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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Crazy Guild 3214 EU-Terokkar Horde 1 3
League of Champions EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 608
Nidor Amo Nex EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 585
Collateral EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 521
Cookie EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 367
The Mystics EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 277
GP EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 239
Charlie Foxtrot (SS) EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 151
NøVA EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 136
Scallywags None Horde 0 108
Death Proof EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 96
Insert Name EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 82
Sleepy EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 76
Suit Up EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 53
Charlie Foxtrot (AA) EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 47
Den Danske Guild EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 47
Illusions EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 41
KamaN EU-Saurfang Horde 0 41
Gwardia Polska EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 33
Lords of Light EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 33
Howling Spirits EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 32
Infusion Group 2 None Alliance 0 29
Sleipner EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 29
Unification EU-Terokkar Horde 0 27
Evolution EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 26
Addiction EU-Darkspear Horde 0 25
Do Sunders EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 25
Swedish alliance EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 25
Denash's logs! EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 23
Trocade Da Baws EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 23
Rising Logs EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 21
The Tribute EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 21
Bratrstvo Oceli EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 19
Dedication EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 18
RavyDavys Reports EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 18
Carnage Inc EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 17
Integrity EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 17
Hyyl HPS EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 14
Last Chance EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 14
mythically challenged EU-Terokkar Horde 0 14
AlmareaWOL EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 13
Divinity EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 12
Dragon Knights AA EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 12
Rupture EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 12
The Sheep who say Nii EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 12
Deus EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 10
Evolution EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 10
Forbidden EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 10
Peritus EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 10
Fossing EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 9
Lost Heroes EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 9
Nordis Logs EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 9
Project Chaos EU-Darkspear Horde 0 9
The Rejected EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 8
Evil Within EU-Saurfang Horde 0 7
Fellowship Reborn EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 7
Leo EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 7
Tes EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 7
Awesome Alts EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 6
Blu EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 6
Infusion Group 1 EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 6
and minions EU-Saurfang Horde 0 5
Defect EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 5
Ekornlogs EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 5
Immortality EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 5
iremickire EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 5
Bandwidth EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 4
Grind Inc. EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 4
Group 3 EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 4
Reckless EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 4
Saligia Team 2 EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 4
Sinth`s Personal Logs EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 4
The Midnight Raiders EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 4
Traen EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 4
Wrathofthedanes EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 4
Altrun EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 3
Daishan EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 3
Dead on Arrival EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 3
