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Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Gardh en Teliad EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 120
Ignis Draconis EU-Arthas Alliance 0 93
coesa EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 83
Evil Onions EU-Arthas Alliance 0 79
Angels of Light EU-Arthas Alliance 0 47
Schwarzer Phönix EU-Arthas Horde 0 46
FauleStudis EU-Arthas Alliance 0 34
Schneesturm EU-Arthas Alliance 0 32
Immortal Infinity EU-Arthas Alliance 0 30
Chunnam Dragons EU-Kel'Thuzad 0 28
Rainbow Dash Crew EU-Arthas 0 17
Arthas PvE Warriors EU-Arthas Alliance 0 14
Noir EU-Arthas Alliance 0 14
Misanthropie EU-Vek'lor Horde 0 14
Collateral Adversity EU-Arthas Alliance 0 12
Reckless Devotion EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 11
Schlappeseppels EU-Arthas Horde 0 10
TryAgain EU-Kel'Thuzad 0 10
Destroyer EU-Wrathbringer Alliance 0 10
Rushen Standard EU-Arthas Alliance 0 8
Genesís EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 8
Blutige Bruderschaft EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 8
Memento mori EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 8
Stonetrees EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 8
Dark Vision EU-Arthas Alliance 0 7
Quöllbande EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 7
Identity EU-Blutkessel 0 6
Mîdgard EU-Kel'Thuzad 0 6
mythic EU-Arthas Alliance 0 5
Kings of War EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 4
Equillibra EU-Arthas Alliance 0 3
The F Word EU-Vek'lor 0 3
Doom EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 3
Next EU-Arthas Alliance 0 2
Nucleus EU-Arthas Horde 0 2
True Idols EU-Arthas Alliance 0 2
TwoOrcsOneCup EU-Blutkessel 0 2
Knochenbrecherbrigade EU-Kel'Thuzad 0 2
arcadya EU-Arthas Horde 0 1
Crit Community EU-Arthas 0 1
NeverWipeAlone EU-Arthas 0 1
Pirates of the Carribean EU-Arthas 0 1
Revolution EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
Spaceballs EU-Arthas 0 1
Stayfriends EU-Arthas 0 1
Hüter der Vergessenen EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 1
Achgosh douk EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 1
Deathless Angels EU-Kel'Thuzad 0 1
Dragonslayerz EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 1
Lost Souls EU-Kel'Thuzad 0 1
Manasturm EU-Kel'Thuzad 0 1
Novus Ardor EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 1
Sturmhaufen EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 1
Infernal EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 1
Letzte Instanz EU-Wrathbringer 0 1
Mental Madness EU-Wrathbringer Alliance 0 1
Mental Decay EU-Arthas 0 0
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Courage EU-Arthas Alliance 23 155
StanicEnemy EU-Wrathbringer Horde 5 15
pewpew EU-Arthas Horde 4 64
Nameless EU-Arthas Alliance 1 20
Das Siebte Zeichen EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 395
Stonetrees EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 169
dependence EU-Arthas Alliance 0 162
Promiscuous EU-Arthas Alliance 0 122
Waldwölfe EU-Arthas Horde 0 87
Noir EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 66
Funstyle EU-Arthas Horde 0 56
Bakery EU-Arthas Alliance 0 53
Kalteras Testguild EU-Arthas Alliance 0 53
CROWFEX EU-Arthas Alliance 0 51
Mental Madness EU-Wrathbringer Alliance 0 47
Why Me EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 45
Harlequin EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 44
Hotties EU-Arthas Horde 0 43
Memento Mori EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 42
Botlike EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 41
Irrlycht's WoL EU-Arthas Alliance 0 40
TRaPs EU-Wrathbringer Alliance 0 39
Last Try EU-Arthas Alliance 0 37
Impact EU-Arthas Alliance 0 35
Chronicle EU-Arthas Horde 0 34
Strikes EU-Arthas Alliance 0 34
dasa EU-Vek'lor Horde 0 32
Mental Madness EU-Arthas Alliance 0 32
TRaPs EU-Wrathbringer Alliance 0 32
Wächter der Innbrücke EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 32
Annexus EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 30
Gardh en Teliad - Chrischs SG EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 29
Forgive me EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 28
Kaelonstestguild EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 28
Lost Souls EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 27
NebelfelsG2 None Alliance 0 27
Lost Souls EU-Arthas Alliance 0 26
neidisch EU-Arthas Alliance 0 26
Classical EU-Arthas Horde 0 24
Die Namenlosen - V EU-Vek'lor Alliance 0 24
Neophobia EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 24
Donnerbuddys EU-Arthas Horde 0 23
Gloimgar EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 23
Harbinger EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 23
Anathema EU-Wrathbringer Alliance 0 22
SuchTProgramm INC EU-Arthas Alliance 0 22
I am with stupid EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 21
we will be first EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 20
Achgosh douk EU-Arthas Alliance 0 19
Doomhammers Legacy EU-Arthas Horde 0 18
EnRo GRIFFINS EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 18
HYPE EU-Arthas Horde 0 18
Revolutíon EU-Arthas Alliance 0 17
Gardh en Teliad 10er EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 15
Pantehon V EU-Arthas Alliance 0 15
Scythe EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 15
The Core Team EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 15
AcromatiX grp2 alternative logs EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 14
MightyUlkasLogs EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 14
NLess EU-Arthas Alliance 0 14
RESIST EU-Wrathbringer Alliance 0 14
The Fremen EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 14
AL EU-Wrathbringer Alliance 0 13
Angels Force EU-Arthas Alliance 0 13
Bloodhunters EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 13
Quaria EU-Arthas Alliance 0 13
ráge EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 13
The Legend of Kalimdor EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 13
