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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Dîe Rasselbande EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 135
Keepers of Light EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 100
InFidem EU-Alexstrasza 0 76
Walhalls Wächter EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 69
Reunion EU-Alexstrasza 0 54
Protectors of Azeroth EU-Nethersturm 0 52
Energy EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 36
Nex Sacramentum EU-Alexstrasza 0 31
Stigmata EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 24
Unleashed Guardians EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 17
Reincarnation EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 17
Die Wachen Asgards EU-Alexstrasza 0 12
invicta fortis EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 12
Fallen Spirits EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 11
Intentionally Evil EU-Alexstrasza 0 10
All In EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 10
SKAY EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 9
Creatures Of Tion EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 9
Sirius EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 9
Realm of Destruction EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 8
alea iacta est EU-Alexstrasza Horde 0 7
Unforgiven EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 7
Lunaris EU-Alexstrasza Horde 0 6
Hardliners EU-Nethersturm 0 6
NoLimit EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 6
Skill procct nicht EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 6
enthält Epic Loot EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 5
Die grauen Wächter EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 4
Pure Rising EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 4
CritZ EU-Nethersturm 0 4
Flames of Alliance EU-Nethersturm 0 3
maximum EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 3
Der Chaos Club EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 2
ex animo EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 2
Soulmates EU-Alexstrasza Horde 0 2
Born to Carry EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 2
caelum EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 2
Creeping Death EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 2
Ground Zero EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 2
Nightmare Warriors EU-Nethersturm 0 2
Corleone Clan EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Dilectum EU-Alexstrasza 0 1
Indicted EU-Alexstrasza 0 1
Kampfkekse EU-Alexstrasza 0 1
Paradise City EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Pursuit of Immortality EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
STRANDSTÜRMER EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Sturmbringer des Chaos EU-Alexstrasza 0 1
Die Kleenen EU-Nethersturm 0 1
DOWN EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 1
R a c h e E n g e l EU-Nethersturm 0 1
ArsNecandi EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 0
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Ethics EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 4 4
Camelots Erben EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 326
Stressfrei EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 318
RaidZ EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 245
Noctuidae EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 232
Infinitas EU-Alexstrasza Horde 0 196
Legends of Kingdom EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 161
Nightmare Warriors EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 155
Sinnlos auf Azeroth EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 133
Sententiae Mortifera EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 124
Game Over | Aurengur EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 117
Resolve EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 86
Sternenklingen EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 77
all stars united EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 67
Caelum EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 67
Nebelkrieger EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 65
Menhit's Logs EU-Alexstrasza Horde 0 53
Tempestas Draconis EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 46
Flames of Alliance EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 43
GameOver-Nirielle EU-Alexstrasza Horde 0 43
The Spirit EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 40
