikken, EpicFabrikken, Epics for Dummies, Epinepherine, Epinephrine, Epinephrine, EquinoX, Erimi, Esotera, Esotera, Eternal Fury, Eternal Fíre, Acid Trip, Adaptation, Aes Carhein, AFK, Agnus Dei, Ancient Protectors, angels, Assasins Creed, AssassinNation, Assassins, Auróra, Azeroths Elite, Azure Guard, Bankas, Banken, Bankje, BankJob, Banky, BeneBank, Blitzkrieg, Blood Bank, Broken Hill Retribution, Champions of Doom, Channel Four News Team, Coffee and Cake, Cold Hearts PT, Collyridam est Mendacium, Crazy Tactics, Cry Havoc, De oranje duivels, De udstødte, Deadly Shadows, Deaths Door, Deathwings Demons, Defenders of light, deGancho, Demetrium Knights, Destinys Wrath, dkzguild, Dogs of War, Dominant, DoMiNeNcE, dragonlords, DreamCatchers, Drunken Fury, Elite Mailbox Service, Elités, Elíte, Endeavour, Eragon, Euphoria, Evil, Evolution, EYES OF THE PANDORIA, Eyes On Destiny, Fac ut vivas, Fantasy League, FedEx, final fantasy, For Justice, Former Glory, Forsåken, Foundation, Frostbyte, Fun Lovin WoWers, Getsuga Tenshou, Ghost Division, Guardians of Acrion, Harambes Disciples, Haters Gonna Hate, Have it, HORDEONLY, Ignorance, Immortals, Indictment, Insane Intentions, Is Hidding, Jesus Had A Soulstone, Jinxed, Judge, JustAGuild, K A T O, Kirous, Knights of Camelot, Knights of Doge, Knights of Lore, Knights TempIar, Knights Templer, Knights Who Say Ni, Knipple FTW, Kør Klatten, League of Assassins, LollyPop guild, Lost Souls, Lunacy, Malevolence, Mist and Shadow, Mojo, Mountain high, Need for NiceNess, Netflix and Chill, Nexuiz, Noble, Noctivagus, Nocturnal, Noobs incorporated, norway players, Not Quite Ascendance, OldTimers, Once Horde Always Horde, Order of Aether, Origin, Orton Nation, Outlawz Immortalz, Perditions Flames, Phoenix Rising, Phonix, Power House, powerful army, PREMIUM, Pretentious Latin Name, Primacy, Private Knights, privébank, Project Horizon, Project TAHITI, Quantum, Que, Radiant soldiers, red devils, Relevance, Reßorn, Riders Of Apocalypse, Riders Of The Punarnee, Round Table, Roundhouse Kick, Royal Teldrassil Rangers, RoyalBankOfScotland, S t a l k e r s, Salvation, Scars of the new world, Semper Paratus, Silent Hill, Solidarity, Soulburn, Stardust, Starlajt inki, SUMMER IS COMING, Suncore, Super Nova, Synthesis, Tauren Milkìng Service, Templars Verdict, Tenacity, The Ashbringers, The Ashen Verdict, The Awakening, The Battleslain, The Bleeding, The Colchian Syndicate, The Fluffy Ones, The Guardian Of Alliance, The Guardians, The Guild Musketeers, The Healing Hand, The Horde Killer, The Legion of Taruen, The Lich Kings Nípples, The List, The Little Guys, The Merciless, The Molten Fist, The Official Mafia, The Outlaws of Outland, The POSSIE, The Retribution, The Rise Of Gilneas, THE ROYAL GUARDIANS, The Unchained, The Wall, Thors Raiders, Timeless Entities, trolls, Tyrannicide, Ultimate Gremlins, Unique, Vejo Brolija, Veritas, Virtus, Warchiefs, Warriors of the Past, WE ARE NOT PREPARED, we got cookies, We Pee in MoonWellzZ, Welcome To Beirut, Wolves of Northrend, Wootongue Clan, World of Bankers, WoWaholics Anonymous, Wreckless