Zaaklogs EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 13
DwarfsFtw EU-Wrathbringer Alliance 0 12
Logs_10 EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 12
Raid-Alliance EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 12
seriously casual EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 12
Unbreakable EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 12
Awoken Kites EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 11
banished EU-Arthas Alliance 0 11
chaoZ EU-Arthas Alliance 0 11
Intactilis EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 11
Kyrpa EU-Arthas Horde 0 11
Bloodhunters EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 10
Insanity EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 10
Naito und dies und das WOL EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 10
Recycled EU-Arthas Alliance 0 10
Reisegruppe Chaos EU-Arthas Alliance 0 10
THG EU-Arthas Alliance 0 10
Axia EU-Vek'lor Horde 0 9
BrutalBastards None Horde 0 9
CrazyClan EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 9
Girl Scouts None Alliance 0 9
I Am Legend EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 9
I Legendary I EU-Wrathbringer Alliance 0 9
Noxious EU-Arthas Alliance 0 9
Plug Uglies EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 9
Repentless EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 9
RUDE BOYZ EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 9
Storm Earth and Fire EU-Vek'lor Horde 0 9
HufpowerINC EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 8
just friends EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 8
Pakt der Horde EU-Vek'lor Horde 0 8
PITA None Horde 0 8
Real Nordic Lowlanders EU-Arthas Alliance 0 8
Unserejungs EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 8
defiance EU-Arthas Alliance 0 7
Destiny's Guild EU-Arthas Horde 0 7
Rebirth EU-Arthas Alliance 0 7
Silentium EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 7
AcromatiX EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 6
epoxid EU-Arthas Alliance 0 6
error logs EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 6
goroth EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 6
Raid Blau EU-Arthas Alliance 0 6
Reign of Chaos EU-Arthas Alliance 0 6
Team brutal Deluxe EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 6
Two and a half DD EU-Arthas Alliance 0 6
AElume EU-Arthas Alliance 0 5
Anmx EU-Arthas Alliance 0 5
BloodPainDmG EU-Arthas Horde 0 5
BLUTMOND EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 5
Collateral EU-Arthas Alliance 0 5
Eternal EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 5
Monks Raids None Alliance 0 5
TB EU-Arthas Horde 0 5
The Only Escape EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 5
Vollbärtige Tanzbären EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 5
vollbärtigere logs EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 5
AOL & LS EU-Arthas Alliance 0 4
CM Powered Killixx EU-Arthas Alliance 0 4
Harlequin EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 4
Ly's Trashlogs EU-Wrathbringer Alliance 0 4
Piensport MS EU-Arthas Alliance 0 4
reVamP EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 4
riots EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 4
Ruin EU-Blutkessel Alliance 0 4
Templars of Steel EU-Vek'lor Horde 0 4
ulalala EU-Arthas Alliance 0 4
Up to End EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 4
Victorious Secret EU-Vek'lor Horde 0 4
Amicus None Alliance 0 3
Anguish EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 3
Balkanski Spijun EU-Arthas Alliance 0 3
Crysis EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 3
Die Kolonie EU-Arthas Alliance 0 3
die sunayfamily EU-Wrathbringer Alliance 0 3
Eternal EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 3
Hanses Mega Gilde EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 3
Inc EU-Arthas Horde 0 3
Knights of Saxony EU-Arthas Alliance 0 3
Memento Mori Gilde EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 3
Mental Madness EU-Wrathbringer Alliance 0 3
MonkaS EU-Arthas Alliance 0 3
MyLogs EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 3
Noir EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 3
Resurrection EU-Vek'lor Horde 0 3
Resurrection EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 3
Still Loading EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 3
Stählerne Bruderschaft EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 3
Unbreakable EU-Arthas Alliance 0 3
1st EU-Blutkessel Alliance 0 2
bad voodoo EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 2
BartLogs EU-Arthas Alliance 0 2
Beldos Sonntagsraid EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 2
clæsh EU-Arthas Alliance 0 2
Cold Fusion EU-Arthas Horde 0 2
Der Log des Grauens EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 2
displacement EU-Arthas Alliance 0 2
FauleStudis EU-Arthas Alliance 0 2
Hysteria EU-Arthas Alliance 0 2
Hêrbst EU-Arthas Alliance 0 2
Identity EU-Vek'lor Horde 0 2
Impact EU-Arthas Alliance 0 2
Katharsis EU-Arthas Alliance 0 2
Kult der Schattenwölfe EU-Arthas Horde 0 2
MeanTeam EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 2
Naitomea EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 2
OP EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 2
Phoeníx (10) EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 2
Pirates of Ballz Deep EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 2
Plague EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 2
resign from life EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 2
Resurrection EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 2
Revénge EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 2
Schniesels Log EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 2
Syndicate EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 2
The Core Team EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 2
The Hateful Art EU-Vek'lor Horde 0 2
The Mantis Shrimp EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 2