Death Proof EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 3
HoldEToLoot EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 3
Icarus EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 3
InFlame EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 3
Integrity EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 3
the midnight raiders team 1 EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 3
TureLies EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 3
welovewow EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 3
You Should Run Away EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 3
Default EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 2
European Elite EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 2
Gli Aggronauti EU-Saurfang Horde 0 2
Group Two EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 2
Hex EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 2
IttyBittyKittyCommittee EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 2
Play Out EU-Darkspear Horde 0 2
Prominence EU-Terokkar Horde 0 2
Raiders of the Glomp EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 2
Random Violence EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 2
Schattenfänger EU-Terokkar Horde 0 2
The Monkey Tree EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 2
The Salty Sailors EU-Terokkar Horde 0 2
The Steak House EU-Darkspear Horde 0 2
We are not repaired EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 2
Abe's EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Ad Interim EU-Saurfang Horde 0 1
Athena EU-Terokkar Horde 0 1
Bake me a cake EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Baliista EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Black Lions EU-Terokkar Horde 0 1
Call of Cthulhu EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
CF_Random EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Convictus EU-Darkspear Horde 0 1
Deathsworn EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Denash's logs EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Dreadnought EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Euphoria EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 1
Euphoria EU-Darkspear Horde 0 1
Evolution EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Favoured of Elune EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Ferocity EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Forged EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Gwardia Polska EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
happypandasfunclub EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Helfarch EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Husaria EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Imperishable EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 1
Instinctu Divinitas EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
K E K EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Kartellamt EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Last Years Heroes EU-Saurfang Horde 0 1
Legion for We Are Many EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Made by Poland EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Midnight Falcons EU-Darkspear Horde 0 1
Mom Said I'm Special EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Morgenes EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Novella EU-Darkspear Horde 0 1
Play Out EU-Darkspear Horde 0 1
Real Kelz EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Saligia EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Sanitarium EU-Terokkar Alliance 0 1
Skyfall EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
testis EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Top secret pugs EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Valiance EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Volatile EU-Terokkar Horde 0 1
Xedfa EU-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
A New Dawn None Alliance 0 0
Acedia None Alliance 0 0
Addiction None Horde 0 0
Aequitas None Alliance 0 0
AJ testing None Horde 0 0
Ajantis gerrys None Horde 0 0
andy pipkins peeple None Horde 0 0
Apprentice Of Light None Alliance 0 0
Ascension None Alliance 0 0
Asteria None Horde 0 0
Avengers of Pandaria None Alliance 0 0
babydonthurtme None Alliance 0 0
Bandwidth None Alliance 0 0
Bendeis None Alliance 0 0
BJI None Alliance 0 0
Black Lions None Horde 0 0
Blackwatch None Horde 0 0
Blinkz None Alliance 0 0
Boohaha None Alliance 0 0
briansreports None Horde 0 0
Casual rank 1 DK None Alliance 0 0
Centurion None Alliance 0 0
Chaos Asylum None Alliance 0 0
Chaos Overwhelming None Alliance 0 0
Charlie Foxtrot Orion None Alliance 0 0
chib None Alliance 0 0
Circle of Light None Alliance 0 0
Credbattler None Alliance 0 0
crucial None Alliance 0 0
Crucial None Alliance 0 0
Crucial None Alliance 0 0
Crunch None Alliance 0 0
Crunch None Alliance 0 0
Darksaint None Alliance 0 0
DashLogs None Alliance 0 0
De geuzen None Alliance 0 0
Death Mist Riders None Alliance 0 0
Decadence None Horde 0 0
Descendants of Darkness None Horde 0 0
Determination None Horde 0 0
Deus None Alliance 0 0