Helden des Mondes EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 36
MyLogs EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 31
senseless EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 30
Signum EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 30
Heldenhammer Clan EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 29
Intentionally Evil EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 28
Reincarnation EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 26
Money EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 25
Rideko EU-Alexstrasza Horde 0 24
Schattenflamme None Alliance 0 22
Der Orden des Phoenix EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 21
Amalon EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 19
Nescio-Logs EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 19
Hardliners EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 18
Stigmata EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 18
Walhalls Wächter EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 18
KamoriLogs EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 17
Nackigvormrechner EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 17
Dietlinde EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 16
Guards of Taranis EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 16
Inhale None Alliance 0 16
Hurricanes EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 15
JUNGO EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 15
Stigmata EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 15
Drölf Minis EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 14
InglouriousBasterds EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 14
A Dying Wish EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 13
Royal Flush EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 13
AlecoNoLimit EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 12
All In EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 12
Dragons Care EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 11
ad Elysium EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 10
Alexstraszas Wächter EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 10
Divided Souls EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 10
Heer des Schwarzen Löwen EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 10
Signum EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 9
Unleashed Guardians EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 9
War Logs EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 9
Creatures of Tion & Partner EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 8
Lightfighters EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 8
van Northrind EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 8
WTF EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 8
Éternellement EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 8
ArtesLog EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 7
Dragonfire EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 7
Hellscreams Elite EU-Alexstrasza Horde 0 7
Góds Army EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 6
Three Fails One Man Left EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 6
unseen academics EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 6
Corleone Clan EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 5
easymode EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 5
Jadefalken EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 5
Miranelias Logs EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 5
Nimbifer EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 5
Risen EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 5
Scrat EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 5
Smadback EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 5
Falkens Maze EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 4
Oh Lawd its a Paladin EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 4
МАЯ АБАРОНА EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 4
Calaquendi EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 3
Ladys und Gentleman EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 3
Reincarnation EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 3
Self Control EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 3
Sitia EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 3
unexpected EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 3