Twinkrun EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 2
Twinkruns EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 2
Union EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 2
Waldwölfe Raid 2 EU-Arthas Horde 0 2
Wrath of Ragnaros EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 2
zul dao EU-Arthas Horde 0 2
Æquilibrium EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 2
[Las Habas] EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
Altraids EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
Arthas PvP Warriors EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
Ascension EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
AustriaConnection EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
Avior EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
Back to Business EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 1
Bellerophon EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 1
Conventio EU-Vek'lor Horde 0 1
crânk EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 1
CuddleRaids EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 1
Damned Souls EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 1
dead poets society EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 1
Deep Ground None Horde 0 1
Defiance EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
Demadesco EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 1
Die Schwarze Faust EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 1
Dies Irae EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 1
Dotters of Darnassus EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
Downfall EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 1
DrunkenStyler EU-Vek'lor Horde 0 1
eMotion EU-Arthas Horde 0 1
Endstation EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
Eternitas EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 1
Fat Kids Are Hard To CC EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
Fat Kids Are Hard To CC EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
Førgive Me EU-Arthas Horde 0 1
Gardh en Teliad EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 1
Gardh en Teliad 10er Twink EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 1
General EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 1
Goldrausch EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 1
Hassinc2te EU-Arthas Horde 0 1
Haus Moriturus EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
Hufpower INC EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 1
Illustrious EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
immørtál háté EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 1
Impressive Rampage EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 1
Incarnated EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 1
Infinity EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 1
KKND EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
Letzte Instanz EU-Wrathbringer Alliance 0 1
Madchen EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 1
Memento mori EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 1
MSZ EU-Arthas Horde 0 1
Nebelfels EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
Nebelfels EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
nefaria facet EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 1
next please EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 1
NiCe is NicE EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 1
Nine Lives EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 1
no need 4 guild EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 1
No Regret EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 1
OP EU-Wrathbringer Alliance 0 1
Osiris 10´er EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 1
Paradoxum EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
Parrandista EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 1
phr EU-Arthas Horde 0 1
Pirates of Ballz Deep EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 1
Plague None Horde 0 1
Plague EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 1
Principium Novum EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
Prophecy EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
Randome EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 1
Rantánplan's Premium Logs EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
Reign of Chaos [TR] EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
Relic EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 1
resign from life EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 1
Revoke EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 1
Rosa Zuckerwatte EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
Rosinenraid EU-Wrathbringer Alliance 0 1
Scythe10 EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 1
Serious Business EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 1
Spirits of Blood EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 1
Styx EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
T K T EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 1
Tarip EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 1
test inc EU-Arthas Horde 0 1
The Dark Shadow EU-Vek'lor Horde 0 1
The Only Escape EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 1
Try Again EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 1
Valar EU-Kel'Thuzad Horde 0 1
vodka testing EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 1
Waldwölfe EU-Arthas Horde 0 1
Waldwölfe Gimpkolonne EU-Arthas Horde 0 1
WC EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
Weekend Warriors EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 1
Wipe Out EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 1
Wurstgewitter EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 1
xPLore EU-Arthas Alliance 0 1
Achologs None Horde 0 0
Aegis Militia None Horde 0 0
Aerosha & Rnds None Alliance 0 0
Akaru-Guild None Horde 0 0
alea îacta est None Horde 0 0
Alliance of Tarsonis None Alliance 0 0