Reapers, Xiphias, Zenith, zuetheads, ßchutzstaffel, Äbsolution, Adrenaline, Aleppo, AliBaBa, All Nuke Skull, Alliance Slayers, Angelz of the Darkside, Apotheosis, Auctoritas, Auxilium, band of friends, Banker Inc, BG Team, Bingo Fuel, Blood on the Tracks, Bloodfury, Body Count, Boomtown Yolos, Brb Bio, Bro and Sis, BULGARIA, Burlesque, BURR, Challenge Accepted, Chaos Storm, Control Alt Elites, Converge, Cult of Personality, Curia Regis, Curse Inc, Dark echoes of the Past, De Danske Vikinger, Death Dealers, Deathwish, Dont Feed The Mohawk, DOUL KARNEIN, Dragon Hearts, dræber kaninerne, Dungeon Crawlers, Dutchclan Raid, Eats Shoots and Leaves, Elitist Casuals, Esotera, Eternal Legends, Expendables, Eye of the Mist, Fight Club, Flignites, For The Hórde, Gear Inc, Get Loot or Die Tryin, GIFTOI DIP, Gold Gang, GOLD KNIGHTS, Grief, GØØNIES, Hallucination, heberdean, Hells Tigers, Herbs and Shít, Horda Smierdzi, Horde Killers, Horde Til Da End, Horde Till I Die, Hordes of the dark table, Hostile, i cc my gf so i can play, I Raminghi, Identity Unknown, Illuminatis, Inhuman, Injustice, Insert Guild Name Here, Insomnia, Isolated Insanity, Isolation, Jinx, Kidakakash, killerHertz, Kissmebeforeyoudie, Kittens of Doom, Knights Who Say Ni, Last Stand, Last Vanguards, Legione Infuocata, LokTar Ogar, Loremaster Levellers, Lost Property, Metropolis, Midway, Muffins of Mayhem, mystic morons, Mythic, Nathorion, Ntip guftoi, Obsidian, Olympian Heroes, Only the strong survive, OnlyTheBest, Out Burned, Outland Gods, Pain N Gain, Party Lovers, Pharcanal, Phoenix Rising, Prime, Private, Procrastination, PuistoKemistit ry, Radiant Glory, Randy Raiders, Rebirth, Reckoning, Red Skittles Crew, Regrets, Relief, Retríbution, Ruined, run, Serendipity, Sewer Rats, Shadow spectres, Shaving is Caring, SKILLCAPPED, Slaughterhouse, Spectral, StormBlade, Succubus, Super Adventure Club, Synthesis, Talk Business, Taurs R Us, Tears In Heaven, Terribly Confused, The Ashen Bubble, The Bad Healing Touch, The Bodybag Fillers, The Dominion, The DUDES, The Dárk order, The Everlasting Rose, The Expendables, the family of horde, The Final Apocalypse, The First Rule, The Frags, The Guild Vault, The Holy Judgement, The Horde Crusades, The Hordemasters, The Immortal Brotherhood, The Last Stand, The Legacy, The Lowlanders, The Molochean Hand, The new dawn, The Rat Pack, The Realm of Gondor, The Reborn Champions, The Royal Guard, The Trading Guild, The United Nations, The Wrath of Tempest, Therapy, Thomas Millers Army, To The Ends Of Earth, True Legends, Universal bank, Unknown Error, Utbildad Köttros, Vampire Heroes, Vision, Waiting for Gamebalance, Why so Serious Lets Raid, wild cats are not afk, Wiping as Intended, Worm, WoWaholics Anonymous, Yggdrasil, Çorrupt, African Booty Queen, All Starz, Anonymous, Antisocial, Apocalypto, Arctic Media Gaming, Army of Idiots, Aurora Borealis, Azeroth, Back To Hell, BadCompany, Bankòmat, Blame it on Lag, Bloodlust Protectors, BoneAndDust, Breath Of Life, Brotherhood of Steel, BrotherhoodOfSteel, Burek, Calidus, Cepi Corpus, Cheesey Fanclub, Chimeras underworld, Chrysalis, Clueless, Cold Logic, Cold Remorse, Cold