xclan EU-Alexstrasza Horde 0 3
Asgards Raben EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 2
Entertainment Systems EU-Alexstrasza Horde 0 2
faceroll monkeys EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 2
Falken`s 10 EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 2
Hansdampfi EU-Alexstrasza Horde 0 2
Heldenhammer Clan EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 2
Sturmbringer des Chaos EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 2
The Big Bank Theorie EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 2
Walhall EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 2
A Dying Wish SG3 EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 1
ADW EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 1
aggroreset EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
all stars united EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 1
Amalon EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 1
Avalons Wächter EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Blaze EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 1
Caelayla EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 1
CHILLEN EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Crossing Limits EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Die frechen Strolche EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Dilectum EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Epic EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
ex animo EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Fatality EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 1
FotP EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
hell razerzz EU-Alexstrasza Horde 0 1
Immortal Flames EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 1
Logs LoL EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 1
Manticor EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 1
Nerdrage EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
No Guts_No Glory EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Noctuidae EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 1
One Kill on Alex EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Ordern der Tempelritter EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
paralyse EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 1
Pipikaka EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 1
PoB EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 1
pure EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 1
Ravenheart EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Repulse EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Royal Flush EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 1
Saeculum EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 1
SKAY EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Soldado EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
T i L T EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
The Spirit None Alliance 0 1
Titillandus EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Twink Raid PHX EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 1
Ultima Ratio EU-Alexstrasza Horde 0 1
Unity EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Warriors of Sun EU-Alexstrasza Horde 0 1
ad Elysium None Alliance 0 0
AdP None Alliance 0 0
ADyingRind None Horde 0 0
Aeneas None Alliance 0 0
Against All Authority None Horde 0 0
Albion None Horde 0 0
Alexstraszas Wächter None Alliance 0 0
Alira None Alliance 0 0
Alira None Alliance 0 0
Altmetall None Alliance 0 0
AltMetall None Alliance 0 0
Anderwelt and Friends None Alliance 0 0
Angels of Prophecy None Alliance 0 0
Anpüü clan None Horde 0 0
AoH EU-Alexstrasza Horde 0 0
Arch None Alliance 0 0
Arsnecandi None Alliance 0 0
ArsNecandi None Alliance 0 0
ArsNecandi None Alliance 0 0
Arta Amicitia None Alliance 0 0
Asche des Phönix None Alliance 0 0
Avignon Crusades None Alliance 0 0
Avignon Crusades None Alliance 0 0
Azeroths Narren None Alliance 0 0
Bad Logs None Horde 0 0
Baddy None Alliance 0 0
Bangbang Druffilogs None Alliance 0 0
Best Monk EU None Alliance 0 0
Blaze None Alliance 0 0
Bloody Roots None Alliance 0 0
BoB None Alliance 0 0
Cervisia None Alliance 0 0
Children of Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Chillen None Alliance 0 0
Circle of Light EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 0
Claymore None Alliance 0 0
Covenant None Alliance 0 0
D.O.W.N. EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 0
Deceitful None Horde 0 0
Der Chaos Club None Alliance 0 0