Alliance of Tarsonis None Alliance 0 0
AllianceBetaLogs EU-Wrathbringer Alliance 0 0
Amicus None Alliance 0 0
amity None Alliance 0 0
Anduralogs None Alliance 0 0
Arathos Erben None Horde 0 0
Arkanator Test None Horde 0 0
Ascend None Alliance 0 0
atrocius None Horde 0 0
Austria Connection None Alliance 0 0
bad voodoo None Horde 0 0
Bala's Logs None Horde 0 0
Bic Inc Company None Horde 0 0
Blackdawn None Horde 0 0
BlackDragons None Alliance 0 0
Blacklist None Horde 0 0
Blackout None Horde 0 0
BlöffS log None Horde 0 0
Botlike 2. Stamm None Horde 0 0
botlikeS2 None Horde 0 0
Bund des Schwarzen Lotus None Alliance 0 0
Bäm None Alliance 0 0
C O R E None Horde 0 0
C R I T I C A L None Alliance 0 0
Carpe Diem None Alliance 0 0
Cel Logs None Alliance 0 0
CelLogs None Horde 0 0
Challenge Accepted None Alliance 0 0
chaotic-grp2 None Horde 0 0
Circulum Gladi None Horde 0 0
Clownz EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 0
Cohesion destroying None Alliance 0 0
Convictio None Alliance 0 0
Crit Luck None Horde 0 0
Crit Luck None Alliance 0 0
Damned Souls None Horde 0 0
Damned Souls None Horde 0 0
Damned Souls None Horde 0 0
Das Kartell None Alliance 0 0
Deep Ground EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 0
Delibrium Draconis None Alliance 0 0
Delibrium Draconis None Alliance 0 0
Dementia None Horde 0 0
Demolition None Horde 0 0
Die Brommbärpflücker None Alliance 0 0
Die Dunkelziffer None Alliance 0 0
Die Gummibärenbande None Horde 0 0
Drankual None Horde 0 0
DrunkenStyler None Horde 0 0
Dunkle Absichten None Alliance 0 0
Eiserne Wölfe None Horde 0 0
Elfalas None Alliance 0 0
Elite der Verdammnis None Alliance 0 0
End None Alliance 0 0
Engelskrieger None Alliance 0 0
Enomotia None Alliance 0 0
Enraged EU-Arthas Horde 0 0
Equestria None Horde 0 0
Equillibra None Alliance 0 0
Eternal Infinity None Alliance 0 0
Evil Onions EU-Arthas Alliance 0 0
excubitoris ex lucerna None Alliance 0 0
Exiled Memories None Horde 0 0
failbobs None Horde 0 0
Fallen Stars None Alliance 0 0
FanatiX None Horde 0 0
FauleStudis None Alliance 0 0
Fresh Prince Royzze Logs None Horde 0 0
friendsXREALMraid None Alliance 0 0
FS-Arrowen None Alliance 0 0
Garde der Drachen None Alliance 0 0
Garde der Drachen None Alliance 0 0
Genesis EU-Arthas Horde 0 0
gg izi EU-Wrathbringer Horde 0 0
Gilde der Allianz None Alliance 0 0
Gnolex EU-Arthas Alliance 0 0
Goldrausch None Alliance 0 0
GP Twinkruns None Alliance 0 0
hahalol None Alliance 0 0
HELIOS None Alliance 0 0
Hello Kitty Inselspaß EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 0
I Legendary II None Alliance 0 0
Ignis Draconis Raid 2 None Alliance 0 0
Illus Loggerbude None Alliance 0 0
Immortalis None Alliance 0 0
Impact None Alliance 0 0
In Excess None Alliance 0 0
In Fidem None Alliance 0 0
In Fidem None Alliance 0 0
in perpetuum None Horde 0 0
in_perpetuum None Horde 0 0
Inactiv None Horde 0 0
Independent Gaming None Alliance 0 0
Independent Gaming None Alliance 0 0
inFlamez None Alliance 0 0
insert coin None Horde 0 0
Intent None Horde 0 0
inZane None Horde 0 0
inZane None Horde 0 0
IX None Horde 0 0
Kammerjäger None Alliance 0 0
KDB None Alliance 0 0
Keratos Log None Horde 0 0
Kern des Bösen None Alliance 0 0
Knight of Divine None Alliance 0 0
Krassetypen None Alliance 0 0
Landos Logs None Alliance 0 0
Legendarne Przymierze EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 0
Logsa None Horde 0 0
lolipop None Horde 0 0
Lotus None Alliance 0 0
Lucian None Alliance 0 0
Magical Pony Adventure None Horde 0 0
Manasturm None Alliance 0 0
Manasturm TNG None Alliance 0 0
Meinegildewtfw00t None Horde 0 0
Memento mori None Alliance 0 0
Mental Madness None Alliance 0 0
Mental Madness None Alliance 0 0
Mental Madness None Alliance 0 0
Mex None Horde 0 0
Mordho None Alliance 0 0
Muschi None Alliance 0 0
My Guild None Alliance 0 0
My Logs None Horde 0 0
myGuild EU-Arthas Alliance 0 0
Mîdgard None Alliance 0 0
N U M E N None Alliance 0 0
Nebelfels None Alliance 0 0
Nebelfels None Alliance 0 0
Nebelfels None Alliance 0 0
Nebelfels None Alliance 0 0
Nebelfels None Alliance 0 0
Nebelfels None Alliance 0 0
Nebelfels None Alliance 0 0
Neophobia None Horde 0 0
Nevermind None Alliance 0 0
New Beginning None Alliance 0 0
Nichts None Alliance 0 0
Nightmares of Thunder None Horde 0 0
noir None Horde 0 0
Noxious None Alliance 0 0
Obstinate None Horde 0 0
OzzyApp None Alliance 0 0
patchwork None Horde 0 0
Paul and Shark None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
PinkFluffyUnicorns EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 0
Pinkspear Tribe None Horde 0 0
Pinkspear Tribe None Horde 0 0
Principium Novum None Alliance 0 0
Private Bahlou None Horde 0 0
ProAqua None Horde 0 0
Prophecy None Alliance 0 0
Prophecy None Alliance 0 0
Punishers of Uranus None Alliance 0 0
Qualis rex talis grex None Horde 0 0
Rabauzel EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 0
Rachegeflüster None Horde 0 0
Real Nordic Lowlanders None Alliance 0 0
Reeths Guild None Alliance 0 0
Reflection None Horde 0 0
Reign of Chaos [SR] None Alliance 0 0
Reserrecution None Horde 0 0
Reunited None Alliance 0 0
Revo 2nd Raid None Alliance 0 0
Revénge None Alliance 0 0
Ring der Getreuen None Alliance 0 0
Ripkoc None Horde 0 0
Royzze Logs None Horde 0 0
Royzze Logs None Horde 0 0
Samurai Pizza Cats None Horde 0 0
Samurai Pizza Cats None Horde 0 0
Save The Turtles None Horde 0 0
sb None Horde 0 0
Schelm None Horde 0 0
Seal Cub Clubbing Club None Horde 0 0
Seelenwanderer None Horde 0 0
Seelenwanderer None Horde 0 0
Seelenwanderer EU-Blutkessel Horde 0 0
Shakira geile stupe None Horde 0 0
Sick of it all None Horde 0 0
Skeklogs None Horde 0 0
Slaughter None Horde 0 0
Smokin Aces None Horde 0 0
Solis Defectio None Alliance 0 0
Soul of Trust None Alliance 0 0
Soylent Green None Alliance 0 0
Spaceballs None Alliance 0 0
Spaceballs None Alliance 0 0
Spirits of Blood Raidgrp 2 None Horde 0 0
Spürt die Liebe None Horde 0 0
Starke Männer mit Möpsen None Alliance 0 0
Starke Männer mit Möpsen None Alliance 0 0
Stay Friends None Alliance 0 0