Wind Blows, Cool Runnings, Cool Story Bro, Corrupted Blood, CrazyBank, Danish Dynamite, Danske problemer, Dark Tide, Darkvoids, Dawn of Justice, Dayz, Dced Again, De nattergale, Dedicated, Deep Impact, Delirium, Delta, Den Danske Brigade, Destroyers of the World, Devils Rejects, Dogma, due di picche, Dutchclan Raid Alt, Déstiny, Dødedanskerne, East n Bull, Eat My Crit, Edge of Insanity, Element, Elven Knights, Elysium, Empire of Kalimdor, Endless Scream, Entourage, Eternal Flame, Evolutioneers, Exceptional Idiots, Extraordinary, Fallout, Farmers Inc, Fellowship of the Ding, Felweed Smokers, Fiery Blaze, First Rational Blank, FjortizzPower, Forsaken Bloodline, Fraternity, Free Unicorns, Friends with No Benefits, From Ashes We Are Reborn, From Dusk To Dawn, Geezers, get rich or die trying, Goblin Bank Service, Grotesco, Hammertime, Hashshashin, Heimevernet, Hell Reapers, Heretics, Heuristic Initiative, HH, Hi Thx Bye, Hope Is Kindled, Horde Bashers, Horde Stole My Bike, Hunters Incorporated, I T M, I Templari, illadinaux, illuminati, Immortal Vengeance, Impossible is Nothing, Impulsive, Incarnate, Independance, Infected Dragons, Infernum, Insane in the Membrané, Ironic, Its so Fluffy, Jolly good old Fellas, Just the Ten of Us, Karma, KebabCrew, Kings and Queen, Knight Dreamers, Knight of the Dragonhawk, Knights of Legion, Knights of the Light, Kronos, Kul Tiras Soldiers, la legione perduta, Last Stand, Lauriston Lot, Leegion, legacy of light, Legendy, Leveling Guild, Light Forge, likely lads, Lokfar Berzerkers, Lolol, Look at mah Musculars, Love Bunnies, Lovin with the Muffin, Ludacris, Långtradarkriget, Mad Gankers, Made To Win, Memento, Merciless Barbarians, Mimosa, Minions of Fire, Minions of Mithril, Mongol Empire, Moonlight Council, Moskus, My Epics are in The Wash, Neo Genesis, Neverending, Neónknights, Night Swarm, NINJAPULL, Noxus, NULL, Oblivion Within, Obscure Pwnography, October Nine, Open Rebellion, Optima, Order of Poland, Orgrimmar Elites, Origin, Paid To Raid, Paradigm, Persistence, Phoenix, Pis Fakirler, PogChamp, Possibility, Precision, Pretentious, Primigenus Nefas, Pro Killers, Proper PoHNage, Prophecy Hand, Pwnage, Pímp My Twínk, Queens Blade, Quintessence, Quintrophenia, Raidgroup Two, Rampage I, Raven Crown, Ravenwood, RAW DEAL, Regulators, Relish, Renaissance Knights, Reservoir dógs, Revolution, Rise Of The Horde, Rise of the Living, Risen United, Sanctuary, Saving private ragnaros, scrobwobz, Short on Change, Shut up and pull, silicbank, Sin, Skattekisten, SlayStation, Sonz of Ally, Soulless, Squirtle Squad, Stealth, Still Unforgiven, Stock Guild Inc, Stormwind Nine, Stormwinds Elite, SumoGaming, Super Freaks, Synapse, Team Cexy, TED, Ten Inches Unbuffed, The AltArs, The Ancient Defenders, The Bank, The Boondock Saints, The BorromBank, The Council Of Pandas, The Dark Lords, The Devils Brood, The Expendables, The Farmers, The Final Prayers, The Forsaken Knights, The Front Line, The KIngdom, The Knockouts, The Maruaders, The Phoenix, the sassage rolls, The spectral bunnies, The Stormwind Knights, The 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