Der_Orden_des_Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
Die BusOmas None Alliance 0 0
Die gefallenen Engel None Alliance 0 0
Die grauen Wächter None Alliance 0 0
Die Letanten EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 0
die templer None Alliance 0 0
Doenerbude None Horde 0 0
DruidäLogs None Alliance 0 0
Enrage None Alliance 0 0
Envision None Horde 0 0
Evidence None Alliance 0 0
Fear and Loathing None Alliance 0 0
Fenderman EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 0
Finanzbehorde None Alliance 0 0
FMLog None Alliance 0 0
Freizeit Alkoholiker EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 0
frsten None Alliance 0 0
GameOver None Horde 0 0
GameOver None Horde 0 0
GameOver None Horde 0 0
Glaseras Test EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 0
Greyhoofs Erben None Horde 0 0
HdA None Alliance 0 0
Hidden Head Quarter None Horde 0 0
Hive None Horde 0 0
Ilias Underground None Alliance 0 0
Illusion None Alliance 0 0
Impact None Alliance 0 0
Infinity None Horde 0 0
Jadefalken Gruppe 2 None Alliance 0 0
Jadefalken² None Alliance 0 0
Klan Wojennej Pieśni None Horde 0 0
l Enigma l None Horde 0 0
Legenden aus dem Exil None Alliance 0 0
LogeReloaded None Alliance 0 0
Logs None Horde 0 0
Lulus None Horde 0 0
Maximusdecimusaurelius EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 0
Moon of Divinity None Alliance 0 0
MSVtest1 None Horde 0 0
Next Generation None Alliance 0 0
Night Shadows None Horde 0 0
Nocte Militia None Alliance 0 0
Noctuidae None Alliance 0 0
NoLimit None Alliance 0 0
Nordic Blue None Alliance 0 0
Nordic Blue None Alliance 0 0
nosebleed None Alliance 0 0
NOTORIOUS EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 0
Novus Orda None Alliance 0 0
Nuff EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 0
nwwf None Alliance 0 0
Oasis None Alliance 0 0
OldSteel EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 0
Perso None Horde 0 0
Prophets of Brutality None Horde 0 0
Pure Rising None Alliance 0 0
Racheengel None Horde 0 0
Raid None Alliance 0 0
Raid None Alliance 0 0
RAIDZ None Alliance 0 0
Refugium EU-Nethersturm Alliance 0 0
Repulse None Alliance 0 0
Resurrectio None Alliance 0 0
rlyly None Horde 0 0
Rnd None Horde 0 0
Royal Flush None Alliance 0 0
S î g m a None Alliance 0 0
Saÿa EU-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 0
Schleipiraten None Alliance 0 0
Seek and Destroy None Alliance 0 0
Seek and Destroy None Alliance 0 0
ShadowmoonVillagePeople None Alliance 0 0
ShadowmoonVillagePeople None Alliance 0 0
Shadows of the Day None Alliance 0 0
Sons of Alexstrasza None Horde 0 0
Soulmates None Horde 0 0
studentspub None Alliance 0 0
Sturmbringer des Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Stählerne Bruderschaft None Horde 0 0
Stählerne Bruderschaft EU-Alexstrasza Horde 0 0
Sunset Glow None Alliance 0 0
Sword Of Stranger None Alliance 0 0
Tabula rasa None Horde 0 0
Tai Pan None Alliance 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
TestIt None Alliance 0 0
The bloodys None Alliance 0 0
The Headhunters None Alliance 0 0
The Headhunters None Alliance 0 0
The Lords of Darkness None Alliance 0 0
Thunder None Alliance 0 0
Togy's crib EU-Nethersturm Horde 0 0
Tough Lovers None Horde 0 0
Tudel None Horde 0 0
Twinks None Alliance 0 0
Unity None Alliance 0 0
vanCleefs Erben None Alliance 0 0
Venimos Venceremos None Alliance 0 0
Warriors Of Darkness None Horde 0 0
Wipe to Win None Horde 0 0
Wipe United None Horde 0 0
xeptio None Alliance 0 0
You Dont Know Me None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

S î G M A, 11112, 2,5 Hordler, ABC, Absolute Intensity, ad Elysium, ad Elysium, Ad Elysium, Ad Fontes, ad rem, ADW, Aeneas, Affen mit Waffen, Alex-RND, Alexstrasza PUG, Alexstrasza Saturday Raid, ali, Alira, Alira, Alira, All in, All In², all stars united, All Stars United, all stars united grp2, Alpen Skill, Alt Metall, Alt stuff, AltMetall, AltMetall, Alucard WWS, Amalon, amplify, amplify, Angels of Darkness, Anpus Raids, Apokalypse, Apophis, Apophis, ArcadiaOfLD, argaloth rnd 4.2.11, Arka´s Test, ArsNecandi, Arta Amicitia, Ascardia, Ascardia, asd, asda, asdkinners, Asgards Raben, AsHRaM, Avengers of Hellscream, Avengers of Hellscream, Averngers of Hellscream, Avignon crusades, awaken, Azeroths Bündnis, Band of Brothers, Barritus, bb, BBE, Beamstube, Best Monk EU, BFM 10, Bikerboys, bla, BlacklisteÐ, Blackrockimporte, Blackrockimporte, BlackShadow, Blaze, Blaze, Blaze, Blaze, Blaze, Blaze, Blood and Chocolate, Bloody Roots, Bloody