Sturmhaufen EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 0
Sturmwinds Helden None Alliance 0 0
Styx None Alliance 0 0
Styx EU-Arthas Alliance 0 0
supreme None Horde 0 0
Synced None Horde 0 0
Tempel des Phönix None Alliance 0 0
Tesai None Alliance 0 0
Testing Melchi None Alliance 0 0
Testix Logix by Raftix None Horde 0 0
The Awakening None Alliance 0 0
Thrallinor None Horde 0 0
Tigrovi None Alliance 0 0
Tourgwai INC. None Alliance 0 0
ToXic Gaming None Alliance 0 0
Tribunal der Horde None Horde 0 0
trollin around None Horde 0 0
trytime None Horde 0 0
unadrizzle None Horde 0 0
Unchained None Horde 0 0
UndisputeÐ None Alliance 0 0
UndisputeÐ None Alliance 0 0
Unpredictable None Alliance 0 0
Unsere None Horde 0 0
Up to End None Horde 0 0
Vandalen EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 0
Vanquish EU-Kel'Thuzad Alliance 0 0
Vek'lor Progress Squad None Horde 0 0
Vida Dura None Horde 0 0
Virulent None Alliance 0 0
Wave None Alliance 0 0
Wipe at First Pull None Alliance 0 0
without skill None Alliance 0 0
WoWArath1 None Alliance 0 0
WrathTwinks None Horde 0 0
Wrynns Garde Elite None Alliance 0 0
xore None Alliance 0 0
Ympetn's Band! None Horde 0 0
|Alpha| None Alliance 0 0
Ælume/Roffel None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

Schlappeseppel´s, I Legendary I, 00, 10er Piotre, 10er Stamm, 2345, , [AnnE], A Bunch of Boons, AB, Acromatix, AcromatiX, Ad Astra, Adelante, Adelante, Adelante, Adept, Adoven's Guild, Advocatis Diaboli, Affliction, AkuSokuZan, alea iacta est, alea îacta est, Algorithmus, alianza ecuatoriana, All Stars, Alliance of Tarsonis, almost skilled, An der Kante gibts Kekse, Anathema, Anathema, Anathema, Anathema #Test, Ancestros de la Alianza, Angels Force, Angels Force, Angels Force, Angels Force, Anguish, Anguish, Anguish, Anonima, Antiker, Apøkalypse, Armatura, Arthas Raid Team, ArtificialEvil, Ascardia, Ascardia(10M), Ascendence, Ascendence, Ascension, Ashelol, ashes to ashes, Asphyxiated, Assassin, AssassinsSheep, Asylum, Asylum, auch Du bist innen Rosa, Audax Cor, Audax Cor, Aurea Mediocritas, Aurea Mediocritas, Aurea Mediocritas, Aurea Mediocritas, Aureus, AustriaConnection, Authority, Avalon, Avalon, Avalon, Avior, Avior, Awakend, Awakened Wrath, awe, Awoken Kites, Axia, Axia, azaseltestguild, Azkowl, Babilonia, babu, Back in Business, Bad Voodoo, Badabum, BAfH, Bankomaten, baobaobear, Basement Athletes, Bavarian Armed Forces, Bavarian Armed Forces, Bavarian Body Batscherz, Be Water My Friend, Behüter der Geheimnisse, Behüter der Geheimnisse, Behüter der Geheimnisse, Bekay, Betrayed, Betrayed2, Bia Avijl, Big Inc Company, Big Inc Company, big kissers, Black Pearls, Black Pearls, Blackdawn, Blackforce, blackout, Blackout, Blackout, Blackout, BlackRock n Roll, Blackwolf Raiders, Bleh, Blessed, Blobbs, Blood and Thunder, Bloodhunters, Bloodhunters, Bloodhunters, bloodline, Bloodline Revival, Bloodlore Society`, Bloodmoon Brotherhood, BloodThorN, Bloodyfùry, Blotto, BLUTMOND, BLUTMOND Gruppe2, Blutorden von Sturmwind, Blutsturm, Blâck Angels, Bob's Corporation, Bobas, BogiMorpg Gang, bones raids, Boojam, book of knowledge, book of knowledge, Book of Knowledge 2, Bottyphant, Bouncaa, Braci Sie Nie Traci, Brainless, Brandopfêr, Brauhaus-Letalis, Breulers, Bronkojin Fail, brotarg, Brotherhood of Kain, Brutal Dedication, Brutal Dedication, Brutal Dedication, Brutal Dedication, BSE, BudSpencerinTarrensMill, Bund der Macht, Bund der Macht (2), Bund von Theramore, Bund von Theramore, bunte sachen, Bâll, Bøøni, Calji Shadow Test, Carpe Diem, Cassiopeia, Ce La Vie, Ceen - MoP Beta, Celestial, Celestial Being, Celivar, Cenaríus, Cepas guild, Chaotic, Chaotic, Chaotic, Chaotic G1, Chaotic G3, Chaotic-BK, Chaotic-Grp1, Chaotic3, ChaoZ Pur, Chasin of the Dragon, Chemical, chockietraids, Chronicle, coesa, coesa, coesa, Coesa, Cohesion destroying, Cold Blooded, Cold Fusion, Collateral Adversity, Come in and find out, Come in and find out, Come in and find out, Concilium, Concilium quae Novem, Convictio, Coon and Friends, Core, Coronation, Cramer's Fan Club, Creative Labs, crimson steel, Crit Luck, Cross Addiction, crYptic, crYptic, Crytox-logs, CtI, Cyborcs, D P S, da hilft nur üben, dach, DAFAQ, Damned Souls, Dantes Rache, Dark Alliance, Dark Gathering, Dark Ministry, Dark Sunrise, DARK SUNRISE, Darkfire, Darkfire, Darkfrozen, Darkministry, Das Siebte Zeichen, dead poets society, dead poets society, Death while Sunrise, Death while Sunrise, Deathless Angels, Deathless Angels, Deathwolf, Debellator utrum Legio, DEELME, Defiance, Dejavu, Deletum, Delibrium Draconis, Delibrium Draconis, Delibrium Draconis, Delirium, demadesco, Demadesco, Demadesco, Demadesco, Demadesco, Dementia, Dennis, Der gargoyle hat den Dk draußen, der Pakt der Horde, Derechos, Destiny, Destiny, Devils of Twilight, Devils of Twilight, Devotion, Dezember, Dice, Die Dorfjugend, Die Entspannten, Die Entspannten, Die Entspannten (10er), Die erfolgsjäger, Die Erhabenen, Die Gallier, Die Glorreichen, Die grüne Front, Die Gummibärenbande, die kolonie, Die Kolonie, Die Kolonie, Die Kolonie Mixraid, Die Staubsauger, die WoW geschädigten, Dies Irae neu, DinharasPrivateLogs, dipsing like a boss, dirty son of a lich, Disney Fun Team, Distinction, Divine, Divine, Divinum, Divinum , Division Sturmwind, Division Sturmwind, Dk-Testing, Dogma, Dont Panic you Die, Doom Loop, Drakonier123, Druid Heaven, Drunken Styler, Drunkenstyler, DrunkenStyler, DrunkenStyler, DrunkenStyler, Dunkle Absichten, Durotäische Volksfront, Durstige Männer, Dëvïl, Dôum, eel, Egal war lustig, Eis so heiß wie Feuer, Eldunarí, Electribe, Elizara, Ellipsis, Elusive, elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Embers of Hell, eMotion, eMotion, Empathy, Empress, Encore, Endgame, EndGame, Endstation, Endstation, Endstation, Endstation, Endurion, Enemy Down, Enrâge, Enskies Testguild, Envoy of Death, envy, Envy, Enîgma, Epox, Epox, Epoxid, eRage, Erzfeind, eSc, eSio, eSio, eSio, Eterbak, Eternal, Eternal, Eternal, Eternal (), Ace, AIG Switzerland, Aktionshaus, Aktionshaus GmbH, all night