Dignity None Alliance 0 0
Divine Intervention None Alliance 0 0
Dmages logs None Alliance 0 0
DPS Reporter None Alliance 0 0
Dragon Knights None Alliance 0 0
Dragon Knights None Alliance 0 0
Dragon Lancers None Alliance 0 0
earrods guild None Alliance 0 0
Entenpower None Alliance 0 0
Entropy None Alliance 0 0
Euphoria None Alliance 0 0
Excidium None Alliance 0 0
Forged None Alliance 0 0
Fuserlogs None Alliance 0 0
Gamers United None Alliance 0 0
Gavry None Alliance 0 0
God None Alliance 0 0
Gokhans pugs None Alliance 0 0
Guards of Honor None Alliance 0 0
Guards of Honor None Alliance 0 0
Hammered None Horde 0 0
Hammerthor's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Horsemen None Alliance 0 0
Immortal Brotherhood None Alliance 0 0
Jane Doe None Alliance 0 0
Kaldologgs None Alliance 0 0
Kaldorei None Alliance 0 0
keneh logs None Alliance 0 0
Kimze None Alliance 0 0
Knights Of Light None Alliance 0 0
Knights of Oblivion None Alliance 0 0
Last Ottomans None Alliance 0 0
Lazypugging None Alliance 0 0
Legendary Crusaders None Alliance 0 0
Legendary old Hippies None Alliance 0 0
legio virtutis None Alliance 0 0
LFR1 None Alliance 0 0
Liquid None Alliance 0 0
Lokes Offspring None Alliance 0 0
Lost Heroes None Alliance 0 0
Lunye None Alliance 0 0
MagicLOG None Alliance 0 0
Make Tea Not War EU-Saurfang Horde 0 0
Mercenaries of Quan None Alliance 0 0
Mercenaries of Quan None Alliance 0 0
Midlifecrisis None Horde 0 0
Midlifecrisis Nahskan Toppin' meters None Horde 0 0
Mo None Alliance 0 0
Motley Crew (logs) None Alliance 0 0
Mythic None Alliance 0 0
NakedGang None Horde 0 0
Name Taken None Alliance 0 0
Nan2 None Alliance 0 0
New Hope None Horde 0 0
No Time For Muppets None Horde 0 0
Nomnom/Poop None Horde 0 0
Northern Slayers None Alliance 0 0
Omerta None Alliance 0 0
Omertà None Alliance 0 0
OrganisationXII None Alliance 0 0
Otpisani None Alliance 0 0
Pact of Honor None Alliance 0 0
PanBake EU-Terokkar Horde 0 0
Pope's logs None Alliance 0 0
Potatoes ftw! None Alliance 0 0
Private guild None Alliance 0 0
Private Logs EU-Darkspear Horde 0 0
PsychoKiLLerS-Pixiz None Alliance 0 0
PUG PANDA 25 LFR None Alliance 0 0
Pussieliquors Logs None Alliance 0 0
Raiders League None Alliance 0 0
Raiders League None Alliance 0 0
Raiding wabbits None Alliance 0 0
Realsteel None Alliance 0 0
Rellane's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Returnofthemob EU-Saurfang Horde 0 0
Sanctuary None Alliance 0 0
Satori None Alliance 0 0
Scrub Squad None Alliance 0 0
set sail for epic fail None Alliance 0 0
Sinners None Horde 0 0
Smashing Pumpkin None Alliance 0 0
Society None Horde 0 0
Stormwind Millitia None Alliance 0 0
Strategic None Alliance 0 0
Strife Reborn None Horde 0 0
Suit Up Reformed None Alliance 0 0
Team Avengers None Alliance 0 0
Team Sheep None Alliance 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
Test guild None Alliance 0 0
The Dragons Salvation None Alliance 0 0
The Forever Knights None Alliance 0 0
the forgotten rise None Horde 0 0
The Legion of Pie None Alliance 0 0
The Rejected None Alliance 0 0
The Three Kings None Alliance 0 0
The Valiant Order None Alliance 0 0
The Weasels EU-Saurfang Alliance 0 0
Thearchmage None Alliance 0 0
thelhunter2 EU-Darkspear Horde 0 0
Toasted Avengers None Alliance 0 0
Tomb raiders None Alliance 0 0
Tomb Raiders None Alliance 0 0
Trigzy@terokkar None Alliance 0 0
Trigzylogs None Alliance 0 0
True Devotion None Alliance 0 0
True Lies None Alliance 0 0
True Lies None Alliance 0 0
turbologs None Alliance 0 0
Type O Negative None Alliance 0 0
Unagi None Alliance 0 0
Unge Gamere None Alliance 0 0
Utopia None Alliance 0 0
vengeance None Alliance 0 0
Victory Rush None Alliance 0 0
Vinge's WoL None Alliance 0 0
Virtue None Alliance 0 0
Vito's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Wrath of the Danes None Alliance 0 0
Xen of Onslaught None Alliance 0 0
Xerialstraz None Alliance 0 0
Xjools None Alliance 0 0
YogizLiveLogs None Alliance 0 0
Zephs Logs None Alliance 0 0
Zmõêx None Alliance 0 0
Ух ты мух ты None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

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Moon, DarqSide of the moon, De Geuzen, Demonic Light, Descendants of Darkness, Dignity, Disorderly Conduct, DogsOfWar, Dracula Knights, Dragon Heartz, dragons of four elements, Drunken Inc, Elders of Zion, Elite Squad, Error Creating Guildname, Exiles of Revenge, Fellowship Reborn, Flameseekers, Four Car Garage, Frislis drenge, Hoggers Army, HORDE STREET ELITE, HordeCraft, Hordeforlife, Immortality, Infinity and Beyond, INGERI PIERDUTI, Insert Name, Itanders Private Equity, Justice League, Kampfar, Karma Alliance, keyboard gangsters, Killin in the name of, Kingdom of Immortals, Kings fellowship, L o o n e y T o o n s, Legendary Crusaders, Legion Of Shadows, Lords Of Deceit, Lovely Bones, Maelstrom, Magic Maggots, Mute, Mythic, Nightcall, No LiferS, Notorious, Omertà, OrganisationXII, Ovation, Pancake Society, Path of Serenity, People of WoW, Pestilent Angels, Pie, Pink Panthers, Plan B, Potatis, Powerpuff Pals, Project Mayhem, Raiders of the Alliance, Raiders of the Glomp, Rapture, 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