Roots, Bloody Roots, Blue Legend, Blue Man Group, Blue Wave, Blâck Drâgons, BlÃck pÃk, boozn, Born Confused, brakus, brb, Bronzebeards Erben, Brotherhood of Fire, Brotherhood of Fire, Brute Force Method, Brute Force Method, Brute Force Method, Bund des Blutes, Bündnis der Helden, Bündniss der Helden, Caelum, Camelots Erben, CarpeNoctra, CATACLYSM, CataRaid, Cawley, Celd's, Cervisia, Cervisia, Cervisia, Cervísia, Chaostruppe Nethersturm, Children Of Chaos, Chillen, Chilluminati, Chimära, Chrîmu-privat, Circle of Elements (CoE), Circle of Ronin, Circle of Vivien, Circulus Vitiosus, Clan der Bänker, COA, Confident, Confidential Confessions, ContritoS, Crew der krossen Krabbe, Crew der Krossen Krabbe, Crimson Warriors, Crossing Limits, CTRL ALT DEL, Cóólmîdérs, D.O.W.N.,, dafadg, damngoodguild, Dancingbear LOGS, Danse Macabre, Dantai ryokô, Dark Angels, Dark Knights of Azeroth, Dark Knights of Azeroth, Dark Messiahs, Dark Messiahs, Darknova, Darknova, Darkrider, Daze, Dead like me, Dead Souls, Dead Souls, Debelattor impavidius, Debellator Impavidus, Debellator Impavidus, Deception, Defcon, Delirium, Delirium, Delirium, Denuo Occepto, Der Chaos Clup, Der Chaosclub, Der Orden des Phoenix, Der Orden von Sturmwind, Der Ossi Clan, Der Ðunkle Kreis, Der-Orden-des-Phönix, DGW, Dice, Die dunkle Bruderschaft, Die dunkle Brudérschaft, DIE ELITE, Die grauen Wächter, Die Grauen Wächter, Die helfende Hand, Die Kerkermeister, Die Krieger von Azeroth, die Legion, Die Loge der Illuminati, die Patchworkers, Die Schattenkämpfer, Die Schattenkämpfer, dieLegion, DielNorAndu, DielNorAndu, diemitte, Dings, Divinum, DodP, DodP, Doomed to Die, Drachenseele, Draco Interfectorem, Dragonfire, Dragons Care, Dragons Care, Dragons Care Cata, Dragons Care T2, Dritts Dumps, Dronjak, Dumpfbeutel, duneorsgilde, Dungeonkeepers, Dîe Rasselbande, Dîe Rasselbande, Ea Triumphus, EichhörnchenImTodeskampf, EichhörnchenImTodeskampf, Eisdrachen, Eisdrachen, Eleni, Elitär, Elysium, Emacs, encore, Encore, Encore, Encore, Encore, Encore, Endeavour, Endrei´s Raid, Enforcer, Enforcer, Enforcer, Enforcer, enthält Epic Loot, enVision, epic, Equality, Equality, Equinox, Erben der Drasch, Erben des alten Kodex, Eternal Serenity, Eternity, Eternity, A La Horde, Ad Absurdum, AgelicSwordArt, Ahnungslos, Alexstraszas Wächter, Allianz der Tafelrunde, Allis klauen bei Aldi, AltMetall, Amalin, Amantium, Anarchy, Anders is ein Kompliment, Angels of Darkness, Apocalyptica, arglwargl, Armageddon, Armee der Finsternis, Ascensions, Atlantica, Avenged Sevenfold, Azeroths Narren, Bank of Equidox, Bankengilde, BattlePetPandaria, Behüter der Horde, Bikerboys, BlackDeath, Bloodangels, Bloodlust, Blut und Donner, Boondock Saints, Born Confused, Bânkz, C O R E, cacatum non est pictum, Chaos on Tour, Chaotenclub, Circle of Elements, Club Las Piranjas, Club Zero, Consilium Nimia Potentia, Cookie Party, Cubile, Dace in the Dark, Dalaran Allstars, DarkThunder, Das Oberste Übel, Deathwing Chapter, Debellator Impavidus, Der Tigerenten Club, Die blutrote Phalanx, Die Charmante Gummizelle, Die einsamen Killer, Die Gummibären, Die Heimatlosen, Die Herren Des Todes, Die Homopaten, Die Kraft der Zwerge, Die Morts, Die Nachtwärter, Die Onìkrieger Thralls, Die Tahia Bruderschaft, Die Verlorene Legion, Die Wächter des Lichts, Die.Luzianer-Allianz, Dis iratis natus, Disturbed Performance, Drin Sein, Drunken Monkeys, Dual Core, Eight Miles High, eine bank, Enrâge, epic, Esperanza, Evil Inside, Fairy Tail, Falkens Maze, Fear and Loathing, Finger Weg MEINS, FishguyZ, For Sylvanas, Gildet nicht, Gimps for Ever, Gnomeland Security, Good old Days, Greyhoofs Erbe, Hammerschlag, Hand des Todes, Hasta Hoarum, Hinterm Pc an der Front, Hogwarts, Homeless, I Trinity I, IF Bank Guild, Ignis Draconis, Infinitas, Infinitas Double Agency, Inhale, Insane, ist Snow von Gestern, kann nix, kekethxbye, Killuminati, Klingensturm, Knights of Light, Komitee halbe Höhe, Kreissparkasse München, Krümmelmonster, Kuh Schubs Clan, Kuhwelt, Lannister, Legendary, Legenden aus dem ExiL, Legion of Dawn, Loge Reloaded, lol, LuckyDrop, Magna spes me tenet, Maneater, Mironius seine Welt, Missing In Action, Morituri te Salutant, Nastrandir, Nerezza, New Lunar Republic, Nightbreed, Nukular, NurNachbarn, Næver Walk Aløne, Ordo Rex, Outlaws, Outplayed, Pain, Pandaria Leveling, panta rhei, ParadiseERZ, Pech und Schwefel, PEONS, Periculum in mora, Pfandhaus, Portsteinschwalben, Project X, Purity, Raiffeisen Bank Azeroth, Raven Hunters, Ravenswing Chapter, Rebellion, Revolution of Hord, ripudiati