long, Alliance of Tarsonis, Allianz of Darkness, Altbewährtes, AnA Team, Angel of Darkness, Angel of Devil, Angel of Rage, Angelofdreams, Angels Force, Anomalia, Antikörper, applied arts, Arbeitsamt Ehrfürchtig, Archon Corrupted, ArmyOfHardcore, as cinco cadelas, Ascendence, Ascendence Twink, Ascension, Association of Sicarii, AufdemKlobrenntnochLicht, Aureus, Auryn, AustriaConnection, aut nihil, Back in Time, BananenbiegereiBootyBay, banished, Bank, Bank von TdK, Bankman, Banko Draconis, Bankolan, BATTLEGROUND WARS, BedTimeStories, Beep Beep I m a Jeep, Begleiter von Thrall, Behüter der Geheimnisse, Belatorius Seditio, Berufe INC, Betrayed, BiZz AcTion DeaL, Black Pearls, Blackdawn, Blackout, blizz fails and we pwn, Blood of Death, BLOODY WARCLAN, Bluescreen Blackrock, Blut Bank AG, Bluèscreen, BRANDSATZ, Bregan Daerthe , Brennende Seelen, brotherhood, Brütal Legendaries, BulletProof, Bund der Drachenwächter, Bund von Theramore, BURNING CRUSADE WARS, BurningCrusade PvP, Burst of Flame, BURSTday, Börnys, CalmDown, Challenge Accepted, chanceless, ChAosPrInZip, ChAoTeN cLaN, chaoZ, Chemical Warfare, Chiller der Allianz, Chuck Norris Allstars, Chucknology, Clæsh, Cohesion destroying, CONVICTIO, Coopers, coser, Cracked, Criminal Scum, Crises, CriticalStrike, CROWFEX, Crusade inc, Crít happens, Curry, Daisho, DarknesZ, DarkTemptation, Das Kartell, Das wird Legendär, Defender of Darnassus, Der Bund des Todes, Destinys Guild, Diamond Dragon, Dice, Die Brumbärchen, Die Devastatoren, Die Dunkelziffer, Die Eiserne Horde, Die Eiserne Legion, Die Elite der Allianz, Die Elite der Xøre, Die Kolonie, die Unbeugsame, DieBruderschaft, Dirty Sanchez, Distortionz, disturbed gaming, DLV, Dolan and Friends, Drachenlanze, Draconus, Dragons, Dragons Revenge, Dunkle Absichten, Dârk Revolution, Einmal mit Profis, Eisenschmiede, Elite der Verdammnis, Elitegarde der Allianz, Embodied Spirit, eMotion, eMotíon, Endstation, Engelskrieger, Epos Noctu, eradication, Eternal Infinity, eXidium, F A C E R O L L E R S, F A C E R O L L E R Z, Fallen Crusaders, Fallen Stars, FanatiX, Fantasia, Fars in de Firus, Fat Kids Are Hard To CC, fear and loathing, fearless, Feinde Von Sargeras, Feuerdrachen, Feuerwehr Azeroth, Fire Angels, first blood, First Class Soldier, Flughangar, For Sale, Freedom Warriors, Frozen Flames, Fränks Bänk, Fuftzsch, Førgive Me, Garde des Lichts, GDI, Gefallene Engel, Gentlemens Club, GetreueAsgards, Gilde von Avara, Glennfiddich, Gnômeland Security, Goblin Gang, Godfathers, GodofWar, GodsOfBeer, Guardians of Arthas, Guardians of Draenor, Guardians of Underworld, GZ du kannst lesen, H E L I O S, HARDCORETRANSFORMERMÄßIG, hat keinen Sinn, hat PvE Gear an, Haus Moriturus, HimmelsBlut, Hordentlich in Hordnung, Hordnung muss sein, Horreum I, Hüter des Kinderzimmers, I ALPHA I, I InPanic I, Icelance Pew Pew, Ich AG, illunis, Illustrious, Immortal Infinity Twink, Impact, In Excess, Infernum Excubitor, Insane, Insanes et Amabilis, InTeX, Invincible, Ja ne echt nich, Jack Harkness, Jesus was Soulstoned, Jewreyproof, JohnPlayerSpetzial, Jsp gilde, just glorius, just muh, Kabinenparty, Kampfrausch, Karma, Katharsis, Kernexperiment, Khaoz, Killerkaninchen Kommando, Klingen der Warsong, Klingen Sturmwinds, Knight of Divine, Krempelkurts Muli GmbH, Krush kill n Destroy, KräuterGilde, Kuhschubser, Kult der Todesschwinge, La Cruzada, League Of Warcraft, Legendary, LegendenvonAzeroth, Letalrum, Like no other, Lost Angels, Louder than Words, LowPros, Lucky One, Lux Aeterna, LyD, Macht der Freundschaft, Madhouse, Mantis Bank GmbH, MeaCulpa, Mercenaries, Methylamin, Misanthropen, MODERN WARCRAFT, Monkey See Monkey Do, MonstersNeedTeddysToo, Murlocs go rawblawblaw, Mythós, Narcotic, Nebelfels, neidisch, Nerd Rage, Nerf Inc, New Beginning, New Divine Hunters, Nicht gut aber Niedlich, Nihao, Ninjas killed my Family, NLess, NO PAIN NO GAIN, No Skill Just Epics, NoFear, Nordwind, Nox Obscura, Noxious, nubank, Nucular, NøFear, Oblivion Inc, One Hit Wonders, Orden der Nephillim, Orden des Verderbens, Origin, p h r, Pandagon, Pandoras End, Pantheon V, Panzerschrank, Paradigm Shift, Paradoxum, Pepperoni Lovers, Per Fidem Deorum, pink maggots, PlayStatiøn, possible, PREsidium, Pride of Beasts, Private, Prøject X, Purple Twinks, pvp rocker, QQ Bank, QUICK TO THE BATCAVE, RageCore, Raid n Roll, rambazamba, Rapidler, Real Nordic Lowlanders, Rebell ohne Grund, Refuge, Regicide, Revo, Rheinbank, Ring der Getreuen, Riposte, Rising Chaos of Arthas, Ronin Butterfly, Royale with Cheese, RumzBumz Berserker Jungs, Rusty Crew, Sapped cows cant say moo, Sauerkrautsaft, Schattenklinge, Schokowürfel, Seelenfänger, Seelenreich der Könige, SemperFidelis, Sentinels, Shade Impact, Shadowflames, Shin Zhu Exiles, Sieg oder Sarg, Sin, Sky Is The Limit, Smaragdgrüner Traum, SNTK, Snuuki Corp, Sodium Lactate, Solis Defectio, Soonz, Soul of Trust, Souls of Nature, Sparkasse Northrend, static iNsane, Stealtharmy, Still Alive, stolz ne kölsche zo sin, StormWall, Sturmwache der Allianz, Styx, SWAnT, Symphonia, Söldner der Verdammnis, TactiX, Tartarus, Templer der Apocalypse, Terrific, The Avengers, The Best Friends, The blue eyes of Tigers, The Flashback, The Flying Sheeps, The Guardians of Azeroth, The Heaven Shall Tremble, The Immórtáls, The invincible Alliance, The Last Hope, tHe lAsT pErfeCt mEn S, The Poffertjes, the power team, The Sect, THE SILENCE, THG, ToXic Gaming, Traders, Trapped under Ice, Trashwiperz, Traumdeuter, Trollerant, Trollos Goes Wild, Troublemaker, Tränen der Krieger, Two and a half DD, Two and a half Goblin, UBS, Ugly Nation, Unchained, Unholy Crusaders, United Teamplayers, unsinn, Uprising, Valkyrie, Varg, Vier Fäuste vs Orgrimmar, Virulent, Von Sturmwînd, Wahre Blödsinn, Waldwölfe, Walhallas Trunkenbolde, Warkings, Warlords of Draenor, We are nRage, we da business, WeAreBack, weekend, Whine Wipe und Gesang, WHY ALWAYS ME, Wicked Inc, Wilde Horde, Wipe Scene Investigation, Wolf Pack, wut, ww w w lol I cant move, Wölfe des Krieges, Xll Points, xP, xPLore, Xøre, You Get Snitched, Zeewaldn, Zorn, Zorn des Drachen, zul dao, Zwergenhammer, Zyklon, ÐarkShadow, Ðøñtårmørÿmë, Army of Dârkness, Asylum, Back to the Roots, Berliner Kindl, Big Inc Company, BlackWâter, Bund des Schwarzen Lotus, Call to Arms, Carnivores, Chilledfreakz, coesa, Crit Luck, Dawn of War, Demadesco, Die Brommbärpflücker, Die ganz Dreisten, DIE GERECHTEN, Die Ritter Gottes, Die Schwertbrüder, Double Impact, Eis so heiß wie Feuer, Elfen Lied, Eternal, example, Expendable, FastRise, FerbGys, Ferox, For The Light, Frei und Wild, Freunde der Gezeiten, frittierte Ottenriegel, German Guardian, Glue, Hard Like Heroic, hat Style, Headhunters, Hyperian, IceAngels, immørtál háté, Implusive, Incarnated, Incinerate, Invíctus, inZane, KellerKinder Klan, KiNdEr DeS kElLers, Kriegspakt, LokTar, Luna Sanguinea, Magical Nightmares, Make Warcraft Not Love, mano diVina, ManoDivina, Moep macht die Muh, Nemesis of death, NINJAPIRATEN, no mercy, Nomine Padre, Odins Stormwarriors, Pedro, PhewPhewCoptor, Rache der Horde, Raiffeisen Bank, Recht und Hordnung, Red Label, Requium, ResPublica, Return to Arms, Ritter der Allianz, Royal Flûsh, Sanguis Altus Solis, Schachmatt, Schalter des Lichts, Schattenkrieger, Schwingen des Phönix, Seelenwanderer, Shadow of Holy Sword, Streiter der Allianz, Stumm Craft, Sudden Death Vier, The destroy, The Dragonlords, The World Of Blood, Traders, Troubles, twilight, Underachievers, Underworlds Evolution, Vendetta, Warrior, Well Done, Weltwirtschaftskrise, Wuainak habibo, Wächter Amón Súls, zealous, A Bunch of Boons, Abtrünnige des Lichts, AFK Bier holen, AlIimania, Alteration, Armored Core, Ashes of Pain, Azeroth Wächter, Baby Boys, Bayern und Freunde, Bier fünf Mark, Big Kings and Queens, Blackout, Bloodlíne, Blues From The Red Sun, BlueSoul, blurred memories, blödergildenname, book of knowledge, Bânk, Bündnis der Dunkelheit, Calamity, Circulum Gladi, circulus vitiosus, Crossfire, Crusher, Damned Souls, Dark Phoenix, Das schwarze Portal, dead poets society, Death in a Sec, Death Note, Demolition, Der Fluch der Horde, der MUSS net critten, Der Rat der Berge, Die grüne Front, Die GummiFlummis, Die Letzten der Legion, Die Levelgilde, Die Profies, Die Q Macht Muh, Die Wilde Horde, Drachenfeuer, Drunk and Dangerous, Dëlírìum, Ein Leben für die Horde, Erzbänkchen, Everything Remains, Evio Reloaded, Execution, Exiled Memories, Flame GmbH, FRONT, FutanariTeenageRiot, Gilde von Suríel, Global Bankchars, Glory and Honor, Goldrausch, Gute Bekannte, Hangover, hat kein Gold für dich, hat Speck im Gepäck, hobbylos, Hoffnung des lichts, Horizon, Howdy Horde, Høurglass Effect, I Exilia I, Illustris, infinity, Invaders, InYourFace, is wohl betucht, ist ein Twink, Ist so Flauschig, ist Teuer, just blazing, Just Friends, Just Fríends, Konsumtrottel, Krieg ist die Hölle, Legacy of WOW, Lets Rock Dude, Levelgilde, LevelUP, Lightning Tigers, LoOk at my big PvPnis, LosLocos, Lowborn SCUM, Maaskantje, Manus Mortem, Meine Gilde, Might and Magic, MOPBank, Myths, Naitomea, Neophobia, Never Lucky, NewEra, No Escape, Noir, Nuntii Mortis, Oktopus Kíng Squad, omnia sol temperat, Orcestra, Orgrimmar ist Geil, Osiris, Otherside, overgeared and no rating, patchwork, Phoeníx, pink vs purple, pray, Pro Violence, quergehtmehr, R U S E, Rebels and Angels, resign from life, Reunion, Revénge, Rien ne vá plus, rise, S K R U P E L L O S, Saphs Tresor, Scrubs, Self Conquest, Silence Gaming, Silentium, SioT, Slash Kill, spielt mit Puppen, Stabilo, Stauhaus, Sturmwinds Helden, Suum Cuique, Team Fortleis, THE COMPANIONS, The good old boys, The Wild Companions, The Wild Horde, Twinkgilde, Twist of Fate, UNA CUM ALQO, Unbreakable, Uncut, Unleashed, Vandalen, Vendetta, wasted, We are Legends, who cares, who dares, who the hell cares, Wir machen dass es fährt, WoW Banken, Zerglinge, Army of Dárkness, Azeroth Comedy Tour, Bad Brothers, Bakileins, Break The Rules, circus, Darkfire, DelishBank GmbHUndCoKG, Dem Dere Cows, Die Entspannten, Die ewige Wacht, Die Movementgünter, Die Namenlosen, Die Olmse, Die perfekte Gruppe, Die Straßengang, Die Todgeweihten, Dos Dias De Sangre, dudurians bank, EarthDefenceForce, Evocati, Exit, Farm It, FromHell, Frostwölfe, Genetikk, Grey Death Legion, Hard Stuff, Hochstadt, Horde Jäger, I Fatalic I, Inner Circle, Insolvent, Isotopes, Kamfschweine, Kinder der Kirin Tor, La Vendetta, LiveOrDie, Mavericks, Mephistos anhänger, Mercenaries of the Horde, Miliz der Horde, milliondollarbabys, Mojojunkies, Níce oNé, Paín, Primi Omnium, Raging Winds, Secret of the Shadow, Sellers, ShadowStone, Six Six Six, Slash Pups, Souls of Death, Stammtisch, Storm Earth and Fire, sunmid, Talk am Mittag, The Dark Shadow, The Dark Shadow Twinks, The Golden Dawn, The Hunters Of Darkness, Todes Engel, Unser Server ist down, Victorious Secret, Warriors of Chaos, Waterworld, Wave, We eat Broccoli, WoW Putztrupp, X treme, Yathzee, AkuSokuZan, Alexstrasza Down, Anatomy of Death, Anguish, Aphex, Army of the Dead, Awoken Kites, Azeroths Kinder, Azeroths Rache, bad voodoo, Baker Street, Bankpaladin, Bavarian Body BatscherZ, BergBoys, Bloodhunters, Bänkerz, Böhse Onkelz, Calsgilde, Care Case, CARGO, Cataclysm Leveling Drei, Cataclysm Leveling Zwei, Chain of Memories, Chaotic Companions, Cold Death, Copia Caliginis, Cremig INC, Critverdächtig, Cursed in Any Language, Dark Revange, Das PAC, Das Siebte Zeichen, DEADBEEF, Die blutroten Adler, Die Glücksbärchies, Die Hand des Drachens, Die Lootolfs, Die verrückte Bande, DieBänker, Dró, Ed Hordy, Energy Monkey, Epic Nuggets, Espadas Legacy, Esprît, Fadeless, faggzOrizOrs, Fear Factory, Flame inc, Flying Dutchman, For the Sake of Revenge, Four Seasons, Frontschweine, Funky Fungy, Germanys Finest, GODSEND, Gut und Böse, Hallo Wand, Hearts Fear, HeLEMents oF ARMorY, Hordentlich Wut, hørny pøwer gnømes, I Am Legend, I Dark Siders I, I Legendary I, Imba Gmbh u Co KG, Infinity, InPain, intactilis, Intactilis Gank Squad II, Invaders, is fanatic, isn Affe mit Handgranate, Keine Boons Inc, Khaz Modaner Kampfsäue, Kiss ñ Kill, Kreisspaßkasse, Krieger der Finsternis, KuhSchubsKlan, Lamia Scale, LIKE A