della peste, Rächer der Sonnenkinder, Schatzwächter, SchicksalsKreis, schönes programm, Secret Ingredient, Seelengebunden, Semper paratus, Sententiae Mortifera, Signum, Silver Dragonflight, Simply Dark, Sleeping Forest, Sons of Alexstrasza, Sotronis, Spaltania, stirbt mit Stil, Stressfrei, Sturm der Allianz, Sturm des Fegefeuers, Sturmklingen, Stürme des Morgens, Sunset Glow, Sunset Skyline, SuShi, Team Wildness, Templer, The Dragon Knights, The Mystical, The Nightstalker, The Promise, The Spirit, Tribes of the Horde, Triviality, Twinkraidazz, Ultima Ratio, UníQue, Urknall, von der Milchbar, Walhalls Wächterchen, War against Armageddon, Wardragon, WhiteDragon, Winkelrieds Genossen, WipeClub, wir killen alles, WORLDWOWNDER, Wächter des Phönix, ZoddlsKrams, Zum Lvln, Abendbrot, Activity, Affinity, Agony, Aletheia, Allies im Wunderland, Alpinkatzen, Alter Ego, Amalon, Angels of Darkness, Angels of Light, Animal Libera, Antistresszone, Asylum, Avignon Crusades, Azeroths Legends, Bank of Kalimdor, bankkaybank, BankmanGilde, Bankmönch, Barbie vs Ken, BarnabasHell, Bart aber herzlich, Before the Dawn, Behüter des PhöniX, Bengels, Bert, Best Player, BiologiqEliteOfTheFuture, Bissiger Streichelzoo, BlackHunters, Blacklabel, Blackrockimporte, Blade of a Fearing Swarm, Blaze, Blood Knights, Bloody Shît, Blutrausch, Blutrausch Assessor, Blâck Knights, Booty Bay Chiller, Brooklyn, Bânky, böse, Caballeros de la Luz, Caligo, Calypso, Challenge Master Inc, Chaos Inc, Ched Nasad, Chival, Circle of Ronin, Claymore, Club der dichten Töter, Content Fail, covenant, Cruentus Via, Cui Honorem Honorem, dahgrf, Dark Dragon, Dark Messiahs, Das absolute Vakuum, Dawn, Dead Souls, DeadRace, Deathstorm, Deicide, Depot, Devils Blood, Die Dampfnudle, Die Garde, Die Gemütlichen, Die Gemütlichen Twinks, Die Hand Azeroths, Die Herrenlosen, Die Landstreicher, Die Legende vom Drachen, Die Schalter des Lichts, Die Serverlosen Seelen, Die Zwerge aus dem Walde, DielNorAndu, Disturbed, Divine Infinity, Divinity, Diê Drêi Sinnlosen Zwêi, DMGoreDIE, DrachenLegion, Drachenseele, Drölf Minis, Eastside Boyz, Electronic Community, EMP, En Taro Alexstrasza, End of Days, Endeavour, Endless, Engelsherzen, Epíc Faíl, Erbe der Zakarum, Erben der Könige, Erben des Phönix, Erben des Schatten, eXalted, Familyraider, Fatality, Fendermen, Feuerklingen, Fidelidad, Fight for Fame, Final Execute, FoX EnRaGe, Freie Söldner, Fun for ever, Fun Gilde Nethersturm, Fun Reloaded, Furry Guards, Für dat heilische Lischt, GameOver, Garde der Drachen, Gods of Warcraft, Goldenfinger, Good Times, Goonies, Hartz Fear, HDXi, helden der zeit, Helden des Mondes, Helden im Schatten, Helios, Heros of Dark Night, Herrscher der Allianz, Hope, Horde GmbH, Hurricanes, Hüter des Mondes, I Enraged I, I Mein Server ist Down I, I Muffin Purper Gurk l, in Enrage, Incendarius, Infinity, InglouriousBasterds, inPaniç, Invicti, Is Real, ist afk, ist ein Grindkind, ist imba, Jadefalken, Joris Bankfach, Jujana, Just Wiped, Jâh Army Twinks, KaLifornia, kann man nicht looten, kennt den Boss, Kessy, killer gilde, Klein und Gemein, Lagerhorst seins, lash or bash, Lass mich Arzt bin durch, Last Ronin, Laughing Coffin, Learn to PLAY, Legati Mortis, Legenda Coepit, LEGENDEN VON WOW, Lets Play Together, Light and Shadôw, Little Enforcer, Loyal und Treu, Lustjäger, mag dich nicht, Man at Arms, Memories, Ministry of silly trades, Miracle, Mortis Rigorem, Mádness, Nachtlegion, National Crime Syndicate, Nevermind, Night Fighters, Night of the Crow, Nightelv Bank, Nil Satis Nisi Optimum, Nix als Irre, No Mercy, No Skill just Epics, Noctuidae, NordicWarriorz, Nordisch bei Nature, Nordseekrabben, Nordsterne, Orbis Terrarum, Orden der Eisenfaust, Out of Mana, Paradoxon, Patroni lucis, Pirates of the Caribbean, PiRaTs ReLoAdEd, Portsteinschwalben, Power Play, párágon, Querx, R E D, Raids de la Alianza, Rare Banker, Reavers, Rebellion der Horde, Requiem, Retribute, Rising Sun, Ritter des heiligen Blut, Royal Flush, Sanctus Ultionem, Schlachtenführer, Schleipiraten, Schutt und Asche, Seelenflüsterer, Selection Inc, SemperSimul, Serverdown, Shadow Union, Shadows of the Day, Sheer Insanity, Skilled Eichhorn, Skilled Eichhorn the one, SPQR, State of Mind, StAy HaRd To dA CoRe, Sternenfreunde, Stigmatâ, Subculture, subsellium, Sugidra, Sweet Temptation, Swissmade, Teufelsküche, the beautiful people, The Big Bank Theory, The Darkside of Cookies, The Last, The last Experiment, The Lords of Darkness, The News Team, 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