BAWS, mag keiner, Make Warcraft not Love, Memento Morì, Mescalin, mimimi, Mists of Pandarama, mit dem NoSkill, Mordler der Hordler, Nagas stole my car, Never say no to Panda, nn auf dich, No Touch Clan, Northern Lights, OGKush, Oh long Johnson, Omnomnomtrons, Panic INC, ParaHysterie, Pequeños Titanes, Pink Palas, Plug Uglies, Pony Slay Station, Prophecy, Qualis rex talis grex, Reincarnation, Release The Kraken, Reservoir Orcs, Rums Bums Hordenjungs, ráge, S and D Accounting, SilenceLeague, Sleepless Guardians, Spuckt auf deine Gesten, STiLL HERE, Still Loading, Synthesis, TeQila Sunburst, The Chiefs, The Dark Crusaders, The FightClan, The Mantis Shrimp, The Whiti Gang, think different, Timeless Chaos, Toxic, TRaPs, Unbeugsam, Union, Unleashed Vengeance PVP, Valar Mørghulis, Vanilla IceCream, Vansbank, Verteidiger des Snu Snu, Vibe Tribe, Visio Aeterna, Vorletzte Instanz, Wache der Horde, Warbringer, Warchief Vanguard, Warhunters, Warriors Unite, We dont need Chinafarmer, we will be first, whack, Who Ran Zone, World Eaters, Wrath of Ragnaros, Wächter der Natur, XYZ, zergrush, ZoFF, evennow, EvenNow, Evergreen Entertainment, Evio Reloaded, evolution, evolution, ex inferis, Excalibur Lords, excubitoris ex lucern, excubitoris ex lucerna, excubitoris ex lucerna, Exiled Memories, Exodusa, Exorbitant, Exordium, F A T E, Fallen Stars, Fallen Stars (DL), Falling Stars, Fanatic, fashion week, Fast lane, fat cats, Fate, Fate, fattyarthaspug, FauleStudis2, FauleStudis[Androx_10er], Faust des Schmerzes, fearless, fearless, Feel Good, Feloré, Fettesneed, FettesNeed, fg, FGC, Fisslegang, fissleraid, FissleStormWaidur, Flame Gmbh, Flame GMBH, Flamme der Qual, flavour, Flächenwelt, Folks, For Gnomes!, For Science, Fordragon Crusade, Forsaken, Fortify, Freak Productions, Freie, Freie Radikale, Freie2, Friends, FS, FS-Kratos, FS-Twinks, FS10, Fusion, Fzkers, Fèar, Fürsten der Hölle, Fürsten der Verdammnis, Gaardlogs, Garde, Garde der Drachen, Garde der Drachen, Gardh en Teliad, Gardh en Teliad, Gardh en Teliad, Genesís, Genicus Societas, German Guardian, Germanys Finest, Gilde1234, gildenlos, gildenlos, Gildenlos, ginnungagap, Ginnungagap, Glatztallesweg, Gloria Victis, glythor, Gm2M, Godfathers, Goes Berserk, Goldrausch, Goldrausch, Goldrausch Hard, Goodlike, goodlogs, Gorbiman, Govannas, Green Spirit, Grey Death Legion, Grey Death Legion, Grey Death Legion, Grillfreunde Goldshire, Grim, Gruppe 1 Kos, Guardian of Alliance, Guardians of Arthas, Guardians of Arthas, Guess who, GZ, H E L I O S, Hadez's Guild, hahahahaha, Hand of Destiny, Happy Fun Rock, Harbinger, harmful clowns, Hass inc, HassInc3, Haunted Souls, Headbanger, Hearts Fear, Heaven Sentinels, Hektauris, Heldorist, hellscream, HeroiC, Heroic Centurie, Herzblut, High Quality, Hinterhalt, Hmm Hmm, Holy Only, homonukul, Honigdiebe INC, Honigdiebe INC, Honigdiebe INC group 3, Honigdiebe INC Grp2, Honigdiebe Inc., honululu, Hookahs Club Speyer, Hope n Dispairo, Horde4ever, Hordnungsamt, HumptiDumpti, Hussa, Hüseyin, i facerolled my epics, i like big bucks, I Love Frost, Ice Road Truckers, Ich, icksdehntutwehh, id, Identity, IG, IG, Ignis Draconis, Ignis Draconis 3, Ignite, ignore, Ignore, IKON, Illusion, Illusion, immortal hate, Immortal Legends, Immortal Styria, immortal-hate, Impact, Impact, Impact, Impact, Impact, Impressive, Impressive, Impressive Rampage, In Case You Forgot, In Eternity, In Fidem, In Flame, In Steel We Trust, Incarnated, Incarnated, Incarnated, inci, Incinerate, Incinerate, Inclutus, Incredible, Incêption, Incêption, Independent Gaming, Independent Gaming, Independent Gaming, inFamous, Infernal, Infernal, Infernal, Infernals, Infini, Infinitas, Infinitas, Infinitas, Infinitas, Infinitus, infinity, Infinity, Infinity Test, Inflection, Inflex, Inglorious, Inglorious, Inglorious Monkeys, Inheritance, Iniquity, inire, Inire, Inner Circle, Inner Circle, inner voice, Inner Voice, inPanic unleashed, insanity, Insanity, Insanity, Insert Coin, Insert-Coin, INSOMNIA, Instability, Insuperabilis, Insuperabilis, Insuperabilis, Intactilis, Intactilis, inteam, inteam, Intense, Intuition, InvaderjasonLOG, Invicta, Invictus, inZane, InZane, InZane, InZane, Ironhammer, IronHammer, Ist am Goldlimit, Itami, itznothin, IX, IX², Izanagi, Izanagi, Jabberwocky, Jabbá, Jaes 10er Log, Jessera, John Doe, JomoLoG, Jonnykontrolletti, JoyzzeLogs, June Log, Just a skeleton, Just Friends, K&K, KalyLogs, Katharsis, Katharsis, Katharsis, Katharsis, Katharsis, Katharsis, Katharsis, Kaylie, Kazziiii, Keepers, Kegroll Privat Logs, Keine aggressive Typen, KeineGilde, Kevsters, Khalo, khats_parses, KinaLogs, KknD rnd, kkthxbye, KKTHXTHXBYEBYE, klinder, Klock Workers, Knights of Saxony, Knights of Saxony, Knights of Saxony, Knights of Saxony, Knights of Saxony, Knights of Saxony, Knights of Shadow, Knochenkult, KnockOut, KoC, Koffein, kooky koalas, korrekt nice, Kronar_Random, Kronex, Krush kill n Destroy, Kudzu, Königliche Allianz Garde, La Meute, lake of fire, Last Encore, Last Revange, Last Stand, LdA, Legends of Kalimdor, Legion der Freundschaft, Legit Ear Hunters, Letzte Instanz, LFR, LI, LIKE A BAWS, LIKE A BAWS, Lillefee, lilsasa, Lithium, log test, Log-o, Logit, Logs, Logs for us, Logs of Plent, LogsGuild, Logsinc, Lokir, LOL DA SIND SIE, LoliloxD, lololol, lolpatrol, lolpatrol, Lolwat, Lootrausch, Lord of Terror, Lords of War, Lost, Lost Angels, Lost Belief, Lost Belief, Lost Belief 10er, Lost Belief 3, Lost Souls Raid, Love me or Hate me, LuckyStrike, luna, Lunatic inc, Lunatic INC, Lunor Logs, lupo-test, LVD, Ma Guild LOL, Made in Japan, Madness, maelstrom, Maelstrom, Main Concept, Make Warcraft not Love , Malakaais Minion, maligne, maligne, maligne, Manasturm, Manchester Bronited, masterrevan, Mayhem, Mein Lagerchar, Meins, Meins, mels logs, Memento mori, Memento mori, Memento Mori, Memento Mori, Memento Mori, Memento Mori, Memento Morì, Mental Madness, Mental Madness, Mental Madness, Methis, Mia, miauzi, Mijû, Militante Krabbelgruppe, Militante Krabbelgruppe, mine, minever, 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